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More of the 2009 “pesta demokrasi”, some of the weirder election posters and billboards.

2009 election posters, banners, and billboards seen around town.

Partai Damai Sejahtera
Shalom! The Donny Osmond of Indonesia.

Fruit, fingers pointing to the sky, and sultry Punky.


Scary Man
Be afraid.

Smart Guy
The star of the team.

Football Supporters
A whole team.

Empty Head
I look like this because my head is empty.

Priyo Budi Santoso
Hey there! Whoa!

Piggy back
Piggy-back on me.

Kaya - Satire

Obama and Osama
Damin & friends Obama and Osama.

The last is taken from, where there are a great deal more funny election billboards and banners.

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  1. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    I am a clear cut candidacy-in-waiting for the presidentship.

    Born into a well-bred kejawen Javanese family, I am well-behaved, well-spoken and well mannered. I have mass national appeal, served my government in the mid-90s, highly articulate, nationalistic and prophetic. What more can one expect from a leader.

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