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Looking for deviants in unlikely places, the pursuit of Ahmadiyah in backwoods West Java.

mirza ghulam ahmad A police chief explains about the SKB edict against Ahmadiyah and under what terms arrests will be made.

mirza ghulam ahmadA formal banning of the unorthodox Muslim sect Jamaah Ahmadiyah becomes more likely.

The Human Rights Commission delivers a report on the persecution of the Ahmadiyah sect in recent years.

An Ahmadiyah mosque in Garut, West Java, is torn down.

Ahmadiyah and the struggle for Indonesia.

Ahmadiyah homes attacked in Lombok.

Andreas Harsono on whether Muslim journalists cover up or distort stories of religious violence.

Scenes from slum life in Jakarta as a poor family does battle with globalisation.

Interpreting the Indonesian constitution