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Maria Eva, deeply religious woman and star of the Golkar porn flick, a hive of contradictions.

Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, 29, usually called Merry, from Sidoarjo in East Java, is the dangdut singer and sometime sinetron actress who appeared in the raunchy sex recording with Golkar parliamentarian Yahya Zaini.

Her name has cropped up here once before, when she was reported to have attended a gathering of the Muhammadiyah branch of Surabaya on November 11th 2006 whereupon it was announced by Din Syamsuddin that a Muslim (inner) beauty contest would be held. Maria, along with other local celebrities, Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, and Ozzy Saputra, put in an appearance to show her support of the idea.

Maria Eva
Maria Eva, enjoying herself in both roles.

Maria Eva, it appears, is not only active in the religious activities of Muhammadiyah, but also in Partai Golkar on a long term basis. She is said to belong to the youth wing of Golkar and has made herself useful at a number of Golkar events. L6 Controversy has sometimes ensued. In 2005 she entered into a legal dispute with the wife of a DPR member – Maria claimed that her good name had been besmirched by the woman. Both of the women reported the other to the police. gatra

Maria, who was born Maria Ulfah, has fairly good religious credentials. She has been on the pilgrimage to Mecca, twice, both in and out of the Hajj season, and spent much time in prayer, contemplation, and communication with God, in the Holy Land of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. poskota

I tell God about whatever is buried within my heart.

Maria is still a virgin, it seems, because she is not yet married, and she claims to be unafraid of the prospect of being a “perawan tua”, literally “old virgin”, or more likely “old spinster”, preferring instead to just “go with the flow” of life.

What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities.

However she does admit to having dated western men in Jakarta, and even while such men are notorious for their ravenous sexual appetites, it appears she managed to maintain her purity. sapos

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144 Comments on “Maria Eva”

  1. Saddam says:

    There is a huge difference of being imperfect and being a filthy lying criminal. There must be a minimum standard of being leaders. At the very least, they must abide the existing laws. Do we want a leader who is an adulterer and a murderer? Or can we take a drug addict as a leader or a pathological liar? Do we want a leader who is a hypocrite, using empty religious credentials to hide immoral behaviors. I don’t want a leader like that. Neither do the Indonesian people deserve leaders like them.

    One of the reason why Indonesia is in such a bad shape is because there are simply too many bad leaders over decades. The nation suffers because for so long it tolerates bad leaders. It’s time to put a stop for all these non-senses. We deserve good leaders irrespective of their religions or faiths. Leaders who can lead with great examples, not someone who hides behind veil of religions or corrupt party. If a country like Singapore can have good government, why Indonesia has to endure sh*tty government?

  2. Huskies says:

    Well said, Saddam.

  3. G3 says:

    Look what we have here,,, a failure

    well,,, act like a bitch wearing angel mask and simpatik tears.. WHAT A BITCH!!!

    but,, not suprised..this a face of Indonesian people


  4. rinni says:

    hey dude ……… you understand supply and demand ? sex is one of them.

    anyway is anybody want a pussy ……….pls call eva, her pussy still good ha ha

  5. Chantique says:

    WAKE UP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. KPK says:


    I’m glad that this country still have people like you. You write well, thoughtful and very structured. I wish more Indonesians can become like you. Maybe, just maybe, this country can become a much better place.

    I still remember a friend of mine said that he tried to change the government from the inside with his friends, but failed. He was an idealist, and so were his friends. However, upon taking on his post, he said, he became one of them, the beast he and his friends was trying to beat. Dissapointed with himself, he decided to quit after awhile.

    He said that he wanted to chance the country, and ask people to join hands with him. However, it’s not through the government anymore. He gave up that idea. Rather, he calls out to people to do what you can to your surroundings. Make your voice count, and let us be the embrio of the new Indonesia we are all so desired. May The One True God blesses us in this bidding.


  7. shaun j. says:

    Why do others have to talk so bad about other people? To me it seems they are trying to hide themseves. Those kind of people need to get a life. For “GOD” sake live your own life. Not tell others how to live their’s.

  8. abal-abal odong-odong says:

    ME change your name!..that name too holy 4 your f**cking action

  9. ananda rimba says:

    Stupid politician and whore. He and she is a Muslim and Muslimah. Do job in the name of their religion. Stupid.

  10. Iwan Malaya says:

    In Malaysia there is a guy name Razak Baginda while in Indonesia there is Yahya Zaini. Both are young and very successful. One is very rich and the other is quite powerful politically – both are well connected to the ruler of each nation. One is now fighting for his life for blowing off of his mongolian model lover with 3 bombs and one the other is already dead politically because…we know why….. Both of them fall because of their DICK!!!

    I was so sad for Pak Yahya…….he could have got himself a much much better Indonesian gal. If he do not know where to find, I can always fly down to JKT to show some places….hehehehe

    Conclusion : What ever you do make sure it is worth the price you will be paying…Maria Eva….hmmmmm….the only good thing abt her could be the ‘virginity’…if there is any!


    Great Men Silly Mistake”¦..

    Razak of Malaysia (worth USD100 million) forgot to put on condom as there were no 7eleven in Mongolia”¦.girl got pregnant”¦.girl came to KL maybe extort money and decided to finish her off”¦.tie 3 grenade to her body and blow her into tiny little pieces like YZ penis “¦.

    across the strait”¦”¦

    YZ think he is one big porn star and allow ME to shoot his exotic penis”¦..same situation here, ME get a little greedy”¦maybe ask this and that and finally ask YZ to marry her”¦if not the CLIP will be publish”¦YZ made a wrong calculation for not fullfiling ME demand”¦.result is 42 sec clip”¦.(I wonder how he is going to face ppl knowing pretty well everyone in Indonesia knew how his penis look like”¦.)

    To most guys”¦.we are just like Razak and YZ. We just dont have a chance. having so much money and power like those 2 guys, most of us would have done the same”¦..and most guys in the Jakarta DPR and Malaysian Parliament are having so much fun keeping mistress or prostitutes all using our tax money obtained through corruptions.

    I believe this is how god punish bad ppl like these – just a small mistake to make them heartsick for the rest of their life”¦”¦ No matter how much money and power we may have, if we are not careful god can just take it away in a matter of seconds”¦.

  11. budi says:

    Both these people betrayed young Indonesian people that look after them as religious person they have to be punished hard.

  12. Bule from California says:

    This is so common in Jakarta that I’m surprised it even made the news! A couple of years ago an email list of all the local female super-stars, their hp numbers and hourly/nightly rates was being passed around. Many famous entertainers supplement their incomes with after-hours work. No one in Indonesia can be naive enough to think this was unusual. Is it any worse than the police that stop you at night and shake you down for all the money you have?

  13. anton siagian says:

    politician and dangdut singer….hmm…
    it wont be happened if she is a jazz singer

  14. 'A' says:

    Indonesian government always busy making some kind of RUU whatever to take care of the porn action. How can they discipline all their citizens while they’re sux

  15. deasy says:

    Oh maaan…

    Pity you Yahya and hey Bitch.. now i know what you girls are doing there !!! but yet Are they all that cheap?

    Maria Eva… You are requested to stop claiming that you are Muslim!!!

    Yahya… mimpi buruk pak? Makanya hati2 sama wanita, harta dan tahta

  16. choco says:

    You mean that RUU Anti Pornography n Porn Act? Well…you can see by yourself how dreadful my country is! Welcome to Indonesia! They keep on talking bout those political war inside the parliament all the time: (how about taking care of that damned Sidoarjo mud first? And by the way I think this kind of affair is a common thing no? People just don’t want to admit that and being munafiq all the time. Stop being sooo naive please.

  17. JoniTan says:

    May God damn our Indonesian politician. They are all hyprocrites. Yahya Zaini heads a religious department in our parliement and he behaves like this sh*t? Yahya has no balls as he keeps quiet all the time. It should be ME who screws Yahya than the other way around?

  18. Cintia Margarette says:

    Probably “Maria Eva” was asked by someone to do this.

  19. deas says:

    Regardless what that is… I am so sad to see what happened to Yahya and so speechless to see what ME is into now…
    Well done ME… You DID IT.. You are the star!!!

    Anyway, it’s one stone with 2 birds kind of thing!! you got my point?


    Yeah yeah ME is a virgin”¦ and I am the Superman!
    She maybe a virgin.. look at the bush she has”¦ like untouched forest!
    And Yahya.. If i were you I would have got rid of her phone and chucked it away right there and then”¦ Play it safe next time. Next time???? yup, next time you must use a rubber too (at least you could’ve been a “safe sex” sample if you were using it that time)”¦ will they fit yours by the way?

  20. Maria if Naked Fans says:

    That is the real portrait of Indonesian Moslem, difference between fact and mouth spoken or “munafik”, it’s like “boomerang” for Indonesian Moslem.

  21. zaimul am says:

    Yz follows freudian notion that sex is more meaningful than religion. Sex pays cash and religion doesn’t.

  22. taxpayer says:

    Is this all that matters in Indonesia? CAPEK DEH!!!

    How about ICELAND melting at a pace that will put Indonesia under the sea in 10-15 years?

    Maybe not…..

    Well…..back to it.

    Oh. Anyone who says sexs pay and religion doesn’t obviously grew up in a refrigerator.

    HELLO. Christopher Columbus. The world is not flat.

  23. iqbal says:

    Retarder and saddam, and the rest of you.

    I’m saying NO COMMENT about this because actually there’s nothing to talk about this PORN ACTION or whatsoever. It’s useless! Shame on them who did the clips but I do try to respect what they did because it was what they did and if you talk about religion, it’s up to you and I do respect you too to give comment on this ‘useless thing’ based on religion.

    You are free to do and to say what you like.

    That’s why I did say, do your own business and I’ll do mine.

    Live in love and peace.

  24. Saddam says:

    There`re lots of comments made on this ME-YZ pornographic clip why basically share a common theme: “”¦this is Indonesia after all”¦what more do you expect…nothing suprising about the hypocritical behaviors of the political elites…” It`s almost like people are resigned to accept kind of lewd and indecent behaviors by the so-called leaders. When a nation can no longer differentiate between nation leaders and lowly criminals, it will perish.

    More politicians use religious veil (ie. Islam) to hide their true defiled hideous characters. Lacking workable ideas, statemanship and moral fibers, they possess nothing that will appeal to the voters. So, they offer religious snobbishness in an attempt to gain votes and grab power. Once in power, they shamelessly abuse the power and act as if they had been given “a licence to plunder”. Religion is private matters, but when it gets deadly when mixed up with politics. There must be a separation between state and religion.

    Unless we demand strict standards what and how the government branches (executive, representative and judicial) must act, there won`t be any changes. Government must deliver what is demanded by the governed. If we impose very low standards, we get hopelessly a dirty, corrupt and incompetent government.

    To KPK, I`m humbled by your kind reply. I agree that people need to be empowered to make their voices heard and counted.

  25. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Very well said Saddam, but do you think that the majority of our citizens will wake up to that idea, empowered or not? We have to face the fact that the most of the Muslim Majority are already brainwashed by their leaders, and we still have so many poor who can be easily be bought off with money politics.

    We need a powerfull leader, who is not afraid to use unpopular measures where necessary to ensure that we live in a democratic, pluralistic, and secular society. SBY doesn’t even want to stand up against the creeping Shariaisation of our society, because he is frightened of losing political support! The support of a party whose, corruption and abuse of power has been known for decades.

    Unfortunately Sharia is complete integration of State and Religion, and if this corruption of the Islamic faith is allowed to take hold I don’t think there will ever be a way to get rid of it. We have to cut out this cancer from our society before it spreads too far.

    I think ME has done us all a favour, she has brought the abuse of power and hypocrisy to everybodies attention, but how long is our attention span? You can already see that the damage limitation teams have been sent in, this will all be hushed up and forgotten about in less than six months.

  26. Jaka Tingkir says:

    maria eva is a “religious” person?? don’t make me laugh.

  27. Saddam says:

    “¦I`m very aware of the extraordinary difficulty in changing the mindset of the Indonesian citizens”¦after decades of being politically intimidated and dumbed down (or brainwashed, if you would) by dictatorship regimes, the nation is indifference to widespread corruption and gross incompetence by the government”¦it`s virtually accepted as the Indonesian way of life”¦However, it`s the choice that the Indonesian people have to make for themselves, whether to demand changes or accept the status quo”¦one thing is clear, any change has to be initiated and promoted from outside the government”¦the government is big part of the problem, not the solution”¦

    After the downfall Suharto`s regime, Golkar was losing its popularity”¦it was a symbol of political decadence and corruption”¦But the party has plenty of money”¦so, the party re-alligned itself with Muslim organisations in an attempt to get votes”¦it basically “buys” cheap religious credentials while maintaining the well-oiled political mechanisms”¦SBY owes much of its support from Golkar in his presidency, so he`ll keep his mouth shut”¦

    Indeed, in my comments above, I suggest ME to be decorated as a national hero. I satirically even go as far as replacing Ibu Kartini with ME as the national figure for Indonesian women. ME does more than Kartini ever did. In a single porn clip, ME single-handedly exposes the abuse of power and hypocrisy. ME shatters the religious pomposity of Muslim political organizations. She doesn`t even have to say a word or fires up a bullet to accomplish that incredible feat. In contrast, KartinI had to write tons of letters, complaining about Javanese culture discrimination against women.

  28. Keem says:

    Dear All, I think all the political issue in Indonesia is not even common, this situation will getting worse if we are always mind the Political and the Religion.

    I am a Moslem ,and Moslem has described all the right and the bad things completely,…

    It deepenns on how we implemented and achieved, I do agree The FPI and Muhamadiyah or Golkar Will take straight ACTION PLAN on this matter,….and its nothing to do with ISLAM at all, ( even both Victims are Moslem)

    TO Mr SADDAM,,,,,your ideas,and your critical statement is well appreciated, but one thing you should understand,( CAuse i thoguht,you are Smart and briliant ) do not talk and JUDGE that all the Moslem ( General in Indonesia ) are the SAME …

    Of course…we are different with ROMA,A.A GyM and some other well known persons.
    so , before …your SHOUT- Think Wisely”
    i do really angry and disagree, if you are mentioned about the capability about i am sure that you do not know anything about our RELIGION…

    You can blame ,RHOMA IRAMA, AA,GYM, of their Behaive….
    You can Blame Golkar and Muhamadiyah to make realize for being lookafter of that “Beast” in their parlement

    NOT ISLAM,,,,, !!!

    I hope you will understand..and thank you very much for great article that tou have written,,” you are briliant ”

    Please do not write any comment about religious (specially in our multicultural Religious) …its really unacceptable to discriminated one religion in Indonesia cause we all
    Brothers and Sister.

  29. Saddam says:

    Where exactly did I make a disparaging comment against Islam as a religion or make a generalization that all (Indonesian) Muslims are crooks? If I did, then I apologize for the offense.

    I recognize religion as a private matter. What I do have concerns is where politicians and criminals lusting for power use religion (ie. Islam) as veil to hide their hideous characters. This is what I said in my previous posting in relation to YZ: “Those Muslims who speaks loudest in public demanding that others must follow certain (Islamic) standards are filthy and rotten themselves. Muslim political organisations and Muslim politicians should look at themselves before demanding the general public how to behave. Unfortunately, those like Yahya Zaini are more talks than substance. The Muslim political organisations are quiet when it comes to their own members. Those Muslim thugs like FPI, Laskar Jihad or Laskar Mujahiddin use aggresion and even violences against the so-called “un-Islamic” activities”.

    Did I blame Islam as the root cause for the corruption or problems in Indonesia, for example? No, I did not. I do recognize that Islam as a religion is hijacked by power mongers, who use it as a matter of convenience to advance their own self interests.

    Use FPI, a paramilitary Muslim organization, as an example. Those thugs use violences and offer excuses that it`s legitimate under Islamic laws. Yet Indonesia is under secular laws, not under Islamic laws. If anyone dares to say against those FPI thugs, they immediately claim that anyone who is against them is against Islam or a kafir/infidel. Then why doesn`t FPI attack Golkar? I think there`re plenty of evidences that Golkar has been doing some un-Islamic activities for decades.

    I`m against the use of religion (ie. Islam) as method to achieve a political agenda or an excuse for criminal thuggery.

    One would be wise to heed the words from Niemoeler (a victim of the Nazi):

    “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the communist and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionists. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

  30. Huskies says:

    Saddam for President!


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