Dating Indonesian Girls

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Dating Indonesian women may not be for everyone.

Indonesian women, particularly on the island of Java, are exceptionally beautiful. They tend towards the very feminine side, with lovely skin, are not too tall, and have knock-out smiles. There's plenty of plus on that side of things.

If wer'e to be honest we have to recognise that many men are interested in a woman who will take care of him, do the housework without complaint, and take care of other matters similarly without much bother. Your average Indonesian girl often fits the bill in this respect, certainly more than your average western woman, the less said about them the better.

On the other hand going out with Indonesian women in a romantic way can have many mysterious pitfalls.

Some women here are clearly only interested in money. Some men are unbothered by this. Others of the female variety, can, once we get to know them very well, come across as practically insane, hysterically emotional, scheming, over-possessive, inclined to, usually fake, attempts at self-harm in order to get their way. As I said, not for the faint-hearted.

There are a few Indonesia dating websites although the area is not nearly as developed as that in nearby Phillipines or Thailand. To begin your online journey on the Indonesian dating scene our very own "Meet" section has many a lady eager for company.

4,898 Comments on “Dating Indonesian Girls”

  1. avatar bad to the bone says:

    @ Dinche
    Great conclusion, buddy
    Its not about “Indonesian Girls” it is about women in general.”…..
    @stevo: that’s correct buddy. Thanx for standing with us. And for the player here who act like a “victym”…just wanna say, Bla Bla Bla, but more than that, I guess you are smart enough to understand my words.
    You sound like a bitter & twisted person toward bule laki2. Kenapa?

    ‘’player here who act like a “victym”… ? let me tell you honey, I know you’d only rejoice if you thought I was broken hearted & devastated, because I know many Indonesian woman think only the bule man can be the play boy, only the woman can be the victim.
    She was doing all the lying, deceptive shagging not me, should I not learn from that? Should I not change my opinion of what kind of person she is? Should I not decide to change my game plan?
    It wouldn’t matter to you if I said she was busy screwing some different new guy even when I was with her in Bali on enough different occasions, thought nothing of it, but would proclaim undying love every day. Would cry her heart out like a baby when I caught her out.
    She’s the victim right?I’m the playboy right?
    ‘’Great conclusion, buddy. Have you ever take a flash back abt your self? Have you ever been good to woman? In treating her very nice at the first met and then dump her after you got her?’’
    For your information honey, on many occassions I would give her 5 months worth of an Indonesians wages, for 10 days with her kids, so they could have a great time together. This would be gone in a week. The only reason I stayed serious with her for so long was because I’d promised myself I wouldn’t toss her under the bus until I had bought a house for her so she could be with her kids & divorce her hubby who was a tight wad. Then I would decide & act.
    Have I dumped her yet? No, but things have radically changed, love is out the window, wanting to be with her her a chance to stop working the seedy life, i’d send a mnths wages every wk, sometimes more—she’s back there now. I’m over the need for this game. Now the only important thing to me is not the love of the ‘right woman’, but making money from my internet business. Cause despite all this bullshit S E Asia is the only place I want to live the rest of my life. Will I go to Pattaya—maybe , maybe not. More than likely it will be Vietnam, as its cheap living & can concentrate on the business.
    Will she get a house, only if I make a shed load of $$$$. Because despite of all the negatives, I have seen how ramshackle the house the family live in & still want to help her family. They are truly lovely people. I’m not a judgemental person on people’s deeds, that’s why I don’t give a fuk if someone judges me.
    Me a victim ? no way, I got what I wanted-an education on , not just Indo people/ women, but woman in general. Which is what this dating indo women is condensing into.
    I’m no victim, she is not some monster, as the man said “just doing what people/women do’. I took some/a lot of ‘hits’ but I knew where I was going, its not for everyone but I stuck with it, ’’ the devil i knew’’cause I had an’ end game’
    ‘’you just want more but never give more.’’
    What? Want more b. s. to kill off any remaining emotion I have for her? what? Never give more love & affection than she ever had before, you can see it in her photos the change in beauty from dog eared to some one with great self esteem. Afraid she’s on her own now—back to dog eared.
    “”Great conclusion, buddy?’’ what? Saying ‘run bule run?” what? Go back for more? Why the fuk would you if a guy was in my situation?
    ”Have you ever take a flash back about your self? Check it out—only about the last 20 pages of this thread .No regrets, she got plenty of what she wanted, I got plenty, but not what she thought she was dishing out.I guess Dinche you are smart enough to understand my words. NOT!!!!! Dinche you wont & don’t get it, alls fair in love & war
    Run bule run. Hahaha F U

  2. avatar frankygth says:

    so dinche???
    What you say?
    You too…….

  3. avatar frankygth says:

    just curious of the opinion of these indo ladies.
    After all this thread is for 50% about them….
    And the rest 30000% abt Nay…….??no way Nay!
    So balance ppls

  4. hello bad to the bone…
    thank you for your very long response. from what I read, I understand that you were hurt and were gutted by an Indonesian woman. “an Indonesian woman” but you make it sound like all Indonesian woman are the same as in your story. If you look carefully, what happened to you could happen in any country. maybe you met the wrong woman. what became my question is if you know that she’s just a waste of you, hurt you, why don’t you leave her? easy right? You said she’s busy screwing some men, I think this is a good reason to leave. is it because you have promised not to throw her under the bus and wanted to be a hero? oh come on …. all knew it was a stupid thing that ever happened. you are the one letting yourself caught up with her, why do you have to blame all women? moreover, all Indonesian women and as an Indonesian women I reject it. i tottally disagree. I have many friends from many countries and many of them who had a bitter experience with a woman. there is a friend in america, his wife slept with his father, brother and even with his first son from his first marriage. whether it happens with Indonesian women? nope … caucasian woman. now you see … Things like not only happen in Indonesia,but this is a worldwide phenomenon that can occur anywhere in the world. I’m not saying that we “women” are evil … NO … if we were evil, do not go near to us. easy right?

  5. “You sound like a bitter & twisted person toward bule laki2. Kenapa?’

    if you read it carefully, i didn’t say it just for the bule but all men in general. bitter…nahhhhhhhhhhhh…………….it sweet i think…hehehe…i mean if you have a problem with one women…doesn’t mean all woman are evil. do you think that men do not do that? ….whoahhhhhhhh……..come on….we all know that. back to the bule….from what i heard and saw….some bules who came for a holiday also need a ‘holiday girfriend”. some women here thinks that those bules are in love…but when they return to their country, said bye-bye…see ya at the next vacation…what would happen to these girls? feel “dump”…of course…but it won’t happen to the girls who are enjoying to be with bule because they are the “real holiday girlfriend’. sooo…bad to the bone and maybe bad to the heart…you might be met a wrong women…she could be a holiday girlfriend…and as we know…holiday girlfriend is available in all over the world.

  6. avatar Nay says:

    ….from what i heard and saw….some bules who came for a holiday also need a ‘holiday girfriend”. some women here thinks that those bules are in love…but when they return to their country, said bye-bye…see ya at the next vacation…what would happen to these girls? feel “dump”…of course…

    Love promises a moment of happiness and bliss….

    … but nothing more!

  7. avatar Nay says:

    …and I’m sorry about dominating the conversation. Not my intention… but perhaps I’m saying a few things that other men have secretly thought, but couldn’t articulate. I don’t know.

  8. avatar lomboksurfer says:

    @Dinche Augustine – Are you the bloody re-incarnation of of one the most awesome brown sugar babies the world has ever known? Her name was bleedin Farah and what a bloody cantik bewitching jungle woman she was while she was here on bloody IM. Hope bleedin Bonni doesn’t mind my mentioning of her, as bloody Bonni is still my first, and only, bloody choice for me mates. Ha ha ha!

    P.S., I know I just sounded like a bloody whiney, whimpy tourista but I can’t bloody help it as I think dear Bonni has, GULP, bleedin pussy whipped me into bloody submission. Yikes dudes it finally bloody happened just like me mum predicted years ago while I was on world tour bloody shagging every Hawaiian tan surf babe I could get me bloody hands on 😀

  9. avatar frankygth says:

    ur right probably. Though in general….
    However litle has significant meaning for this thread. Dating indonesian girls.
    But dont let me stop you, its a free world! And pls dont be sorry….

  10. avatar stevo says:

    and I’m sorry about dominating the conversation. Not my intention… but perhaps I’m saying a few things that other men have secretly thought, but couldn’t articulate. I don’t know.

    Keep up the good work Nay.

    I think some of these guys have never really “thought”, but have been carried allow by circumstance and that thing between their legs.

  11. avatar frankygth says:

    you! Of all german loving people should understand the sweet Freudish
    balance between thinking and thinking +. Balance you see? Sorry I am not able to articulate as long and good as Nay…..
    But in the mean time still thinking…..and i think ‘whhat was this tpic I am commenting on?’

  12. avatar mark says:

    Hi parvita,
    You seem to be a nice type,
    I am a christian and looking for an indonesian christian girl for marriage do you know of any reliable matrimony orgs in indonesia. prepared to pay.

  13. avatar frankygth says:

    honoustly if you ask me what is the best country to date girls.
    In terms of beauty and behaviour I think it’s Indonesia.
    I am from Europe and it means that there is more interest then back home….
    But thats logical. The same counts for Indonesian in Europe.
    But……i lived and studied in Europe, North and South America. Dated girls everywhere…
    Nowadays I live in Europe but for work travel a lot to Asia. Now Asia is incomparible to the rest of the world.
    Although the different countries are as well diversified amongs themselfes.
    Indonesia is the nicest in my opinion. People are open sincere and friendly.
    At least the majority is. And i am surprised about the girls here. i lost my interest in girls back home……
    And my reference level of atractiveness shifted radically……
    Perhaps I am naive and the people I meet are great pretenders…..but i dont care….
    I am sorry for the people on this thread with bad experience….
    But hey this happens allover the world. No need to become bitter. Better to move on and look forward.

  14. @lombok surfer: nope, i am a reincarnation of bloody mary….:P….do you have bloody problem with that,buddy? thanx for your sweet sarcasm…i’m floating into the ground…:p…

    “honoustly if you ask me what is the best country to date girls.
    In terms of beauty and behaviour I think it’s Indonesia.” ouwhhhhh….this gonna hit someone a lot….right, bad to the heart? oopsss…bad to the bone….hehhee….and as an indonesian woman i say it’s 50-50. as i told before it’s a world phenomenon. there plenty of nice caucasian girls, there plenty of them are bad. there plenty of nice indonesian girls and there plenty of us are bad too. you just need to open your eyes widely and wisely to see and decide that she is nice or not. but i can’t deny, first impression is so tempting that’s why some bule were trap into it. and ultimately disappointed, the women they love are not as expected.

    @mark: i have some friends looking for husbands. and they are also nice. if you want. i can introduce you to them…and no need to pay…i’m not an agency.

  15. and i have a blog….if you guyz have time, please visit:, i wrote some articles….i know it’s not good enough but i hope you guyz would enjoy reading those articles. thanx a whole before…:)

  16. avatar frankygth says:

    off course european girls are nice too. i have many good friends her.
    But in terms of beauty and behaviour the precentage of nice girls in Indonesia is higher.
    Off course this is largely a matter of taste coloured by personal experience……

  17. avatar frankygth says:

    and after a long august vacation in Europe and a few weeks in the office…..
    i a happy to travel to asia today for a roundtrip of a few weeks and I saved the best country for the last week……

    Geuss which 😀

  18. avatar ET says:

    @ dinche augustine
    Forgive me for being curious. I suppose you live in Sumba. Are you Marapu?

  19. @frankygth: are you in indonesia now? which city?
    @ET : hey…how do you know abt marapu?…it’s animism…only native who believe it. ..i’m a 100% christian. the truth is my grandparents from both side (my mom and my dad) were coming from java and savu. so i am a mix java and savu. i was born and raised here in sumba so i called my self as sumbanese. :)…and what abt you?

  20. avatar frankygth says:

    I am not yet in Indonesia, in Hong Kong now and still some places to go for the rest of the week.
    I save the best for last week.
    Normally I will stay in Jakarta although I will be traveling around for customer visits.

    And I like Jakarta but also other cities in Indonesia.

  21. avatar bonni says:

    Lomboksurfer, you’re a blaadie sad sad man with his taxi-cab… 😛

  22. avatar lomboksurfer says:

    My Bonni lies over the ocean/ my Bonnie lies over the sea/ my Bonni lies over the ocean/ oh bring back my bloody Bonni to me …. Since I can fly in my bleedin taxi, love, I will be over to bloody wine n dine you,dear Bonni, as soon as SBY agrees to subsidize my bloody fuel…he he he!

  23. avatar ET says:

    @ dinche augustine

    @ET : hey…how do you know abt marapu?

    I’ve read about it because I’m interested in knowing about indigenous beliefs and one doesn’t come across people from Sumba every day.

  24. @frankygth: i thought you’re already here so i would like to invite you to my sister’s wedding party…hehehe
    @ET: have you ever been in sumba before?

  25. avatar frankygth says:

    hahahaa thats nice? i would have liked to see that. Actually that is what I like at Indonesia.
    i always meet nice people and they show me the real Indonesian way of live.
    Eat at home, go to movie, birtday partyy ……always people are friendly and make me feel welcome.
    And I like being away from what expats and tourists usually do.
    They think they have experience but in fact its most of the time fake experience or unreal.
    Nothing to do with indonesian way of living.

    but never saw a wedding in Indonesia. Pitty would be nce. tomorrow I will go to Jakarta from China.
    I am looking forward to a pleasant week there as the las time was before August vacation. Abt 9 weeks ago.
    If you are in JKT maybe we can meet for a cofee or something……but I do not know so much as et abt Sumba

  26. @frankygth: the wedding has been celebrated, so you missed it out. Heehhe…unfornately, i’m not staying in JKT, i’m in sumba. But i’ll be in bali in the end of october so hopefully you still there that time. I think we’re out of topic, some people might not like that. if you don’t mind and if you have time, please contact me when you arrived in JKT. 🙂

  27. avatar Lomboksurfer says:

    Hi Dinche, I bet your looking bloody hot today as usual. I just noticed that you blew bleedin Frankygth off as he did the bloody sama-sama to you. From my perspective two bloody players like you dudes cancel each other out. Better luck next time players and maybe I will bloody well visit Sumba as I hear the waves are tasty and the brown sugar babies are narley as well. Also, I hear there is great bloody hotel there that I must visit. Maybe I will see you then Dinchoe and we’ll have a bloody great time. 🙂

  28. @bloody lomboksurfer: well well well….i think you got it wrong, bloody surfer? am i sound flirting on franky here? i don’t think so…i just like to make friends as i have many friends from all over the world…and you must know this…i never date any bule and never think that a bule will get interested on me. but i like to exchange culture and also would like to improve my english. bloody surfer…i think you have to change your bloody point of view because you make it sound like a bule is something “glitter” here….wkwkwkwk….i’m dancing like a bloody duck here.

  29. avatar lomboksurfer says:

    Oh my dear bloody Dinche, your not anywhere near as bleedin clever as you like to think of yourself. Here is your timeline and the reason I concluded correctly that you are a player:

    September 28th at 2:35 PM you posted an invitation to Frankygth asking him to attend your sister’s wedding.

    September 29th at 12:56 PM – you responded to Frankygth post telling you he would be in bleedin Jakarta and letting you know that maybe you could meet him there for coffee. Your bloody response was typical of a woman who didn’t get her way and wanted more, you told him the wedding celebration was over already and that he missed out….

    My bloody questions are these:

    Who invites someone to a bleedin wedding with less than 24 hours notice and not knowing where they were exactly? Sumba is a remote corner of the bloody world and it would have taken at least some advanced bloody planning and coordination to have gotten there in time.

    What time did the bleedin wedding begin and end? Bloody impossible and either your a bloody dreamer or a player so your choice?

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