Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi”

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Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa’s plans to work in Indonesia outrage religious leaders.

The Clerics’ Council, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has protested plans to bring Japanese porn star Miyabi to Indonesia to play in the film “Menculik Miyabi” (Kidnapping Miyabi). Miyabi, real name Maria Ozawa, is a hugely successful pornographic film star from Hokkaido, and is of mixed Japanese/French-Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa, in some of her more tame and artistic poses.

Weighed in the chairman of MUI, Ma’ruf Amin:

Don’t employ a porn star, even if the film is not pornographic, unless she has already stopped acting in porno films.

Maruf, not a fan

Maruf further bemoaned that bringing Miyabi to the country would worsen Indonesia’s image in the world and make it seem like the nation couldn’t produce its own stars. detik

Miyabi’s Ramadan message for her Indonesian fans

Maria/Miyabi is expected to arrive in Jakarta in mid October to begin shooting “Menculik Miyabi”, which is produced by Maxima Pictures, to be directed by Odi Mulya Hidayat, based on a script by blogger-writer Raditya Dika.

167 Comments on “Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi””

  1. avatar donny says:

    If your mind is full of positive thoughts, you will see goodness in others
    if your mind full of dirty thoughts, you will ALWAYS see dirt in other, too

    If Miyabi wants to make decent comedy movie here … why forbade her to do so ?? is it HARAM for her to make money by acting ? it’s a honest work =D

    if you THINK she’s a porn star …thus making anything she touch or do dirty… well … please refer to line 2 above
    if you think he’s just someone trying to earn a living by acting … no matter how bad she before, and giving her chance (perhaps to change her way of living, instead of judging her) … please refer to line 2 …

    apart from that, MUI still have tons to do … fight against poverty, prostitution, etc etc etc rather than making stupid comments about someone coming to Indonesia to make film

    … or perhaps they just jealous because they’re not invited to “verify” the shooting process ?? (just kiddin’)

  2. avatar says:

    Saya tidak mengerti bgitu banyak yang berkomentar, baik ataupun buruk.
    Saya dibesarkan dalam lingkungan pendidikan yang mendukung adanya bukti untuk setiap tindakan
    Jadi setiap yang berkomentar dikepala saya, saya anggap sudah mengetahui miyabi, baik atau buruk.
    Nah, bagaimana anda yang menolak miyabi bisa begitu yakin menolak? Apakah anda sudah menonton filmnya hingga pantas ditolak?
    Jika belum, lebih baik diam saja….serahkan saja pada yang berwenang untuk menolak atau menerima
    Setuju dengan Rob, kalau tidak suka miyabi kesini, jangan tonton filmnya. Kalau setuju silahkan nonton
    Saya rasa dengan datangnya miyabi tidak dengan bgitu saja bangsa kita dianggap buruk. Kita lihat saja ayu azhari
    saat bermain film porno, tidak lantas membuat dia terkenal juga khan? Jadi? Tidak usah bereaksi berlebihan, cuekin saja
    Publikasi baik buruk ataupun baik tetaplah publikasi….pada akhirnya tetap saja akan menguntungkan pornografi itu sendiri.

  3. avatar fanglong says:

    @Donny : I do agree with you for what some technically refer to as “pure vision” or “pure perception” : all visible appearances are just mandalas inhabited by gods & goddesses ; all sounds are just “mantras” ; & all thoughts, the manifestation of primordial wisdom. So, instead of trying to “purify” the outer world, it may be more practical (and less “fascist”) to try purify one’s own mindstream. The means to do that ? Up to each individual’s cultural approach, religion, faculties, preferences, etc.

  4. avatar Weyth says:

    Indonesia terkenal sbg negara dg muslim terbanyak, ngakunya berkeTuhanan YME tp ternyata bangsanya bny yg acuh tak acuh sm hal2 yg dilarang oleh Tuhannya, mlh bny pula yg mau nerima dg tangan terbuka dg alasan “Gak usah muna lah, tiap org psti pny piktor”, smtr mreka yg brusaha mlawan piktor dlm dirinya dibilang sok suci….

    Huff, bersiap2lah, sodara2, bentar lg indonesia akan dimusnahkan, liat aja….

  5. avatar Heliphs says:

    Cuma sbg bhn renungan… 1. Malu sebagian dari iman. 2. Pertimbangkan mudharat dan manfaat.
    Semoga Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui memberikan ilmu yg bermanfaat bagi kita semua. Segala khilaf berasal dari hambanya, dan semua kebenaran adalah berasal dari Allah.

  6. avatar H. Miady says:

    Memang bener semua itu sok suci ntar diem2 pada nonton ato sekarang malah pada rajin download gambar2 miyabi wakakakak..

  7. avatar pupumaru83 says:

    2 antz…
    Hey se suci apa seee anda itu…
    Emang itu film pake adegan telanjang apa…
    Apa anda emang udah liat itu film…???
    Belum ada aja pikiran udah mesum sendiri…
    Siapa skarang yang pikirannya mesum…???

  8. avatar orang biasa says:

    mestinya pake judul “miyabi mencari tuhan”
    semogA ada niat baik dibalik ini semua!
    nothing we can do,except comment

  9. avatar donny says:

    “let the one without sin cast the first stone …”

    @ heliphs

    “malu adalah bagian dari iman” – YES I’m agree with this one, if ashamed to be thief prevent you to steal, if ashamed to be traitor prevent you to betray, if ashamed to be bad person prevent you doing bad things

    but to be ashamed for someone who had a “dark” backgroung trying to make a living in a decent way – whilst it has nothing to do at all with your daily living ??

    give you an example … one of your sister (due to economic problem) have to be a prostitute to earn a living … now she’s trying to make earn decent money by playing slapstick comedy in other country … how is your reaction ?? cast her out forever ? is she any different from Miyabi above or countless women forced to be prostitute …
    do all of them bad ? do you even think about the reason why they lower themselves to that level ? do any normal human being wants to be prostitute ??

    I have read interviews with maria ozawa last year … she dreamt to be an actress (real one), make a decent living and be a good WIFE someday …

    and lastly, ask yourself … what makes you have the power to judge someone ?

    cmon guys … I have difficulties understanding your opinion … =D

    “pertimbangkan mudharat dan manfaat …”
    considering she’s coming in Indonesia to make a comedy movie and NOT a porn movie
    could you explain the mudharat ?? compared to other Indonesian “hot” movie made by Indonesian director ?? compared with other comedy movie ?? which one having the most mudharat ??

    do you really bother if it’s other nameless japanese porn movie actress who comes to Indonesia to make comedy movie (not porn ones) instead of Miyabi ???

    @ Weyth
    “sementara mereka yang melawan piktor dianggap sok suci”

    (piktor = pikiran kotor = dirty mind)

    I think we’re discussing about someone coming to Indonesia to make comedy movie … not a porn movie … if she’s coming to make a porn movie, I’m totally agree with you

    ask yourself … where did that piktor coming from ???

    and consider this one

    ask about this topic to a bunch children … they won’t give a damn !! why ?? because they DO NOT HAVE PIKTOR YET …not unlike … hahahahahhaaaa =D

    last but not least

    “never judge someone, because you may not always know about everything”
    “be a good person, pure at heart and all the piktor will go away like morning mist in front of sunshine” … not going anywhere … just ceased to be =D

    wish you all the best =D

  10. avatar donny says:

    forgot to add one thing for Weyth …

    would you mind showing me which part of which Holy Books forbade someone to make, view and cheer to comedy movie ??

    really wants to know =D

  11. avatar Pecatello says:

    Sebaiknya Miyabi tidak datang ke Indonesia karena akan terjadi kerusuhan hebat jika Miyabi datang ke Indonesia di karenakan pria-pria Indonesia yang akan histeris melihat kecantikan dan keindahan Miyabi secara langsung. I love You Maria Ozawa.
    I LOve You Maria Ozawa, I Love Maria Ozawa, I love Maria Ozawa……………..I Love Youuuu……….
    Miyabi had better not come to Indonesia.

  12. avatar diego says:

    @pecatello: lebay.

  13. avatar andre says:

    dari banyaknya opini yang berkembang saat ini, dapat saya simpulkan bahwa miss Maria Ozawa sangat dikenal oleh penikmat “film” di indonesia.

    SANGAT TERKENAL malah… sehingga timbul pertanyaan apa yang membuat dia menjadi sangat terkenal di negara ini???

    Keep the answer for your own, cause just like you, I know “Why”

  14. Bagus juga tuh foto maria pake kerudung hehe. Orang indonesia gak ada habisnya, har per harinya selalu saja ada kontroversi.

  15. avatar castor_ntu says:

    Putting all issues about religion and decency aside : This is a BRILLIANT marketing move.

    The producer/director realizes how stupid and horny Indonesian men are. Those men will be lining up at the theatres on the Premiere …! They will surely spend “insignificant” 25,000 to 35,000 rupiah to see their “bancol” girl playing in Indonesian movie.

    Hats up for the people who came out with this idea and execute it.

    Another thing I want to point out, by quoting Mr AgungK :
    “Si pembuat film ingin mendompleng popularitas miyabi dengan memasang aktris yang kontroversial ini”

    Kontroversial ??? Kontroversial dari mana ??
    Di jepang sih jelas Miyabi BUKAN aktris kontroversial.
    Damn you people … being a porn actress is a legal profession in Japan. Again, in Japan, she is not controversial, and she is not any less worthy than other people with other professions.

    This also applies to all porn actresses in all country with legal porn industry.

    -from another stupid, irrational, hypocritical, angry, and horny indonesian man-

  16. avatar HeavenlySword says:

    This is outrageous.
    This isn’t good for our future generation. We must stop this immediately.

    But I’ll keep downloading the movie to errr hmm keep supporting the economy.

  17. avatar abby says:

    do the filmmakers opt to make controvercy?
    if so, then we should protest to them.. not to yell here.
    if we angry, let’s see.
    do we have problem with that?
    if we have much time to talk about it,
    why don’t we act something much more important and significant?

    and fyi,
    that pict about Miyabi and ramadan,
    it is a JOKE guys.
    watch it carefully, the face has been cleverly cropped and edited in photoshop.
    I know it bcause it’s been such a great joke theme in some forum named Kaskus.

    I’m taking at nobody’s side so I prefer commenting this in a fair place..

  18. avatar fanglong says:

    Some remarks on this & that.

    Miyabi ?is a Japanese word meaning 4 things : 1) durable radiance or influence ; 2) noble nature; 3) free from social conventions; and 4) gallantry, loose (for a woman), licentiousness.

    Lucu kan ?


  19. avatar Darkbye says:

    Jangan Lupa Diri….

    Dah kena, tak kan tak serik lagi….

    Tuhan Sentiasa Melihat.

  20. avatar irvan says:

    MUI is muslim,tp gw ga suka ma larangan MUI,emg dia Tuhan?Indonesia tanpa kedatangan miyabi jg ud bobro dgn korupsinya,knapa waktu george w. Bush dateng MUI ga nglarang?padahal beliau lebih jahat n kejam dibandingkan miyabi..banyak artis holywood yg pernah beradegan panas yang dateng ke bali,tp itu gapapa,ini cm soal percaya aj,yg dosa kn dia,kenapa MUi ikut campur,MUI ga usah mempermasalahkan hal kecil kaya gini,klo mau masalahin urusin aja tuh orang2 indonesia yang suka korupsi,psk2 di tempat2 hiburan,dll..maria ozawa,don’t worry,jakarta is friendly city..

  21. avatar Juvenisti says:

    Daripada ribet mikirin hal2 ky gitu , mending nnton liga champion sambil ngemil kacang atom hahaha . Ngurusin hal2 ky gitu ga akan ada habisnya cz stiap org punya sudut pandang yg berbeda_beda kan?

  22. avatar diego says:

    Thanks fanglong for the new aprendizaje (the meaning of word miyabi). I think one of the definition fits me well. From now on I’ll take the nick miyabo. How is it written in japanese?

  23. avatar fanglong says:

    Om swastyastu Diego !

    You (and anyone) can download my “Miyabo” attempts in .jpg from this URL.


    There are 5 proposals : 1. circled katakana; 2. bare kataka; 3. hiragana; 4. kanji horizontal; & 5. kanji vertical. Saya lebih suka yang terakhir.

  24. avatar izahwan's mom says:

    kegilaan kyk film yg hrs pake miyabi ini bikin aku malu jadi org indonesia, such a stupid community people, kyk ga ada ide kreatif lain aja,kyk ga ada pemain film yg lebih baik aja,kyk ga ada kemampuan untuk lebih baik aja (seperti itukah indonesia?)

  25. avatar Haryo Dilogo says:

    It will be a hot controversial if Maria Ozawa, a pretty pornstar from Japan, come to Indonesia, a country having great number of muslims in the world. Maria Ozawa will spread bad and bed influence to Indonesian young generation. She will poison the religious life in Indonesia. So, her plan to come to this country must be forbidden. Maria Ozawa is not good public figure for Indonesian people. She has big sins and so she is an evil. She has misused her beauty the God given to her. Go to hell Maria Ozawa, not go to Indonesia.

  26. avatar donny says:


    it won’t be controversial if all of us keep our voice down and have no negative thoughts about her.

    and how could you say that she’s an evil ? – while she’s coming just to make comedy movie … no difference with countless other actresses / actors playing comedy movie

    why not banning all comedy movies ?? all movies ?? all kind of entertainment ?? so that we’re back to dark ages ?? such a narrow way of thinking …

    how could one person poison religious life in Indonesia ??? you don’t like her … simply don’t watch her movie … that’s all … no need to condemn anyone to be evil, especially when we all realize that we’re far from innocence

    “let the one without sin cast the first stone …”

    are you ??

  27. avatar Oigal says:

    Maria Ozawa will spread bad and bed influence to Indonesian young generation.

    Well the “bed influence” is probably true..Although if you want seriosult want to stop bad influences, I suggest there are much bigger threats about than a petite little woman.

  28. avatar aditb182 says:

    smua balik k diri masing masing
    apa yg patut d ambil dr sbuah film (segi positifny)

    hidup d indonesia
    terlalu banyak polemik
    terlalu banyak intrik intrik
    miyabi?nurdin mtop

    gw pgn tw sosok miyabi lebih dekat
    lets forget her job for a while as a p*** star
    miyabi jg manusia cuy
    tanpa basa basi

    gw dukung film MENCULIK MIYABI segera rilis

  29. avatar diego says:

    Thanks fanglong!

    I like the circled one, will find a way to use it on my blog 😀

    Miyabo, that’s an awful-sounding word, don’t you think. Reminds me somehow of Kanebo, a brand of that special towel they use to clean cars / motorcycle.

  30. avatar Zora says:

    This could be..could be the only Maria’s chance to stop her career(u all knows what it is)…TRY LOOK AT A BIGGER PICTURE!!..if..just if she have a change of heart and repent and be a muslim..who knows?? If she sees the purity and the kindness in Islam…maybe Allah will open her heart to stop all the wrong things that she have done..Everybody deserve a second chance…

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