Banana Republic’s Low Fruit Trade

Nov 28th, 2011, by Guest Writer, 27 comments

Indonesian Banana Exports

Going bananas; Indonesian trade representatives ask why they can’t export fruit to Australia.

Barack Obama vs Paris Hilton in Bali

Nov 21st, 2011, by Guest Writer, 25 comments


Whose visit contributed more to economic/social conditions in Bali – Barack Obama or Paris Hilton? You decide.

Gender Jihad

Nov 18th, 2011, by Patung, 10 comments

An intelligent young woman on the discourse and interplays of how things are constituted and gendered.

Wonder-ful Komodo

Nov 13th, 2011, by Guest Writer, 10 comments

New 7 Wonders Nature Logo

Komodo Island and its unique Komodo Dragon have been named one of the New 7 Wonders.

World’s Friendliest People

Nov 10th, 2011, by Patung, 13 comments

Flying over remote areas east has a local journalist questioning the supposed friendliness of Indonesians.

Bikes, Beras, Borobudur

Nov 8th, 2011, by Guest Writer, 3 comments

Borobudur Buddha No Hands

The continuing adventures of competitors on “The Amazing Race” in Yogyakarta.

Indonesia’s Religious Violence

Nov 2nd, 2011, by Patung, 52 comments

Andreas Harsono on whether Muslim journalists cover up or distort stories of religious violence.

All Aboard! Booking Indonesian Train Tickets

Nov 1st, 2011, by Guest Writer, 10 comments

The joys of traveling by train, and a new way to book Indonesian train tickets online.

Development Indicators

Oct 28th, 2011, by Patung, 19 comments

Comparative charts of Indonesian economic development indicators, or why Malaysia is just better.

Hot Air Hostesses

Oct 28th, 2011, by Patung, 41 comments

On the legal, economic, cultural and political issues of hot versus frumpy air hostesses.

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