Fiskal Tax & NPWP

Jun 26th, 2008, by Patung, 104 comments

The fiskal exit tax is to be abolished, for registered taxpayers, to encourage gaining of NPWP.

Chinese Tourism

Jun 23rd, 2008, by Patung, 7 comments

Indonesia’s target of 300,000 Chinese tourists is regarded as too low, tourism from China.

Islamic Banking System

Jun 18th, 2008, by Patung, 1 comment

The Islamic Sharia Banking Act nears completion, and opposition to it from Christian legislators.

International Investors: Harm or Help

Apr 16th, 2008, by Patung, 54 comments

Whether internationa investment and foreign investors in Indonesia benefit the people.

Middle Income Developing Country

Mar 14th, 2008, by Patung, 12 comments

Indonesia is not a poor country and is one of the most appealing destinations for foreign investment.

List of Indonesian Billionaires

Mar 7th, 2008, by Patung, 58 comments

A list of Indonesian billionaires.

Burhanuddin Abdullah

Feb 6th, 2008, by Patung, 3 comments

Corruption allegations against Bank Indonesia governor Burhanuddin Abdullah.

2007 Exports

Feb 4th, 2008, by Patung, 2 comments

Indonesian exports rose by just over 13% in 2007.

Global Recession

Jan 23rd, 2008, by Patung, 22 comments

News on the current global economic recession, preparing for and surviving a recession, how recession proof is Indonesia.

Current Minimum Wage

Jan 19th, 2008, by Patung, 18 comments

An increase in the current minimum wage in Indonesia.

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