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The International Religious Freedom Report 2006 by the American Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

Mohamad Guntur Romli of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL) is questioned by police over blasphemy allegations.

The authorities of Makassar, South Sulawesi, are tackling the issue of schoolgirl skirt length.

It's not just conservative Muslims who don't like the Playboy brand, some Balinese Hindus are less than enthused as well.

Los Angeles Times' writer Richard C. Paddock produces an interesting article on the pornography law.

Sinta Nuriyah Wahid, the wife of former president Abdurrahman Wahid, is suing the Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR) for slandering women.

Expatriate pop singer Anggun visited Jakarta recently and left us with her opinions on the anti-pornography bill.

The Indonesian Ulema Council has issued 19 new fatwas.

A review of recent news on the pornography and morality bill as thousands of Muslims rallied in Jakarta in support of it yesterday.

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) is the largest Muslim body in the country and is chiefly responsible for the reputation of Indonesia as a place of moderate Islam. Its current leader, Hasyim Muzadi, gives his opinions on the sharia debate.