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A demonstration today in Jakarta against draconian public decency laws with the marchers dressing up in traditional costumes of various regions in Indonesia.

The man in charge of the committee dealing with the anti-porn bill has said that the bill will likely be debated on in the parliament in June 2006 and then passed into law because the opposition to it is so insignificant.

The battle over the anti-pornography and public display of sexuality bill is far from over. Today tens of thousands of Muslims rallied in the capital of Lombok island, Mataram, and were addressed by the mayor of that fair city, who said that women who dressed sexy were asking to be raped.

We briefly mentioned in Porn Wars the attitude of the Indonesian Mujahadin Council, Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI), towards those in Bali who objected to some of the provisions in the anti-pornography and indecency law. Looking at what the MMI had to say in detail opens ones eyes to certain Muslim attitudes to Bali and the Balinese.

Tons of porn news today, get yer porn here.

The contradictions at the heart of the make up of the Indonesian nation are on display in a somewhat comical way presently in the attempts by Islamist lawmakers in Jakarta to enact a new, draconian law against pornography (pornografi) and supposed public indecency (pornoaksi).

Cultural protectionism and Big Brother in Indonesian film making law, the UU Perfilman.

Educating the public about the pornography bill and legal challenges against UU Porno at the Constitutional Court.

Islamic Banking The Sharia Banking Act is passed into law, and opposition to it from Christian legislators.

Rima FauziRima says the government creates distractions and the media willingly participate, to hide the real problems of Indonesia.