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The looming power struggle between president Yudhoyono and vice president Jusuf Kalla.

A Moroccan waiter in Spain harangues vice-president Jusuf Kalla over his failure to observe the fast while travelling.

An interview with vice president Jusuf Kalla as he discusses the investment climate in Indonesia.

Jusuf Kalla chides the residents of the slopes of Mt Merapi for believing in Javanese superstition, instead of trusting the government and science.

Jusuf KallaMajor General Suwarno of the TNI, escort for VVIP Jusuf Kalla, has a lot on his mind.

Couples on Java should have only one child, says the vice president.

Jusuf Kalla says a syariah based banking system will better create prosperity.

Vice president Jusuf Kalla advises businessmen of Chinese descent to regard Indonesia as their home, and not as a hotel.

Parliamentarians have agreed to drop the sharia issue while vice president Jusuf Kalla continues to offer his thoughts on the matter.

Komodo Island and its dragons have been voted a New 7 Wonder.