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Neighbour Indonesia rock bottom on Australians' list of favourite countries.

A poll surveying Australians' attitudes to foreign countries has seen Indonesia rank last, with the country having a net minus 38% likeability factor for Indonesia's neighbours Down Under. The worst rated countries in Australia:

  1. Indonesia (-38%)
  2. Israel (-32%)
  3. India (-27%)

Australians were most favourable to:

  1. New Zealand (+60%)
  2. Britain (+39%)
  3. Germany (+35%)
  4. United States (+18%)
  5. France (+16%)
  6. Japan (+14%)

The poll was conducted by the Australian branch of New Zealand company UMR Research in late February/early March 2010. The full poll does not appear to be online as yet. theage

John Utting, managing director of UMR, said it appeared Australians were, curiously, least favourable to the countries that would be most important to that country's future - Indonesia, India and China, while favourably disposed to countries such as New Zealand and the UK, these latter being of little importance to Australia.

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  1. avatar Arie Brand says:

    Hey, there is Oigal – Ross’s sidekick in the ‘let us get Brand’ project.

    Who says that I want to make an impression on you? As to the impression your anti-Brand posts make on me – well, uh, that of “the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket”. Yes, that too comes from Orwell.

  2. avatar ET says:

    Odinius said

    5. Following from 4, we collectively spend way too much time fretting over this backwater, and not enough trying to sort out places like DR Congo, where perhaps 500x as many people have died through conflict since 1990.

    I already said this somewhere before on this blog. There are too many vested interests involved to have the Israeli-Palestinian conflict removed from the world’s attention by a lasting peace.

  3. avatar Oigal says:

    Ross’s sidekick in the ‘let us get Brand’ project

    Nagh..most regular readers would know Red Ross and I are not “sidekicks”

    Pretenious Prose like that is just amusing in its (w)right.

  4. avatar Arie Brand says:

    No, that was why McKay was so happy and surprised to get you on his side there. Why was he though? In your resentments you are very alike.

    I have written quite a few things on this blog and you focus on a passage that was meant for quite a different audience that would know what I was talking about. Sorry that you feel excluded from that.

  5. avatar Odinius says:

    Arie said,

    Another view on Weber? I had only mentioned his name at that stage.

    Eh, don’t be so touchy. I actually enjoyed reading the quote from your book. But discussing Weber, and bringing up points of argument with reference to him is not the same as “being set to teach” you about him. Weber served an argumentative point for me, which is the importance of context.

  6. avatar Arie Brand says:

    Well touchy, yes perhaps. Being submitted to a barrage of abuse tends to make one so. I am glad that you at least appreciated that quote that gave McKay and Oigal such an occasion for ill-natured comment.

  7. avatar realest says:

    Godwin’s law – “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

  8. avatar Hans says:

    After the tsunami, people gave a lot of money. after it became Australians, very acidic and promised never to give anything more. highly dependent on the drug judges in Bali, which surely no one still believes. truth of Timor Leste, as the aircraft roared down with their diplomats! + So much more that I do not have an eye on. Such drug-related stuff here was a major problem for ERUs tourists in Thailand 10 years ago, and we know the story and just gets very sour when someone corrupted ass holes put our children in jail.

  9. avatar TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    How does Singapore rank?

  10. avatar Chris says:

    Apparently, a lot of Australians like Bali

    Australian Tourist in Bali on the Rise
    Monday, 09 May, 2011 | 17:48 WIB

    TEMPO Interactive, Denpasar:The number of Australian tourists visiting Bali during the first quarter of this year has increased, Bali Central Bureau of Statistics chief, Gede Suarsa, said in Denpasar yesterday.

    From January to March, there were 155,093 Australian tourists in Bali or a 28.89 percent increase compared to the same period last year. In 2010, there were 641,588 Australian tourists or a 43.67 percent increase compared 2009.

    More than 24 percent of foreign tourists visiting Bali were from Australia, according to figures from the first quarter.

    The highest number of foreign tourists that visit Bali are from Australia. Besides Australia, the other top countries were China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, the UK, Singapore, France and the US.


    I suppose the question is whether Australians consider Bali to be “different” from the rest of Indonesia. (Before the first Bali Bombing in 2002, enough thought Bali was a different country that moneychangers advertised “Bali Money”…)

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