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Some Buddhists are, eventually, up in arms over a Buddhist themed club in Jakarta, the Buddha Bar.

While the law against blasphemy is intended to protect all the main religions of Indonesia it is selectively enforced.

The hunt for blasphemers of Islam goes on, this time on Batam island, a favourite destination of tourists and foreign investors alike. But do the foreigners who plough their money into this place know what kind of system they are supporting?

A sense of déjà vu was in the air when I watched the news of current upheaval in the Middle East.

Interpreting the Indonesian constitution

Lombok expat Gregory Luke jailed for blasphemous tampering with mosque sound systems.

How to solve Indonesia’s massive problems, corruption, sharia laws, and the rest.

A Christian short stay type complex in Cisarua, Bogor is burned to the ground by the ‘Puncak Line’.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo and the Health Dept to deny smokers and their families health care.

Constitutional Court hears case on free interpretation of religions, a human right or recipe for anarchy.