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Indonesians weigh in on the South Park prophet [censored] bear suit controversy.

The 200th and 201st episodes of the American satirical animation “South Park” screened in the last week have featured references to the Muslim prophet Muhammad, causing a little known New York based radical Islamic group to issue barely veiled death threats to the show’s producers.

As a result Comedy Central television network heavily censored the screening of the latter of the two episodes, and attempted to block its distribution on the internet. timesonline

South Park Muhammad Episode
Someone in a bear suit

The 201st episode’s description reads:

It’s a tense situation in South Park as Muhammad has become the pawn in the game to save the town. The Ginger kids are threatening to destroy the city if Stan and Kyle don’t hand over the Prophet and the celebrities have met violence with violence by unleashing Mecha Streisand. In the midst of all of this, all anyone really wants to know is, who is Eric Cartman’s father?

Muhammad and bear suit references begin at minute two.

You cant see this bit

In Indonesia Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) spokesman Ismail Yussanto made his own threats over the issue:

….We demand the US government punish those responsible. If they don’t, just wait.

Those who insulted the prophet could legitimately be executed without due process, he said, because in the time of Muhammad a woman who had insulted the prophet was beheaded by her own husband, and Muhammad did not punish him for this, Ismail said. okezone

A less bloodthirsty response was heard from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Ma’ruf Amin, who asked only that Muslims around the world protest, and also okezone

[Followers of] other religions should protest too, because next time it could be another religious figure that is insulted like this, it could be the prophet Isa [Jesus Christ] who gets treated like that.

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