Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy theories among opinion leaders in Sumatra, American-Zionist and British conspiracies.

Zionist Conspiracies

The President of LBH Perjuangan Hukum dan Politik, Aldian Pinem, said in Medan, North Sumatra, in early April that the Geert Wilders short movie “Fitna” was an attempt to create the impression that all violence in the world was caused by Muslims.

This was not the case, he said, Islam was a creed that always encouraged its adherents to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts and there were many Quranic verses to support this. He recommended that Wilders be put to death for his lies.

He went on, in fact all recent violence and conflict in the world was caused by the actions of non-Muslims, in particular Americans and Israelis. The Zionist state of Israel, supported by the USA, had released a violence virus which had spread in three historical stages, they being:

  • 1880-1948, the effort to establish the Zionist state.
  • 1948-1967, the strengthening of the Zionist state.
  • 1967- , the effort to create instability in the Middle East.

Israel used the following agencies, – Hasymer, Squadron el-Bighala, Yasha, Hat Hiya and Hiraf Jad-on -, to spread chaos in the middle east, and the United States then exploited this chaos as an excuse to intervene militarily. beritasore

British Conspiracies

In West Sumatra the head of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI, Buya Masoed Abidin, recently said the Ahmadiyah sect had been created by Britain as a means of dividing Muslims and ensuring the success of their colonisation of the Indian sub-continent in the 19th century.

Buya Masoed Abidin
Buya Masoed Abidin, who incidentally is an internet geek, see and

Therefore the government needed to ban the sect because: antara

Ahmadiyah is not a religious movement, it’s a form of imperialism, the purpose is to create division among Muslims and ruin Islam.

What’s more, Ahmadiyah was not opposed to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, or other official religions, it’s target was clearly Islam and Islam alone.

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  1. Afshar says:

    The west did not control the world due to it’s values, laws or religion but due to its expertise in applying organised violence. First step, disunite your enemies.

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