Barack Hussein Obama Mania!

Nov 6th, 2008, in News, by

BarryIndonesia can't get enough of the news that Barack Obama has won the US election.

Some of the reactions to Barack Hussein Obama's election to the US presidency:

Screaming Children

250 students at Obama's former school (SDN 01 Menteng) in Jakarta, shouted with glee:

Obama wins! McCain loses!

while watching television coverage of the results. Here they are:

11 year old sixth-grader Farhan Ashardi was filled with hope to one day be president of Indonesia:

If Obama can do it so can I

Warung Landslide

At a "warung election" in Makassar, South Sulawesi Obama won 41 out of 45 votes cast, with two votes for McCain, and two invalid. The "election" was staged by the Komunitas Warung Kopi Untuk Demokrasi. republika


Vice president Jusuf Kalla said Obama's win pointed the way to a minority person, perhaps such as a non-Javanese like himself, one day becoming president of Indonesia. antara


Maverick politician Yuddy Chrisnandi said a new wind would blow to Indonesia from America as a result of the Obamanator's victory, with the message that young leaders were needed, perhaps even including himself. okezone

In the Backwoods

In the East Java governor's election Obama was spotted:

Obama running for Governor of East Java.

World Peace

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) said he hoped Obama would help to bring about world peace. okezone

More Pliable

Din Syamsuddin of Muhammadiyah hoped America would now be much more friendly to the Islamic world. inilah

100 Comments on “Barack Hussein Obama Mania!”

  1. avatar DMan says:

    Purba NEgoro you don’t represent the Indonesans here with you dumb and idiotic comments. Perhaps you shoud join the extremist thugs like Bali Bombers, 9/11 highjackers and Bin-Laden Al-Qaida in there hell world.

    I am Indonesian-American and I voted for Obama and I am sure the few Indonesian-Americans here supported him as the first Black President in America. I am well aware Presiden Bush is not popular here and there as remembered by his security tight brief visit there a few years ago. I predict a homecoming welcome for Presiden Obama when he visits Indonesia again by Presiden SBY,his old schoolmates and perhaps the school children in SD Menteng.

  2. avatar Enigmatic says:

    PN’s answer speaks volumes about his opinion on a minority becoming the president one day. so enough about that. I’m not sure how the others think though…

    But DMan, whenever an American President visits Indonesia, or whenever any heads of state pay a state visit anywhere, you can be rest assured of tight security. There is too much to lose for either party should any mishap occur. It does not matter if the head of state is popular or not.

  3. avatar DMan says:

    Enigmatic I don’t know if you are Indonesian or not. I was born in NY,USA so with Barack’s (aka Barry Soetoro) win I am proud to be Indonesia-American with other Asians, Indian, Arab, Hispanic, Black and Whites who voted for him and get beyond color, race, religion to elect him the next President of a multi-racial USA. I can only say Presiden Bush was great during the 9/11 attacks on NY and DC. Many Americans do not agree with Bush handling of the Iraq war and why we are still there. I don’t agree with it and its costing the American tax payers billions of dollars.
    Presiden elect Obama has goals to fullfill here with the economy/jobs being number one issue. I got to deal with my own minority status here, but he inspires me to perservere and work twice as hard. I have relatives and friends in Indonesia/Jakarta and I hope for better Indo-US relations in terms of economic and political because Obama grew up there. We don’t need Purba NEgoro and his ilk ideas. He and other Indo’s want to join the Bail Bombers, 9/11 highjackers, Bin Laden, Al-Quada and the Muslim extremist in hell go ahead. Unfortunately that is why I got away from Islam because of the f*king extremists in Indo and the Middle East. I know most Indonesians do not agree with these radicals and I am also proud of Presiden SBY administration since the fall of Suharto. I am hoping for a better Indonesia and America. Aman Tuan

  4. avatar ET says:

    The obamania has come to a point of historically unseen proportions. Women all over the planet are shaving their pubic hair as a silent outcry to the world: Read my lips, no more Bush.

  5. avatar Andy says:

    ET thanks for that! A great future for all the partners of women throughout the world!

  6. avatar taxpayer says:

    Bad News for all of you…….Obama is the President of the UNITES STATES of which none of you are citizens.

    As President of the United States. his main priority is to do what is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE UNITED STATES.

    So thank you for caring but no thank you….

    It is sad that the hopes of one country are pinned on the successes of another.

    Obama’s loyalties are to the United States and though he may have some longing memories as a child of kicking a burning coconut around during his nights in Indonesia……he will STILL do what is in the BEST INTEREST of the United States.

    Now, that may bother the foreign governments who have, for years, been begging with their hands out to the US but been dogging on us in their media but…..oh well.

    As long as Indonesia’s government continues it’s criminal, corrupt ways…..NO country can help, assist or even advise you. Therefore, thanks for showing that you wish you were an American and Obama was your President but he is not your President and your misery will continue until you, as a complete and united people stand up and take control of your government and your country.

    Furthermore, Obama is not the king of the USA. Study our government system and you would quickly realize that the President of the USA is marginalized by CONGRESS. And congress, under Obama, will dictate what USA scraps and crumbs Indonesia receives.

    PS. For the uneducated bloggers who think that Bush’s visit here was a cost to Indonesia…….AGAIN……learn some US government.

    The pissy $800,000 your country spent (was actually $550,000…so guess y’all got screwed out of yet another $250,000) for Bush to come…was reimbursed by the tax dollars of hard-working Americans (as all Presidential visits are) and a check was delivered to the government of Indonesia for complete reimbursement of President Bush’s visit here.

    This, of course, is public information in the USA and thusly, you, the uneducated Indonesian can use the internet and read the congressional report yourself.

  7. avatar Emudude says:


    Shame on you. Barry Soetoro has not forgotten his adopted homeland. According to Barry, within 100 days of him getting Rule of the USA, he will come to Jakarta, Indonesia and address all Muslims Apologizing for all the Horrible things that the US has done to them in the past. He will also ask for a bright future Between the US and all his Muslim Brothers and Sisters. He will then open the borders so all citizens of the world can join the US in Glorious Islamic Socialism.

  8. avatar David says:

    Well the “mania” started up again with the inauguration, apparently every single channel on Indonesian tv carried the speech….I heard bits of it on the radio, cynical as I am about all this “hope” and “change” stuff I was kind of impressed and surprised by this bit

    For us, they fought and died, in places like Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sanh

    I mean the fact that he included the Battle of Khe Sanh in his list of heroic battles, wouldn’t normally expect an American left-winger to do that, unless things have changed in a way I’m not aware of.. Or maybe he’ll just say anything to please anyone like a good politician. Here be the speech.

    From tempo

  9. avatar Burung Koel says:

    I mean the fact that he included the Battle of Khe Sanh in his list of heroic battles, wouldn’t normally expect an American left-winger to do that, unless things have changed in a way I’m not aware of

    To quote The Boss:

    “Had a brother at Khe Sanh
    Fighting off them Viet Cong
    They’re still there
    He’s all gone…”

    I think the thing that has changed is the recognition that the ordinary soldiers in Vietnam got screwed, over there and then back at home. Obama, like Bruce, is on the side of the disaffected veteran. A country fit for heroes, and all that.

  10. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ taxpayer

    Eat your heart out. Whether you like it or not, Obama won office because of his Javanese connection. Sooner or later, American will adopt our Pancasila philosophy, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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