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Ross on BIN chief Muchdi's questioning by police over the murder of activist Munir.

Munir was murdered to protect President Yudhoyono.

Guest writer Sarawut Pratoomraj discusses the similarities in the cases of the murders of two human rights activists, Munir Said Thalib in Indonesia and Somchai Neelaphaijit in Thailand.

The debate over whether to award former president Soeharto national hero status; the full list of names to be considered.

Prominent Indonesian Muslims striding the world stage, winning prizes, and on important lists.

Investigations into kidnapped and murdered activists of 1997/98, questioning of former generals like president Yudhoyono.

Janma wonders about the spirit of nationalism among young people today.

The Javanese are stupid hypocritical liars, among other things, as Javanese culture comes in for some stinging criticism.

Some see the roots of the conflict in Poso as a struggle between militarism and democracy.

Pressure on the government and police to disband the FPI, Islamic Defenders Front is growing as the FPI and parts of the Nahdlatul Ulama are engaged in a running battle.