Euro Cup 2008

Jun 18th, 2008, in Opinion, by

Lairedion on the Euro 2008 football championship, and the Indonesian connection.

Football Mania!

Lately Indonesia Matters seems to be flooded with all kinds of intellectuals and literature experts boasting to one another with pompous language and the amount of books they have read. Being somewhat bored with the creeping elitism here let me take you with me to the “triviality” of football, arguably the most important side issue in a large part of our planet (except the US, Canada, Ostrali, NZ and the Subcontinent, stand to be corrected of course) and highlight one of the most well-covered sports events in the world, Euro 2008.

Any of you people here supporting a particular nation and why? And what do you think of the action so far? Which player is considered the most sexy by the ladies and gays among us? Any questions and answers will do. My favourites Holland are doing surprisingly well and finally are playing the kind of football it has been renown for since the 70’s. It’s doing good for the global image of Holland where Geert Wilders seems to be forgotten, at least temporarily.

A topic totally unrelated to Indonesia at first sight but I know Indonesians are football crazy so I’m interested in your views on Euro 2008.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst
Giovanni van Bronckhorst

To start with: Players with Indo blood:
– Giovanni van Bronckhorst
– John Heitinga
– Robin van Persie

37 Comments on “Euro Cup 2008”

  1. avatar sputjam says:

    I can’t beleieve so many would watch these matches live in the early hours of the morning watching players paid more in one week than most indonesians earn in their lifetime.

  2. avatar WT says:

    germany’s champ!! panzers’ll crush anyone on the path

  3. avatar Lairedion says:

    For the sake of attacking, technical football and the beauty of the game, please Spain, beat those one-dimensional boring Germans!

  4. avatar JOSE says:

    After the game against Russia …, which proved to Spain in this Euro is unmatched. The surgeons of football, we will open a channel to the Germans on Sunday, and we will demonstrate the essence of soccer throughout the world (again). Viva EspaƱa! Podemos!!

  5. avatar Lairedion says:

    Muchas gracias, Espana! Now we can all sleep well with the knowledge the Euro Cup is in the hands of a team who actually want and can play proper football. End of this thread, I guess.

  6. avatar Shloka says:

    Three Cheers for Spain! As I predicted. And yes, a well deserved victory.

  7. avatar gio ugut says:

    if only van Bronckhorst and van Persie would join the indo team and team up with Bambang Pamungkas then the indo team would have a good chance

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