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The first Indonesian version of Playboy magazine came out today. Despite the fact that it does not contain nudity and is not any more raunchy than other established magazines its publication has met with much opposition.

Playboy, first edition cover.

The magazine costs 39,000 rupiah or about $4.50. The cover features the model Andhara Early and inside she is featured in about 5 photos, sexily posed but with the important bits covered. It is mainly article based and features an interview with the celebrated novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Andhara Early with underpants clearly visible.

Opposition to the magazine has come from predictable quarters. The Islamic Defenders Front were first out of the blocks, saying it's all about the name:

The first edition might be tame, but it will get more vulgar. Even if it had no pictures of women in it, we would still protest it because of the name.

said FPI spokesman Tubagus Muhamad Sidik, who may or may not have been frothing at the mouth as he spoke.

The Front staged a demonstration outside the offices of Playboy and one member was seen to be stamping on a copy of the offending magazine to show his opposition to what he called "the right hand of America".

I refuse to read this.

Hidayat Nurwahid, the speaker of the parliament, said that the publication was a kick in the teeth for the people of Indonesia, who were largely opposed to it.

He said that freedom had to be qualified by responsibility towards society and asked the people to reject Playboy firmly but without violence. Hidayat Nurwahid, who is a former leader of the PKS, was another who harped on the name thing.

Just by looking at the name of the magazine the people reject it.

Dumb people then. From the point of view of what is actually inside the magazine, he said, the first edition was a trick and later editions would be full of sex and pornography.

Meanwhile the Minister for Youth and Sport, continuing the stream of thick-as-two-planks commentary, said that Playboy had to be rejected because it had connotations of pornography and nudity.

And in the city of Makassar in south Sulawesi province about 30 morally motivated university students demonstrated against the sale of Playboy in their fair town, saying it was "forbidden". As is the tradition in this rather rough neck of the woods tires were burned and streets blocked as the students also demanded that the regional government ban the magazine.

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  1. avatar Robust says:

    oohhh not religion again. Feel free abusing the religion, like a lot people did. make war, kill some one in the name of its. Why don’t we care more about our nature, place we are living right now, rather than blaming on God when the nature cathasthrope happened, by saying,”uh oh may be God angry with us this time”. Please keep on praying while cutting the forest down, keep on praying while clearing out the sea, keep on praying while you try your nuclear weapon in the pacific ocean, and pelase keep on saying that God is angry with us this time when the chatasthrope happened. And now we are quarreling about a magazine, like there is nothing to do, how pathetic.
    If you will sacrificed your self for your religion, would you sacrfice your self for your nature?? And I supposed that you believed, that God is creating, the nature you are living. And I believe that He told to guard it, right?

  2. avatar Big bill says:

    You have to understand Indonesian Muslims. They are like dogs who lick their Arab masters’s feet.

    One of their religious leaders is calling for more Arab sex tourism to Indonesia. He wants Indonesian girls to sexually service Arab Muslim men who cannot get cheap sex at home in Arabia.

    The way it works is this. A whore house full of Indonesian girls especially for Arabs is set up. Arab men arrive by the planeload. They go to the whorehouse and “marry” the girls under Muslim law. They have sex with them and then leave. Before they leave they get a quick one minute official Muslim divorce.

    And here is where the Muslim religious trick comes in: this is not immoral under Islam because the girls are all “married” when they have sex. Get it? The Arabs and the Indonesian Muslim whoremasters who serve them are not bad in Allah’s eyes, since the girls are “married” and (perhaps most importantly) the girls are all non-Muslim. Of course good Muslim girls will be exempt from such sex abuse.

    What a sick bunch — these so-called “men” that threaten to kill girls for wearing bikinis, because they would rather turn them into whores for an international Muslim prostitution industry. And what about the pathetic Indonesian Muslims who are creating this system? To turn their own women into whores for their alien masters!

  3. avatar BOO-HOO says:

    Cut the crap, guys!!! Indonesia IS NOT a Moslem country. Since when we became one?? Yeah right…in their dream.

    You know! Those who protest are hypocrites – they just follow the crowd, afraid to be different. They may be protesting playboy in public, C’MON! I can bet those guys have at least one issue of PlayBoy magazine under their beds.

    Haven’t we embarrased enough with what we did in 1998? Black marks are already all over our faces – “So called” PlayBoy issue is NOTHING compared to other embarrasing things we have done.

  4. avatar Pathetic says:

    As expected from typical Indonesians who cannot solve matters without even fighting. These kind of people make Indonesia suffers. Not those that corrupts. Those that corrupts also are Indonesian right?

    I still remember what happened in 1998. I believe only those of Moslem Indonesians that wen out wild. Even in Qur An does not say to slay evil with evil…

    I am embarassed being an Indonesian after that tragedy and I am still now.

    With Playboy being out, it does not make a huge difference on what Indonesia is in the international face. So instead of fighting over anything. Why do not you Indonesians figure out what causes indonesis become pathetic as what it is now. It is the people. The government is also Indonesian right? Hence it is fair to say that the people are the corrupt one.

  5. avatar Man says:

    Polemic”¦Oh”¦polemic”¦egg and chicken situation”¦catch 22″¦..hidding behind the bushes”¦.all of us are shying from the actual true of life.

    We always forget who is our real enemy”¦.the devil and our sinful lust.That is clearly what ALLAH, the One and only God (whatever man made gods, idols,mortals, animals or any form of being or creatures on earth are clearly not the gods to be worshipped) said in Al Quran, that the devil and our sinful lusts are our true enemy.

    Each of us have our role, either he is the head of the country or the head of his family.

    If he has the power, he should use his power to act against the cruelty or sinful act done, if he has no power, he can use his wisdom to act against the cruelty or sinful act done, if he is lack of wisdom, at least he should have an atom of hatred in his heart against the crueltyor sinful act, and that is the lowest form of Iman/believe as a Muslim.

  6. avatar neverbeenachamp says:

    I think that all of the protesters of the PLAYBOY Indonesia magazine don’t have strong bases for what they say, because the magazine doesn’t contain any nude photo shots in it, ad why don’t they protest all of the other similar magazines in Indonesia???!!! It’s just ridiculous, I just read the second or maybe third issue ( I don’t know ) and it has no difference at all with the other similar magazines. I have seen a lot more vulgar tabloids but nobody protested them or even say anything abut the other magazine or tabloids!!

  7. avatar superman says:

    Hi!!!Indonesia, what’s problem with you!!!!come on,wake up men,youre not will be a modern country,it’s 2006 not 1935,you’re a free country.

  8. avatar Zahrullail says:

    okay just try to think why did Allah send tsunami, earthquake & other nature disaster to your country continuesly?
    Because Allah love you, and try to make you know that Allah disallow/dislike what have you done

  9. avatar oaklandgirl says:

    Zahrullail, what a load of pig dung! Allah sending a Tsunami to punish a country. I am no Muslim, but I can tell you that no just God would send disaster to the innocents when HE will judge them each on thier own when time comes. Allah has no intrest politics. His laws where given to his people and they are the olny laws he cares about. I believes Muslims fallow the same conmandments that Christian, Jews and a number of other religions do in this world.

    As a side note let us not forget the first comandment-THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

    No where in Allah’s teaching does it say not to look at half dress women. I would hope that Muslim men would have the BALLs to withstand a little temptation for the betterment of thier women. I’m not saying that they should walk around half clothed “but for petes sake” at least let them have thier own identity. I believe that the Muslim leaders feel if they allowed women some control over thier own lives that they themselves would loose control of thier power. Muslims are being tied are rosted over a fire like a game animal by thier holly leaders. Can’t you see that by directing your attention to fighting EVERYTHING even yourselves that they keep your attention off how they are robbing you of a life of freeedom, liberty, and justice for all. What true father wants his daughter to besubjugated. I fight for the womens right to hold a good job, to have pride in themselves, to be allowed to choose who they love and will marry, the right to help vote on important matters. God knows that having just men to make the dissions was not right, thus he gave into the world EVE to help man. Women have an important role in this society, We are half of the equation that the Lord gave to this world and shoud be heard, seen and respected for the individuals we are.

    So, inpoint-Allah cares no more about punishing those here and now than he cares about mans trials of self control. Get over it and quite blaming a higher power for what you can control yourself. If your government had disigned an early warning system like we have he in the U.S.A the loss to life would not have been so great and Allah would not be your out.

    Then again maybe it is Allah and the obession with him that your religous leaders have instilled in you that has caused you to lose sight of what is to live, love and learn. So damn busy fighting all the time. Keeping your people ignorant so they have nothing to do but fight. I tell you, let them learn and help better your lives. Then you can quite blaming Alleh for everything bad in your life.

  10. avatar dude says:

    I think if there is a third world war, it would be because of the religion factor 🙁

    just the factor…NOT the religion.

    Come on dudes…don’t be a bad religion interpreter!

  11. avatar ^_Outpost - ZH Team_^ says:

    The 3rd World War, Is Would Be Because Of Religon Factor….,
    Betwen Islam & Christian…., Or Islam With…..,

    I Just Guess……….

    And Don`t Be A Bad Religion Interpreter!!!, I Just GUESS……

  12. avatar kiki says:

    wats wrong with u people.

    leave her alone, will you !

    give her a break !

    its her live…..

    why don’t cya taking care of ur own business.

    she has reason…..

    may God bless her and u people who doesn’t agree with her condition.

    love and peace


  13. avatar Dafas says:

    I really want to know what is the matters about playboy Indonesia

  14. avatar evelyn says:

    My fellow brothers and sisters, I think we as grown-up humans are acting like kids fighting over a piece of candy and we’re giving downright stupid reasons.

    So let’s just all sit on the fence for a while. Let’s count our religious representations out and talk as mere humans. Let’s not be Muslims or Christians for a while.

    According to the posts I’ve read so far, Indonesia claims not to be an Islamic country. Can someone explain, though, why in the Indonesian pornography bill are the standards of sexual immorality on par with Islamic standards? Why is a woman revealing her hair and legs considered a criminal? Why call Indonesia an democratic country if your legislations are going to prove otherwise by being (very obviously) religiously-biased?

    That aside, don’t tell me that you don’t see illegal porno mags and vcds lying around the streets of Jakarta. I agree with what neverbeenachamp said about having seen more vulgar tabloids. Why aren’t the extremists targeting this illegal market? Could there be another reason behind targeting Playboy and not any other ‘sexually immoral’ publication found on the streets? I most certainly think so.

    So I address this question to people like Zahrullail and zehan. Standing up for your religion is not wrong. But enforcing your religious beliefs on an apparent DEMOCRATIC country is. I also target this question to religious extremists and protestors. Do you actually understand what you’re fighting for? Or is it just cause some high and mighty advocate of God is doing it? You’re the one with the morals, so you tell me.

    If you ask me, I think it’s about time you stop your acts of violence. You’re not going to bring your point across effectively in that manner. People aren’t gonna take you seriously, they’re gonna see you as mere hooligans and troublemakers. Bringing down your country’s economy and hindering the dignity of females is not going to do your fellow Indonesians any good. So please wake up and smell the flowers of mankind.

  15. avatar Zahrullail says:

    Dear Evelyn
    Okay, we put aside religion in this discussion since our point of is
    difference, but try to go sit back and think rationally, do
    you think the people or yourself totally proud to show your “private” to the
    Ask yourself, did you really proud to see your daughters/mummy or any of
    your relatives pose in nude?

    If you are proud with it honestly I have nothing to say to you.

  16. avatar evelyn says:

    Thank you for your response, Zahrullail.

    I believe that it is a personal choice. It’s not as if these Playboy models are being forced to pose nude, it’s their livelihood, it’s a path they themselves chose and they earn money from it. It’s just an occupation. Alternatively you could say that they’re proud of their feminity in that sense. Women have different ways of displaying their feminity; intellectually, artistically, visually, etc. Either way, no man/woman/government should have the full authority to dictate how a woman should express herself to the public. That’s as good as denying a basic human right. Of course there are standard boundaries to keep to, otherwise we’d start seeing weirdos walking around the street naked, which is culturally wrong in every part of the world.

    But what are your views about women being forbidden to show even the slightest hint of their hair and legs? Don’t you think the pornography bill is going a bit too far?

  17. avatar stand on my feet says:

    ^_Outpost – ZH Team_^ Says

    its just a magazine I agree wit u ZH Team Don`t Be A Bad Religion Interpreter n for those fighting about the magazine its more better if u looking for yourself and fighting for human rite not fighting for d crap

  18. avatar Tomaculum says:

    I’m horrified about some primitive notes in this “discussion”. The one laughed about a religion, the second abused and defamed it and the other wants to kill him because of that.
    By the way:
    1. Can some one tell me the definition of pornography?
    2. How can Zahrullail be sure it was Allah who sent the tsunami? Maybe Manitou or Shiva or the Christian God or Nyai Loro Kidul has done it?
    3. Indonesia a Moslem country? Since when? (as an expatriat in Europe, maybe I missed the news about the declaration to this. So please help me to find, so I can read it).

  19. avatar Ramster says:

    Let’s SUPPOSE that Playboy IS pornographic and the government has banned it
    from the country but the publisher still tries to sell. So what? It still does NOT give
    the authority for certain “organizations” such as The Islamic Defenders Front to do
    anything they please; breaking into Playboy’s Headquarters and act like
    barbarians. Humans are more civilized than animals, please do remember. It is all
    politics. Politics are evil. Those who stand behind the walls of politics are seeds of evil. From there
    comes war and murder.

    Does it even cross your mind that humans are not allowed to judge one another, for judgements are God’s own properties? Does the word HYPOCRITE ring any bell? Nobody has the capability to avoid sex-(ual temptation), because that is one of the main reasons we are here on Earth – to multiply. “May your generations be like sands in the sea”. What do you think your sexual organ is for? Even two of the Popes in Vatican passed away while having sexual intercourse.

    The Islamic Defenders Front have filed a police report against Nadine Chandrawinata, accusing her of “INDECENCY” and for being “INSULTING INDONESIAN DIGNITY AND WOMEN” for her participation in the contest (Miss Universe Pageant) and the display of her body in a swimsuit. Why Moslem men can have four wives while Moslem women can have only one husband? Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair? Aren’t they the ones that insulting women? To think of women like a piece of meat, or a sexual object. I thought men and women were equal, please, do not take away their birth-right by force.

    Now, I do not have any intention to debate over the legality if the Indonesian version of Playboy Magazines go public, it is merely the injustice towards all the models. Even our Miss Universe of Indonesia (two of them) had to feel the bat. For crying out out, she was wearing her swimsuit IN the United States. The approximate distance is more than TWELVE HOURS by plane, so why does she have to face the court and get the possibility of inprisonment for wearing her swimsuit in other country?
    Don’t you think it’s a little TO MUCH?! – Now I see that there is NO justice in Indonesia.

  20. avatar stand on my feet says:

    why all the peoples always arguing about others life can we just live for our own good just keep ur self ur life ur religion ur supetitious or anything we can live together without fight with another just left them doin wat they wan

  21. avatar Intermezzo says:

    I have made my contribution. I have bought almost all male magazines in Indonesia to make sure that the publisher doesn’t violate the law or include pornographic materials.

    I think she (Andhara Early) looked very nice… She should’ve put a thong instead of those granny undies, though… The see-thru dress was a nice touch, but it wasn’t enough to make the photographs pornographic.

    The second edition was a let down. I was expecting more skin. Darn! I just can’t wait to go to the publisher and tell them not to publish pornographic materials and ask them to give me some extra copies.

    I am looking forward for the third edition…

    You guys should go and buy every installment to make sure the publisher doesn’t include photographic materials, because that will be just plain wrong. Please do your part too. Don’t forget to include ME and Cosmo in your …err.. research material.

  22. avatar 1ndra says:

    Yeah, because mostly people think that Playboy is an icon for nude magazine…then most people irritated…why not developing a good magazine reputation so most people love it.

  23. avatar Khandahar Rocket says:

    Interesting to listen to all of you. Even more interesting is to watch people from different cultures fight over a subject that has zero bearing on their life or lives that surround them. Playboy magazine published and distributed in a predominatly Muslim country could be terrible for those who seek out things that may BE terrible. Honestly, the women are only working as models and displaying what god gave them at birth only -for this country in the interest of being polite and respectful, clothed. For any stupid Chistian, Muslim, Catholic etc. to entertain the thought that our one true god can be interperted by a man or that you yourself have a clue as to what god is thinking just goes to show you how very stupid and idiotic you really are. Tell me my fellow rocket scientists, do the ants in your backyard try to read your mind? Do you think for a minute that you really think you know what god really wants or requires from us? Look up moron! This galaxy which is just one of trillions in our universe which is one of potentially trillions was created by god. Tell me how a text or texts that were written by the hand of man could be correct. Only god knows. If you have his number, I need to call him. I would like to ask him about you idiots.

  24. avatar Vespa Rider says:

    I live in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan where everyday I see, hear and read about discusting and depraved acts that are carried out by Muslims on Muslims.

    Rape, murder, kidnap, torture, wife beating, burning alive, forced marriage, child labour, drugs, prostition, alcohol abuse, theft, arson, honour killings, shootings and suicide bombers. Should I go on?

    Is this Islam, is this what Muslims are fighting to protect? Is that the world Muslims want? What does Allah say about this?

    Someone will reply to this and say that they want to kill me I have no doubt. Kill me for what? Stating the facts that you don’t want to hear about, telling you how it is because you turn a blind eye and have been for centuries?

    Killing me is not the most mature and peaceful way to deal with these issues. If Islam promotes peace, how does killing me fit in with that?

    Now tell me what Andhara Early did is as bad as what you are doing to yourselves?

    Judge yourselves before you judge others……….

  25. avatar 1ndra says:

    Are they a real Muslim VR? Or just some no morality people covered with islamity.
    Here in Indonesia its called ‘Islam KTP’ or ‘Islam just in card’.
    Be a good Muslim and give them example how to be a Muslim.

    And about AE, well, I haven’t read it so I could comment it deeply.
    But at least I’m not supporting mags that promote mass ‘legal’ pornography.
    There’re bunch of mags with far far better vision that are not promoting girl’s bodies.

  26. avatar Ihaknt says:

    1ndra, the incidents mentioned above by Vespa do happen. And yes they also do happen in Muslim countries. A lot of it! Read more books, you will be surprised. And of course there will be a bunch of people who’ll say that the books were written by people who want to destroy Islam bla bla bla…in the end the followers are human, and human are not flawless.

  27. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Ihaknt,

    Incidents like that always happened in poor/corrupted countries, no matter what religions the people are following, when the law can be bought and does not apply to some “people” then these things will always occur.

  28. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Dimp, I disagree.

    Arab is a very rich country and yet the same also happens there. It can happen anywhere so long as the people can’t control their rage, anger, desires and they don’t have compassion.

  29. avatar Dimp says:


  30. avatar 1ndra says:

    Yep, true. In Indonesia too.
    Its morality speaking. 🙂
    No matter in which they are lived.

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