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Indonesia is a kleptocracy, says Amien Rais, and president Yudhoyono is a big liar, a leader of a republic of thieves.

Amien Rais and the anti-foreigner current in Indonesian politics.

Amien Rais, the chairman of the Partai Amanat Nasional, PAN, says his party considers the porn issue to be an unimportant distraction. There are greater, nation defining issues at hand.

Indonesia BisaWho president Yudhoyono will choose as his running mate for the “Indonesia Bisa” campaign.

Has Megawati got the necessary Islamic credentials to be president, again, or does she like shopping too much.

Two aspirants for the presidency, Soetrisno Bachir and Prabowo Subianto, put themselves about.

Sadanand Dhume’s My Friend the Fanatic – Travels with an Indonesian Islamist.

Some people are in a forgiving mood as former president Suharto nears death.

Sementara mantan presiden Soeharto mendekati ajal, beberapa tokoh masyarakat menganjurkan pengampunan atas sejarah hidupnya.

On nationalizing foreign businesses.