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Toyota hopes to export the Fortuner model and increase exports of the Avanza.

The President Director of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Johnny Darmawan, said his company plans to increase exports of its Fortuner and Avanza models due to a combination of a weak domestic market and the great potential of overseas markets. He said on the 11th:

The Indonesian market has declined.

Toyota sales in 2006, at 225,000 units, have declined 46% year on year. However the company remains the market leader with a 39.6% share, year to date.


About 10,000 Fortuner cars will be exported to the Middle East, for the first time, while the Avanza’s market will be expanded to 18 more countries in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, with the company hoping that exports of Avanza will increase to 22,000. This would represent a major increase compared to export volumes in 2006 and 2005, which only amounted to 9,500 units and 1,758 units respectively.

With the planned exports, Toyota Indonesia will overtake Toyota Motor Thailand as the largest supplier of Fortuner cars to the Middle East market.

We have positioned Indonesia as our main global production base to supply Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) on the global market.

Said Toyota Motor Asia Pacific senior vice president S. Takayanagi.

The Toyota Fortuner is the latest Toyota MPV, and has been developed as a part of the company’s international MPV project, called International Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV). The Toyota Hilux is built from the same platform.

Production of Fortuners last September with an initial investment of 48 billion rupiah (US$5.2 million)

Meanwhile Industry Minister Fahmi Idris expressed his support for the company’s plan to make Indonesia its main global production base for the global market.

It is a rational decision to make Indonesia the global production base, considering that the country has good domestic market demand, coming from its huge population, as well as a lot of skilled human resources.

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  1. avatar grace kanyunyuzi says:

    Hi, currently am driving Avanza , i ve liked it. i want to drive Fortuner if you have any let me know.

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