Bulwom: Bule Women

Feb 4th, 2010, in Opinion, Society, by

The types of Bulwom in Indonesia, bule women, and how they fare in attracting local men.

Why Do Bule Sistas in Yogya Get More Action Than Sistas in Jakarta?

The Friend,

I ever hear the Bule woman in Jakarta complaining about a date. Cannot get, cannot get she says. As a student of Achmad Sudarsono's techniques of Seksiness, I let the Bule Woman's (Bulwom) lamentations just pass by, like one of those silly human rights reports criticising our national heroes.

Guruh SoekarnoputraBut Friend, just like the question of what colour exactly is Guruh Soekarnoputra's hair, there is a mystery and conundrums.

Why does the student Bulwom in Yogya and Bali get more traffic than Jl. Thamrin at sunset when the Bulwom in Jakarta goes without lovin', or as we Betawis say, 'jablai' (jarang dibelai or rarely touched)?

Bulwom YogyaThe Bulwom comes from countries like Australia, America or Belanda, to schools and university in Yogyakarta to study the gamelan or write thesis about things no one is interested in like, 'Jamu and Gender: Post-Modern Discourse of the Indonesian Mushroom Drink.' (Lazy but Seksi Friends, can find a post-modern essay generator here. http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/). Then the Bulwom teaches generation of other students to write things no one is interested in.

But, Astaga and Aduhai ! Bulwom gets more action - if it is possible - than Achmad Sudarsono after an unplugged Ukulele session at Jl. Blora.

Samantha FoxAmidst the long-haired self stroking bohemians of the Art School, Bulwom is bigger than Samantha Fox (so to speak). Bulwom chills into the rythym of Yogya, riding on the back of the motorbike, basking in the adoration and envy of the other long-haired would-be painters and art-stars.

Bulwom YogyaShe casts scornful glances at other suitors, knowing her desirability. Inevitably, though, most Bulwom abandon their local beau, when the question of marriage comes up. He turns into a brooding, psychotic stalker, not having been exposed to the Seksiness lessons of Pendekar/Guru Achmad. (Pak Achmad is said to be preparing a series of e-lessons, on how to be Seksi (tm)).

Kuta CowboyThe Bali Bulwom is a bit of a different story. Whilst I salute the resourcefulness of the Kuta Cowboys, going from amateur to pro is a big step, perhaps one for Guru Achmad to cover in the future.

Why then does the Jakarta Bulwom not swim in the local pond, like a mutated Ikan mas (gold fish) in the Ciliwung river ? As a humble Betawi bongo player, I am bemused. Bulwom Jakarte is often stressed and cranky, the seductive secrets of our kampungs eluding her as she sits in an air-conditioned fortress. betawi Does she know of the Ondel-Ondel ? Yet she is always complain, complain, complain.

But Bulwom, there are tens of thousands of able-bodied descendants of Si Pitong and other Betawi heroes ready to tend to your needs. Why don't you follow your Yogya sisters who take the lesehan (sit down outdoor cafe) and sup on local fare ?

80 Comments on “Bulwom: Bule Women”

  1. avatar David says:

    There is no defining standard on beauty

    I think there was a scientific paper released just recently which er, tried to scientifically measure beauty, in terms of proportions of facial features, eyes, nose, mouth positioning etc, so it may well be possible from that angle. Colour is something else, I had to explain rather patiently to someone the other day, in fact several other days, the same person, why I didn’t regard dark skin as unattractive, it took some explaining…

  2. avatar Dikkiman Sujengkol says:

    But Mr. Patung, why does the Bule man like it from the village ? Maybe better to wait for the next post.

  3. avatar David says:

    Yes alright, I can move comments over if you’re quick enough, incidentally, that lady whose facebook page I linked to on the first page did actually leave a ‘comment’, to me, by email, demanding I remove the link to her fb profile, as she didn’t want to be permanently associated with your post, he he, she was nice enough about it though.

  4. avatar Oigal says:

    Have to be honest, I see nothing attractive about those high society Matrons with their big hair and scary make up yet alone their inbred, self absorbed, mall rat offspring.

  5. avatar Dikkiman Sujengkol says:

    @ Mr. Patung,

    Perhaps you could invite her to give a rebuttal ?

    @ Mr. Oigal,

    You mean Those of the Big Hair ? Perhaps you could elaborate on why the White Man likes the villager ?

  6. avatar ET says:

    We call it ‘maid-face,’ or ‘Idabul’ (Idaman Bule), or even Selerbul (selera bule). Maybe Bule like it because it is something he cannot get in his own country ?

    You are right. It is definitely something the bule cannot find in his own country.
    Meet Idabul and Selerbul.

  7. avatar justme says:

    actually from the pembantu or ayam kampung’s point of view why they go for the bule who is in this case BT (bau tanah ) its to “perbaiki keturunan”

    since BT has a lot of meanings lately

    Here we’ll use BT bau tanah – smelling of dirt because they are almost in the grave

  8. avatar deta says:

    Yea Justme, this “perbaiki keturunan” thing is originally the main idea of the scientists to perform crossbreeding of plants or animals to get a superb new species, and gives the idea to some movie producers to create movies with mating human with alien as the story line. If this then gives a silly idea to some Indo women too, well,……

  9. avatar justme says:

    either way…. hidungnya tetep pesek 😉

  10. avatar Janma says:

    kasihan deh….

  11. avatar Dikkiman Sujengkol says:

    Halo Janma !

    Are you a Bulwom ?

    Bulwom Jakarte or tempat lain ?

    Can you explain the situation ?

  12. avatar Swagman says:

    I know this is a very superficial statement, but I think I am in love with Selerbul. 🙂

  13. avatar lewis says:

    They called BULE because it’s not enough pigmentacy during pregnancy ( Bule it means ALBINO). In the Medical Dictionary it’s belong to desease because of the skin it’s so sensitive toward the sun. That’s why they used the sun cream for protect the light skin.

    my comment about their love affair it’s their right. And I know sometimes will cause discriminate or jellousy for someone else. Morever, wil be good for their kids or they children because many of them they have a beatiful skin and also a cute face.

    My view about bule woman is why many of commentator in his page only care about their appearances as the LORD of GOD say judge yourself before judge the other, For GOD , He judges our heart rather than something else. Do you have evil heart or GOD heart? Are you discriminate and jellous about someone else??

  14. avatar bs says:


    It’s seems the internet is outside of your LORD’s jurisdiction my friend.

  15. avatar Dikkiman Sujengkol says:

    Heh, Mr. Patung,

    I am write the Bules and Pembantu article for you and post it – but the Inbox is verrrry long time to download.

    Please tell me if you did/didn’t get it.


  16. avatar David says:

    I got it thanks.

  17. avatar David says:

    And here is the link, enclosed in a table with a gratuitously large border, padded to the bottom by 100 pixels so you just can’t miss it:

    Yin & Yang: Bules & Pembantus


  18. avatar Kalam teh says:

    As an Australian expat in Jakarta/Yogya I am constantly being confronted with accusations of being a drunken, tight-fisted ‘ayam’ chaser from people I’ve only just met. If i can be bothered continuing the conversation it usually involves being compelled to prove I am none of the above. Aside from being boring and a major turn-off, it’s really just racial profiling at its worst. Maybe the feeling of annoyance i get is similar to that felt by Indonesian women who are labelled as ‘ayam’, ‘kampungan’ or a prostitute due to having dark skin and not being able to afford the latest mal fashion or HP… the class implications of these negative assessments is obvious enough, coming as they almost always do from more well-healed Indonesians, many of whom consider themselves educated or ‘progressive’

  19. Halo Mr. Kalam Teh,

    So do you think Bule in Indonesia are underpriviliged and discriminated against ? Yes, I think Bule was very underpriviliged when he ever colonize Indonesia for 350 years.

  20. avatar bs says:

    Dikkiman, I hope that you realise Australia is a much a victim of colonisation as Indonesia.
    Your aiming your arrows the wrong way, you should aim for their mothership (floating in front of the European coast).

  21. BS,

    I think Australia ever fight two world wars just because Britain was involved. I think Prime Minister Australi Menzies ever said, “I did but see her passing by and will love her till I die,” about the Elizabeth Queen. Friend, and I think Australi one reject to become Republic in 1999. Iya ‘kan ?

  22. avatar Oigal says:

    I think Australia ever fight two world wars just because Britain was involved.

    Perhaps a few history lessons as well are needed. Certainly an over reliance on Britain created a number of issues. However, most people would agree that World War 2, Australia (as was most of Asia) fighting for survival againt Japanese Invasion.

    There are number of interesting side lines, where conflicted and outdated loyaties left much needed divisions, brigades on the far side of the world rather than where Australia needed them at the time but thats another story.

  23. avatar David says:

    WWI, if Britain had been defeated, or possibly even just humiliated and forced to terms, Germany, assuming they were interested in doing this, need have only blockaded major Australian ports and it would have been a done deal….no Royal Navy protection, no Australia at that time.

  24. Mr. Oigal,

    Japanese invasion come later. In 1939, PM said Britain is at War, therefore Australi is at war. Australi doesn’t even have own diplomats back then. But anyway, Friend, soon I will continue Guru Achmad’s work and post an item on our plans to invade and colonize Australia. Better to discuss these things then.

  25. avatar diego says:

    I really enjoy watching this kind of catfight involving bule and indonesians, always about the same issue (race, colonialization, and ayams). I hope this contribute to a better understanding between the two in the future, so we can all have a fun, loving, circle jerk together.

  26. Diego,

    If u can suggest an idea – I will write it up. Maybe a kind of nude man’s drumming festival in the woods (alot of the bad blood between men), then we all come back, join hands, make a giant peace sign, and sing ‘Kumbayah’ at Monas ?

  27. avatar Oigal says:

    Dikki, To stay off topic your knowledge of history is as shallow as Assmads (funny that).

    Japanese invasion come later. In 1939, PM said Britain is at War, therefore Australi is at war

    I know you have a point to prove but a little effort really. What was the PM”s nickname you are refering to? Wouldn’t be Pig Iron Bob..something to do with iron to Japanese in 1938, I believe. May not be in your potted history book for trolls.

    Republic..No most thinking people (I will give you an out), recognise that the Republic was not rejected but a model that gave the people no choice to elect a president was. That coupled with the model was being pushed by the leading light of the dis-connected elites (M.Turnball) doomed it to failure before it started.

    Of course, your alliance and continued defence of the corrupt and elitist here may make the subtle dynamics a bit hard to grasp.

    Now back to the thread…..

  28. @ Oigal,

    Better to take this up on another thread.

  29. avatar Oigal says:

    Indeed…One does tend to rise to the bait..

  30. But Oigal, you must at least acknowledge the magnificence of the response to my Bules and Pembantu article. It’s just the beginning. In time, we hope this rivals the other great threads on IM.

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