Miss Sandra Angelia

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Sandra Angelia Politically aware young lady Sandra Angelia scores a crushing victory for East Java in Miss Indonesia 2008.

Miss Indonesia 2008

At the Jakarta Convention Center on the night of 13th May Sandra Angelia from East Java became Miss Indonesia 2008, chosen by a seven panel jury which included our hyper-nationalist politician friend from Golkar Yudhi Chrisnandi. Sandra was also chosen as Miss Favorit by the SMS voting masses.

Also Ran

Kartika Indah Pelapory from Maluku was Runner Up I while Priscilla Yvonne Supit from North Sulawesi was Runner Up II, but enough about them.

Preacher Man's Daughter

Sandra is the happy result of a union between Christian pastor Yusak Hadisiswantoro and Asti Tanuseputra. Her grandfather, Abraham Alex Tanuseputra, is the founder of the Bethany "Successful Families" Church.

Eastern Values Girl

Sandra says she is not at all used to wearing skimpy, revealing clothing, and she is very aware that as a preacher's daughter she has to be careful in this area.

Sandra Angelia

On the vitally important bikini issue (see past Indonesian beauty pageant winners' problems with this - Nadine Chandrawinata) Sandra was asked by journalists - would she be willing to wear a bikini at Miss World 2008 in the Ukraine? Sandra says

I have to wear a swimsuit in the competition, that's no problem. But if it can be negotiated I will stick to eastern values, that is I will wear a one-piece swimsuit.


Sandra is an educated girl and after fleeing Indonesia at the age of 13 in the wake of the May 1998 riots she eventually studied architecture at the University of Western Australia in Perth. This may or may not have helped her face the final key question put by the judges, this being

Indonesia is a country rich in natural wealth but so many of its people are very poor and it is a largely agrarian economy. Which economic sector would you prioritise if you were leader?

Sandra took the crowd by surprise, and won the admiration of the judges, by going off on a tangent that the most important thing was to ensure that the law was upheld and applied properly in Indonesia, and that other things would follow from this.

Triumphant moment.

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  1. avatar Deng Xiao Ping says:

    thumb up to sandra … 5 stars for u !

    Muhamad Bin Habib Awi Says

    I heard that Miss Indonesia 2008 is a Chinese Indonesian, what on earth is wrong with the judge?Are we native Indonesian people do not have beautiful girl like her?

    Why don’t you change your name to ‘Paijo’ before you made racist comment ?
    so … wanna plan to blast yourself in the next beauty contest festival ?, ha ha ha 🙂

  2. avatar Kiwibali says:

    Why don’t you change your name to ‘Paijo’ before you made racist comment ?
    so … wanna plan to blast yourself in the next beauty contest festival ?, ha ha ha

    this came from a guy, who said that javanesse are genetically inferior. if i can quote you here.

    Frankly, assimilation is not an option because once you commit to marry Javanese for the sake ‘ to prove you as an Indonesian citizen ‘, it is pointless & useless, you will only dilute your child’s blood with a lower DNA quality of human being. This is nothing personal but a reality we are facing.

  3. avatar Gaby says:

    Sandra!!! all the best for you..God Bless you!

  4. avatar Capedeh says:

    ahahahah this forum is very funny, everyone talks about religions, races, and those things that segregates people from others. Wew, I was kinda late in reading this forum, still interesting tho.

    Btw, I just wanted to point out few things. Well Mr. Mandolin, if you’re still there..If you are pointing out about lavish lifestyle, u kno what? the runner up II miss indonesia is also a daughter of GBI church’s senior pastor and she studied in Europe for a few years if I’m not mistaken. Isn’t it that studying in Europe would be more costly than in Australia? so? would you say that the two other finalists might deserve this pageant better ? Well I think you should not be too judgmental, cause everyone has his/her own problems. Maybe Sandra’s parents have other income sources ? maybe they’re not taking church’s money at all? who knows.

  5. avatar hardolin says:

    To Capedeh,

    I don’t know about the runner up’s background, well you have given new info about the runner up. Of course study in Europe is very expensive for Indonesian.

    Well capedeh, anyone who earn money from church and uses it for having lavish life style is immoral, people like that do not deserve admiration in any form!

    Sandra’s final answer was WRONG, she said that Indonesians need to obey law in order to have prosperous life. The accurate answer must be EDUCATION. There is no way law can be upheld properly in a society where the level of education is low.

    The other two finalists answered correctly by saying that education is the most important thing in making Indonesian society to be prosperous, those two contestans were smarter than Sandra but the majority of judges already knew Sandra must win the title no matter what her answer was!

    5 Judges were chinese Indonesian : Liliana Tanusudibyo, Imelda Fransisca, Harri Darsono, Peter Saerang, Marta Tilar. I am sure the judges had strong tendency to choose their own people.
    Liliana especially has close tie with Sandra’s family, she played a crucial role in convincing Sandra to join the pageant and assured her that she will win!

    Sandra’s parents do not have any other income source but full time “pastors”.

    Bethany church is notorious as a group of money grabber who prey on the vulnerable.

  6. avatar DXP says:

    Bethany church is notorious as a group of money grabber who prey on the vulnerable.

    DXP never heard of this group before, do they bomb the innocents as well when they dislike other groups ? .. so DXP will put Bethany in our black list entering into China ‘ territory

  7. avatar Miss_Surabaya says:

    Guysss..what r u talking about?
    U dont need to talk about race,religion.Its useless okay..
    Miss Indonesia was choosen already.So whatever u talking about cant change Miss Indonesia.
    I’m mixed between chinese and pribumi.My family have mixed religion too between moslem,christian and budhis so whats the heck r u talking about race and religion????
    Everybody r equal in this world, and in indonesia.Please be peace,loving each other no matter u r moslem,christian,chinese or pribumi.
    For Sandra,congratzzz sis .I believe u r the best from the other.

  8. avatar Anthony Johannes says:

    Wish you all the success for Miss World competition.
    Although you have chinese blood, but I am sure you are now a 100 % Indonesian Woman. God bless you !

  9. avatar Martin says:

    For sandra.. Show indonesia culture to the world. With your performance and your attitude.. Remember..! You come from eastern country..
    I dream u r a muslimah..
    And for my beloved moslem.. M bin habib.. Every indonesian have same chance.. If she or he the best, GO..

    Good luck

  10. avatar Marcell says:

    Sandra Angelia… U rock mate!!!
    Indo-Aussies truly support U and proud of U.
    Don’t blame me if I start liking U 🙂

    Mr. Habib Awi, you are just a foolish bloody racist apes who know nothing but your monkey business. People just like you might be responsible of 98 tragedy, the so called ‘pribumi’.. don’t U even realized there’s no man called pribumi in Indonesia? That country is built in 1945, every single person who was there since then is truly Indonesian despite wherever they came from.

  11. avatar Manuel Christen says:

    Hello Sandra Angelia

    I has a quite big wish. I collect autographs and my quite big dream and purpose it is to be received from the acting Miss Indonesia an autograph. I would be glad very much if you it dedicated for Manuel. She can send it to me in e-mail appendix or, however, in an envelope. If post from Indonesia has never received. If a sensation was for me. Many thanks to you and your Miss Ich hopes very much, my dream is realised.

    Manuel Christen Postfach 133 6374 Buochs NW Switzerland

  12. avatar benny says:

    I think sandra’s father will not bribe the judge so that she will won the competition. Nothing wrong with chineese indonesian. She also indonesian people. Many people have jeaouly feeling with the bethany church because bethany is a big church. Nothing wrong if a person that to be chosen as miss indonesia is christian right. The competition is open for any religion if I’m not wrong the competition is not belong to 1 religion right?

  13. avatar qisot says:

    Sandra has too high expectation, she did not win anything in South Africa simply she just did not deserve one.
    Many Indonesians believe that she would be in the big 5 simply because she speaks English well, they are wrong! because the ability to speak English fluently is NOT an important thing to win the title.
    The contest is about beauty, maturity and talent, she does not have any of those.

    It is ridiculous to hear her mother\’s confession that she prayed and fasted so Sandra could win, well… apparently God knew that she doesn\’t deserve it!

  14. avatar crescentsaber says:

    The hell’s with you man ? Why are you so hell-bent on bringing her down ?

    If she doesn’t win, she doesn’t win. Simple as that.

    Who are you to say she doesn’t have beauty, maturity or talent ? Your posting here shows that you’re even more immature than her.. such person does not deserve to say anything about another person he doesn’t even know.

    PS: Ability to speak fluent english might not be a decisive factor, but if you remember the former contestant (Nadine) where she confidently referred Indonesia as a “City” or said that “My admirer is Mother Teresa” …. I guess you can see the IMPORTANCE of being able to speak fluent english in an international stage.

  15. avatar Steph says:

    Muhamad Bin Habib Awi is right. This competition is indeed, rigged. And Bethany church does do dirty work. My family used to go there but we moved out so yeah, and Sandra’s family DID bribe the judges to win this thing. Her family is rich and yet they preach at a church. Ironic. The family also has a close relation to one of the judges and before Sandra went back to Indonesia she was such a whimpy girl with no talent whatsoever, and she can hardly sing too.

    I know this because My father USED to work for Bethany as well >.< and yeah Sandra Angelia and her family cheated her way. You can even look at the Miss World competition and she didn’t even get into the semi-finalists. *laughs at her*

  16. avatar qisot says:

    Hi crescentsaber, haha… you change your name right? u used to claim as kevin mario.

    First, i don’t know anything about nadine.
    second, why do you always bring nadine as the bad example?
    third, why are you defending sandra so fiercely and always knocking down nadine ?

    well, if nadine was a bad representative of your country it’s too bad for you. no one you can proud of, right?

    The case of Sandra is so ridiculous, I noticed that RCTI overexposed her and even hallucinating. Her mother was so delusion too, she prayed and fasting and said that Sandra would enter the big 5 and even sandra had more ridiculous dream she said that she deserved one of the big three finalists, hah!

    Lots of poeple think that Sandra doesn’t deserve miss Indonesia title in the first place, she won the title simply because of the rampant influence of Liliana Tanusudibyo on the judges during the contest.
    lots of people in Perth knew that she doesn’t have any talent in anything, she doesn’t sing, doesn’t dance, doesn’t play any instrument, doesn’t act, no good at sport. that’s why she did not win anything.
    She did not even a finalist of “Beauty with purpose” category, that means she is Not beautyful either.

    The report from indonesian news were so wrong, the news said that she was one of the finalists in the talent category, the fact is: the finalists of this category were three girls from Austria, Ukraine and the winner from Barbados. Sandra was NOT one of the finalists.
    There were 19 girls who joined this category and there were only 3 finalists.

    i watched YouTube, there was a video of her singing but it was over dubbed with the original singer, it’s so ridiculous and low, obviously there was someone so desperate trying to hide her bad voice!

    Well Kevin, she won’t be interested in you who only afford to live on $1000 a month. 🙁

  17. avatar diego says:

    Muhamad Bin Habib Awi Says:

    I would like to pinpoint a few things. First, I heard that Miss Indonesia 2008 is a Chinese Indonesian, what on earth is wrong with the judge?Are we native Indonesian people do not have beautiful girl like her?I bet we do,and we do have a lot. The reasons behind all of these, as far as my research the current Miss Indonesia is the daughter of a Bethany priest, if I’m not wrong his father was called Yusak. And I reckon that she is a Christiant too. And as far as my research goes, I heard a lot of people saying a bad things about the Bethany church. They do a lot of dirty works and con people. I heard from people that this Bethany church is working to “steal” people money and maybe, I said maybe, he could use the money to buy the judge to win her in this competition. I suspect that this conspiracy might happened in Miss Indonesia 2008. So I leave all the opinion to you all?? Is Miss Indonesia 2008 fight and won the crown in the stage or simply by the money that his father give to the judge??

    Now I can see why dragonwall has been barking like a pregnant bitch (dog) all the way; those brown indonesians are chinese haters.

    Oh wait, Muhammad Bin Habib Awi…, it doesn’t sound indonesian. Arab maybe?

    Sorry, draggie, it’s not indonesian, it’s the arabs (semites), stupid.

  18. avatar crescentsaber says:


    if you looked up in google, Kevin Mario is my name and crescentsaber has always been my handle since 2001. I used both of them in many occasions, so I wasnt trying to be ‘someone else’ .. i could’ve just posted as anonymous if I wanted to do that.

    If you dont know anything about Nadine, I think with the free time you have researching about how bad and overexposed Sandra is, and how her singing was so bad in YouTube, you could run a search for Nadine Miss Indonesia in Youtube and watch the interview.

    Personally I was so offended that someone with a really low level of english fluency decided that she wants to represent her country in the International stage – using ENGLISH as her form of communication. Its just wrong on so many levels. If you arent that good in something, focus on what you’re good at. Its not like all the contestants can speak english fluently, the ones that couldn’t actually chose to answer the questions in their mother tongue.

    Why I always bring Nadine as a bad example ? Because she is the perfect ‘bad’ example of what a “miss Indonesia” shouldn’t be. I don’t care if its Sandra or whoever it is, as long as she is better than Nadine, its fine with me. And personally, I think Sandra IS better than Nadine. Its going to be very hard to find a 22yr university graduate that can only mimic a 5 grade kid’s level of english.

    Third, I’m defending Sandra because I’m pissed off at people ( like you ) kept talking about ‘bribery’ and ‘rampant influence’ and so on and so on without proof. You can say whatever you want but without proof, its just another ‘conspiracy theory’ that the anti-Bethanists and anti-Sandras will sprout.

    Face it, no matter who is chosen, this discussion will take place anyway, replacing Sandra’s name with someone else. There will always be pro and contra, a war of favourites. In this special case when Sandra came out as the winner, the opportunity to shot her down grows even more compared to if someone else was chosen.. Mostly because :

    01. She’s Chinese Indonesian ( don’t say no, I know you’re all thinking it. )
    02. She’s a Christian, rooting for Bethany Church
    03. She used to study abroad in Perth

    Hypothetically, if only she is Pribumi Indonesian, a Muslim and was a University Indonesia graduate, you guys wont even say a thing. Even if her Dad has connections with the Jury. And no matter how loud you’re saying no to this, deep down in your heart you know it is plausible.

    So to keep this short, I’m sick of defending someone I hardly know.
    But I just can’t stand ignorant people like you saying things without hard proof – just based on ‘I heard that her dad does this” or “A friend of mine in Perth said that she has no talent rah rah rah”. If you actually get to know her, you might think different. So if you want to post something, post something with quality and credibility, not just chinese whispers.

    Honestly, I don’t think she’s that pretty, I don’t even consider her to be my type. But I can tell that she -at the least- is an intellectual person and actually has qualities. Yes, I dont know her, but so do you, qisot. So none of us actually had the right to say that she’s got no talent.

    To close this discussion, I don’t think she’ll be interested in me either, since I have a great girlfriend, a great job and a great life. I pity that you see quality of life judged by the amount of money you spend each month, qisot.

    Just a quick fact..
    If you’re in Indonesia, I can safely say I earn at least 10 times as much as you, minimum. If you’re in Australia, judging by the level of written english you used in your post, I can estimate that I earn at least 5 times as much as you, no matter what job you’re in. Me living on $1000 a month was when I was a student, which was the treshold to compare me and Sandra as a student.

    PS: I see that now you realize that being fluent in english IS important, hm ?

  19. avatar crescentsaber says:

    PPS: And personally, I think the prettiest Miss World would be ( in order ) Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia and China PR. =)
    …. and if Miss World is only judged by beauty, we should send BCL there

    peace out, this discussion is done.

  20. avatar qisot says:

    Hi kevin moron oopss… mario

    I already said that (and Hardolin too) one doesn’t have to be able to speak english to win this beauty contest, but you always say it again and again that english IS very important, i think you are too dumb to understand what i wrote 🙁

    About Nadine, she was NOT a Miss Indonesia as what you said, she was “Putri Indonesia”, they are different. “Putri Indonesia” organised by Miss Universe owned by Billionaire Donald Trump. That’s for your info so you are a bit smarter now 🙂

    if you think sandra is better than nadine that’s fine with me, i never said that nadine is a great person nor i said she is bad, i don’t care!

    The judges were not bribed but sandra has very close relationship with Liliana Tanusudibyo, this lady is a the owner of the pageant in Indonesia, very rich, owner of RCTI. Liliana was the head of the judges, she is a member of Bethany church, the church belongs to Sandra’s family.
    I am sure Liliana did heavily influenced the other judges to vote for Sandra.

    It is very obvious to me that she does not have any talent. She did not even a finalist in the talent category, what talent do you think she has? obviously you are so ignorant! this is Not “Chinese whispers” this is fact: Sandra did not win talent category and she did not even a finalist! do you think this statement is NOT credible?

    If you’re in Indonesia, I can safely say I earn at least 10 times as much as you
    You know that salary standard in Indonesia is very cheap, now… how much do you think average salary of a pastor there? is it normal for a pastor from third world afford to pay school fees for 3 persons in Perth? the “pastor” even able to support for many years.

    judging by the level of written english you used in your post, I can estimate that I earn at least 5 times as much as you, no matter what job you’re in.

    Hahaha… you studied in Perth only about 3 years and English is your second language yet you claim you have high salary? hahaha! obviously you are high on drugs, you are hallucinating man! I wonder what Australian company would hire a person from third world with limited English ability, very limited experience and pay high salary?

    when you were a student you lived on merely pathetic $250/week it’s so sad 🙁 even people on dole in Australia received more than that.
    Sandra is definitely not that kind of pathetic ragtag like you, she is spoil, loves luxurious stuff, drove Mercedes to campus, obviously she didn’t live on $1000 a month ;(

    The winner of Miss World 2008 is Russia, she doesn’t speak English and needed translator to translate English into Russia yet she won! do you still think that English is very important to win the title? HHmmm… well moron oopps i mean mario…use your lazy brain, stop using drugs and contribute to society!

    By the way i don’t know what BCL is, it sounds like druggy slang huh!?

  21. avatar crescentsaber says:

    Erh… resorting to attacking me personally now hm ? Its ok, I guess you ran out of material to talk about that you had to lower the level of this discussion from intelligent discussion to mere flaming… thats what most trolls in the net do anyways.

    I do know that you’re ignorant.. and immature. You merely glanced over what I posted that you missed the important points, just because you want to challenge me in an uneducated reply.

    I never said you had to be able to be fluent in english to WIN, I said it is IMPORTANT to be fluent in English if you’re REPRESENTING your country in the INTERNATIONAL stage ( that means worldwide if you’re still not following me ) specially if you choose to represent your country USING english as your communication medium. Understood ? That means that I agree with you that to win the contest you don’t have to be able to speak english, as long as YOU KNOW that you’re not good in English and actually use other alternative ( e.g a translator ) to communicate your message across.

    This is what Nadine did not do. She knew that shes not good / fluent in English, but yet she chose to use English to answer the interview. Had she gone the other way and used a translator, the result might’ve been different because the jury might not be thrown off by her inability to communicate what she wanted to say.

    You get me ?

    As for the talent thing.. you said 19 girls entered the Talent contest ? And only 3 came out as finalists ? And because Sandra was not one of the 3 finalists means that she has no talent ?
    So basically you’re saying that Sandra and the other 15 girls that didn’t win also has no talent ?

    The 3 girls that won the contest simply have MORE talent than the others. Maybe all 19 contestants can dance, sing and/or act. Maybe 10 of them can play a musical instrument and the other 9 are good in sports. But the 3 finalists are simply more talented than the others. The winner might be able to play sports, sing & dance and play an instrument while the runner up can’t do one of it. The other 16 girls that didn’t win, didn’t win because they have less talent than the 3 winners. Not because they have no talent at all.

    Now if you’re saying I’m ignorant, i can say that by stating that sentence above, you’re an asshole. Sandra ( and the other 15 girls ) didn’t win simply because the winner are more talented than them, NOT because they dont have any talent. I have to repeat myself just in case your level of intelligence is unable comprehend what I’m trying to say, sorry.

    Salary as a Pastor, I wouldn’t know.. I never worked as one. But did you research about what he did before he was a pastor ? He wasn’t a pastor his whole life, he might even has a business on the side. Or fixed deposit savings with annual returns ? I dont know and I dont think I will ever know.. but so do you. I dont have proof to support him, but you dont have proof to shoot him down either. Show me something that can prove to me that he takes his church’s money, and I will believe you, no questions asked.
    But as long as you keep accusing him without proof.. well, how do you expect me (or anyone else with an advanced level of inteeligence) to believe you ?

    I studied in Perth for 3 years, yes. But I started Uni on 2002.
    That means I’ve worked for 4 years now. I have a lot of experience in my field, and I’m good at what I’m doing.
    I’m working in a Web Development Company, and yes, they are paying me very generously because again, I’m good at what I’m doing.

    Yes, english is my second language. But after living in Perth for 7 years, I can confidently speak english as good as the native Australian. I know that with your level of english, this seem to be impossible, but fortunately some people with talent in linguistics are actually able to do this.
    Oh, I forgot to mention I have a TOEFL score of 630. Not too shabby.
    Mind you that the maximum TOEFL score would be 677.

    Here in Australia, they don’t judge you from where you come from. Doesn’t matter if you’re from a third world country or what. The lead programmer in my team is from Indonesia as well, and I’m sure he is paid at least twice as much as me. And he doesn’t speak english as fluent as me… so there you go.
    I think you should try to understand the “don’t judge a book from its cover” principle. It’s obvious that you’re very judgemental without even knowing who you’re judging.

    I lived on $1000 a month because I don’t see the need to spend more than that. Why I put that figure out is to prove that it is POSSIBLE to live on $1000 a month. *sigh* just because I have another $20.000 in the bank doesn’t mean I have to spend all of them in one go, you get me ?

    To close this pathetic discussion, BCL is Bunga Citra Lestari.

    And after reading your last post, I’m more convinced that I get paid at least 10 times as much as you, no matter where you work. You just can’t seem to present an intelligent argument with concrete proof without attacking the other side personally, and of course the swearing made it worse. Only stupid people & sore losers swore.

    PS: Please fix your grammar. Its an eyesore to read something written this badly.

  22. avatar qisot says:

    Hi Kevin moron,

    The winner of Miss World 2008 is Russia, she doesn’t speak English and needed translator to translate English into Russia yet she won!

    Moron said: As for the talent thing.. you said 19 girls entered the Talent contest ? And only 3 came out as finalists ? And because Sandra was not one of the 3 finalists means that she has no talent ?
    So basically you’re saying that Sandra and the other 15 girls that didn’t win also has no talent ?

    Qisot say:Yes, exactly! Those 16 girls are the losers and Sandra is one of the losers! What do you call the Less talented? The winner? Of course not, it’s called the LOSER!

    You said my grammar is bad? Haha! Please check yours first, your English expression is pidgin and the grammar were tarzan style 🙂

    About TOEFL, I never had to do it as English is my native.

    About you who live on $1000/month… it is pathetic ;( and I am sure Sandra would giggle.

    About BCL, I don’t need to know in the first place, not important.

    About your job? of course you could claim whatever job you do but web designing job is not an attractive Industry, I remember in year 2000 when I lost my investment during the internet bubble burst. Internet business do not generate much revenue, only a small numbers that do. Well… Kevin Moron oopps Mario, I want to invite you to send your email to my private address :johnqisot@yahoo.com so we have more space to talk.

    Well Kevin, you LOSE! You were and are defending Sandra who is a LOSER, so sad 🙁
    Btw, how is it hangin’ man?

  23. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Personally, I think Beauty pageant and Miss Indonesia contest should be conducted in basa jawa.

  24. avatar crescentsaber says:

    I’ve no idea why you keep on saying that the Winner of Miss World 2008 is Russia, that she doesn’t speak english and she needed a translator, when I obviously said in the last post that I agree with you that one doesn’t have to be fluent in English to win.

    Being a loser does not mean that the person doesn’t have ANY talent, as what you proclaimed. Being a loser means that someone or a number of people are better than you.. simple as that. That was my point and thats what I challenged you on.

    You said you lost your investment during the internet bubble burst ? That makes you one of what you yourself called “losers” thus means that you have no talent.

    As a matter of fact all of us are losers at some point. I lost to the top student in my class and had to be content of being the number 2 graduate, but that does not mean that I don’t have ANY talent. I do, but so happened that the number one had more talent. And the person that was the number 3 graduate had less talent than me.

    The less talented might be losers, but they HAVE talents. And in this case, that means Sandra has her own sets of talents. They might be great ones but still unpolished, thus why she didn’t win the talent competition. I disagree with your statement that she has NO talents whatsoever, because i consider that defamation and nobody has the right to do that to others.

    As for grammar, I’m pretty sure other readers can decide whose is better. You’re biased to think that yours is superior to mine and vice versa, so I won’t comment on this since it will lead to us trying to pick each other’s past posts for grammatical errors, and to be honest I don’t have time for that.

    Yes… I’m sure a lot of people including Sandra will giggle over my pathetic life story that I used to live on $1000 a month. But personally I’m proud of how I can save up my parent’s money and not spend it to my hearts content although I had the chance to. My parents sent me here to study and not to waste their money, and I respected that.

    They gave me money so I can survive on my own and I did just that. Its the money that they earn by working night and day – and I think I don’t have the right to splurge their hard earned money like its my money. Sure, I could spend more than $1000 by going out every night.. go on recreational activities, go shopping and buy expensive stuff.. but I didn’t. And if you think being responsible is pathetic… mate, you’re pathetic yourself.

    The “Kevin Moron oooops Mario” is getting old, can’t you come up with something else ? It wasn’t even funny in a smarter way ?

    …. and John, just so you know, there is no winner or loser in a flame war. Its like joining Olympics for the Retarded. Either you win or lose, you’re still retarded.

    I’m just sorry for myself that I had to lower myself to the likes of you just so you stop harassing someone you barely know.

    Happy Australia Day.

  25. avatar qisot says:

    Hi kev moron, how is it hangin’ ?

    Tech stock was just a small part of my investment port folio, it doesn’t mean i lost all of my investment, I made big gain in commodity & bangking 5 years bull run, so in total I still make money, in other word : I am a WINNER!
    you? a Loser, you can’t even make money in your own country, you have to come to Australia to get some 🙁
    You may be a jobless on dole (Central Link) huh?!
    your hero (heroine in this case) is a BIG LOSER! 🙁

    Well.. let’s go back to Sandra. I said that she was NOT talented at all, she did not win any award in the talent category, she did not even a finalist, she is a LOSER! if you still don’t get it you r so dumb & not worth to live any further, go kill your self!

    You are so pathetic, once you pretended to be “I love my country” when you argued with Hardolin, it’s on page 4. Read again your posting boy, it’s so stupid and hilarious Haha..LOL!

    Sure Sandra would giggle at you who can only afford to live on $150/week, it’s so pathetic. She is dreaming of marrying a son of super rich, boy! not a pathetic poor loser like you, so stop using drugs as hallucinating is destructive and bad for your health 🙂

    Let’s not to forget that she is a daughter of ‘pastor” from third world who drove Mercedes everyday and lived with luxurious life style for 9 years in Perth while millions of her people are hungry in her own home town.

  26. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ qisot

    Self aggrandizement is a feature of one poster here. Are you Dragonball by any chance, or just his twin?

  27. avatar kiwibali says:

    Self aggrandizement is a feature of one poster here. Are you Dragonball by any chance, or just his twin?

    i was gonna say that aswell.

  28. avatar crescentsaber says:

    Guys.. I’ve no idea what to say to get through qisot’s thick skull as he kept on saying the same thing over and over again… Its like talking to a brick wall, but in this case its a friggin stupid brick wall.


    Mate, if you’ve got nothing smart to say anymore, just shut up and go. You said english is your native tongue ? Because your grammar has gotten worse overtime..

    And its Centrelink, not Central Link.. Get your facts right. Yes, I chose to go to Australia because I want a higher standard of living, because in Indonesia, Web Developers are not paid as highly as they are here. Of course its a very logical option. Why stay in one place and only get paid Rp 5.000.000 a month if you’re lucky, instead of going to a better place where you get paid $4000 a month ( that is Rp 29.000.000 ) doing the same damn thing ?

    If you said “thats being patriotic” I will say.. thats being an idiot. When you have your own family and kids, and realize that if only you had moved to the better paying job, you could provide a better life for them, you’ll realize that being patriotic is nothing but an ideal and nothing else.

    I’ve no idea who the hell is “i love my country”… why the hell would I pretend to be someone else when arguing with Hardolin.. ? And you can see my avatar anyways.. its the same avatar I used throughout the site. Only sore losers pretend to be someone else – sorry if I offend you.

    And I don’t give a damn if Sandra or you would giggle at me. Why would I care ? I’ve got the greatest girlfriend and a loving family.. thats all I ever need. Giggle all you want mate, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Your posts are getting more and more pointless.. as I said, if you’ve got nothing smart to say, just shut the f up and save all of us some time ( and server space ) here.

    kev out.

    oh, Happy Chinese New Year too for people in the eastern hemisphere 🙂

  29. avatar qisot says:

    Hi Kev moron, how is it hangin’?

    Your super thick skull is hard to understand that Sandra is a loser in the competition. She does not have any serious talent that’s why she did not even make it to the final stage. That’s the fact!

    You said : “And its Centrelink, not Central Link.. Get your facts right”

    I say : well… you know it better, right?! The place for jobless to collect dole from government, I think you are still in touch with them 🙁
    well… thanks to Australian tax payers.
    Btw, thanks for the info 🙂

    You have been full-heartedly defending Sandra who is representing Indonesia but on the other hand you dislike Indonesia and even insult the people and migrated to Australia (read again your previous postings!). I think you r a confused moron who often hallucinating.
    Stop abusing drugs as it’s bad for your brain 🙁

    I am sure that you were “I love my country”, the soul of the posting, the writing style and the stupidity of the content, it is YOU! Hardolin thought so too.

    My point is : Sandra was not supposed to win the Miss Indonesia title as she was Not beautiful, not talented, not mature, not this and that.. the list can go on…She won the title simply because she was supported 100% by Liliana tanusudibyo the owner of Miss Indonesia, owner of RCTI and one of the richest in the country. This kind of mentality is primitive and self destructive.

    The unfairness of the contest is too obvious, the runner up even better as she was a talented actor and smart too, but the expectation for Sandra to win was so high, so no matter what, Sandra would win.
    This kind of mentality is very wrong that’s why Indonesia cannot compete in the International arena.

    The fact: Sandra is a loser. Both the parents confessed that they had been praying and fasting, yet she did not win anything, not even a finalist in anything. So even GOD agree with me: Sandra does not deserve anything as the contest in Indonesia was rigged in the first place!

    Kev Moron, you r a total loser boy! Stop abusing drugs boy! it makes you becomes more moroner 🙁

  30. avatar Hardol says:

    It’s official : Sandra did not win anything in Miss World 2008 in South Africa. She didn’t even a finalist in any category.

    The news from RCTI and other Indonesian news sources said that she was a finalist in “Talent Show”, it’s ridiculous… the news LIED!, they tried very hard to force people to believe that She deserved it. The fact is she doesn’t deserve anything.
    The 3 finalists of “Talent show” were Barbados (the winner), and two other runner ups from Austria and Ukraine.

    When one competes free from the interference of rigging one would face the truth. Sandra is NOT smart, nor beautiful, nor talented.

    In my previous postings I stated very clearly that my sources said that she was not talented in anything, she was a very ordinary spoilt girl who love luxurious life style.

    She was not a finalist in “Beauty with purpose”, that means she is not beautiful. My personal opinion said that she is inappropriately chubby (notice her cheeks).

    She is not a sporty person either that explains why she was not in the “sport” category. My sources said that she played tennis in Perth but did very badly 🙁

    I was so disappointed with the judges during Sandra’s answer at “Miss Indonesia” final night. The question at that night was : “Indonesia is a country rich with natural recourses but majority of the people are very poor, what action would make the situation better?”
    Basically she answered that law obedience society would make Indonesians prosper. The answer was NOT accurate at all as law could not be upheld in a society where the level of education is low. SO the accurate answer must be EDUCATION!
    You must educate people to make them obey the law, not vice versa.

    Sandra’s answer was wrong and not smart at all, but the judges knew that Sandra MUST win that night no matter what her answer was!
    It is hilarious to read comments saying that she is so smart.

    Here are the main reasons why judges picked her to win:
    1. She was a favourite of Liliana Tanusudibyo, the owner of miss Indonesia and also head of the judges. Close friend of Sandra’s family.

    2. Majority of the judges were so overwhelmed by her education status. Graduated from one of Australia’s university majoring in Architecture, a specific subject that was highly regarded in third world countries like Indonesia, and she speaks fluent English compare to majority of Indonesians. English fluency is also a rarity and considered belong to elite society. So they think she deserve the title.

    This kind of attitude reflects the sense of inferiority toward their own universities and their own language.

    3. She was a daughter of a prominent rich pastor in the country, majority of the judges were Christians and respect the rich pastor. I think these judges believed that GOD had a special plan, and chose this girl to win the Miss Indonesia and all the way becomes “Miss World 2008”.

    Her mother was so high on drugs and convinced that Sandra would be one of the big 5. I even read on other Indonesian news that even Sandra was more daring in boasting, she said she would be in the big three!
    I think they r both high on drugs.

    I laughed out loud when I saw her mum on YouTube saying that she had been fasting and praying in order Sandra to win Miss World!
    She expects a miracle obviously!

    Btw, I believe in miracle but not in this kind of total absurdity case.

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