Syech Puji, Pujiono Cahyo & Underage Lust

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The controversy over a politician-cleric's marriage to an underage girl in Semarang.

43 year old Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto/Widianto, aka Syech/Syekh Puji, the head of an Islamic boarding school (Ponpes Miftahul Jannah) in Bedono, Jambu, Semarang, Central Java, in August 2008 informally married (nikah siri) Lutfiana Ulfa, 11 years and 10 months old, who had just begun studies at a local junior high school, but has now taken up wifely duties at home.

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
Ulfa & Pujiono Cahyo Widianto

Sheikh Puji is a very wealthy man, being the owner of PT Sinar Lendoh Terang (Silenter), a handicrafts exporter, and appeared in the news in August for distributing 1.3 billion rupiah (about $130,000) in zakat or charity to the poor. His first wife is 26 years old. In 2005 he was a candidate for the Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) in a regency election but withdrew from the race at the last moment, and has long been involved in local politics. suaramerdeka

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
It's a deal

He also intends to marry two other girls, aged 9 and 7. Of these latter two, Syech Puji says that neither has begun menstruating, so he will refrain from interfering with them, while Ulfa has already entered puberty.

Syech Puji believes his actions have a legitimate basis in Islam, considering that the prophet Muhammad married the 7 year old Aisha.

I'm not just doing what I like, it's based in religion. It's in accordance with the prophet's teaching. You can marry a 7 year old if you like but you can't have relations with her until she starts menstruating.

Clerics' Council/Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Umar Shihab condemned the marriage to Ulfa:

Men should marry adults, there are a lot of other prospective brides around. Why has he married a 12 year old? The poor girl.

His actions have been mostly condemned in other quarters, with some saying that he has broken the Marriage Law, and is liable to criminal prosecution. lampungpost detik

One supporting voice is that of politician Hilman Rosyad Syihab from the Islamist Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), who says that marrying young girls is allowed within Islam provided the marriages are not consummated until the girl has begun menstruating. dutamasyarakat

On November 24th 2010 Syech Puji was sentenced to 4 years jail, and a 60 million rupiah fine, for marrying an underage girl. Both his wives, Lutviana Ulfa and first wife Ummi Hani, wept at the news. antara

292 Comments on “Syech Puji, Pujiono Cahyo & Underage Lust”

  1. avatar jawa asli says:


    I found pics of Ulfa (the 11 yo bride) and the bastard.

  2. avatar peace says:

    Austin Power will say, OOO BEHAVE!!!

  3. avatar David says:

    Jawa Asli, you’re a star….

    Here she is being sworn in as Director of his export company:

    Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto

  4. avatar raden says:

    It is time to delisted those religion based political party in Indonesia otherwise there will be more victims of the sexual predators who easily hide behind the religion. It is a waste of younger generation, gender discrimination, lack of children’s basic rights protection – a systematic colonialism by middle-east hardliners are happening in Indonesia.

  5. avatar Alf Janszoon says:

    I don’t understand the commotion and hullabaloo. This real muslim just emulates his “holy prophet” Abul Qasim Muhammad ibn Abdallah, al insan al kamil (perfect man) and uswa hussanna (excellent model of conduct), who married Aisha when she was six and have sexual intercourse with her when she was nine. Indonesia is after all a muslim country. Muslims for instance, are allowed to practice mufakhathat because Muhammad practice it with Aisha hbefore her ninth birthday.

  6. avatar Slamhary says:

    This disgusting man is a disgrace to the religion he claims to defend. Do our society really tolerate this kind of practice?

  7. avatar Mets says:

    @ Alf – you are kidding right…I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and what you have written is sarcasm right ?

    He is not a real muslim….he is a paedophile……hiding behind his religion…today society has moved on to acknowledge it is morally and ethically wrong to place a child into the condition of marriage, under the following international legislation for Human Rights, Womens Rights & Childrens Rights..

    Have a look at the link attached to a key document, which might explain the ‘commotion & hullaballoo that you seem to refer too..

  8. avatar Andy says:

    Mets, I think what alf is trying to say is that muslims, particularly in poorer, uneducated rural areas have only their religion to turn to. And this is what they are taught in pesantrens and by their families. If this guy has more money than the girls, then the family of the girl will actually encourage it. They simply don’t have the same morals and values that developed societies do. When you have nothing you will pretty well do anything to feed or cloth yourself.

    You are an enlightened educated Indonesian. Same blood but different planets it may as well be. The likes of this guy (or his child bride) wouldn’t even know unicef exists let alone what it’s conventions state.

    Hopefully in time things will change but it wont be in our lifetime i’m guessing.

  9. avatar David says:

    The guy has agreed to cancel the marriage and give the girl back to her parents – the head of the Child Protection Commission met with him, there’s a video of him here.

  10. avatar Lairedion says:

    Thanks for the link. I also read the girl cried before marriage and was afraid to lose her friends.

    This whole case stinks and I’m inclined to believe she was forced into this madness. Hope she can join her friends again, continue and enjoy her life as a teenager and won’t be scarred for life with possible mental and physical issues.

    As for the Puji guy, I hope he will be prosecuted and brought to trial for child abuse and while we’re at it, his pasantren being shut down.

  11. avatar Mets says:

    @ Andy – I understand the mindset of the hard to reach groups ………and it is upto the government to push forward their UN target commitments to broaden education upto 14, Indonesia has also a specific target for girls and young women – especially in rural areas……and under the last review I think in 2006/07 Indonesia was not on target…..

    Situations like our El Freako Cleric confirms this…If education is rolled out…more choice is opened to the hard to reach groups….to access education or other means of trade…I know members of my family open their doors to hard to reach groups and fund their education through their school and university for example

    The situation presented clearly shows there was no ‘choice’ for the family which allowed El Freako Cleric to monopolise the situation with the guise of religion

    @Patung – ok so he gives back the girl…and then what everything is forgiven…………justice please……..

  12. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Mets

    What UNICEF?!! Allah swt is above all manmade laws. As moslems, you only abide under shariah (Allah’s law), not the law of the country. Any moslem can confirm that with you. Mets, if you are not a moslem, why should we listen to you.

  13. avatar therry says:

    Puji Cahyo said that he already deflowered Ulfa and that the girl was on the process of ‘learning’ – so he took her virginity and sent her back to her parents?

    Wow. She’s scarred for life.

  14. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ therry

    No. The little girl is not scarred. She has the full blessing of Allah swt.

    Any moslem man wishing to marry his son’s wife also has blessing from Allah swt. Prophet Mohammad felt it was shameful to marry his daughter-in-law but that night when he went to bed, Allah swt appearred in his dream and gave him an order so the next day he told his son: “To me the only noble and honorable act is to follow Allah’s orders . And Allah was the one who ordered me to acquire Zainab.”

    Here is the aya:

    33.37 “We gave her ( Zaid’s wife ) in marriage to thee, so that there should not be any fault in the believers, touching wives of their adopted sons”.

  15. avatar fullmoonflower says:

    The last news I heard this morning, Puji was cancelled to marry Ulfa after he talked to Kak Seto Mulyadi…
    Since they have been nikah sirri, so I think he will divorce her by sirri too…
    But don’t know exactly then…

    Hope he will do it…

  16. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    The little girl was returned to her parents deflowered. According to Arab’s tradition (Islamic tradition), Sheikh Puji should pay compensate with sustenance for ruining her life.

  17. avatar Ross says:

    The guy is clearly off his rocker- he reminds me of one of those cinetron villainous characters, with his staring eyes and evil laugh. But shooting him, while a nice idea, is only scratching the surface. What we have to worry about is the imbecilic mind-set that tells us …
    A – if it can be construed from Mohammed’s actions over a thousand years ago, it’s okay, and
    B – if we are not Muslims, it’s not for us to comment. Alas, we live not only in the same country but on the same planet. Savagery impacts on us, and we have a human duty to redress wrongs, especially to children.
    Close down his fetid school, take away his money, since he uses it to prey on kids, and …well, in a sane society we could hand him to the street crowds, but here they might vote him into parliament. Any better ideas.

  18. avatar janma says:

    that’s a link to the girls father saying that they didn’t force the child…. check the guy out and you know what you need to know…. apparently they had a team come around to their house whose job it was to select a 2nd wife for the syed fellow…..
    they checked her school reports….. so they were looking for children obviously….
    I can just imagine parents now….
    “come child study hard, if you get good grades we’ll be able to sell you off to a rich man.”

  19. avatar Andy says:

    Ross-very good post!! I wish we could change things but unfortunately as you say we are not from their country and their culture so they simply don’t want to know…It makes them feel better to oppose us than actually improving their society but as a bule, i’ve tried hard but pushing sh*t up hill is a difficult task.

    If it came to us closing the school Ross, those who agree with us would back the school because they seem to trust corrupt evil locals over righteous bules anyday. And this is why they are third world and not developed.

  20. avatar Andy says:

    AAB-Fact is that Ostraya is the most obsese nation. The amount of food each and every retard land dugong consumed and the noxious gases emitting from their bodies are piercing a big hole in the ozone layer. They are worst green house offenders second to ruminants.

    Andy-(WWF statistics-look it up!!)Each Australian uses more land and water per person than the UK, China, Russia and India and it now takes 7.81 hectares to maintain the lifestyle of each Australian – up from 6.76 hectares per person in 2006. Only the United Arab Emirates, USA, Kuwait and Denmark rated worse.

    Funny AAB, UAB and Kuwait are two of the top three. Seems your muslim mates when given the power of money and wealth are as bad or worse than we are. Now imagine for one moment if Indonesians were rich. No let’s compare the Indonesian rich with the west and I dare say they would trump us in a landslide. Ever seen Indonesians pig out in malls or throw rubbish out of car windows without a hint of remorse?
    Ever smelt the stench of Jakarta’s rivers on the drive home from work?

  21. avatar janma says:

    I hope you have not brought with you the snide delusional superior attitude of the decadent British and their self-appointed claim to Grand Moral Arbiter and Bearer of White Man’s Burden.

    as opposed to the snide delusional superior attitude of the brown bangsatwan and their self-appointed claims to grand moral arbiter of the white man’s burden….. or even the brown mans burden come to that….. the poor peasants who can’t think for themselves.

  22. avatar janma says:

    some of the articles I read about this case give the impression that because he is married to her the case for molestation cannot be pressed. Does it make a difference if he’s married to her or not? can’t he be charged for having sex with a minor married or not?
    Plus not only that but it is against the law for minors to work so how is it possible that she can work in his company legally?

  23. avatar raden says:

    What UNICEF?!! Allah swt is above all manmade laws. As moslems, you only abide under shariah (Allah’s law), not the law of the country. Any moslem can confirm that with you. Mets, if you are not a moslem, why should we listen to you.

    Aluang, it is time for Indonesian to bring back PETRUS = Penembak Misterius. We are running out of time, facing & dealing with extrimist padeophile whose mind is corrupted from middle easterners , we hv no time for dialog but bring it back our PETRUS please.

    dor dor dor … habis lah, selesai, those extrimist muslim is a long term threat to our peace unity and Indonesian value, we just hv no time – no budget – no prosecution time like Amrozi & gang, dor – habis titik

  24. avatar Mets says:

    @ AAB I was brought up a Muslim…but that doesnt mean I agree with an interpretation that does not suit todays society…

    Extremist arguments like yourself and El Freko Cleric puts Indonesia 10 steps back for every 5 steps forward in the pursuit of equality and democracy…

    Remember Indonesia is not a Muslim country but a country with many practising Muslim…there is a huge difference…..

  25. avatar jawa asli says:

    Kak Seto said, the bastard had agreed to return ulfa to her parents, but not according to this,, he hasnt decided yet what he going to do.

    Apparently there are a number of lawyers in Semarang ready to back him up whenever they are needed, those scum suckers bottom feeders.

  26. […] Indonesi? werd verontwaardigd gereageerd op de zaak, en het ?huwelijk’ werd onmiddellijk veroordeeld door allerlei groepen, waaronder ook de islamitisch-conservatieve MUI. Syekh Puji is door de […]

  27. avatar diego says:

    Indonesia is sliding down to the “sick man of east-asia” status.

    Dengan semakin jelasnya kecenderungan pusat dunia berpindah ke asia timur raya dengan sumbu china-india, yang notabene kepercayaan dasar masyarakatnya gak punya kaitan sama sekali dengan ideologi-ideologi abrahamic-semitic (besarta 1001 konflik tolol antara mereka), I feel like “indonesia is the odd man out — so out of place”.

    Maksud saya, dikala kawasan asia timur raya mulai menghidupkan lagi solidaritas antara mereka, yang tidak bisa dipungkiri mempunyai latar belakang pertalian ideologi (hindu-buddha-dan-segala-derivativesnya) — bagaimana posisi indonesia (yang saat ini tidak menganut itu)? We’ll be left out. That’s bad. Kita akan tetap terseret-seret konflik “alien” di timur tengah, yang pada dasarnya cuma dikarenakan Abraham tidak bisa mengendalikan pentul koreknya dan doyan menggombal (dengan Hagar dan Sarah) — menjanjikan tanah inilah, harta itulah, etc, etc. Wajar aja para bitches itu dan keturunan2nya berantem terus sampai sekarang. We have to disconnect ourselves from that sh!t, fast. Tell them to go to septic-tank, let them kill each other, it’s none of our business.

    Disamping landasan “moral” untuk menolak abrahamisasi-semitisasi-arabisasi-islamisasi (how can we accept ideologies that don’t respect humanities, backward, full of
    mumbo-jumbos, and almost have no philosophical value?) di indonesia, landasan “rasional” saya ya itu (not to be left out).

    Jadi…, akankah Indonesia kembali ke “jati-dirinya”, and put herself back in the “great far-east asian” map?

  28. avatar Crusadermon says:

    Maybe her parents want to sell her to that sick pudjiono because his money and also make their daughter a money maker

  29. avatar janma says:

    Free Sex already a common knowledge thanks to “great western civilization”.

    why don’t you just put your head back in the toilet imbecile!

  30. avatar fullmoonflower says:

    TV-One yesterday morning ==> Ulfa’s neighbour said that Ulfa’s father is a Gambler…
    and Pujiono is the richest man in his village…
    So, it might be Ulfa’s parents allow it just for money, or it can be because his father had debt to Pujiono…

    Who knows?

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