Julia Roberts: Bali Connection

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Travelling to Bali brings Hollywood star Julia Roberts to embracing the Hindu religion, possibly.

While filming the movie version of the bestseller "Eat, Pray and Love" in Ubud, Bali, and India, actress Julia Roberts fell in love with the Hindu religion, and soon after converted, now living her life according to ancient Hindu scriptures and practises. She says:

I'm definitely a practising Hindu.

For the movie she also visited Italy for filming, but evidently was left cold by Italian Catholicism, possibly not finding it exotic enough.

Julia in Bali

After her spiritual awakening in Bali and India she now "chants, prays and celebrates" at a local ashram. Her husband, Daniel Moder, and their three offspring who with one non-egregious exception had relatively normal names for the spawn of celebrities, that is: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry; are not being left out of things either, all receiving instruction from a Hindu holy man in the proper way to pray; and possibly including how to eat, but probably not love. It appears as well that they have received Hindu names: Hazel is now known as Laxmi; Henry as Krishna Balram, while Phinnaeus has not seen much improvement, being lumped with Ganesh.

Eat, Pray, Love

Not content with renaming her children Julia has also named her film production company "Red Om Films".

The star has also adopted the belief in reincarnation and has given some thought on the shape of her next, reincarnated life: antara

Golly, I've been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting.

While international reports are attributing her conversion to Hinduism almost exclusively to her time in India, doggedly patriotic Indonesian media are emphasising the Bali connection, and so are we.

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  1. avatar Matt says:

    Its nice when people even an actress from hollywood can be free of mind and spirit to do what she wants to understand herself and the search for the meaning of life.
    I respect that much more the people not believing in something but following it because they were born into it or their family has pushed them into it.
    For me and many, spirituality is personal, private and changes as we all do as we get older. Its not some state imposed political agenda that many religious have become.
    2000 years ago there was a religious radical called Jesus who started preaching, then another 1600 years later another called mohumad…. so what happened to free thought.

  2. avatar seaninbali says:

    Hey, if it makes her happy, cool.

    I’ve met plenty of people who’ve converted (or tried converting) to Hinduism in Bali — I don’t remember any controversy attached to their choices. Plus, I think Julia Roberts is pretty well liked so having her connected with Bali and with Hinduism should be good for the island.

    Now, if it had been, say, Tom Cruise, converting to Hinduism from Scientology, I’d be out there with my pitchfork screaming blue murder…

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