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Sep 1st, 2008, in Asides, by

The next funny installment of Purba vs various people, Achmad's Oigal obsession, East Timor, Batam, plenty of other stuff...cut from Dating Girls thread.

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  1. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Time for an update, and maybe a bit of a timewarp, pal.

    Words like “diddums,” “zinger” and “office johnny,” just mark for you for someone who’s way overdue for a double dose of the blue pills aka obat kuat aka viagra, and time to sign up for a plot of land near the ancestors.

    Just trying to help, Old Chummy-Chum-Chumbi-Wum-Wum.

  2. avatar Purba Negoro says:


    Andy- yes you do a peerless job insulting yourself without our help.
    Please keep it up- otherwise we all may have to actually do proper work instead of wasting time on internet.
    Yet another slow day.

    How close to approaching the gates of Hell are you, by the way?
    I am guessing you are age… 30 or less. Maybe 30 going on 7.

    Probably 180 cm tall, average build to chubby- Irish background- probably light brown hair- no facial hair since wife insisted on removal of porn-star mo as it tickled her so.

    Enjoys football, cricket, barbecue and home improvements,

    Am I close?

  3. avatar timdog says:

    PN – and you need to add to that above description the cause of his initial need to “go to Indonesia to be with my Javanese girlfriend”, and his then need, having discovered that said Javanese was not of the subservient, all-cooking all-ironing nature that he so admires in kampungan ladies, to replace her with another Indonesian woman (Chinese this time)…
    In your above description would you care to elaborate as to what it was that rendered him incapable of getting himself a “real” woman back in Australia?

    Note: That “real” is not, whatever you may think, an insult to Indonesian women, Javanese, Chinese, Kampungan or otherwise; it is more a reference to the attitudes of socially/physically inept bules, the “sexual refugees” from their own lands, towards them…

  4. avatar Oigal says:

    Assmad..better insults ..keep trying.. go to the head of the class but don’t take your books you won’t be there long.

  5. avatar Oigal says:

    wow…that quicker than I though…wipe your nose Assmad and back to the back of the class with the other naughty spoilt brats..Timdog’s

    attitudes of socially/physically inept bules, the “sexual refugees” from their own lands

    is so much better although still taking the shotgun approach to hitting a nerve.. Cheap generalisations do cost points in the biting retorts and insult stakes.

    Mmmm… Why are you in Indonesia..Answer..I am a sexual Refugee..(could get a few laughs with that..consider it pinched Timdog)

  6. avatar timdog says:

    Oigal – please use it, be my guest.
    I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of the term before; it’s perfect to describe certain of the bules in Indonesia (Shotgun approach? Absolutley not! It was precision bombing a la the US Airforce. If there happened to be some colateral damage that’s hardly my fault 😉 ).

    Anyway, I shall resolve to use the term “sexual refugee” wherever possible from now; i urge everyone else to do likewise…

  7. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    superlative slur- the Caucasian sexual refugee.

    IMHO (just learnt what it actually meant from son after 4 years of dimness): a very strong argument for some form of mummy issue.
    He obviously requires a wet-nurse in addition to his hostel nurse for the mentally disadvantaged and aging ockers.

    Perhaps he’s a Frank Spencer searching for his Polly to put up with his comical blundering and to clean up his whoopsies on the carpet.

    Or perhaps he lacks the mental accuity and manual dexterity necessary to operate a spoon, a microwave and acan opener.

    Perhaps the Blok M bencongs are just plain too fussy.
    Or perhaps because Indonesian law does not recognise gay marriage.

    Who knows- but it certianly involves deep-rooted inadequacies- real or perceived. He should start his Prozac and Valium meds again

    I’m hedging on the real.

  8. avatar Oigal says:

    wet-nurse in addition to his hostel nurse Wet Nursing this would a more Asian or Western Custom then..(ho di ho) Do you really want to go into the Asian Males connection to his mother?

    operate a spoon, a microwave and acan opener

    These would be Indonesian Inventions then I gather?

    Frank Spencer searching for his Polly to put up with his comical blundering and to clean up his whoopsies on the carpet

    As opposed to the famed Asian Male’s reputation for cleaning up after himself around the house..

    deep-rooted inadequacies

    Well some one has them thats for sure!

  9. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    No- but neither are spoons, can openers or microwaves Australian inventions either.

    As there is almost no way of preserving food in Indonesia’s climate- we’ve become very spoilt and demand only delicious fresh cooked food.

    What’s in the Coolgardie safe for dinner tonight, Oigal? Damper? Bully beef?

    I just at one of our culinary inventions- sate or sarr-tayeee for Ossies (like whats sold in Coles- or is it ASDA- I forget-smothered in something disgusting like honey-soy or peanut butter (vomit) not correct sate sauce.).

    How abouts some Laaaahhhhrrr-ksa?

  10. avatar Oigal says:

    What’s in the Coolgardie safe for dinner tonight,

    impressive…haggis perhaps?

  11. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    I thought you might share some bully beef so we can have some yummy croquettes…

    Haggis- are you sure that’s not a weapon…?

  12. avatar Oigal says:

    Haggis- are you sure that’s not a weapon…?

    It may be preety sure its banned under the UN Biological weapons treaty tho along with scottish kilts

  13. avatar Leammerce says:

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