Diabetes and Obesity

Dec 4th, 2008, in Society, by

Purba on eating habits and foods of Indonesians, prevalence of diabetes and obesity.

Diabetes and Obesity in Indonesia

Indonesia is not immune to the western scourge of obesity and diabetes type 1 and 2.

In fact in Asia, as household disposable income rises and more chain Western fast food or take out is available, so too has its diabetes incidence.

The Lancet states that

“proportions of people with type 2 diabetes and obesity have increased throughout Asia, and the rate of increase shows no sign of slowing. People in Asia tend to develop diabetes with a lesser degree of obesity at younger ages, suffer longer with complications of diabetes, and die sooner than people in other regions. Childhood obesity has increased substantially and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes has now reached epidemic levels in Asia. The health consequences of this epidemic threaten to overwhelm health-care systems in the region…”

One of the many major problems is of course poor diet and or minimal exercise.

Indonesian traditional food is famously very healthy- and in fact the common ingredients of turmeric (kunit), galangal and ginger (often confused as jahe), pepper (lada hitem) and hot chili (cabe rawit) are famous for the anti-oxidant and even anti carcinogenic [properties.
Indonesian food including the ‘royal dishes’ are very simple hearty peasant fare and simply cooked as stir fries or soups and stews.- keeping much of the nutrients in.

The problem is increase consumption of fried foods (gorengan) and non traditional fried foods which do not use tapioca or casasva as base root (like modern day potatoi crisp).

Dr Oz of Oprah states that no matter how healthy an oil may be- if it is heated for deep frying- any of the healthy fats and oil chemically later to become saturated: same as eating raw dripping.

In 1975, Walter Voegtlin published a book advocating a Stone age diet, in which he recommends sharply limiting most common sources of carbohydrates – very much a reflection of traditional Asian diets.

Famous Dr. Atkins claimed that the tremendous increase in refined carbohydrates has been responsible for the rise in metabolic disorders of the 20th century, with overhyping the effect of fats to obesity problem by neglecting the increased proportion of carbohydrates in the diet.

The major problems have started with the increased consumption of rice- incidentally some of the variants bred to help farmers and the poor- a recently discovered trade-off for better pest resilience has been alterations in internal cellulose (sugar) structures- leading to rices with higher simple carbohydrates easily stored by humans as fat.

Not a problem for the labourers – as they literally work their food off – but the gluttonous and over indulged middle-classes and their obnoxiously fat brattish pig-like children.

Portion control – traditionally – two fists sizes of rice was considered plenty. Part of kejawen belief but very much common with other indigenous groups is never finish one’s food – not only shows the host you are full – but more personally it is self denial and self-sacrifice, fasting and so forth very much a part of Javanese thought and quest for mastery of the rasa‘s- the base desires – perhaps alluding to Hindu traditions or even the animist-self harm tradition predating the Indian religions.

Sadly many Kejawen and other traditional beliefs have been discarded as unfashionable – and one can correlate a rise in undesirable official behaviours with the relaxation of kejawen/adat beliefs.

In China – if one finishes food – it is essentially insulting – it means the host is stingy. In China – they will fill you until you burst and are very keen on drinking – especially buffet with open bar. I gained ten kilo in only two weeks – not good!

This is quite a contrast to the West- where if you do NOT finish your food – it implies it was not tasty or adequate.

Another problem has been the massive increase in domestic rubbish foods especially little more than flavoured sugar cubes candy bars like “Beng-beng”, “Ting-ting” and other highly processed saturation point sugary rubbish appealing to the uneducated sweet tooth of the poor and emergent middle classes.

Indonesians – especially the Javanese are infamous for sweet tooth – with sugar added to many mains dishes – such as abon, dendeng, gudek, rujak etc.

But traditionally these and traditional desserts such as kolak, jajanan pasar etc were made with red Palm Sugar (gula Jawa/gula merah) – which has a very low glycemic index and the body works particularly hard to convert these complex sugars into cellular foods. And of course portion size was tiny!

In my day a red diamond shaped jajanan traditional treat was lucky if greater than 1 cm wide. Now – 4-5 cm giants.

Gula Jawa has also been replaced by the cheaper cane sugar the Dutch imported as plantation crop with its accompanying colonial ills.

Then Dutch cuisine- a welcome yummy reprise from the Javanese norm – with its cakes, strudels, cookies, kue putri salju, kastangels, cat’s tongues, pjofferties pikelets all invariably (very liberally) rolled in icing sugar etc- were too delicious to say no to- but soon we, like the Dutch discovered too much sugar rot the teeth – and not enough betel (sirih/buah pinang) stick traditional toothbrush cannot fix! Betek – is naturally anti septic and antifungal – so despite Javanese teeth being almost black – they were very healthy – my own chef has movie star perfect teeth and has never once been to dentist – she refuses toothpaste as “blerk- permen londo!”

Asia also has cultural connotation of chubby being the same as healthy (not manourished) and fat with wealthy- “makmur” in Arabic, the fat grinning Buddha, the Chinese Plutus god of fortune, the Maneki Neko beckoning cat and for Central Java not so far from my own lands- Candi Pawon and Candi Mendut.

Pawon is a temple devoted to Kuvera- Buddhist God of fortune- with many chubby statues especially pot-bellied dwarfs pouring riches over the entrance walkway.

Mendut is related to the Javanese word “gendut”- fat- as in the name kids tease each other as fatso: “ndut”.

Mendut Temple is unknown to many- but houses a 3 metre fatso Budda fatso- hence Candi Mendut- Fatso temple.

We also see the famous dwara pala- the temple or entrance ogre statue as representatives of Shiwa the Destroyer.

So many intrinsic very deep rooted Asian connotations of fatso- with wealth and power.

In China- one can see that many very wealthy businessmen with gorgeous lady on arm- are fatsos.

Same in India, same in Indonesia.

The only exception tends to be the military – where being chubby means lazy and exercise averse.

The nasty but effective cure fatso is inviting is millions of excruciating pinches of flab, thousands of sit ups and full battledress squats in the mid-day sun- push ups with drill instructor standing on shoulders and is choice stomach for recruit to jump on with both feet during strength training drills- not to mention wacking hardest with boards for self defence.

Also in Asia – we have unfortunate social attitudes of sweating being either unhealthy or undesirable and physical exercise for solely the labourers alone – or even for the older generations – unbecoming for women.

The fitness craze has bitten the young however- who are hitting the gym for whatever reasons in increasing numbers.

And also we should mention dropping of standards for women – especially by the attention of such peasant idols as Inul – with their enormous violently swung derrieres.

This “bokong joget” – [big fat butt suitable for joget and jaipongan traditional dance where woman thrusts out her butt when she dance] may be attractive to village farmer seeking a luxurious soft cushion for sleep – but ghetto butts “bokog subur” (“fertile butt”) is not healthy and of course very kampungan – low brow.

In my day – fat or chubby women were as undesirable as a dose of VD – seen as kampungan.

The ideal was the slim slender court dancer Wnot the fat butt pesindhen or jaipongan dancer.

My daughter attending an all-girl school got lazy and too much sweet tooth – her mother often scolded her as “bahenol” – 8 atop a 0 – meaning basically “pear shaped” or “si keabotan bokong” [fat ass in crude Javanese] and being undesirable for suitable marriage material male (jangan bokong ne kaya pembantu deh) she threw away all unhealthy food and inspect daughter’s bedroom for hidden chocolate and daughter returned to being slim like her mother – and not fatso like her all-girls school classmate.

Summarily – we have many type 1 untreated diabetes – and this is common where indigenous diets have been usurped by low grade high carb Western substitute. Carbohydrate here refers to the simple type – the monosaccharides easily converted into cellular required glucose – hence very easy to gain fat from such high carb food if energy expenditure does not exceed energy intake.

Carbohydrates are not essential nutrient for humans – we are evolved to almost all our energy requirements from proteins and fats – us human cannibal chimps.

The FAO and UN WHO both recommend that national dietary guidelines set a goal of 55-75% of total energy from carbohydrates, but only 10% directly from sugars (their term for simple carbohydrates).

Also there are shared Western obesity issues linked to the replacement of cane sugar with the more economic HFCS- super processed high fructose corn syrup.

Insulin treatment is likely beyond the economic reach of most Indonesians – or they relapse into indulging sweet cravings.

The best solution practicable to emergent diabetes appears to be strict dieting, replacing rice with vegetables in the diet if not regular outright fasting.

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  1. ET says:

    and after the …hmmmm…. you can file my tax report.

  2. fullmoonflower says:

    hehehe… 😀

    selamat bermimpi… 😛

  3. fullmoonflower says:

    ET Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    and after the …hmmmm…. you can file my tax report.

    I think I will move to Yogya by next year, will open my own Tax Consultant company and run some businesses there …. Don’t know if I will be able to assist you in taxation then, otherwise you have to go to Yogya 😛

    *sorry.. OOT 😳

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    is someone feeling a little ignored? It thought you may invite me to the cafe scene if I bought the beret.
    I don’t particularly think I bashed the West like I usually do- I thought I was in particular well behaved form.

    very good points- but I am referring to the peasantry pembantu class who shove Beng Beng down throat as if production end tomorrow.
    Occasional sweets are fine.
    However- I argue the charts for height/weight/BMI are very Caucasian biased. My doctor has one in his office- according to it- I am underweight. Sorry- my belt argues the opposite.

    My wife is 168 cm and 55 kg- and she is certainly not anorexic.
    My daughter is 170 ish and about 57 kg- and she has the start of a big butt that needs to go for a long walk and her portion size needs to be monitored.
    Both have very healthy appetite.

    Yes- poor bule on his bike with very tight shorts that reveal far too much- so much unwanted giggling. I tease.

    You know- in my lifetime Jakarta was full of cycles.
    My friends’ father was proud owner of an old British cycle- that had no chain- the tyre was driven by pinion!

    This is why the older people like you they remember good old days before peasant by the motor cycle and become worst possible public enemy.
    Routinely- my car is dinged by moron motor. One mirror gone on a 6 month old car.

    Everybody hate the “dasar motor”- they are very noisy, dirty and always damaging car and create accident.

    They often bully the pedestrian off the sidewalk and jostle one another dangerously.
    Most ojek (informal bike-taxi) are preman (thugs).
    And they race each other and cause accidents which create “macet” (traffic jams)

    When the motor cyclist is squashed we think finally he get his syukurin- just deserts for being yet another motor cycle anus orifice.

    Seriously- I think it may not be so healthy to cycle in Jakarta without a mask!
    Consider using a surgical mask.
    If you cycle- I advise you use the secondary roads and “jalan tiukus” (alleys and gangways)- and then you will not be smashed by errant Metro Mini bus from hell with dirver high on shabu-shabu crystal meth.

    And please- very serious- MEN: if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol avoid kambing (goat) at all costs.
    If borderline high cholesterol- also avoid duck- sadly my very favourite. 🙁
    It is very bad for you- especially my fathers favourite- Tongseng- he passed of heart attack.
    He would sneak it away from my mother “rewel” (nagging)- even straught after his bypass.

  5. ET says:


    *sorry.. OOT

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does OOT mean? Only On Thursday?

  6. fullmoonflower says:

    @ ET

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does OOT mean? Only On Thursday?


    OOT = Out Of Topic…

    Btw : “Only On Thursday”….. hahahaha…. that’s remind me to the “khotbah nikah” in my friend’s wedding…
    Ustadz said that thursday night is the best night for muslim to do “something” which the reward is equal to a reward when a muslim “killed 40 jewish” (you know what I mean with the “something”).

    maybe that’s why all muslim staffs in my office always went home earlier on thursday

    OMG…. you just made us out of topic again…. sorry for everyone 😳

  7. Farah says:

    ..hmm when i was 173 cms high with 55kgs weight i feel so healthy because that time i am all crazy about sport and participating in almost half of sport club in my university (swimming, basketball, taekwondo, athletic) ..so i feel its normal to have that weight because its all muscles, very less fat and feel so light when doing my sport activity.

    I gain my 10 kgs weight since two years ago because gave up those so many sports because theres no competition anymore when you’re in office life. No basketball championship that keep you regularly went to basketball court, or swimming contest etc. Even in my 63-64 kgs now i feel healthy because i am not too skinny (my friend use to call me flat screen, ha ! not anymore!!) and i am very happy with what i look like now ! (not so boyish look eh..)

    Being happy and healthy with normal weight is important. If you had normal weight but you’re not happy with what you looks like is not good also. We had to accept our body type too. Pear, apple, x type, tube type, etc. being healthy is important, thats it. Complete nutrition and less fat food is what you deserve.

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    yes indeed. Of course everyone have different body type- this is so Allah will make sure we not get bored!

    Look at Ibu Tien Suharto compared to her children.
    Look at Megawati become a balloon during Presidency (probably stress like even SBY)- and now much healthier.

    I have a Batak friend who is built like a sumo- but he rarely eat- his lovely wife a Padang- she is tiny! Their children- one very big and tall, the other very small like my Javanese mother.

    Can only do the very best for ourself- eat healthy, exercise, not stress too much- try and enjoy life.
    Everything else up to Allah and genetics.

  9. ET says:


    Ustadz said that thursday night is the best night for muslim to do “something” which the reward is equal to a reward when a muslim “killed 40 jewish”

    Did he really say that it equals a reward for killing 40 jews?
    Nice khotbah nikah. Is this the atmosphere of a muslim wedding?

  10. fullmoonflower says:

    @ ET

    Did he really say that it equals a reward for killing 40 jews?

    and that’s make my staffs always go home earlier in every thursday… When I asked them why, they answered : “Mau bunuh 40 yahudi, Bu! Ibu nggak kepingin?” 😕

    Is this the atmosphere of a muslim wedding?

    Don’t understand what are you talking about 🙄

    and it is out of topic again…. 😛

  11. diego says:

    Let me ask you something FMF. Are you one of those emo girls? You sound emo.

  12. fullmoonflower says:

    @ diego

    hmmmm… I don’t think so… 🙄

    but patient, yes… 😀

    Actually I am such of conservative person, but I have high tolerate to pluralism. We are living in heterogen community, so we have to be respectful to each other. Understanding, avoid personal attack, musyawarah untuk mufakat, ewuh pakewuh, etc. Well, such of a javanese style… hahaha…
    And making a personal attack to be a joke, that’s my style.. 😀
    Everybody may insult me, but I will make it to be a joke… pura-pura nggak paham, or make a plesetan (plesetan is Yogya people style).
    But I am sorry if my plesetan will offends anyone who insulting me. I don’t mean to do that, but it just because I am not offended at all…

    Btw : If you want to know my expression when I was talking, you simply read my post slowly, because I always talking slowly in moderate tone. Well, maybe because I’ve been habitual to face sessions in the Tax Court. You know, it’s not easy to give explanation to the judges in Tax Court if you talk fast and in high tone.

    Thank you, Diego, for your opinion about me 🙂

  13. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Great to see such an insightful and sensible article, flavored with patriotism and nationalism.

  14. Lairedion says:

    Yes Achmad,

    Too bad PN think “lele” is eel while eel is called “belut” and catfish is called “lele”. Every patriotic and nationalist Indonesian would know that.

  15. Lairedion says:

    Pakmantri kang,

    Isn’t it that sengsu sometimes is called “sate jamu” to make it halal for Javanese Muslims.? And is sengsu related to “daging usa”? Here usa is asu (Javanese for “anjing” = dog) spelled backwards, right?

  16. Purba Negoro says:

    Sanes Mas.
    I write lele- as catfsih often look like eel on the picture (so passerby bule would know what I am refer to).
    To a bule belut has unfortunate connotation of Balut- which most bule are horrified and familiar with- the expertly prepared bloodied embryonic pickled duck egg eaten by Filipinos.
    Yes indeed a highly nutritious true gourmet delicacy like pate or liverwurst, but not the best to observe being eaten!

    And no- sensgu is not halal- it is disgusting.
    The al-Q’uran explicitly forbids eating such yuck animal as pig, dog, monkey, snake, alligator, toad- usual South Chinese rubbish.

    Bali is infamous for the Batak chasing the street dog into a hessian sack then beating them to a pulp inside so the disgusting meat is tender- as well as the bones.
    In Jogja- as a child there was some old Chinese men who do the same to cats- but maybe they were insane- because all the children sacred and called them a dukun

    In Bali- the omni present street dog is still beliived to be a soul reincarnated- albeit a soul needing some major lessons in karma- so imagine their horror and disgust at such common acts.

    Batak savages have indeed endeared the Balinese to the formerly nuisance East Javanese who Balinese know will never eat such mange or rabes dog (maybe poison or shoot to be rid of dangerous pubic health nuisance- but sill many times better than eating it.)

    Only the lowest grade peasant Hokkien and Guanghzou (famous for eating anything and everything) think dog meat is good for human- the myth is that it is good for stomach and rheumatism. Also fatigue too.

    My Shanghai friend wife dry wretch at dinner table when mention- and a man from Hong Kong who overhear our jokes came to our table annoyed how he hate outsider thinking every Chinese eat dog- but only very low brow and famine people eat- and give long talk about how only moron labourer and bang-bang man from Guangzhou illegally import such disgusting food to Hong Kong.

    So- it is a myth all Chinese consume dog meat- only the troglodytes of the south.

    Also- Korean love the dog meat- I have no idea why. Maybe “medicine” reasons.

    This is a vestige of very, very primitive thought- if I consume an animal- I will gain its’ characteristics- exactly the same mental infancy of the Irian cannibals- or even the ancient Celtic people.
    The difference is- the West realised the stupidity of such barbarous behaviours and abandoned them- rather than love them dearly as “culture”.

    Batak and Manado need to drag their backward culture to a level equal to we Javanese and not excuse savage-like behaviour as culture.

  17. Pakmantri says:

    Lairedion said:

    Isn’t it that sengsu sometimes is called “sate jamu” to make it halal for Javanese Muslims.?

    No, “sengsu” is short of “tongseng-asu” which is not sate, in central Java tongseng is originally made with goat meat and it is eaten with sate kambing, specially in Solo.
    And as far as I know dog meat is neither halal nor haram, that’s makruh. 😀

    Here is the recipe for tongseng if you are interested,
    500 gr daging kambing
    100 gr kol, potong kasar
    10 cm serai (lemon grass), memarkan
    1 cm lengkuas(galanggal root), memarkan
    4 lembar daun jeruk(kafir lime leafs), remas2
    3 buah cengkih(cloves)
    500 ml air
    250 santan encer
    1/2 sdt merica
    2 sdm kecap manis
    1 buah tomat, belah2
    10 buah cabe rawit merah, belah2
    1 sdm gula pasir
    garam seperlunya
    2 sdm minyak sayur untuk menumis
    bawang goreng untuk taburan

    Bumbu halus
    4 siung bawang putih
    4 siung bawang merah
    3 butir kemiri (candle nut)
    1 sdt ketumbar (corriander)
    1/2 sdt jintan(cumin)
    1 cm kunyit (tumuric)

    Cara membuat
    1. Tumis bumbu halus sampe layu
    2. Masukkan serai, lengkuas, daun jeruk, dan cengkih, aduk sampe harum
    3. Masukkan daging kaming, aduk sampe berubah warna
    4. Tambahkan air, merica, dan cabe rawit, didihkan sampe empuk dengan api sedang
    5. Tambahkan santan, kecap manis, garam, kol, dan tomat, didihkan dan aduk sampe kol layu
    6. Angkat, sajikan ditaburi bawang goreng.


  18. Adrienne Larocque says:

    Parvita said “First, I wonder if anybody has done statistics on how diabetes relates to fast food and relate that to when the fast food chain entered Indonesia. I would say the introduction of western food has a big effect on the raise of diabetes Type-2. As I look at the children nowdays, there are lots of obese children walking around compared to 20 or 30 years ago.”

    I live in Jakarta, and I see a lot of very overweight children at the mall. I think in their cases it’s less about fast food than it is about the pembantus who are shovelling rice down their throats when the children are trying to play on the play structures. If the children are hungry, they will go to you and ask for food. If they are playing, leave them alone!

    I’m also curious why Purba refused to post my last comment. I am pre-diabetic. The only reason that I have been able to prevent developing full-blown diabetes (like my mother and grandfather) is because of the dietary changes that I made. I tried to post links to my articles describing what not to eat, and why it works, but apparently that kind of information is subversive. No wonder so many people are overweight and sick!

    Quite simply, Type II diabetes is the result of extreme insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes weight gain. Insulin resistance is caused by eating carbohydrates. If you don’t eat carbs, you won’t become insulin resistant, you won’t gain weight, and you won’t develop diabetes. I know that asking Indonesians to give up rice is difficult, but I’m sure they would choose that over daily insulin injections, and the wide variety of health problems caused by diabetes. But of course, they can only make that choice if they have the information.

  19. Lairedion says:


    Thank you so much, also from Mrs. L.!

  20. Adrienne Larocque says:

    Perhaps I’ll have better luck this time.

    What Not to Eat: This article lists the foods that should be avoided by diabetics and anyone who is struggling to lose weight.


    How to Start Losing Weight: This article explains the connection between insulin resistance and overweight.


    Lift Weights to Lose Weight: This article explains how anaerobic exercise (like weights, resistance training, etc) burns glucose 19 times faster than aerobic exercise. I use this whenever my blood sugar gets too high to rapidly lower it.


    Good luck and good health everyone!

  21. Lairedion says:


    Coba bacalah artikel ini:

    Konsumsi Daging Anjing Meningkat

  22. ET says:

    @ Adrienne Larocque

    Quite simply, Type II diabetes is the result of extreme insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes weight gain. Insulin resistance is caused by eating carbohydrates. If you don’t eat carbs, you won’t become insulin resistant, you won’t gain weight, and you won’t develop diabetes.

    This is only partially true. Type II diabetes can be caused or be aggravated by insulin resistance but it is not the only factor in the equation. Type II diabetes also arises from sluggish pancreatic secretion of insulin by the islets of Langerhans; sometimes both factors – reduced responsiveness in target cells of the body and exhaustion of the insulin production in the islets of Langerhans – are involved. It is linked to genetics and obesity, notably upper-body obesity, but obesity is not the only determining element. If lack of insulin production is involved even athletic persons develop Type II diabetes and although they can’t be cured they may be able to keep their blood glucose levels under control by restrictive diet. Medications in the form of oral hypoglycemic (blood-sugar-lowering) agents are also available. Diabetics who are unable to produce any insulin at all in their bodies have to receive regular injections of the hormone.

  23. Adrienne Larocque says:

    To ET: Thanks for your comment.

    Whether someone struggles with insulin resistance or reduced insulin production, the bottom line is that elevated blood glucose is toxic, and it can be managed by limiting consumption of carbohydrates. That’s the point I was trying to make. Here in Indonesia, the diet is rich in rice and noodles, and the number of overweight kids that I see around Jakarta is staggering (considering how many children in this country also are undernourished)! The original article was about obesity and diabetes – the combination of the two is caused by insulin resistance (people who don’t produce enough insulin usually lose weight because insulin is the hormone that stores fat).

    I am insulin resistant and I manage my blood sugar quite effectively, mainly through diet but also exercise. Three years ago, my body mass index was 24.3. When I reduced the amount of carbohydrate that I ate, I lost 13 kg in 3 months, and gradually lost another 5. My BMI is now 19.2, my weight is stable, my blood sugar is normal, I have lots of energy, I eat any time that I feel like it, my blood work is spectacular, I don’t get colds or flu anymore…. Oh, and everything I did goes directly against what is recommended by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, etc. I learned about the low-carb approach to health by reading The Diabetes Solution by Richard K. Bernstein, M.D. (www.diabetes-book.com) and I believe it because I’ve been able to see the amazing results in my own body, on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

    For many people, diabetes is NOT inevitable, if they learn how to prevent it through proper diet. Even people who already have diabetes (either Type I or Type II) can be much healthier if they limit their consumption of carbohydrate.

    Just trying to share what I’ve learned, because only in the last 3 years (since I went low-carb) have I felt that I had any control over my weight and my health. It’s a great feeling!

  24. Tipo 2 says:

    Dr. Fuhrman, in his book “Eat to Live” explains his nutritional approach to revert diabetes.

    I think he’s right, in his book he explains with detail all the medical and scientifical reasons (with references to studies and journals, of course).

  25. Janice Harper says:

    Isn’t it that sengsu sometimes is called “sate jamu” to make it halal for Javanese Muslims.? And is sengsu related to “daging usa”? Here usa is asu (Javanese for “anjing” = dog) spelled backwards, right?

  26. diego says:

    Stupid new riches must think having fat kids is a nice thing. I pity them. Most overfed kids I’ve came across are obnoxious, I don’t even want to get close to them. I always avoid having any physical contact with them — I’d wash my hands immediately … Imagine this: muscles as soft and watery like jelly or eel, and sweat that smells like cheese & onion oozing out of their skin, yikes. The word PIG (MARRANO) immediately comes to mind whenever I see those kids (with all the smells normally associated with PIGs). Additionally, their face. Yes, their face. They look like idiots or down syndrome.

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