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I Made Mangku Pastika (Governor of Bali)

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  1. avatar Maderson Ford says:

    To Whom This May Concern.

    have been staying in Bali for some time now and I would like to offer my support to Mr Made Mangku Pastika. His stance in regards to the non smoking laws that he introduced was a brave move. He has many great ideas and I feel that what he offers bali is just amazing.

    I would really like to meet with Me Made Paskika if this would be possible.

    Please advise.

    KInd Regards

    Maderson Ford
    081 337346340

  2. avatar Kai Kaursen says:

    Dear Governor,

    I am an American Expatriate who has lived in Bali for 8 years. I have been in the Bali Immigration office jail for 2 weeks. The American Consulat in Indonesia has not returned my many callls and tree messages. Please see if you can help me got out.

    Please google” kai laursen the solar city, to learn about my work. I presented the solar city concept t9o the former Minister of the Environment and he asked me to present the idea to the Indonesian COuncil of governments.


    Kai Laursen

  3. avatar Rebecca Childress says:


    I am hoping that someone who receives this email can help us.

    We are here on our sailboat visiting Indonesia for 6 months. We needed to haul our boat out of the water to do some repairs. We conversed with email many times with an agent before arriving here who advised us to go to a certain boat yard here, and arranged the price, and collected a deposit from us, arranging it all.

    We are now hauled out of the water, and the yard and the agent are having a disagreement, and because of this, and probably other things we dont even understand, we are in a disagreement too. They want to charge us more than double the price that they originally agreed to , to put us back in the water early next week as scheduled.

    They said they will not put us in until we pay them.

    We have the money for the original agreed upon amount, but we have no MORE money at all to give to them or to anyone else. We cant afford a lawyer, or any other help that costs money. We are so dissapointed. We dont know what to do about this situation. We speak very little Bahasa Indonesia. The agent said that its not any longer her problem, even though we have given her the deposit. The boat yard wants money right now. We dont want to give them any money because they are just going to keep asking for more and more and never put us in the water. It is said that people are doing black magic on us and on our boat. We don’t know what to do. Now th agent says to transfer another 1/3 of the payment…do we do this. She is a respected agent and I assume she is being honest but we are starting to wonder if we can trust anyonee here.

    Can any one of you help? We have a web site and will help promote anyone who can help us on the web site. We will have huge appreciation too! We know many yachts and are fairly famous ourselves, and this will look so badly for Indonesia. So many of you work so hard to promote tourism here. We dont want our bad experience to hurt all of the good people of Indonesia.

    Please, someone speak up and say they can help us.

    Rebecca Childress
    SV Brick House

  4. avatar patricia says:

    I wrote about the dogs in you country. You are horrible ! shame for you, the europeen people hate you. You kill the poor dogs or you eat them. It’s incredible !


  5. avatar Ian Hollingsworth says:

    Dear Sir
    I have been coming to Bali since 1990 and over the years the issue of plastic waste has become a huge problem. We had the great pleasure to visit again in February and it was so shocking to see the huge amount of plastic waste all over the lovely beaches which had been washed down from the rivers. Even when walking through the beautiful countryside the amount of plastic waste on the paths and blocking the irrigation ditches was terrible.
    I realise that this is a combination of education and the fact that people buy small quantities of food and cleaning products due to their household economies. But as a result there is a vast amount of plastic packaging which seems to be just thrown all over the ground.
    Bali’s economy depends on tourism and it is so sad to see the damage which is being done to this beautiful island. Can something be done to improve this
    1 . Have better education on what to do with household plastic waste
    2. Ban or have a charge on plastic bags supplied by shops. Many country’s do this and people have quickly adapted by bringing their own bags to shops. There is now a separate industry for natural fibre bags.
    3 . Try and encourage people to recycle plastic. Even getting manufactures to give a few rupees refund on returned plastic packaging may help things.
    But is nothing is done Bail’s reputation will be that of the a place covered with plastic rubbish rather than the wonderful and unique island it is.
    kind regards

  6. avatar marilyn evenson says:

    It has come to my attention that a formal recommendation is being drafted to shut down the brutal dog meat trade in Bali. The Summit of Bali officials were presented shocking documentation. This is a milestone to help stop the dog meat trade in which animals endure unspeakable suffering. You have the power to stop this trade. Please do. Thank you.

  7. avatar Carina Ringens says:

    Good morning, I CANNOT SLEEP: I am in Bali for holiday (in an apartment, not in a hotel). I love it, to spend the holiday in this beautiful country, I love the culture and the friendly people living there. But there is one thing, I don’t like at all: The waste. Everywhere, were I look, I see plastik, cans and any other kinds of waste. Many people have learned to ignore this waste, many might have resignated. Me not. The way it es now, I am sure to never come back. Take care of your natures health, the holidays quality, the mens health and our childrens future. THERE ARE WAYS TO AKT!

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