Zaskia Adya Mecca

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The lovely Zaskia Adya Mecca has been enlisted in an anti-abortion campaign in south Sulawesi.

Zaskia Adya Mecca
Zaskia Adya Mecca

Zaskia Adya Mecca, 18, for those who don't know of her talents, is an Indonesian soap opera, or sinetron, star. Her most acclaimed performance, as these things go, has been in the serial Kiamat Sudah Dekat, (Judgement Day is Near). She has been enlisted by the organisers of an anti-free sex and anti-abortion campaign in the provincial capital of Makassar who hope that she will deliver the message:

Virginity, yes!..., free sex, no!... and abortion, no!

Not a bad message at all to be delivering of course. The campaign is run by the government family welfare agency, a company called "Media Solutions", and a branch of the state telecoms provider.

Zaskia Adya Mecca
Fit For A Harem.

Zaskia has been chosen, said Rudi Iman Prasetyo of Media Solutions, because she is a well-behaved girl and a modest dresser thus making her a good role model for young women.

Zaskia Adya Mecca
Cover Yourself With This.

Apiaty Amin Syam of the family welfare body, in explaining the reasons for the campaign, talked of hymens:

Virginity is not just a matter of the hymen, it's much more than that, it is related to the problem of abortion.

He then went on to mention the high moral standards which are to be seen everywhere one looks in Indonesia, what with the child beggars in rags at every set of traffic lights, the 6th worst level of corruption in the world, slothful fatalism among the masses.

And, if viewed from a socio-cultural and religious perspective, the phenomenon of free sex is not appropriate in a culture that always holds high standards in morality and religion.

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  1. avatar Margot says:

    God! If angels in paradise are supposed to look like Zaskia, then people have made such a fuss about going there when they die.
    Millions of women are more beautiful than her in God’s good earth!

  2. avatar Gigi says:

    Pah, what a bunch of jealous infidels. I know what kind of person you are, you can’t hide your true self. I know the real you, maggot!

  3. avatar Rob says:

    What’s the connection between free sex and abortion again?

    If abstinence was a viable solution then it would be working by now, wouldn’t it? Perhaps it is time to realize that teenagers and young people do not always take the advice of wiser adults in these matters.

    Maybe as part of the campaign there should also be a component that deals with safe sex…particularly as a means of avoiding pregnancy and thus avoiding the dreaded abortion!

  4. avatar janma says:

    Wow…. I just read this thread….. it’s mad hey? some of the things they write…

    it cold be your parents teace u very tight. are that right?

    What the hell is that?

  5. avatar timdog says:

    Just scanned through it too janma – crazy sh*t huh? Where did all those drooling Zaskia fans come from? They all got so excited and aroused that they forgot how to speak English good… or was it the other way around – they forgot that they couldn’t speak it and tried anyway?
    The seething, tormented sexual frustration in all these “Zaskia U R the best womans – B my wife I luv U” posts is so palpable I feel filthy-dirty just reading them…

  6. avatar gigi says:

    it cold be your parents teace u very tight. are that right?

    I think the poor guy meant ‘I think that your parents were very strict at home’. He misinterpret the Indonesian word “ketat” as “tight”, whereas it should have been “strict”.

  7. avatar Suyanto Wibowo says:

    Oh my God …

    I want to be “Halal” for Zaskia Adya Mecca

    Is that too far ? …

    At least I can dream about it …

    Who know, the dream come true …

  8. avatar nNuyzz says:

    SubhanaLLaH. .

    u’re more than i ever knew. .

    realizin that u could be 1 of inspiring woman in Indonesia.
    Owh, it’s a hard things 2 do . .

    Hopefully, Allah would bless u all d way..

    would u like 2 b my friend ?
    here ma e.add:

  9. avatar matin says:

    Ok, Zaskia keep up working with your veil or hijab; you are one in a million. Please we can keep in touch by email. You can also read my articles in The Jakarta Post. salam, matin.

  10. avatar diaz says:

    zaskia i am your hard fans

  11. avatar aang says:

    Zaskia, be Istiqomah, ok!!!
    May Allah Bless you…!!!!!

  12. avatar Odinius says:

    timdog said:

    The seething, tormented sexual frustration in all these “Zaskia U R the best womans – B my wife I luv U” posts is so palpable I feel filthy-dirty just reading them…

    No kidding. This one is downright smutty:

    zaskia i am your hard fans

    Keep it in your pants!

  13. avatar ET says:

    timdog said

    Where did all those drooling Zaskia fans come from?

    From Wonderland, on the way to Never-neverland.

  14. avatar bup van java says:

    Allah SWT has given you a very pretty face, I hope you can run things better so that people who see you as an inspiration or role model who will always give good support are also against you. Do you imitate some artists who have created a society do not trust him anymore because of bad behavior. I hope you can get better future in a career and a family. amin

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