Rika Tolentino Kato

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Yusril Ihza Mahendra is instructing his new wife, Rika Tolentino Kato, in Islam.

Rika Tolentino Kato and Yusril Ihza Mahendra, the secretary of state, married recently in Jakarta. Rika, 22 years old, is of Japanese descent but comes from the Philippines and in order to marry Yusril she converted to Islam.

Rika Tolentino Kato
Rika Tolentino Kato.

Yusril, who is a former chairman of the Islamic party, Partai Bulan Bintang (PBB), is apparently teaching Rika about the mysterious ways of Islam, including the matter of Ramadan fasting. He also says that he plans to take her on the pilgrimage to Mecca, as a learning experience not for a honeymoon.

See Rika’s pre-marital profile. She may want to update, or perhaps delete, it.

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  1. 1ndra says:

    Islam is about control, laws, morale, worship, sains and knowledge and much more…
    It came from God to humanity with His messenger, Muhammad saw, not just hallucinations, and the sains/knowledge are now have been proved nowadays and some of them still being researched, is it hallucination? Go ask your scientist.
    And about laws and control? Jack, you have to study Islam deeply, not just quoting others. If you want to know more, I’m glad to help you.

  2. Jack Hawkins says:

    “not just hallucinations” – so you agree Mohammed had hallucinations. as for science and knowledge in the Koran – there is NONE. there is stuff from the Greeks regurgitated, but no science. there are silly things about gametes for example which are just plain wrong. there is plenty of stuff on the internet refuting the so-called “science” of the Koran

    Why do Muslims feel they have the right to control everyone? Silly question I imagine – the answer will probably be something circular like because Mohammed said so!!!

    1ndra – this is a frequent answer from Muslims, that people “misunderstand” Islam. you can’t even tackle the simple questions let alone anything deeper. you can’t even see why its wrong to control people instead of letting them make their own choices and take the consequences. tackle that first

  3. 1ndra says:

    Let them take their own choices and actions?
    No one will blame me to get violence on you, it’s that you mean 🙂

    No laws, no control then it’s time for chaos…
    Tell your government to strip away the laws…
    Even with the laws, jails are full, you ask for none 🙂

    Now I know what the point you ask, you ask for freedom, no control, no responbility, no laws…hedonism, anarchist

    This discussion seems pointless and not interesting anymore…
    I’ll stick with my laws and life code and you stick with yours, if any.

  4. Jack Hawkins says:

    1ndra – where did I say say anything about anarchy? about not having any laws? nowhere!
    how come in Egypt with all the veils, there was a rampage in the streets of Muslim men attacking women during Eid, and this doesn’t happen in non-Muslim countries. Rapes and sexual violence are much more common in Muslim countries despite the veil.

    you also don’t understand Hedonism as the Greek school of philosophy either BTW.

    so please don’t use a straw man argument 1ndra – that is to say put words in someone’s mouth than argue against your own inventions.

    so yes stick to the code that lets women be raped and then blames them and puts them in prison for being raped – I prefer a system that gives women respect and human rights instead of the rights of a prize piece of livestock!!!

  5. 1ndra says:

    So what do you think? In non Muslim country, sex is cheap and free, you like it we like, we do it, everyone do it. That was hedonism, boy.
    When everyone take their own action without control without law, that was anarchy.
    You dont say anarchy, but you say it’s definition.

    In Muslim country, women is not that cheap, free sex is prohibited. You know what the meaning rape is? People want it when others dont, so that’s where violence come.
    Sadly you missed one thing, I know that there’re most legal prostitution, sex slavery in non-Muslim country, boy.

    You, Jack, from the start always place Muslim in bad position, we know you’re not better. And btw, you use others argument to fill yours argument, that’s very unworthy. You know nothing but act like you’re a walking library.


    So what do you think better and respectful, a woman who wear veil and long dress OR a woman who do you think better to have a freedom to wear a cheap solution, a very short skirt, a tank top and walk like a pussy to make men eyes grow fast?
    And who is closer to sexual experience in first sight?
    Why dressing a step closer to naked? That’s what I called bitch!
    No high morale, religious, respectful women who dress like that, find one if you think you can!

    Men wear a full dress and women wear a cheap solution, men could look in parts of women body that are uncovered (Or covered tight) freely, fantasying”¦
    Women give their sexual look to men freely, and you think that’s right, you think that’s what you called respect?
    I wonder”¦

    And why don’t you ask your God and check your holy books what’s better (Do you have one and read it?)? Or ask your nearest truly priest.

  6. Jack Hawkins says:

    1ndra, you’re getting hot under the collar. remember you’re a member of the “religion of peace”! and stop arguing ad hominem

    you’re not making much sense – you’re still using the straw man argument I pointed out. so just forget this silly argument that I am in favour of no laws and anarchy as I clearly never did.

    As I have pointed out the Hudood laws in Pakistan (and the recent comments by the Mufti in Australia) back up my point about women being blamed for being raped. I present the fact about Islam and Muslims – if that is bad that is not my problem 1ndra.

    1ndra, first define who these putative women are meant to be respecting, then we can progress from there? Do you mean by respect, obedience or fear BTW?
    What ever happened to there being “no compulsion” in Islam? You just don’t get the whole idea of free speech and freedom of conscience etc do you?

    Above all, stay cool! Too many of the followers of Allah get frustrated and decide to blow themselves up!


    You need a broader education, that’s your problem 1ndra. I can tell you’ve never heard the Voltaire quote “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” He was an atheist BTW.


    more excellent Voltaire quotes
    “A company of tyrants is inaccessible to all seductions”
    “All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”
    “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”
    “As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.”

  7. 1ndra says:

    Quoting others again dont you? Dont have your own opinion, dont you?

    I’m a little warm in the last minutes because you’re offending my relegion, pretending to be a god and blaming other religion, dont you?
    Offending other religion, that’s not manly enough, boy.

    And Voltaire? Why do I have to listen to him? Is he my prophet?
    O yeah, sure, he is your prophet, you listen to him much 🙂
    I have my quote and hadits from my prophet, so are you, from your beloved prophet, Voltaire…

    I learn Islam from our vision and culture, boy, so if our view differs from other country, that’s not our problem, even we share the same Qur’an dont mean we share the same culture.
    They say it, we say it, differs, are you confused? Just dont get drunk, its bad for your health, boy.

    If you take all too practically, then we could have opinions that your country, non Muslim are all tyran, killing other country’s people for the sake of democracy and human rights, random killing women and children, rape, take away their wealth, sucking their oils, torture prisoners, blaming for nothing.
    Your country, your religion dont have “How to love and care” section, didnt they?
    And now you are blaming us for not respecting women…What a hypocrite

  8. Andrew says:

    1ndra said:
    Your country, your religion dont have “How to love and care” section, didnt they?

    NO, our religion does not have a special section for that, because IT IS all about loving and caring, and nothing else.

    It is all about love.

    No command to hate other people and religions.
    No command to destroy and kill others.
    No command to despise infidels.

  9. Tomaculum says:

    1ndra: in non Muslim country, sex is cheap and free. Wow, I live in such a country since 30 years, and I didn’t see things like that. Sex is expensive. According to informations I’ve got, sex costs from 500.000 Rupiahs (actuall common price for simple sex) till millions of dollars. (sorry, I haven’t any experience, so I have to believe my informants). Please sing a new song, not this oldie.

    Seriously: did you visit such a country and have had experience in this things or from where do you have this informations? This is a stereotypizing I often heard and hear.

    In Islam women have their place and they are respected. The problem: many Moslems misuse the rules for their own benefit, even if this will harm the women and their rights.

    I know many Moslems, who respect, and live on the same level with, women, without thinking they are the leader or the teacher. But I know many too, who treat the females as things less worth. Don’t worry, in the Christian world I see and undergo the same situations.

    In the javanese rural areas, where I came from, women have often to work hard to earn money for the family, sometimes because the men aren’t able to think logical, that someone have to earn money to buy things needed. So logically are many women the chiefs of the family. But they respect their husbands and let him shows his seemly prominent position in the family.
    “Men are born to be leaders, they are created with logical nature” ? What we have more than women are only muscles, so “logically” the muscular power and not the brain power. With the help of this muscular power we supress the female gender since thousands of years and hinder them to get the same education, because we, men, know (as a result of our ability to think logically) that they will be equal competitors. 1ndra try to discuss with educated women (really educated not indoctrinated), then you will recognize, that you don’t think logical. But maybe you know an other definition of logic.

    As an example: why discuss about religion (to you too, Jack Hawkins). You can logically not discuss about this theme logically, because it is a belief and if someone believes in something, she/he will not be able to see or to accept other, maybe more logical thoughts. Why not discussing about the committers who are responsible for their deeds?

    1ndra, if you like women with jilbab, then its your faith and your good right. If you don’t like women with tank tops, then look away. You don’t have anything to do with them, do you? Don’t punish them. Why do you damn them? Because they turn you on and you feel bad because of this? And do you want to convert them all? Are you sure, really sure, that you can recognize the grade of morality just from the clothes someone wear?

  10. 1ndra says:

    Thanks to friends who coming with wise answers.

    @Andrew : I said that, to show how to twist Jack’s perspective, who judge one Muslim/country case can be interpreted as whole Muslim case. A criminal in a Muslim country interpreted as whole Muslim attitude in all over the world.

    And so our Koran is, to show how to love and respect, I’ve wrote some above.

    @Tomaculum: Another wise posts 🙂
    What I mean, sex is cheap and free, is a free sex.
    In the past , I’ve read an article about losing virginity early outside marriage and how, livin together without marriage, and that culture is being popularize through many media, you mention it.

    About women and their rights…
    Here, in my family, my mother is a career woman and my father too.
    I teach my sisters to live independent…”I mean teaching how to handle tasks by theirself and not always need help others”, teaching them how to fix thing (Even I teach them how to fix their motorcycle engine, fixing computer hardware and software problems, alas, they dont like to study it) and other, I encourage them to take a job (career) so they can fill their own need. But sure, not to forget the religion.

    About dress, jilbab is identity not a morale definition.
    I look away women with half naked dress. Why I hate women in that dress? No not just me, it’s our culture, asian one, east culture.

    And how to choose their men”¦not men with boys inside

  11. Jack Hawkins says:

    1ndra, it is sad that you do not want to learn from the great thinkers. Voltaire has a great mind, and I personally am not ashamed to quote such a great mind. It would do you good to read and digest these quotes, but your mind is closed. There is nothing I can do about that. You have free choice to believe what you want. I too have free choice to criticise, and even if you find that offensive that doesn’t take away my right to express those opinions.

    You know perfectly well Voltaire is not a prophet – since he was an atheist. Although hostile to Christianity, he was even more hostile to Islam.

    Please stick to what I’ve said. I have given examples of how Islam denies women human rights. You then claim I am saying all Muslim countries are the same. Try reading what I’ve said again please.

    1ndra, since you don’t know my religion, your comments are pretty stupid – and uninformed. I stand by my comments about Islam not respecting women, and I have articulated my reasons for that opinion. You however have not articulated your reasons for me supposedly being a hypocrite – you are simply arguing ad hominem. Try using logic and reason.

  12. Tomaculum says:

    if you read my comment carefully, you won’t find any wisdom in it, but just adjustments to wrong stereotypizings (oops, a pleonasm, because stereotypizing is always wrong, isn’t it?).
    I know you meant free sex, was just a little bit kidding. Sorry, if you didn’t understand this.
    Free sex doesn’t mean that every body is doing sex with anybody. In Indonesia too, there are many conditions needed to do sex (free or not), one of them: love. And prostitution is to find everywhere, even in Indonesia. Why? Because the male gender apparently need it.

    Btw: didn’t you read or hear about the “kawin kontrak”-Case (marriage with agreement) beewten Arabian businessmen and mostly young Indonesian girls. It wasn’t happened in a western country with such destroyed morality, but an eastern country which was always proud of its culture and morality, namely Indonesia (Puncak?). I could scream for anger and sadness, if I remember this. Isn’t it a prostitution too, because the women are in difficult situation to be poor and such contract is a chance to earn a lot of money.

    You said in one of your comments, women are not able to understand technik and if they take “mans jobs”, then they will do it not as perfect as men and sometimes ruin them. Wow, something new again for me.

    “About thinker, in much situation, I’ve got women cant think deeply (It might be their nature, as women are much more using feeling than logical, and vice versa for men) and take wrong decisions that could lead to disintegration. This is reality, I, even hear it from women, some of them commenting about a woman leadership in a top management, and clearly point the differences between the former leader, that was a man.

    And in other technical situations, they ask advices from me, rather than think themselves (To show how I respect them, not only giving them solutions, but how to make them themselves).
    Women think differently from men, just give them a broken machine and a repair book and tools, can they fix it? It might be one in millions.
    Even great cookers are men.

    What’s left in a woman? A heavy task that men can’t do, but for her, this is her nature.
    In Islam, a man is a leader, a powerful beings, and how about woman?
    She is the one who grow him. Their morals are their mothers morals.”

    I wonder that not a single woman raises her voice against such nonsense (sorry).
    In Europe, where women have more and more (not yet completely) the possibility to study the same things like men, they have proven that they are able to do the same thing in the same quality and often better. Maybe you should visit the wide, wide world to learn more things. They owe high positions in the politics and also in the bussines world. And they do their jobs as good or as bad as the men do. I met female car mechanic, female workmen (netter: workwomen), female electrician, female computer scientist. And believe me, they are good, very good. About thinking: how many times have men token wrong decisions that lead to disintegration. Remember Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Napoleon, and so on and so on. The reality is not what someone heard from someone, but things that really happened, isn’ it?

    “So what do you think better and respectful, a woman who wear veil and long dress OR a woman who do you think better to have a freedom to wear a cheap solution, a very short skirt, a tank top and walk like a pussy to make men eyes grow fast?
    And who is closer to sexual experience in first sight?
    Why dressing a step closer to naked? That’s what I called bitch!
    No high morale, religious, respectful women who dress like that, find one if you think you can!

    Men wear a full dress and women wear a cheap solution, men could look in parts of women body that are uncovered (Or covered tight) freely, fantasying”¦
    Women give their sexual look to men freely, and you think that’s right, you think that’s what you called respect?”
    “I look away women with half naked dress. Why I hate women in that dress? No not just me, it’s our culture, asian one, east culture.”

    Sounds like you are however moralizing clothes, hm?
    What about the east culture in Bali, where the women wore only sarong and nothing else? Or the almost naked Papua women? Dayaks? And that beautifull Kebaya, which doesn’t cover the aurats?

    If you say, that wearing jilbab is an identity and not a moral definition, then why don’t you let the other define their identity themselfes through wearing clothes (or nothing) they like? I have talked to a faithfull young Indonesian Muslima, she said:”I wear Jilbab as a sign of my faith, my believe. Its like the cross of the Christian. But it is just a part of my identity. The other parts of my identity is me myself.”

    The people in Europe read or hear in the media (TV, newspapers or even internet) sometimes about people (f.e. in Indonesia) cutting eachother their head (in Kalimantan, you can see also in internet, how some men showed heads they have cutted off) or shooting others dead. I ask you, how would you react, if these people, who mostly don’t know anything about Indonesia, say and stereotypize, that all of the people in Indonesia are head cutter and dead shooter?
    I’m sure you will say, what a dullness, won’t you? So why do you absorb things you read or hear, and didn’t undergo yourself, without review or critical consideration as a part of your sight of life?

    If, then you are not better then many western people who are also great in stereotypizing.
    Why don’t you let those people live their life and you do it too? Asian culture hate free sex? Wow, you speak for the asian people? Wow, again.

    If I visited my realtives in Indonesia, sometimes east/asian men (Moslem or Christ or anything else) asked me (with tongue hanging out and lust in their eyes) to tell them about free sex (and often enough in presence of my wife. Shameless and shamefull, isn’t it?).

    If you have a strong faith, then I congratulate you. Many people will envy you. Because this is a rare attribute. And then I’m sure you will not be seduced by such half naked amorally western/white women. To faith belong (to my opinion) also tolerance, patience, understanding, respecting the other with their sight and believes.

    No, 1ndra, this is not a wisdom, this is just a bitterness and sadness about the misunderstanding, don’t-want-understanding, disrespect and hate beetwen cultures and religions.

  13. 1ndra says:

    Jack : Why I dont want to know your religion? Because I’m trying not to offend other religion, like you did.
    About great thinker, I do have great thinker, a wise Muhammad saw.
    I’m saying that Voltaire is your ‘prophet’, because you’re listening him too much and stand by him, like I did with my prophet, Muhammad saw.

    Tomaculum: It’s wise not to offense other belief.
    And about killing, head cutter, like you said, sure I have the pictures, and shows them to my sisters, those were when people out of morale, logical, peaceful and religious mind…
    I’ve listened TV, an ustad and a priest, they sat in same desk and same mind, chaos and civil war between religions because they dont know their religion well, and some of them are provoked to start war.

    Far far far away from here, we live neighbourhood with other religions, Christian, Budha peacufully and respectfully (eg: Even I help my Christian neighbour in marriage, accompany them to their Church, …)

    About free sex, I admit, nowadays, girls and boys are being seducted by mass porn media. Morale degradation. And sure, bad parents who dont give them attention, control, morale, knowledge, and what they must give, as parents.
    There’s no religion who permit free sex, is it?

    About dressing in Bali, Papua, it’s their real culture not by fashion, my friend, you know it. And here in Indonesia, cultures are vary.

    And about kawin kontrak, in my perspective, they’re cheating the code about having a real and good marriage, instead they live together but with the marriage agreement, then divorce.

    Being a real religious in every act is very hard for people, me too, I’m still trying.
    Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and other people mostly are having their religions through their parents, identity.

    (eg, Are your parents Christian? Then you are. If you’re not moving to other religion, then you’re still Christian til your death, even if you’re not follow it’s code and making desctruction, chaos, criminality everywhere, then Christian got bad view, just like others thought Islam is).
    Religion is not just identity but have to be deeply studied and implemented.

    (eg, If I dont study Islam well, then I dont know Islam well, even I’m fanatic of it. And I dont know if Islam teach how to love and respect other religions, then I might be making chaos and disturb other religion, or might be bad in act even in the same people, men or women).

  14. Jack Hawkins says:

    1ndra, some of your comments seem rather strange – anyway on the issues I can identify to reply to:
    Voltaire is NOT my prophet (I think you still have very little idea who Voltaire was BTW), just someone who I happened to want to quote at that particular point. I do not take everything he says as gospel, as you do Mohammed – and NO Mohammed is not in the same league as a thinker by a long way. The man was illiterate. He killed people who disagreed with him – which shows the calibre of the man.
    You do not become a member of the Chrisitian faith or any other religion by birth BTW – what a strange belief!

  15. 1ndra says:

    Shut up boy, you dont know Muhammad well. You’ll regret that if you know the truth about him…sure.
    But one thing you must pay attention, he’s Islamic figure, you insult him…well you insulting a religion, offend it. The same thing if you insulting other figures from other religions.

    And you say he illiterate? So you know then, Koran is not from him, but from God, since he’s illiterate. SO if you’re debating Koran, then you must be debating with God (No Bruce almighty here, jack).
    Why not post your questions directly to God? 😀

    And you mean by birth…
    Well you dont understand my post above, do you?
    When you born, what’s your religion? It’s up to your parent’s religion. Their religion is your first religion indentity. Later, when you grow up, adult, even you’re not worshipping, you’re still have your religion identity.
    Later then you’re becoming a criminal, a raper, a killer, a thief, still you’re recognized by your religion, then people could say : “Jack the ripper, a Muslim/Christian, raping and killing women and stole their wallets”
    Even you had your identity as a religious person, you might dont take your religion in to your act and even do the opposite, as a criminal.
    Then your religion might be people talks…
    Just like you did…imagine, hallucinating a crime in Muslim country as a trully whole Muslim did, even the religion itself.

    Jack, if you dont know how to speak well (A speak that isnt insulting, hurting, provoking other community, despising a belief), please consult your doctor.
    Free speak is a right for people, democracy, but if it’s hurting and provoking, you know what I mean…
    You, from the first, use your right to speak freely to despise a belief…
    You’re not adult enough to speak freely…

    Your next hurting provoking and unwise comments are now bs by the default…

  16. Jack Hawkins says:

    1ndra, your inability to see anything from another frame of reference impedes logical debate. You seem to miss the point SO often – and now your comments are going seriously downhill to the totally childish and peevish!!!

    I also worry about your strange ideas about free speech. Only the Soviets thought expressing free speech was a psychiatric disorder, detention in mental health facilities was an oft-used tactic to suppress dissent.

    1ndra, I think you need to grow up – FACT.

    The Koran is a book which definitely did not come from God. Look at the Satanic Verses and all the changes that have been made – these are well documented from both non-Islamic and Islamic sources. People with a weak faith can’t stand to face up to facts, they have to keep themselves to propaganda which confirms their set of beliefs. They are afraid their faith will crumble by collision with the truth.

  17. David says:

    I think the way of yor thinking need to be improved. you now thingk too much faults. please, see something from other eyes, not from you. tha can make you wish.

  18. Jack Hawkins says:

    I disagree “David”. Please point out where I am wrong. My arguments are more logical and rigorous than my detractors on this thread at least.


    After all look at the fallacies committed by Indra – social distinction for one, argumentum ad hominem, to name but two out of many. The FIRST minimum requirement is argument without fallacies surely?

  19. gil says:

    hey jack,
    it’s a pointless conversation. the guy doesn’t want to admit and see other things except his own perspective. typical fanatic who takes things for granted and never actually challenge and raise some critical questions. there’s no way he would ever see things other than his frame. specious argument, a bliss of ignorance. just leave the guy alone. he’s never been anywhere else besides his comfort zone. it’s supposedly a different kind of wavelength conversation. absolutely pointless!

  20. Jack Hawkins says:

    yes, sadly you are right. This is a product of being indoctrinated from a young age by a faith which demands total control of thought and deed, and demonises everyone outside the faith. A recipe for divisiveness and conflict all over the world, which we are seeing every day in the news.

  21. yan amir says:

    I am salute to mr Yusril when he married mrs rika tolentino kato, that marriying has exposed to public. In the same time many public figures are getting married underhanded, silent and not exposed.

  22. Titan says:

    Let us briefly consider where our discordant religious certainties are leading us on a global scale. The earth is now home to about 1.4 billion Muslims, many of whom believe that one day you and I will either convert to Islam, live in subjugation to a Muslim caliphate, or be put to death for our unbelief. Islam is now the fastest-growing religion in Europe. The birth-rate among European Muslims is three times that of their non-Muslim neighbors. If current trends continue, France will be a majority- Muslim country in 25 years -and that is if immigration were to stop tomorrow. Throughout Europe, Muslim communities often show little inclination to acquire the secular and civil values of their host countries, and yet they exploit those values to the utmost, demanding tolerance for their misogyny, their anti-semitism, and the religious hatred that is regularly preached in their mosques. Forced marriages, honor killings, punitive gang rapes, and a homicidal loathing of homosexuals are now features of an otehrwise secular Europe, courtesy of Islam. Political correctness and the fear of racism have made many Europeans reluctant to oppose the terrifying religious commitments of the extremists in their midst. With a few exceptions, the oly public figures who have had the courage to speak honestly about the threat of Islam now poses to European society seem to be fascists. This does not bode well for the future of civilization.

    Sam Harris, Letter to A Christian Nation.

  23. Jarod says:

    Let them be happy, guys!
    Let Yusril enjoy his new wife. Although she’s physically way above his league, she sure can have fun with “his” money.

  24. Handoko says:

    Whatever happend to Yusril personal life, it was his decision. All of us knew that Yusril and his first wife already divorced. We still don’t know what happend between them. Yusril never tell it to the public. Event to his close friends, he never talk about about it. “Lets I keep it it my heart until I die”, said Yusril one day. Yusril just said: “Jodoh itu ada di tangan Tuhan. Dia bisa datang, dan bisa pula pergi. Dia bisa pergi bersamaan dengan kematian kita, namun bisa pula pergi ketika kita masih hidup. Kalau jodoh itu memang ada di tangan Tuhan, maka tidak perlu lagi kita berpanjang kalam mendiskusikannya. Kita tidak akan pernah menemukan jawaban rasional yang sepenuhnya memuaskan”. I think what Yusril said is correct. After that, some peoples tried to discuss why Yusril married to Rika, and why Rika want to marry him? What her reasons? All the comments presented here, finally, no more than speculative thinking. Some of them maybe happy and satisfied with their comments, because they felt what they said were true. The problem is, can they get the truth? Finally, I felt pity to Yusril and Rika. As human beings, they deserve to be happy, as all of us… Lets we respect them.

  25. Agoengk says:

    Long live Yusril…..!!! but don’t throwed previous one….

  26. Handoko says:

    Jarod, I know Yusril very well. When he divorced, he left everythings he has to his previous wife and children. He realy wanted to start a new life. You think his new wife enjoy “his” money? Now, Yusril dismissed from cabinet. His law firm, the only source he can get salary also attacked by media and now being in difficult situation. You see, his new wife Rika still beside him. She never leave him to Philippine or Japan, as speculated by some yellow tabloids.

    Agoenk, after I explain this matter, will you say Yusril “throwed” his previous wife?

  27. Dragonwall says:

    Here in Indonesia, a rape case is simple, a victim report her case, then the case is being processed with laws,

    No one gets charge for 98 rape…hmm..???

  28. Agoengk says:

    Dear Handoko and all,
    Actually I Just want to say ” No Body get Hurt…”

  29. dkazuma says:

    Hey, she’s actually younger then me… Maybe i should find some junior high school or maybe junior school student for my future wife.

  30. Handoko says:

    Thank you Agoenk. We cannot hurt anybody. Don’t hurt their feeling too… Everybody deserve to be happy…

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