Bashir on Martyrs & Maggots

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Some of Abu Bakar Bashir's village musings have Australians upset.

An Australian student, Nathan Franklin, who is researching Islamic boarding schools in East Java, is said to have filmed a speech/sermon given by Abu Bakar Bashir on October 22nd 2007, in which the cleric rails against "infidel" tourists in Indonesia.


The story is all over the Australian media, and to a lesser extent, British, the Indonesian press don't seem to have picked up on it as of writing.

Filthy Tourists

The sermon was hosted by the "Persatuan Pemuda Islam Pantura" (Java North Coast Islamic Youth Group) and given, it is said, near Amrozi's home village (Tenggulun, Solokuro, Lamongan, East Java), and Bashir tells about 300 listeners that

[Non-Muslims are] Worms, snakes, maggots - those are animals that crawl. Take a look at Bali....those infidel tourists. They are naked.

Of tourists in East Java:

God willing, there are none here.

Signs should be put up warning tourists that they were entering a Muslim area - if the tourists failed to dress and behave appropriately

If there were infidels here, just beat them up. Do not tolerate them.

Bashir said that when he visited Australia he had wanted to visit a beach to see the

beauty of the ocean.

But a friend there warned him that

if you enter that area you must be completely naked


He encouraged young people in East Java to struggle for an early grave:

The youth movement here must aspire to a martyrdom death.

The young must be first at the front line - don't hide at the back. You must be at the front, die as martyrs and all your sins will be forgiven. This is how to achieve forgiveness.


Parts of the video of the speech will be shown on Friday at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia. theaustralian

51 Comments on “Bashir on Martyrs & Maggots”

  1. avatar HItam TApi CIna says:

    Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    You are condemning an innocent and honest Islamic scholar who is reciting from the holy quran. You are trying to cause confusion within our ummahs by pitching Muslims against Muslims. The only hatred that I can see is spewing out of your keyboard.

    I have no doubt he is honest and he has a devine ambition.
    You are wrong to say he is innocent. He is NOT INNOCENT.

    He teaches moslems to be violent and to hate others especially infidels which in this case is tourists and may be non moslems. Not only it’s violating Indonesian law but also law of humanity that it is OK to assault and perhaps kill others.

    As a human, I have no choice but to hate violence in any forms.

    And YOU ARE AS CONFUSED AS BASHIR to condone and support violence.
    I don’t think you know how it feels to have your own father killed, to see your house burned, to have your sister raped.

    My suggestion to you and Bashir, why not declare jihad to corruption in the government. The corrupt government is to blame for all the demise we have. I believe that I don’t have to tell you that it is the main cause of poverty and stupidity and vice versa.

    Intellectuals like you, should not let yourselves absorbed in this type of fanatism and primordialism. Rather than fanning this blame game why don’t we all try to break this cycle of corruption-poverty and stupidity. You will all be martyrs and go to heaven if you can bring Indonesia to prosperity and out of stupidity.

    I think you are right. I am so stupid to waste my time writing in this stupid discussion as my fellow chink men would better work their heads off to stack up more money in their pockets.

  2. avatar Janma says:

    I have this little skit in my head that stars Bashir….. He’s on a stage and lined up with him like a chorus line are all his boys dressed in those black outfits with the 3/4 length pants and the jubahs. The music to Village Peoples YMCA pipes in……
    They start to dance, replete with jazz hands, the lot… a group of young Indonesian boys just coming out of the mosque, sajadars on shoulders find themselves surrounded..

    “Young man! Are you tired of the scouts!?
    I said young man! Do you want to get out?
    I said young man! We won’t knock you about
    It’ll be OK, why worry!?
    Young Man, you’ll be one of the gang,
    I said young man, you’ll go out with a bang,
    I said young man, you will soon get the hang of it,
    It’s OK, why worry….

    (the youngsters from the mosque start nodding and smiling, whipping their sajadah’s around their heads in time to the music, trying a few dance steps….)

    Young man, yes we kill infidels,
    I said young man, and we do it well,
    I said young man we will bend over backwards
    To make you feel you’re wanted…

    In Al Qaeda everybody is your friend.
    In Al Qaeda we’re all totally round the bend,
    In Al Qaeda, we stick with you till the end
    In Al Qaeda, In Al Qaeda.
    In al Qaeda everybody goes to go to camp
    In al Qaeda there is nothing like a frown
    (all the young men smiling widely in a chorus line, kicking up their legs…)
    In Al Qaeda grab your jubah, swing it round!
    In Al Qaeda, In Al Qaeda…

    Young man, stop bumming around,
    I said young man, if it’s God that you’ve found
    I said young man, nows your time to go down
    To your local branch and join us!
    YOung man, stop looking behind,
    I said young man, you know you’re going to find,
    I said young man, you’re sure to feel fine
    All those lovely girls in heaven…

    In Al Qaeda, you won’t be tying many knots,
    In Al Qaeda you’ll be spilling blood a lot,
    In Al Qaeda, you can give it your best shot
    In Al Qaeda, In Al Qaeda.
    In Al Qaeda the doors of heaven never shut
    In Al Qaeda, never any if’s or buts,
    In Al Qaeda, we are all a little nuts…
    In Al Qaeda, In Al Qaeda….

    (boys clapping, bashir pointing uncle sam style while marching in time…)
    We Want you! We Want You! We Want you as a new recruit!
    We Want you! We Want You! We Want you as a new recruit!

  3. avatar Riyoz says:

    wow…you ought to make a clip for that song, janma…hehehehe 😀

  4. avatar Riyoz says:

    o yeah….in case you don’t know, the CIA runs al-qaeda :)…read all about it here….

  5. avatar Lairedion says:


    Simply brilliant!

  6. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    Janma’s video clip is probably more effective than 100 Fitna movies.

  7. avatar ramster says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Tom. 🙂

    He is just an old man who gets cranky. And what about his followers you’d say?
    Well now that’s a problem.

  8. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    Agusto said

    What have gotten into you, have you been watchin too much of those kafeer britney? You are a mourtadeen now?

    Not me. After seeing Britney without knickers I became a mujahideen. 70+ of this in Paradise finally pulled me over.

  9. avatar Andrew says:

    A 15-minute “Fitna” sent most Indonesians on rage… but a Muslim cleric calling other religion followers “animal” all the time is perfectly fine.

    Oh I forgot… nevermind the old goat.

  10. avatar Janma says:

    Not me. After seeing Britney without knickers I became a mujahideen. 70+ of this in Paradise finally pulled me over.

    If you think about the Math…. it’s not much chop really….. think of all the good muslims going to heaven…… lets say for arguments sake, around 10 million to date….. and there are only 72 ‘virgins’…….. how much action do you think they are going to get really?

  11. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Dear Bu Janma,

    If you do not mind, I would like to propose your song to become an official theme song of Al-Qaeda. I believe that OBL would happyly to accept your song and the reward for yourself would be very incredible and it is not your dream anymore that OBL could ask you to become one of his concubines and the glory will soon come to you because you may become a legend mother who give pregnancy to the best warrior on the earth

  12. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    “¦.. and there are only 72 ‘virgins'”¦”¦..

    Janma, you as an accomplished midwife should certainly know all the tricks in the book. Hot milk and so…

  13. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Oh, this bashir, he is a role model for the true muslim. He is following in the footsteps of pedomoh, what could be holier than that?

    Sorry in my opinion Bashir is not so holly because there is still many other religion role model much holier than him as below:

  14. avatar jawa.apostate says:

    Dude, guys, people… don’t be so hard on him. He’s just confused, he likes himself and what he believes in – and he ain’t got no friend, so he’s trying to find some. And when he does that, he didn’t realize that he only makes clown of himself.

    And andrew got the point, a 15 min movie (or a cartoon, or anything) that (as they call it) “blasphemous” will set the moslem world on fire, buy NOT when THEY themselves start the fire (like this beard guy) so, in Indonesia probably more than 80% of the people are moslem and most of them don’t even understand the “content” of their holy book, they know how to read it in arab, but not the whole meaning. My dad’s one of them.

    I studied the book myself and found difficulties to “follow the story” or even get a grasp of what the book was talking about, no story line / clear guidance whatsoever. So if those people are confused then I hope we can understand them.

    And why doesn’t baasyir get sued? I think the people he ‘criticized’ especially christians (probably chinese ethnics also and all the rest of it) in indonesia, chose to (and have always done so) to forgive, let go and let him have whatever he wants to say. Just like giving your left cheek when slap on the right (not too good with scriptures).

    I hope for peace in my country.

  15. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ jawa.apostate

    I have not heard of Javanese apostating, nor I believe they will be any. If you are really an Indonesian Muslim and a Javanese, why would you apostate when most of the tenets of True Islam do not apply to Javanese. Care to elaborate more?

  16. avatar ~Retired Miss Indo 07~ says:

    Is his teeth real??

  17. avatar jawa.apostate says:

    –> Aluang Anak Bayang

    Thank you, and I guess I will.
    First of all I take the meaning of “apostate” as someone who left his religion.

    I AM a Javanese (really if you meet me you’ll know right away), my mom was a Javanese and so was my dad. But they had different faith; dad’s a Moslem and Mom’s a Pentecost Christian. So as a child I was confused, I liked dad cause he gave me so much (money and all), while mom was the type that kept silent all the time almost seem to let things happen. And I had no religion until I was 17.

    Then the problem with me being a Moslem was: I actually READ through the whole book. Most of my friends who were really good and cool-down Moslems never really “study” the book, as to study means to read it in Indonesian and thoroughly read the content. They prefer to read in Arabic (said it was better to do so?), only listens to preachings (which were great sometimes but also can be dangerous when people like Baashir are speaking) but never really knew what the book contains. They only know that to read it in Arabic was soothing; I know, it reading it sounds great. But do they know what they’re saying?

    Also looking at how Moslems react to things, I’m sorry to say this but those who claimed to be “true” Moslem would react almost always aggressively and violently while all the other who are not that radical are saying “those violent guys are not real moslems” And sorry to say again, after reading the book; I believe in the first.

    I am probably a different breed of Javanese, I don’t just listen to my parents when they tell me to do something, rather I’d ask “why?”. I am a Javanese who broke the tradition of being too-obedience-just-do-it-I-tell-you-it’s-true kind of Javanese and took the risk to open myself to all other faith (and atheism). I’ve studied New Age, read through the whole Bible and Koran and learned The Law of Attraction.

    I think religion seem to be the problem of this world, of only everyone just be nice to one another and to the nature (without religious attributes and mumbo jumbo), the world could have been a better place to live.

    (please guys don’t get offended, it’s just a personal opinion)

    I STILL hope for peace in my country.

  18. avatar Mach Jabber says:

    Bashir for president!

  19. avatar Zecky says:

    @ lynn

    And my husband wants me to move to Indonesia? All the way from America? Yes, he does, but I won’t.

    Very very very wise lady/girl/woman.

  20. avatar concerned says:

    lol, Retired Miss Indo 07.. i think it’s real.. (yes, it looks like he had teeth extension)

  21. avatar Judah says:

    On the religion of peace bit..i don’t know about Islam but from what i have heard they believe that any peaceful situation without the rule of Allah is not peace at all because Allah is the only giver of real peace through his statutes… This is the same with Christians..there is no peace without the peace of God..which cannot be explained in humanly terms…Religion is to do with spirituality so we cannot argue about Peace from a humanly perspective…

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