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Justice Party (PKS) politician Jazuli Juwaini’s bloodthirsty salivating over the supposed death of Pastor Bob Old.

PKSJustice Party political ads on television, how the PKS is approaching the 2009 election.

Some of the ways the PKS attempt to win the hearts and minds of ordinary people and voters.

The Justice Party’s ideology, recent electoral wins, and chances of success for 2009 general and presidential elections.

The PKS has won positions in about 60% of elections for regional heads of government in recent years.

The city of Depok near Jakarta has been led by the Islamist PKS, Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), for 100 days now. Their record in this time is coming under increasing attack.

Grumblings about the frequent and now large remissions for Marijuana Queen Schapelle Corby.

The conundrum of a feminist woman seeking love, and the dismal male specimens on offer.

The TwitterFool Reloaded: minister for Communications and Technology, Tifatul Sembiring and his ‘tweeting’ about AIDS.

Idul Fitri prayers at the jail house; an ex-PKS politician goes into raptures over Abu Bakar Baasyir.