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Dr Amir Syamsuddin, Justice and Human Rights Minister

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  1. avatar Sriram Shankar says:

    Dear Mr. Syamsuddin,

    I am writing this email regarding the sentences handed down to the nine Australian who were charged with smuggling illegal drugs.

    I am concerned that, while all white (Lawrence, Norman, Rush and Stephens) Australians sentences has been downgraded from death to life imprisonment or imprisonment for 20 years, two non-whites (Chan, Sukumaran) have been sentenced to death.

    If all the nine were involved in smuggling drugs into Indonesia, why only two have been given death sentences. In my view it is unfair and this decision should be reviewed.

    I understand that the Australian government may have influenced the Indonesian counterpart to reduce the sentences for white Australians. I am sure you would be aware of the racist past that Australia has had. How it had treated and in some instances still treating Asian immigrants as second rate citizens. Hence, I am surprised that the Indonesian government has shown weakness in implementing the rule of law in Indonesia. And this rule of law should be applied irrespective of the colour of the skin of the criminals involved.

    I urge the Indonesian government to review its decision and apply the law in a fair manner.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Sriram, PhD

    2/133 Toongabbie Road
    Sydney, Australia

  2. avatar oigal says:

    LOL, You would think a PhD would be able to find an Address for a government minister on google :-).

  3. avatar Derek says:

    With much respect, Dr Amir Syamsuddin, I appeal that justice should be seen to be done,
    in the matter of Shappele Corby.
    She is a convicted drug smuggler, if she is released from prison she will earn thousands of dollars in televised interviews,book deals and in the print media.
    I urge you to not release her untill her whole sentence is completed.
    There are many in Australia who feel she has bought shame on our country by the act of drug running and her misuse of the media for her own gain.

    Derek Sayer

  4. avatar Eileen says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am definitely not a Shapelle Corby supporter. You did a great thing granting parole.

    Before you make a decision about revoking her parole I know that you will consider many things. Whether she was guilty or not she has served over nine years. Australians generally are disgusted with her family. They, not Shapelle Corby who is a convicted criminal, have made millions out of her.

    Sir, I do not think that she should be taken back to prison because of what her money grabbing sister has done. Probably Shapelle had no say in the matter of what was done or said in the interview. Her sister is a greedy woman and so long as she gets money I wonder if she really cares about her sister.

    Maybe other arrangements can be made where she is removed from her sister?

    She is obviously ill and no sister should have put her freedom at risk. But she did. I don’t think Shapelle is responsible for this and I doubt she had any control over it.

    Maybe she could be put with another family? I do not know Shapelle and do not have an opinion on her guilt or not but I do believe she has been used. Not by the Indinonesian people but by her very own family who should never even thought about putting her freedom at risk. She deserves a chance. She should be removed from her sister.

    Thank you for reading this. I ask that you please consider

    Kind regards, Eileen

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