Dorce Gamalama & Imam Samudera

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DorceTranssexual television personality Dorce Gamalama pays her last respects to the executed Imam Samudera.

Dorce Gamalama, a "post-op" transsexual, and host of the Dorce Show, a celebrity talk show, was seen at the funeral of executed terrorist Imam Samudera/Samudra, at Serang, Banten on 9th November. okezone

Dorce Gamalama, loudly leading orphans in prayer for president Suharto in early 2008.

Imam Samudera, currently dead.

Dorce didn't manage to get close to Samudra's coffin among the throng of thousands, and it seemed she attempted to avoid journalists and news crews during her 30 minute visit to the kampung of Lopang Gede, but one reporter did get near her as she left and extracted the following quote banjarmasinpost

God willing, Imam Samudera died a martyr's death.

Gratuitous opportunity to show Sandra Dewi taken - on Dorce Show, May 2008.

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  1. avatar Ross says:

    Hold that email- the Tropicana address bounced back. No idea why…instead I’ve turned up some Oz blogs and am letting them know what Trans is up to.

  2. avatar Geordie says:

    I think that the bombings were a heinous and cowardly acts, that’s my view and I haven’t seen or heard anything thus far that causes me to re-examine my opinion. I also thought that the Muslim world’s reaction to the infamous ‘Danish Debacle’ was over the top and indicated a lack of confidence and, dare I say it, humility.

    Now to me, there is, in no way, any kind of equivalence in the two issues; one is taking the piss and the other is the the deliberate taking of life. Nope, whichever way I try to weigh it, I can’t get those to balance and please bear with me here, there is a point and I’ll get there presently. One could argue that the war in Iraq far outweighs the loss of inncocent life if we’re balancing innocent muslim versus innocent non-muslim casualties in Bali and in order to avoid being sucked into a debate about that, I will stipulate to the numerical difference.

    Now, to the point. This person hasn’t actually taken life or indeed, even taken the piss though I believe her actions are callous, self serving and a blatant attempt to appeal to what she perceives is her fan base. No, I don’t get that one either but then again, she isn’t trying to appeal to me. Anyway, the question is that if we hound this person out of her work by forcing the hand of TV station to sack her via a boycott of brands, how can we on the other hand criticize the Muslim world for the actions it took regarding the cartoons?

    For the record, my view about the Islamic world’s reaction to the cartoons is at the top of this post and, therefore, I do not feel able to join the protest/boycott though that is entirely academic as I’m not in Indonesia at the moment.

  3. avatar kinch says:

    personally speaking, i would have thought being a banci was its own punishment.

    but that’s just me.

    cue the feces-throwing monkeys.

  4. avatar Lily says:

    Well, I myself am a believing Muslim … and I am a transsexual woman as well.
    But my opinion is certainly totally different from that of the mentioned tv host. and I am only be quite astonished regarding her comments.

    The quran is pretty clear about people causing fasad fil ard (violence on earth) being kafir and nothing else, enemies of Islam.
    There is some place for violence as self-defence in accepted and regular Islam (as in almost all other religions … read Bhagavadgita on Hinduism´s position on that) but it is highly regulated and tthe terrorist attacks in Bali and other places clearly violate the regulations of accepted Quran interpretation and accepted Sunnah.
    There is no serious debate on this among serious and accepted scholars.
    According to this , most Muslim cemetaries in India refuse to bury the terrorists of Bombay these days. Terrorists are apostates of Islam. It´s a solid Muslim ruling.

    Seeing them as martyrs is just plainly idiotic … both accroding to mainstream Muslim opinions in this world and of course according to just plain and simple human common sense.

    I can not judge why Dorce Gamalama comes to her sad and frightening conclusions. Maybe it really is just because of drawing attention to her show.
    But I also have another possibility to offer:
    It might be due to some inferiority complex.
    See, we transsexual women do have a very difficult position in the Muslim ummah.
    Some Muslims accept us, but many do not and are hateful towards us.
    Some fatwas have accepted our condition as natural but there are many fundamentalists who see us as servants of the devil.

    Maybe Dorce tries to appear “over-pious” to attract the fundamentalists? Maybe she wants to make up for her own feelings of guilt?
    Something like that, I assume.

    There is one thing to be quite sure about:
    Imam Samudera himself certainly would not have had such a “high” opinion on Dorce doring his lifetime.
    I am sure that he would have believed that Dorce will definitely end up in hell.

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