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Muslim extremists and radicals misunderstand their religion, says a senior cleric.

Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) says terrorists and radicals who operate under an Islamic banner have just misunderstood the teachings of Islam, particularly in the area of war.

The concept of war and jihad have to be understood within the context of the time of Muhammad, he says. Muhammad never attacked anyone, he claims, he never started any wars but simply fought in self-defence. What's more, opines Hasyim, the prophet of Islam never killed women and children, never destroyed crops, never burnt down houses and churches, or any other buildings.

Sectarian conflicts were an increasing trend in Indonesia, such as in Poso and Ambon, and their occurrence meant that religion had lost its positive influence.

He went on to say that both Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah had decided to shoulder the responsibility of making sure that Islam had a peaceful, benevolent aspect and role in Indonesia, that it uplifted humanity, that is was rahmatan lil alamin, a blessing for the world.

Over the past seven years, he said, the NU had focused on implementing the key concepts of moderation, uprightness, tolerance, balance, and dialogue. This was part of NU's committment to the unitary republic of Indonesia, based on faith in God but not based on any particular religion and its laws. mediaindo

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  1. avatar Riccardo says:

    This all reminds me of a quote often attributed to Mark Twain:
    “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  2. avatar Tomaculum says:

    That is the point, Riccardo!! Do you have a mirror?

  3. avatar Dimp says:

    Thanks Ricardo,

    You just proved my point exactly.

  4. avatar Ismail says:

    hello all, i am sorry if you guys feel rattled, but its ok,Islam is a satanic cult, and yes you can say i am an extremist of some sort, quite different from Islam’s version, i defend my belief with a passion, but unlike Muslims and the demands of the ‘satanic verses=Quran’, I can’t kill, inspite what you guys think I don’t hate anyone, but i do hate Islam, you guys can find an idol worshipper, who is nice and friendly and would love to have Christmas with you. thats ok because they have no religious text that tells them to kill and take over the world, with such hate, the world has yet to fully grasp, yet they do not agree with me nor i with them, but its there choice to be.
    Islam do not understand love, sex yes.
    Islam do not have a verse devoted to music and art.
    dogs are evil in Islam, even though from time they’ve been man’s best friend.
    Islam believes that women have half brain and they are majority in hell.
    Islam says fight and kill, until there is no other religion except, its occult self.
    what is there not hate in this evil cultic madness some confuse with worship.
    please, you can call me anything you want and thereafter tag me, better still ignore me, you guys will understand later, cause Islam will continue to show its true satanic colour.
    please let be known i hate no one, yes i do hate Islam.

    by the way check the following,

    al-queada is a product of Islam
    iran product of Islam
    darfur killing product of Islam
    killing in southern philipine and thailand product of Islam
    killing in northern Nigeria product of Islam.
    sunni and shiite killing each other product of Islam.
    killing of ahmadiyya is a product of Islam
    the list free counties of the world product of Islam
    a place where Christians and Jews are not allowed!, the very heart of Islam saudi Arabia.
    where is the least freedom of worship? the land of Islam.
    75% of the worlds death and violence is a product of Islam.
    which religion see killing of apostate and infidel has a religious duty? yes Islam.
    trust me i can go on.

    finally because you have nice people, who call themselves Muslims don’t mean they are practicing. i ask a Muslim once, do you take Christians and Jews as your friends and he said yes, and i told the Quran told him not to. he was shocked then i showed him the verse, then i told him that he his a good person, however not a true Muslim….. that got him thinking.

    Jesus say, he that hunger and thirst for rightiousness will be filled

  5. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Ismail, chill bro!
    Whatever belief you follow, I am sure it wouldn’t want you to spread the hatred. Yes I believe too you can go on. Don’t forget also that the media shows/tells what sells, in the end it’s all about making money and profit. Don’t just believe anything you hear, see and read. Take it in but filter it at the same time. It’s good to know that at least it seems that you read a lot, I am hoping (sounds like many people here are hoping) that you also get to read some positive messages about Islam. We’re not all that bad, as you mentioned yourself that some of your friends are Moslems, means that you find something positive or at least in common in those people. Now, have a cup of tea and rilex.

  6. avatar Dimp says:

    Hey Ismail,

    You claimed yourself that you hate no one, yet you are bashing Islam all the way.

    You are saying that Islam is evil, but tell me this, was Adolf Hitler a Moslem? How about Slobodan Milosevic? Pinochet?

    You are saying that the least freedom of worship is in the land of Islam, well it is hard to have freedom at all in China, and this is not the land of Islam.

    75% of the worlds death and violence is a product of Islam, can you please give a bonafide reference to this? I can pull anything out of my a** as well.

    I am just saying that because there are some violence that happened to the world of Islam doesn’t mean that the whole population is bad.

    Open your eyes a bit, check out “Camp Jesus”, and tell me if this is right.

  7. avatar Fanglong says:

    Nice, Tomaculum !

    Tense & terse friends I*, and *A, and *O : just relax!


    I’m glad Mr Hasyim Muzadi is interested in implementing the key concepts of moderation, uprightness, tolerance, balance, and dialogue. This was part of NU’s committment to the unitary republic of Indonesia, based on faith in God but not based on any particular religion and its laws.This is a nice program, isn’t it? If all the members of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah play the game the best they can, everything will be all right!

  8. avatar Mat Malaya says:

    Salam everyone (except Ismail),

    I think we should leave Ismail alone because no matter what u say or do, shall never change his mind set towards Islam. Hope he live happily with his anger and prejudice. I personally dont give a damn with this kind of people. I’ve tried to show him the other side of Islam and yet he still refuse to accept anything good related to Islam. I have nothing personal against him eventhough he kept bashing my religion all the way.

    Believe me, in future, should our topic of discussion has nothing to do with Islam, yet he will find ways and means to drag Islam into it. He will do his home work just to make sure that Islam will be labelled as evil. It’s his mission to make sure that other people will hate Islam too.

    Ismail, my advice to u is, stop being a fanatic for I’m afraid that one day Christian will have their own suicide bomber lead by fanatic people like u.

    God please save us from this people!!!!


  9. avatar J4K4 says:

    Newsflash folks, I think i saw someone who resembles Ismail on tv yesterday. He was arrested by the airport police with bombs strapped all over him. No kidding!

    Ismail, that’s the next step for fanatics like you! About what you said about Islam, I don’t buy it. I don’t believe ANY words coming from the mouth of a fanatic, be it people like osama or people like you, small time fanatic trying to sound big over the internet. People like you made the world worst off.

    Look at yourself! I have read other people’s statements above, and i can see that people hated you, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Even your fellow Christians hated you!

    If people hated a self confessed religious person like you, then your religiousness doesn’t do you any good. I thought a religious person was supposed to be loved, a person who can achieve peace with his surroundings. Maybe you should reconsider your status, maybe you’re not a religious person after all.

    Hatred will only burn yourself. The rest of the world will be fine, but you will always have to content with the hate you have inside, and your fears.

  10. avatar Kareem Junaidi says:

    * Riccardo, i wasn’t talking to you. I don’t enjoy talking to bigots like you, save your useless hateful comments to yourself. Enlightenment from a bigot? I don’t think so.

    * Ismail, do you need a fellow bigot like Riccardo to speak on your behalf? I asked you a straight question and I would like your answer:

    A). if the bible teach those things then the bible is vile.

    B). if the bible didn’t say that you can slander other religions then your actions are not in accordance with the bible, it means you’re not one of Jesus’ follower.

    I thought the word Christian meant a person who followed the path of Christ. I don’t think Jesus was the kind of person you always showed all along, hateful and slanderous. Do you see Jesus as hateful and slanderous? Would he do things like that? If not, then why are your behaviour not like him?

    Maybe you are not following Jesus after all. The Jesus I know won’t do the things you do. I am not a follower of Christianity but even i know better not to insult other people’s faith.

  11. avatar Tomaculum says:

    I don’t hate any extremists, but I pity them because of their limited ability to think. Some of them read many books and can citate from these books surely better than some of us. But they cannot handle things they read or aquisited neither logically nor with normal intellect, because their eyes and brain are already blurred by hate.
    Poor people! Hate, hate, hate and one more hate in their mind.

  12. avatar Ismail says:

    well like most Muslims, they will not address the madness there religion commend and command, rather they dash at calling names and all that sort of thing. i have said nothing that Islam isn’t, i am right all the way.

    i have made it pretty clear, i hate the nazi ideology same way i have Islam, infact they are breath from the same demon. hate……..

    i am used to telling the truth and not being popular for it, its ok, ’cause some here will spend time to think and come up with constructive defence for the satanic overgrown cult, i say it that way, ’cause that is how i see it. you can try to prove me wrong.
    show me the music and art in the Quran.
    show me loving and while you are it, you can show how to love your enemy.
    show me faithfulness to once wife, as a antidote to the sin called polygamy.
    show its wrong to sleep with “slave that your right hand possess”.
    show its wrong to kill kafir-infidel.
    show me what heaven is like, in the Quran, if its not a place for sexual orgy.
    show me its a sin for you prophet to sleep with a 9yrs old while he his 54yrs.
    show me its wrong for sunni to kill shiite or the other way around.
    show me that you are not worshipping a dead black stone,yet you all bow in its direction.
    show me it wrong to greet a dead man, cause you greet mohammed 5 times a day.
    show its wrong to drink camels urine cause your prophet thought its great.
    show me its ok to take Jews and Christians as friends, ’cause the Quran forbids it.
    show me a Muslims nation where freedom is certain.
    show me that osama is not a true Muslim and you are. cause his image seat in you mosque at least some.
    please show…….. and if i am wrong i will back track.
    what i believe is irrelevant, but if you care i believe in Jesus, not religion.

    Kareem Junaidi, to answer your question, Jesus condemed, religious leader in his day that were living in sin.

    Islam and mohammed rejected everything, Jesus stood for, and they have nothing in common, let me make it clear.
    for example

    Jesus don’t avenge, mohammed said it was ok, infact its religious.
    Jesus said we must marry one wife, mohammed said its ok to marry more and infact he married more than 10 wives amd he slept with slaves girls
    Jesus never assasinated, but mohammed himself killed more than we care to count.
    Jesus said there is no marriage in heaven, oh mohammed said the lots of virgin in heaven. how sad. for men only…….
    Jesus was certain where he was going to, but i am sure mohammed had doubts.
    well…… i really can go on. Islam is a devil’s anti-Christ. cause its anti everything Christ stood for.

    please don’t call me names, its a waste of time, just come up with a response to all my objections. and i will read it

    Jesus says “anyone that thirst and hunger for rigthiousness will be filled”.

  13. avatar Tomaculum says:


  14. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Ismail…that tea didnt work huh? valium maybe?

    Please, as per Dimp said, check out the video of “Jesus Camp” it’s scary.
    You are entitled to your view, but try to see things from 2 angles, not just one sided angle fueled by anger and prejudice, use your intelligence and COMMON SENSE. I think the terrorists will be ‘ganti-gantian’. now it is from the fanatics Moslems. But looking at that Jesus Camp video, easily, we can predict that in 10 or 20 years time it may come from fanatics Christians. Please note I have nothing against Christians, many of my good friends are Christians. FYI, even they are trying to stop these ‘followers’ in America because it is that scary.

    Why cant people just tolerate each other and have a big party together? It’s more fun.

    Looking at your comments, it’s obvious that you have a lot of questions in your mind. Bear in mind it is NOT the religion that’s bad its the PEOPLE. whoever you have been talking to obviously was or is not a person with high intelligence, but unfortunately has succeeded to corrupt your view. are you maybe by any chance the head of Jesus Camp in Indo? or Asia?

  15. avatar Dimp says:

    Hey Ismail,

    So you are saying Quran is full of violence? Hate?

    Just two words: Old Testament.

    Also you still haven’t answered my question, where did you get all your statistics?

    I have one myself, 100% of people who called himself “Ismail” cannot be trusted.

  16. avatar JKS says:

    I’am sort of jealous to ‘jihad’ men, after killing people and die, then can f..k 12 virgins provided in ‘Muslim heaven’ as described in Qor’an.
    I also jelous to Muslim, they can have 4 wives….and can kill Jews .
    wow….I’am sort of evil as well, welcome me friends.

  17. avatar Ihaknt says:

    moderator, how come when i make fun of the others, my comments get deleted, but you let the others comments free to view? 🙁 i know…life is unfair and i accept it.

    JKS, don’t be mean laaahh. You can do what you think Moslem can do, but deal with the consequences.

  18. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi JKS and Ihaknt,


    Only 12????!!!!

    Please consider the rest of this comment as a joke (as some of you cannot tell the difference between reality and not).

    Some questions raised: here.

  19. avatar Mat Malaya says:

    Salam everyone,

    I have no comment about that 72 questions raised by dancer for I’m worried that ‘somebody’ will try to find ways to bash Islam, again.

    J4K4, u are right. Ismail is a small timer fanatic try to sounds big over the internet, try to spread his devilish teachings over the internet.

    To my opinion, he WAS not a Moslem nor a chriastians. He belongs to some heretical group. Trust me. As I said earlier, my family members consists of other religion too including Christians. They dont sound like Ismail. when i asked thm about what Ismail said over the internet, they said Ismail know nothing but ‘B….S…’They attend chapel every sunday morning without failed ( i know this because they always turned down my golf invitation on sunday morning).

    In my country, there are Hindus extremist, Moslem extremist as well as heretical group. U know what happened to them? (I hope the human rights group is not here) . Those extremist will be arrested and will be send to unknown place for 3-7 years and some up to ten years without being charged in any court. These people are very very dangerous to the country.I dont know what happened inside there, but one thing for sure, after the release, they became a good boy. This is what we call Internal Security Act. I think Indonesia should have this kind of Act in order to stop those kind of extremist from spreading their devilish teachings which can create chaos in the country.

    My question is, is it important to dig out all bad things about Islam or other religion rather than we do something that benefit others like do charity, improving poverty, improving education and stop corruption?

    (wow!, i hope i dont sound big here!) But anyway, this is what is all about. We share information and we care about people. You agreed Patung?


  20. avatar Ismail says:

    Mat Malaya, J4K4, this has always been my problem with Muslims, they rant and shout about me being wrong, and they can’t show me where I am wrong from the Quran.they call me names and they wish I become like Muslims (who have succeeded in their complete transformation to fully fledged Muhammed kind of Muslims). Please dream on!

    Dimp, first Christians don’t live with the principles of the old testement and secondly the old testament is a NARRATIVE not INSTRUCTIVE, Christians live by the words, ways and deeds of Jesus Christ. We have no obligation to the old testament. You will do well to go study the new testament and show where Jesus says anything evil.

    Before you get excited about this please go ask your scholars about the principle of abrogation in the Quran. “Jesus camp” hahaha! guys c’mon, the violence in the life and words of mohammed is the source of the madness in Islam, just like polygamy in Islam is a product of his polygamy. Pedophilia behaviour in older Muslim men is a product of mohammed, who at age 54yrs married a 6yrs old and had sex with her at age 9.

    Please show me in the bible where Jesus did any of this things and encourage people to do it. you guys don’t get it. i never critizise Islam because of what Muslims do, that a small bit of it, but because of what your ‘prophet’ himself did and said.

    Finally you guys will do well by taking my objections and making sure I am wrong, that way you will be sure. Calling me names, and hoping I go blow myself up is just crack-rib funny, sure I am a FANATIC for JESUS not for MOHAMMED, I used to be, not anymore. Like Jesus I will tell the truth and hope someone will start to think.

    I am simply telling the truth about Islam. If you can’t defend it, or ignore me, no need for name calling because it seems to be Muslims only defense, to insult and invoke some mumbo-jumbo on how Christians will become suicide bombers in 10/20 years time, wow, incredible.

    If anyone attacks my faith, I won’t call the person names, when mohammed cartoons came on the scene, about 54 people were killed by Muslims. We Christians have been ridiculed, our Christ called names and equated with Islam and further reduced to minor. A mosque advertized a symposium, title Bible or Quran, you Muslims know what you do in those symposia of yours, but if a Christian did that my, my, my, the church will be burnt down.

  21. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Ismail…have a cool shower dude…you’re on fire!!

  22. avatar Ismail says:

    Ihaknt, i did and i am still on fire, the fact is that is see what Islam is doing, please read the link
    see moderate Muslim country is doing,most people just want to believe its not happening.

  23. avatar Gada says:

    ….All of these converstaions are jokes, aren’t they? ….
    I miss my childhood and teen life in my hometown ‘Siantar’ when we didn’t see any different between religion … me and friends just had fun … dating someone with different religion … not a big problem ….
    Now … a lot of things changes …. especially on religion issues …

    Imagine, there is no heaven …
    Imagine, there is no religion …
    Imagine, there is no possesion …

    Those out of date … we need all of those things … act and do things, don’t just talk and shouting …

    Ismail and others who stands on Christianity … you do not expect yourself to defend Jesus Christ, do you?

    Others who stands on Islam … you do not expect yourself to defend Muhhammad, do you?

    Aren’t those both figures need you to follow and implement their good taught?

    As far as I know, Jesus will defending his follower, not his follower encouraged to be an hero upon Jesus … I don’t know about Muhhammad … but I believe he was teaching kindness, goodness, etc.

    But, as we are living in this same world, why we are not trying to cool down a litle bit in religion issues argumentation …and spare a little bit of your time to answer this question below,

    “Where was the prophets born?

    Peace and have a nice day,

  24. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Ismail,

    If you are saying that you live by words, ways and deeds of Jesus, then why are you so full of hatred?

    So you are saying that Old Testament is useless? Then why print them at all?

    BTW, you are laughing at “Jesus Camp”, do you know what this is? Or you are just laughing because of your ignorance?

  25. avatar Mat Malaya says:

    Ismail… you stil didnt get me, dont u? You know nothing about Islam and mohammad. I dont simply bombard Christians because i know, if i do that, other fellow Christians will hurt. I can dig out everything bad about Christians (but not Jesus, because it is a sin in Islam to not having faith in Jesus) and i can put down all the facts from my own version why i did not take Christians as my religion and bla…bla….bla… (as what u did to Islam). and the facts surely will hurts our Christians fellow on this net because it was based from my own study and persepective.

    What u said about mohammad was wrongly taught to you. He did not simply killed or attacked people. What you learned about Islam and mohamad was pick and choose. That’s where u were wrong about Islam. Have u ever learned the proper Islam and the details of the history of mohamad from the correct sources?

    Those Moslems who killed Christians and burned down churches as what happened in Maluku are morons and uneducated Moslems who have been taught by your stupid ustadz live in your village.If mohamad is still alive, surely He will kill all those Moslems for killing innocent people.

    U like to insult Moslems and mohamad. I think the person u should insult and condemned is yourself because you are the one who read the history of mohamad and Islam from a stupid and uneducated Moslems writer who simply wrote B..S…!

    In Islam, we called u heretical guy.This is what happened to Al-Arqam and all their stupid followers in Malaysia led by Abuya.They read one book called Aurad Muhammadiyah. The book contains all kinds of B…S… about mohammad.It has been amended and added by their obsessed followers. This was what happened to Bible. The original version of bible has been amended by their earliest followers for their own benefit. That’s why Quran was send down to human being in order to supersede bible and torah. But Quran was guaranteed by Allah from any amendment until the day of Judgement and that’s why the Quran is memorised word by word by more than millions of Moslems and the printing of Quran is strictly controlled by Islamic council. I know very very well that most of the Indonesian Moslems still mixed up Islamic teaching with Hinduisms culture. that’s where Islam is went wrong. (I’m sorry guys).But this is true.

    Yes, Quran is narrative AND instructive. If u dont live by the rules laid down by God, then u are no better than animals. But whatever deeds, words or ways shown by Jesus has been superseded by Quran because that Jesus deeds are only applicable during that particular of time and decade. But dont forget, whatever good deeds mentioned in bible are also repeated again in Quran.

    Dont u know that we don’t worship a dead black stone? it is only a direction of prayers for the wholewide world. Do you think Allah is inside that dead black stone or did Allah authorised that dead black stone to accept prayers from his followers? Ha…Ha… Ha….!! Do you know that Christians, Jews and Moslems were prayed the same direction before(baitul maqdis)? But then mohammad was instructed to change the prayers direction 180 degrees to mecca and this thing happen at one mosque called ‘KIBLATAIN’. Do you know the reasons? have u checked and studied about it?

    So the morale of the story, if u are dumb, dont turn other people dumber. It will be dumb and dumber. I never wish u become a Moslem. Please dont. You’ll give Islam a bad name. Enough with all the morons and stupid Islamist fanatic out there. About the rest of your questions, u find it yourself.

    Please go back and do your homework, but before u do your homework, kindly put aside your evil heart first , and I’m not going to answer u anymore. Hope u enjoy your life.


  26. avatar Ihaknt says:

    And while you’re doing your homework…maybe a cool shower can help cool your head a bit Ismail. Dont live in hatred and anger, it’s a waste.

  27. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Mat,

    You said “If Mohamad is still alive, surely He will kill all those Moslems for killing innocent people”.

    That is a strong statement indeed, I hope that is not the case, I hope He can actually make that these uneducated Moslems to see that what they have been taught is wrong, and there is no need for further violence.

    The same thing as there is no need for people like Ismail to further bash Islam.

  28. avatar Rudy Hendra says:

    Do you know why Beatles make “Imagine” song?

    The lyric is like this :

    Imagine there’s no religion.

    I’m not saying that it is better if we don’t have religion.
    But many many times, religion is used to bash each other.

    We can be a good friend if we can understand each other.
    I’m a Catholic, and many of the Catholic discussion board in Indonesia is fanatic. I’m not saying that all of them are fanatic. But I can show you some of the fanatic, if you want.
    They bombard any other religion outside Catholic.
    I don’t like it. I’m a Catholic, but I don’t like it, and I think it is not right.

    Many Moslem are good people.
    Their religion is beautiful.

    Me too, have many Moslem friends.

    If you know Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, it appreciate diversity.

    Maybe I’m not a smart man, but I know that it is not right to say/judge/think that every other religion is bad.

  29. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Rudy, the Beatles didnt make Imagine. It was John Lennon. The Beatles had broken up by then.

    I agree with you, you are not a smart man…heheeh, just joking, but yeah it’s not right to judge that other beliefs are bad just because you don’t believe in it or just because it’s different from your belief. It’s sad that many people live in anger and hatred…sad. Differences should be rejoiced and celebrated not condemned. God Himself created us in many different races, colors, etc, so we can learn from each other.


  30. avatar Ismail says:

    i guess its difficult to see for you guys to see how someone can be critical of this religion and not be acused of being hateful and angry, all this i am not, i am quite the opposite, there is no one to hate just the religion that makes them to act the way they do. and i really just feel sad for Islam’s victims, Muslims inclusive!

    Mat Malaya, i really do feel sad for you, i guess its ok cause you have Islam on your MIND,it makes people say and do things. i think i need to take you up on one or two of your acertions.
    first sir, you did not atempt to disprove anything I said about mohammed, you just ranted and call me names, i am sort of used to that,you said

    But whatever deeds, words or ways shown by Jesus has been superseded by Quran because that Jesus deeds are only applicable during that particular of time and decade. But dont forget, whatever good deeds mentioned in bible are also repeated again in Quran

    how sad, Jesus is superseded by the Quran, and you believe that, now i see how Islam thrive on misguided ignorance. i guess that means mohammed had a better moral code! i think not, but because, Islam has so twisted your moral compass, you probably won’t understand better.
    Jesus insisted on mongamy, mohammed encourage polygamy and had more that 10 wives.
    Jesus insisted on “turning the other cheek” mohammed made revenge, moral.
    Jesus says there no marriage in heaven mohammed said men will have virgins in heaven.
    Jesus did not kill anyone or encourage it, mohammed order assainations because he felt insulted.
    i can go on comparing the two, but believe me there is no point, mohammed is anti-Christ because he was against everything Jesus stood for.

    the Quran is a confused, chronologically challenged book,box full of contradictions, more hate than you can imagine, Muslims say all sort about the bible because its the only proof that the Quran is false and mohammed is a fake prophet and an heretic.
    because mohammed shouted ‘one god mantra’ and sprinkle his Quran with the names old-testament prophet and made them in his own image, and then twisted the person of Jesus, that don’t make a prophet as you think, but it makes him a fake prophet nothing more

    Ihaknt, please allow me to say this again, saying the truth can be hard, ’cause its better to just try and get along, but that won’t help because Islam is what is Islam does.i have no hate for anyone, just the ideology of Islam, if i hate i will be guilty of the very thing Christ warned against.please don’t confuse my critical stand on Islam as hate and it will serve to divert attention from the thorny issues i raise.

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