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Great article in the Los Angeles Times of March 20th entitled “Separation of Mosque and State Wanes in Indonesia” dealing with the persecution, under blasphemy laws, of Yusman Roy, who sits in prison for the crime of having led prayers at his local mosque in the language of his country and people – Indonesian.

The MUI rides the anti-heretic wave to more money and influence.

Conducting Muslim worship services in Indonesian, rather than Arabic, remains invalid, and illegal, says NU boss Hasyim Muzadi.

Yusman “Gus” Roy says he intends to continue conducting services in both Indonesian and Arabic after having been released from prison.

Indonesians may have the right to say “wer’e not as bad as Turkey”, if the case of Muazzez Ilmiye Cig is anything to go on.

The International Religious Freedom Report 2006 by the American Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

Hasyim Muzadi warns the Islamic faithful to be on guard against weird religious teachings.

Los Angeles Times’ writer Richard C. Paddock produces an interesting article on the pornography law.

Indonesia remains on the “Watch List” in the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom report for 2006.