Atheist Threat

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AtheistYoung atheists on the internet, and eradicating atheism and communism in Indonesia.

Governor of North Sumatra, Syamsul Arifin, said on 8th October at an occasion marking Pancasila Day that all elements of the nation must continually fight against and eradicate atheist beliefs among the people.

Atheism, which seeks to erase Pancasila and which once threatened the nation in the guise of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), and still does, has to be guarded against, particularly because it still finds support among sections of the poor.

Syamsul said children should be taught from primary school through to university to hate atheism, so that the creed could as far as possible be obliterated.

Syamsul Arifin
A 4th 'T' - Rakyat tidak ateis.

The butchery of the atheist-PKI backed murderers of the September 30 Movement of 1965 (G30S PKI) could not be allowed to happen again, he said, hence the need to struggle against atheism. beritasore

Young Internet Atheists

On the internet at least some Indonesians seem happy to declare themselves as unbelievers.

Running an "affiliation" search on the social network site for "atheist" brings up about 144 matches, while "ateis" produces 185 odd results, although more than a few seem to be claiming to be atheist as some kind of joke.

On the same site, created on January 23rd, 2007 is the "Atheist Indonesia" group, with 76 members and a fairly active message board, and some of its members seem to be active in an Indonesian language Atheist Wikipedia.

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  1. avatar Lairedion says:

    Me said:

    I also like high heels. But 9 inch, that’s bloody torturing!

    LOL. That really look sh*te… hihihi

  2. avatar rima says:

    wow. heated debate going on here. sure am glad im no intellectual which means i have absof*ckinlutely no idea what you guys are rambling about.

    lairedion: tararengkyu kang, but you needn’t quote my stupid blog posts. they’re just for fun, and it’s a personal blog of a boring housewife, i’m honored people like you like it.. 🙂

  3. Rima: I am with you, I’m no intellectual either, can’t find the relation between 9-inch heel and being an atheist. Not to try to steal your thunder here though… 😉

  4. avatar rima says:

    babe, there are plenty of thunders to go around, and then some more, so no worries, i’m not obsessed with thunders or any other things…
    plus, you can steal my thunder anytime.. 😉

    @lomboksurfer: dude, therry is hot but she’s taken. good luck with your other conquests!

  5. avatar Marisa says:

    @ two feisty cosmopolitan ladies above

    What do you think this is? Some beauty parlor, ladies? Where girlfriends huddle around and gossip? The ‘heated debate’ started off with an assumption that there’s a segregation between believers and non-believers, and then Lairedion mentioned something on intellectuality.

    What makes you think it’s about you, or anything you wrote? Lol.
    Seriously, don’t you have some other business to take care of? Is your life that empty that you should be so easily intimidated by an ordinary twentysomething girl like me?
    Hey, mind me, I’m just here learning how to be a better person. Why? Because there are too much people like you ladies here creating a bad stereotype about women, understand?

    Perhaps the only thunder you come across in this life is when your whitey husbands shag you on the bed. So just shut up, okay. Thank your husbands for they’ve made you the intelligent, lamb chop eating, high class girls you’ve always daydreamed about in your miserable younger days.

    Hey, how does it feel like to be living in a faux life, faux attitude, and faux personality, anyways? And how many more exchange of religions does it take to get you to the place that you want to be in this life? I believe our intellectual lady Rima Fauzi here have converted from Islam to Christianity to atheism to agnosticism. Wow, that is so cool.

    Thanks for acting stupid though, it suits your hair, dahling.

    @ Lairedion.

    Indeed, extremely jealous of you having to be the REAL intellect all the time. Thank goodness it’s you, and not Patsolicious. Or else we’d have more poetry reading sessions in here.

    Sigh, therry sounds just like our typical Indonesian provokator, that’s all. Too bad she failed. Too bad her in-premature-midlife-crisis girlfriends there failed as well.

    @ lomboksurfer

    Sweet. But nah, count me out surf boy, my days of glitz and glamor are over, and the drug scene, woo-hoo! I’d look like a Virgin Mary (or Martian) in there so I wouldn’t want to embarrass you or anything. Perhaps you could take these two ladies above, as they crave the undying attention of young surf gods such as yourselves. Just imagine them huddling surround you! Hm.. and they sure wear everything ‘less’, surfer.

    I may be green and short, being a Martian and all, but I’m not really that smart like how the comic books tell you. See I’m not a REAL intellect like therry, Lairedion, and friends, so yes, I’d be busy organizing paperclips this Saturday, that’s the only intellectual thing I can think of doing right now. Thanks for the invite anyways, earthling.

    @ whoever

    As I said earlier, I’m not part of any idealism, however..

    One of the things that annoys me is others’ idealism that has taken the rights of people as unique human beings, and only assume them merely as part of an ism, a plot, an agenda, an ambition.

    Understanding people as human beings is quite simple. People simply want to be happy, that’s it. That’s the only idealism I know that is worth the fight, happiness-ism! Some say one of the ways to be happy, is to love, to trust and to give comfort to others and ourselves. Truthfully. Honestly. Courageously.

    The relativity of God itself has nothing to do with it. If some people here have found either atheism, anti-theism or theism as the source of their happiness, well then, nothing more to seek in this world, right? Nothing more to judge, to value, to assume, to argue, to intellectualize beyond the pragmatism the world binds them into.

    From what I’ve seen so far, any cause that is based on hatred, rage and unhealed wounds will falter in the end. That’s why I rarely bear the torch of any idealism — it’s just me, being everything I was born with, everything I did not deliberately choose to be but worth defending for. And that’s the weird thing about humanity, it has its own life. Eventually, it chooses its own destiny. I may not live long enough to see that day comes, but at least I know true happiness isn’t made out of denial.

    Hmmm. I’m ending my part in this discussion. 😀

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    Dear Marisa, WOW! WOW! WOW! That was easily the most feisty, feiry and spirited piece of writing that I have ever read on IM or anywhere for that matter! I laughed so hard I swear to God that tears were coming down my eyes and my belly was aching. I didn’t even mind you did not like my poetry. Those comments in a word were Marisalicous! GRRRRRRRRRR! we are back on! ha ha ha!

  7. avatar Rob says:


    Sounds like you have fired off a parting volley and are now bailing out!

    Is this a continuation of an earlier dispute between you and the “cosmopolitan ladies” that played out on Unspun earlier in the year?


    Dude, where are you when you are needed? It seems like it is time to return everybody to their seksiness!

    Perhaps if the world was a simple as everybody being happy, then maybe IM would be out of business!

  8. avatar Rob says:


    What happened to your gravatar? Not nearly as revealing as the previous incarnation 😀

  9. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Rob – I am sorry but I am still laughing about Marisa’s post! I told you that woman has Irish blood in her and I mean that as a sincere compliment. My ma would have approved as that is the only type of woman to keep an Irish rouge in line. ha ha ha!

  10. avatar rima says:

    mm.. someone must’ve forgotten to take their meds. or hasn’t gotten any.
    this is starting to get interesting.

    and marisa:
    a. my husband is not white, he is as brown and as indonesians as i am
    b. i dont eat lamb but i sometimes eat bubur ayam and nasi goreng for breakfast.
    c. which religion i converted from and to or whatever is a process of life, people go through similar things as well, maybe not with religion but all the same..
    d. i have never said i am an intellect, im just an ordinary housewife who works in a usual office, studying for another usual degree with a HUGE sense of humor.
    e. i have never in my life depended on a man, I got to where i am by myself, i have never even used my father’s vast connection for anything.
    g. you should stop obsessing about girls who marry a white person. it seems like you want to do so yourself but couldn’t, which is why you keep on attacking nice people like anita.
    f. you have admitted online that you are jealous because you weren’t included in our ‘clique’ which shows how unstable and insecure you are because instead of just asking us nicely you went berserk on other people’s blogs.
    g. I have lived many years of my childhood abroad (unlike you who dreams of one day spending your life abroad like you told me many moons ago) and being a “high class lady” for me does not constitute living abroad. it’s just living a normal life with someone i love and who loves me back and creating good things for ourselves and the people around us. for you to bring up high class=marrying a white person and living overseas shows how narrow minded you really are and how jealous you are of my female indo peers who ended up marrying a foreigner and living overseas.
    h. get off my back as you have also trashed other people’s blog and told them you want no married people in your blog and that you are ABOVE married people.

    Read my comments again, did I mention you in any of them? for an articulate person (in writing and when you take your meds) you sure have trouble in comprehending other people’s writings. Go see a shrink and go end up alone with 67 cats in your small apartment.
    yeah, married people are so pathetic that i am sure you dont want to end up like us, all happy and loved..

  11. avatar therry says:

    I must say I enjoy Marisa’s feisty comment above much more than the lengthy, intellectual previous ones because unlike them, the feisty comment shows her true color the most.

    Happiness are different for everyone, but I see here that some people’s happiness can be defined by bashing other people that are annoying to them, calling them names and personal attack when they run out of things to say, and bearing a vengeful grudge that often explodes in the wrong time and the wrong place.

    Now if you excuse me, I must leave this heated argument as unlike some people who claim to have real life and real friends, I on the other hand have a virtual life and virtual friends I need to get back to.

    I must also refuse the date offer from Lomboksurfer, as Rima has said earlier, I am taken, but maybe Marisa should go, as she needs to get laid pronto otherwise her issue of who’s being married and who’s still desperately single will never end.

  12. avatar peace says:

    why can’t i post?

  13. avatar Rob says:


    “why can’t i post?” is a post, isn’t it? 😀

  14. avatar peace says:

    i couldn’t post on the other topic before, so i tried here and it worked. but i had tried again on the topic before and now it’s alright. Thanks anyway

  15. avatar Marisa says:

    Holy tap-dancing Jesus! This is so exhausting.
    Yes, rimafauzi, you’re so right about me. Yes, therry, I’m exactly like you say.
    People, they’re telling the truth, I’m just that bad.

    @ Rob

    Perhaps if the world was a simple as everybody being happy, then maybe IM would be out of business!

    Don’t say that, Rob. You make it sound like the site’s here to make people feel miserable. On contrary, happiness-ism would make IM so in the business. Once people discover the will to pursuit their own each and unique happiness, they will recognize the factors standing in their and each other’s way. And thus, well you know what’s next..

    Pillow fights!!!

    @ Patrick

    All’s fair in love and war..
    Sometimes what we do is not what we take pride of, but what is necessary.

    Not sure if I’m an intellect or not, but I do know for sure that true intellects I’ve known thus far have made the necessary efforts. If it’s not for them, you wouldn’t be listening to ABBA, Patrick, and I certainly wouldn’t sound Irish for lord knows why. They may be academic intellectuals, artistic, linguistic, even spiritual gurus, you name it, but they matter.

    Oh sh*t, don’t make me cry now.

  16. avatar Patrick says:

    @ Marisa – Your Irish ancestors would be very proud of ye’! Hopefully, you will follow in the footsteps of such great Irish masters of English literature & poetry such as Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, Sean O’Casey, Eavan Boland, and of course George Bernard Shaw to name some of the finest writers in history.

    Your future is bright so just keep writing and don’t worry about your critics as you only have to satisfy yourself in the end.

    P.s., Agree about the significant contribution of intellectuals to freedom in the world but never forget the common man & woman and their sacrifices made a

  17. avatar Patrick says:

    Hate typos! :>( Meant to say in the P.s., above) …..but never forget the common man & woman and their sacrifices made around the free world as well.

  18. avatar Marisa says:

    @ Patrick

    Hm, I write in Bahasa Indonesia — somewhere else. I just happened to blog in English.

    @ rimafauzi

    Me? Obsessed with girls that marry white men? Oh, c’mon, rimafauzi.
    You can do better fitnah than that. If I’m truly obsessed with Caucasian men, I’d be more than happy to hang out with you ladies, so that I could end up with one myself. And why hang out in Indonesia Matters? This is hardly a dating site, don’t you think? This is SPARTA! *kicks

    I won’t deny though that my being born-raised as a minority somehow have encouraged me to keep an update on news such as ones featured here in Indonesia Matters. See, as a native minority, I’d have to deal with far more complex stuffs which I haven’t brag about here or in my blog. Now, rimafauzi, you do know that not everything in this world is about sex, or dicks, or vaginas, right? It is in yours, but not mine.

    Yes, I rarely take my experience living abroad for granted. I learn English by reading books and newspapers, watching news, and by educating myself, just like any other Indonesian I knew. I also work using Bahasa Indonesia day to day.

    I do want to live abroad, somewhere peaceful and gorgeous. Is it so wrong? If I could find a place here in Indonesia that’s also peaceful and gorgeous, why not? I’d live there as well, but before I do, the place to seek peace is within my heart first. Until then, aircon-ed Jakarta would do just fine.

    I don’t take drugs, meds, whatever you call it, and I don’t even drink. Thanks for the kind advice, but your Xanax solution to life isn’t going to work in mine.

    I never did ask for your friendship, I appreciated it but there’s a limit to it.
    Who visited my blog the first time anyways? And I hadn’t been a regular commenter in any of your blogs, but your friends there had been regularly commenting in mine. One of them even posted ‘not-so-friendly’ comments on each and every single post I’ve written. Then the other added my MSN id, invited me to chat conference and all.

    That thing about a gathering, it concerns bridge bloggers, which I’ve sent pre-proposals of it to whom it may concern, also notifying your friend there to meet us up as soon as she arrived in Jakarta. Not some little pajama party get-together. Not some cliques. What do you think this is? High school? High school’s over, ma’am, at least mine is. Too bad you still waste your life trying to prove something you’ve failed in proving back in those days, eh. It fixates.

    Bottom line, I seriously don’t get it. I never did ask anything from you people.

    Oh, I get it, is it because I never asked? Is it because I never showed sincere interest in your lives? Yes well, thank you for misunderstanding me.

    I rarely brag about my personal life over the internet, rimafauzi, but I can rest assure you that the love I would share with a man goes deeper than everything you can ever imagine. Not something you should –or could– understand, though. You say you’re happy and loved, and I believe you. But you show no quality of a person that loves, maturely. You just don’t have such dignity in you. So, why bother telling me what to do with mine?

    @ therry

    After rimafauzi’s meds, is ‘getting laid pronto’ the solution you’re offering me? Oh my, I honestly cannot keep up with the pace anymore. Drugs, now pronto sex, what’s next?

    I may be single, I may not know what love is, but one thing I know, you sure don’t sound like a person that has true love in your life, therry. At least when I rant and ramble, and make stupid judgments of others, I could say that it’s because I’m so desperately single. And how about you? Are you simply just desperate?

    I did make a stupid judgment out of married bloggers, because I thought they all sound just like your friends. I also have the right to choose who I want to make friends with, and I’m truly sorry if I haven’t considered your friends there as the right ones to admire and learn from.

    It’s a pity that you –as a REAL intellect that you are– must assume intellectuality is defined by popularity. That it must kneel before others, making goofy faces while it’s down there, and not stand on its own two feet. Intellectuality isn’t politics, sweetie. In a way that people like *you* would need an antagonistic character like *me* to be the basis of your politics (aka quote unquote friendship). Then again, all the faithful wives and strong mothers I knew in this world are ones that refuse to kneel before others.

    But that’s just me, perhaps your culture taught you differently. Your culture may have taught you, well, drugs and pronto sex as intellectual solutions to life. By the way, have you considered atheism?

    Know what, gfckyrslf, you lousy two-faced bitch. I misunderstood you. Apparently, you have no integrity howsoever left in you, and to debate people like you would be an insult to my intelligence.

  19. avatar Marisa says:

    Posted the comment above just because I had to.
    Given the choice, I’d rather ignore them. They’re just not worth the fight.

    If they want to keep this going, however, it’s fine by me. I’ve enough people here to provide all the harshest vocabulary ever existed in humankind.

    And for their sake, my previous statement still stands,

    Yes, rimafauzi, you’re so right about me. Yes, therry, I’m exactly like you say.
    People, they’re telling the truth, I’m just that bad.

    Patung, since I know this has strayed too far off topic, I’m just going to leave it up to you.

  20. avatar timdog says:

    Bloody hell… could do with some spiritual peace – atheisic or otherwise – around here…
    The internet is not a real thing (like God, some might argue); do remember that people…
    Personal blogs are silly anyway…

  21. avatar rima says:

    For the record, none of us had any beef with you, you were the one who suddenly lost it and went berserk.

    Here too, as everybody can see, you were the one who started insulting, and your kind of insult is a level i will never do down to.

    When i first visited your blog i truly admired you because you seemed like a very intelligent young lady and I’m always drawn to people that I think are smarter than me. You are smarter than me, but unfortunately being smarter isn’t always wiser. In some cases, smart people can have really nasty characters.

    You say you are not obsessed with white men or girls who marry white men, but in several times you bash girls who marry white men, even me while I am clearly married with an Indonesian. You insulted me, several times now, you even insulted my hair. You insulted Anita and Therry too, when we have never insulted you.

    You are obviously still holding a big grudge because you felt left out, but whose fault is that? You always acted as if the rest of us personal bloggers are beneath you, a niche blogger. You insulted foodie bloggers, bloggers who post lyrics, personal, married, mommy bloggers and god knows whatever else.

    All I said in this thread was a thank you note for lairedion for quoting my stupid boring post, but no.. you just HAD to make everything about you and again, went all berserk on us.

    Very very strange.

    You insulted the ppl in the meet up and called them judgmental and shallow or whatever, but for you to make judgments about other people is OK? Who are you exactly again to be able to do that?

    Golden rule: Don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you.

    please stop insulting us Marisa. We are a bunch of stupid people, bule shaggers, gossipy housewives that cannot take any more of your intellectual insults.

    ps: The world is definitely all about sex, dicks and vaginas, but as I am a really goofy and sexual person, I write what I like. I do not feel the need to always be boring and academic, especially as you have so articulately pointed out, my friends and I are just a bunch of stupid gossipy housewives, which just proves that I am not capable of writing anything intelligent like you 🙂 (yet, I haev counted at least 9 of your comments in my blog. why did you bother seeing that my blog is all about sex, dicks and vaginas?)

    pps: But oh my dear, you did ask something of us. You asked Therry to review your blog so you would have more traffic and be popular again. You said several times that you will close your blog because you had less and less visitors, and some of us suggested you write something personal about yourself to spike your traffic and enable your readers (I was one of them) to know you better. You asked to be included esp by Anita, to our so-called clique, but not after trashing us first. And the sad this was, we actually liked and admired you then, but after you went all cuckoo, all of us are seriously terrified of you. Also, the funny thing, there is actually no clique, everybody who was in Jakarta and interested in a meet-up e-mailed each other and arranged for it, why didn’t you?? They probably assumed you are busy or wasn’t interested to meet them.

  22. avatar rima says:

    Patung, on behalf of Therry, Anita, my self and at least 5 other Indonesian female bloggers, I apologize for this trash in your thread. I won’t dignify anymore of Marisa’s malice with even one more comment, no matter what she continues to say about us.

    For the rest, I also apologize to spoil your fun in reading this very strange catfight and my response. Perhaps, you can create one of your own? 🙂

  23. avatar djoko says:

    For the rest, I also apologize to spoil your fun in reading this very strange catfight and my response.

    I for one think its great, needed a bit of a gender equality to balance things out as its normally the lads (Ross and Achmad appear to be warming up on the other thread again) involved in catfights back and forth!

  24. avatar Lairedion says:


    Jealousy is one the most primitive and basic human emotions. You cannot hide it from the outside world with (pretending) being an intellect.

    Know what, gfckyrslf, you lousy two-faced bitch.

    Don’t waste your time, Marisa. We already have a dragonwall on IM. He has never lost a swearing competition.

    I may be single, I may not know what love is, but one thing I know, you sure don’t sound like a person that has true love in your life, therry.

    Do not fear. Patrick is around, ready to comfort you. Only a man hopelessly in love would pay tribute to you with Sweden’s worst export product. In Holland we say: “Op elk potje past een deksel”, which means: “Every jar has a fitting lid”. Patrick very well could be your prince on the white horse.

    No need to get upset with housewife’s blogs. They are only obsessed with sex, dicks and vagina’s anyway. That’s why I prefer their blogs over yours. No offense though.

    Adios and wish you all the best.

  25. avatar peace says:

    Is it over yet, who is the winner?

  26. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Lairidion or should I say your other name, Jayanegara (Kala Gemet) reincarnation!

    If only we could find a jar to put that out of control brain & tongue of your’s then we certainly could say “Op elk potje past een deksel” and with great gusto!

  27. avatar janma says:

    when I laugh last it’s usually cause I just didn’t get it….

  28. avatar Patrick says:

    @ Jama – I know life is difficult when little Johhny or in your case Jama cannot read! Its that reading comprehension thing again baby! Just look at Lairedion’s last post maybe that will sort it all out for you! If not stay in the dark! Up to you!

  29. avatar janma says:

    Patrick I don’t know what I said to make you diss my reading comprehension????
    You on the other hand have spelt my name wrongly even though you’ve surely been reading it for at least a year!
    I didn’t pick on anyone or diss anyone… all I said was that I don’t understand what is going on in this thread. I HAVE read Lairedon’s post…. he barely says anything in it, it’s mostly quotations on what Mr north Sumatra thinks should be done about atheism and a bit on how many Indonesians may or may not consider themselves atheists….
    then there are posts from Marisa accusing him of demanding segregation (which, try as I might, I could find no evidence of…) and then a cat fight involving all these blogger girls and then something to do with 9 inch heels and intellectuals….. sorry but I am confused! Are you sure it’s a problem with my reading comprehension? or that there is more to this thread than meets the eye!?
    so get off my back! ….. I’M SO NOT IN THE MOOD!

  30. avatar Patrick says:

    @ Jamna – I thought you were being facetious so ya you are right and sorry about the misspell & attitude baby! Timdog was also correct yesterday in his observations on the recent postings and in a nutshell he said basically “We all need to take a chill pill” and maybe 2 for me. : > )

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