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The Islamic Defenders Front plan to help guard churches at Christmas.

FPI Arrests of dozens of Front Pembela Islam and Komando Laskar Islam members in Jakarta, and forced closures of FPI branches in central and eastern Java.

The experts say soft Islam is sweeping the country, not hard Islam.

There are some who fear that an Indonesian Islamic state is imminent.

News on a recent mini epidemic of raids by the Islamic Defenders Front, FPI, Front Pembela Islam.

The growing application of sharia based laws in the province of South Sulawesi, and elsewhere, is bound up in the role of a group called the Preparatory Committee for the Application of Islamic Laws.

A group of liberal Muslim leaders said at a conference on Saturday that the prevalence of mob rule threatened to cause the break-up of the country.

The Front Pembela Islam are back in action, raiding places and publicly shaming sinners.

The trial of Playboy editor Erwin Arnada.

The government plans to revise the freedom to demonstrate law, in an effort to reduce instances of mob violence.