‘Get a Fire’: Kindeman Gire Video

Oct 18th, 2010, by Patung, 14 comments

How separatists are dealt with in West Papua; the torture of Reverend Kindeman Gire.

Chelsea Olivia on Virginity Testing

Oct 13th, 2010, by Patung, 24 comments

Starlet Chelsea Olivia on virginity testing for prospective female students of high schools.

SBY: Not a Dutch Lion

Oct 5th, 2010, by Patung, 89 comments

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono cancels a visit to the Netherlands on fears he might be arrested.

Human Error & Train Crashes

Oct 4th, 2010, by Patung, 3 comments

Human error blamed for two fatal train crashes in one day, in Solo and Pemalang, total toll 37 people.

Tifatul Watch II: HIV/AIDS

Oct 1st, 2010, by Patung, 15 comments

The TwitterFool Reloaded: minister Tifatul Sembiring and his humour packed ‘tweeting’ about AIDS.

Official, Recognized Religions

Oct 1st, 2010, by Patung, 10 comments

Nineteen local religions clamouring for state recognition, but the God of Indonesia is a jealous being.

PKS Watch: Jazuli Juwaini

Sep 29th, 2010, by Patung, 6 comments

Justice Party (PKS) politician Jazuli Juwaini bloodthirsty salivating over the supposed death of Pastor Bob Old.

Suryadharma Ali on Discrimination

Sep 27th, 2010, by Patung, 6 comments

Winning the race to build houses of worship: proof minorities are not discriminated against.

‘Say No to Krisdayanti’

Sep 21st, 2010, by Patung, 44 comments

The morally righteous Facebook masses in outrage against a brazen middle aged hussy.

Heaven Scent

Sep 11th, 2010, by Patung, 8 comments


Idul Fitri prayers at the jail house; an ex-PKS politician goes into raptures over Abu Bakar Baasyir.

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