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Ross finds shameful bigotry in the fair city of Tangerang.

Ross on sharia lite in Tangerang and Mayor Wahidin Halim’s re-election bid.

The Front Penyelamat Tangerang, or Tangerang Saviors Front (FPT), attacked a complex of shops thought to be dens of sin.

In Tangerang the carrying of make-up compacts and lipstick may land women in court on charges of prostitution.

While the administration of Tangerang, in Banten province, near Jakarta, frets about the length of schoolgirls’ skirts and decides that four minute kissing bouts are ok but not five minutes, real problems in the city, such as child malnutrition, are ignored.

A Christian pre-school in Tangerang, Banten, near Jakarta, was surrounded by a mob yesterday which demanded that it close down.

The municipality of Tangerang, an industrial satelite city of Jakarta with about 3 million unfortunate inhabitants, has passed a number of draconian laws against prostitution and drinking which have caused more than a few complaints.

Garuda lets passengers bring their sports equipment at no extra charge.

Immigration officials plan to carefully inspect Miyabi’s credentials upon her arrival in Indonesia, while her film ‘Hantu Tanah Kusir’ is released.

Duty/tax-free shopping for tourists is coming to Indonesia, sort of.