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Foreign efforts to eradicate female genital mutilation.

United Nations

On February 27th ten United Nations agencies pledged to engage in a renewed effort to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM), or female circumcision, within a generation.

UN Deputy Secretary General Asha-Rose Migiro said:

If we can come together for a sustained push, female genital mutilation can vanish within a generation.

In Indonesia only the populist press seemed to take an interest in the story with a Surya headline screaming "The United Nations Bans Female Circumcision": xinhuanet


Prof Dr Chuzaimah T Yanggo, the head of the Youth and Women's section of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), said of the United Nations:

What do they think they're doing, it's not their business. Religion cannot be interfered with by men.

He She said the Health Department had already agreed with the MUI that there was a right way, and several wrong ways, to carry out "khitan". The right way was to "open" the "upper part", the clitoris, a little, by making a small cut, while the wrong ways involved cutting off the whole organ or making substantial cuts, and these were forbidden.

Chuzaimah said the UN was confused about circumcision because it heard stories from Africa, where the practice was more extreme.


Meanwhile the East Java secretary of the MUI, Prof Dr Hj Istibjaroh, said female circumcision was neither required nor forbidden but:

In general it is done.

The purpose was to reduce the sex drive of women, he said, while the purpose of male circumcision was to increase sex drive.

April 2006, Bandung. nytimes

He said among the women's wing of the Nahdlatul Ulama, the Muslimat NU, female circumcision was something thought not worth debating.

Endang Sri of the Indonesian Midwives Association (Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI)) in Surabaya, East Java, said however that the practice was not allowed.

When parents requested it the IBI simply performed a washing of the area. She said requests to have girls circumcised in Surabaya were rare these days, and came mainly from the northern part of the city, presumably from ethnic Madurese people. surya

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  1. avatar justin et says:

    Omigosh Shloka! I’m sure you get this all the time, but you’re incredibly intelligent and sage for a 16-year-old. I’m floored that you’re so young, really. I dig you even more now. I love Bengalis. I’m half-Italian and for some reason I always get along well with Bengalis, and Bengalis always know that I’m Italian even though I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nose that is more Jewish than Italian. I think it’s because we all like to eat and argue a lot, and consider doing both for hours on end to constitute a great Saturday night.

  2. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Ha ha ha ha…It is heart breaking conversation among nice people who so hate with Islam but they can do nothing to stop it….my girl justin…..clock is ticking and US is going to break down and total US wealth is only worth of Saudi and Iran oil proven reserve, so please decide your option wisely either you will be enslaved by Saudi or Iran or become forth wife of a wise muslim man like me , look at my sexy gravatar, …I will not only able to crack you up but I can send you to beyond orgasm

  3. avatar kinch says:

    justin: definitely related to a shared cultural affinity for verbal diarrhea + redundant gesturing whilst engaging in same + half-assed marxism + notoriously corrupt bureaucracies 😀

  4. avatar justin et says:

    Kinch, I’m so far right I’m off the bell curve. That why I was talking trash about academi-commies. The republicans aren’t far enough right for me, since I think that housewives shouldn’t get to vote and I’m opposed to breeder tax breaks, tax breaks on behalf of any dependents, government-financed childcare and maternity leave, and any institution where lazy-ass losers don’t have to pay to play.

  5. avatar Shloka says:

    @ justin et,

    Thanks. So glad to see you back on this thread. Where did you disappear?

  6. avatar kinch says:

    justin: google the blog ‘unqualified reservations’… you might like it. i do.

    i’m probably further to the right of you. hell, i’m probably further to the right than ross, altho he sounds more like an old fogey than i do 🙂

    i’m still young at heart, farah… trust me 😀

  7. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    @ justin et

    And I know I’m not alone, but man, can it feel like it in American academia, where academic Commies are so hypocritical as to ally themselves with Islamofascists out of a hatred for all that is worthwhile in this world, and out of moral, ethical, cultural, and even legal relativism, and shameless antisemitism.

    I know them all too well. We call them PCB’s (= Politically Correct Backstabbers).

    @ Shloka

    If it isn’t prying, can you tell me your origins?

    Thanks for your interest, but I’d rather prefer to guard this little secret. Enigma makes a man sexy, I’ve been told 😉 But I live in Bali and have been partially brought up in Europe. As to my worldview I have tried to explain it under the thread Persecuted Church. My avatar may also give you a hint.

  8. avatar Shloka says:

    Your explanation makes you even more enigmatic. 🙂

  9. avatar John Green says:


    It is some time since I visited these pages and I find that you are still peddling your funny little fantasies. A while ago you were telling us all about how painful it was when you had your vagina mutilated. From your recent message to Justin, it seems you have become a lesbian.

    Is this allowed for a Muslim woman? Don’t you risk being stoned to death?

  10. avatar justin et says:

    Ha! John Green just kicked Cuk’s butt with his funniness :).

    And dewa:

    “I know them all too well. We call them PCB’s (= Politically Correct Backstabbers).”

    They like to believe that they are being politically correct, but they’re really just tolerating evil, which is not correct, politically or otherwise. They cleave to the most intolerant culture in the world, which is ardently anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-freedom of religion, and anti-democracy–all the things these academic-commies supposedly believe in. They tolerate the intolerable. And they do it out of hatred toward everything that is good and worthwhile in this world. I think that if you don’t wake up every day and thank your lucky stars that you live in the free-est, most just country on earth, then you simply don’t deserve to be here.

    And Islam and academic-communism, or any form of communism, are parasitic, totalitarian idelogies which arise out of a basic deathwish. Once Muslims and communists get their way, their societies are unable to sustain themselves after the host culture/class enemy is killed off or subdued, and it cannibalizes. People with PhDs should know this. Of course, they never tell you the truth about ISlam in universities. You never learn how sick and intolerant the culture is. History departments don’t tell you about the 270,000,000 million people who have been killed in the name of Islam. You can take a class on the history of World War II, but you’ll never hear about who carried out the Eastern end of Hitler’s genocidal campaigns or about how 90% of the Bosnian Jews were killed off. ANd women’s studies departments of course never tell you about the horrors that take place in your own town under the yoke of Islam. This is probably because Saudis fund Middle Eastern studies departments.

    I’m currently in the process of filing 3 different allegations against my university with the Indiana Civil RIghts commission for non-adherence to their own admissions policies, Code of Conduct, and the law of the land where Muslims are concerned. And if anyone harasses me over having done so I’ll file a 4th allegation. I need to move back to Texas. I probably will after I get my MA. And to thin kthat my fater spent two years risking his life in the hellhole jungles of Vietnam fighting an evil, totalitarian, parasitic regime just so his own daughter could live under one in his home state. I can’t even walk safely and freely about the campus or enjoy a non-toxically hostile classroom environment because my university won’t discipline Muslims who repeatedly stalk and harass me. It’s like Saudi Arabia. I’m also working on getting an order of protection. And one student in my department has a daughter and is spending the summer in Egypt, so I’ll probably be able to get rid of him by phoning in an anonymous tip to the FBI that he had his daughter genitally mutilated. She’s 7, so I have a good shot at getting my way.

  11. avatar Shloka says:

    John Green,

    Is Cuk a woman? I was under the impression that he’s (?) a man. Speaking of lesbians, there’s this famous Muslim lesbian Irshad Manji. However, she lives in the West, and has got many death threats from Muslims. She has 24\7 police protection, her car has bulletproof glass( as expected when you rebel against any aspect of Islam) but she still somehow considers herself a Muslimah.

    However, her favorite line is, ” Thank God for the West.” 🙂

  12. avatar justin et says:

    Cuk can’t seem to pick a gender and run with it. First he said that “pussies can’t be differentiate at all,” which only an inexperienced dude in an arranged marriage and a country with a very restricted media could believe, then he was talking about having his vagina mutilated. In any event he wants to do both me and my mom, and he doesn’t argue when I call him “he/him.”

    @ Schloka, I would imagine that any chick who is one of 4 wives would resort to prison lesbianism like Muslim women in harems have always been known to do. Shoot, I would definitely be a lesbian if I lived in a country with nothing but Muslim men, since they’re all misogynist idiot pigs. Plus any dude who doesn’t have sex with women on their periods or who doesn’t regularly and happily perform oral sex on women is gay by definition, and I like my men straight. And Muslim don’t even have woman-on-top sex. Very very lame. Isn’t it odd the extent to which Muslims are obsessed with sex and yet their sex lives are necessarily really quite sucky?

  13. avatar Shloka says:

    justin et,

    Giving Cuk the benefit of doubt, maybe he’s very young?His earlier Avatar showed a little boy. I haven’t been to third base with any guy, and I don’t know the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis either. So I’ll be a little kind to him. 😉

    Of course, even though Islamic nations’ are generally dead against homosexuality, I imagine they have more closet gays than anywhere else. In other parts of the world, men and women freely interact and so sexual instincts find proper expression. In Islamic theocracies, in contrast, women and men are always strictly segregated, and in polygamous marriages husbands’ can’t keep all four satisfied. Result- rampant lesbianism. When the normal is prohibited, people generally don’t turn into saints, they fall into the abnormal.

    Of course, the reason Muslims’ are so obsessesd with sex is their sucky sex lives! IMO Muslim men are very insecure, as they know that they’re no fun in bed. That’s why they so often circumcise their women, so she can’t tell the difference. That’s also why they make their women wear tents’ so other men won’t lust after them, its also the reason they want 72 virgins in Heaven, rather than a combination of virgins’ and sluts. 😉

  14. avatar justin et says:

    @ Shloka, there’s not much difference between circumcised and uncirumcised penises. They both look the same when they’re erect. Uncircumcised ones look kinda funny when they’re soft (which I probably only think because I’m an American and that’s what’s ‘normal’ here, although I disagree with that standpoint), but soft penises aren’t very interesting anyway, so you’re not missing out on any relevant knowledge.

    And, yes, Muslims are the most prison-gay people in the world. They live under gender apartheid, which everyone knows to lead to homosexuality almost across the board. Also, while Muslims disapprove of homosexuality, the only thing that’s actually considered to be ‘homosexual’ is to be a proud, out-of-the closet gay, as well as oral sex between men, since Islam discourages oral sex, so it’s haram/’lewd.’ But butt sex between men is actually considered to confer a certain hyper-masculinity on the top guy, and is not considered to be ‘gay’ to the bottom either. And of course raping little boys is always halal, and not considered to constitute homosexual activity, since they’re considered to be asexual before they grow pubes, and since pedophilia is not only halal, but actually idealized in Islam. Egyptian, Sudanese, Moroccan, and Turkish men usually have long-term boyfriends before they get married. Oh, and if you’re a married Muslim, you can have all the gay sex on the side you want and never be considered homosexual, especially if you have kids.

    Why do you think there are so many Muslim terrorists? There has never been a terrorist who wasn’t sexually abused as a child. It’s literally a prerequisite for fitting the terrorist profile. So if anyone thinks that even one of those madrassa-educated boys wasn’t raped by an imam, they’re simply wrong. It’s a job requirement. The Saudis who run those schools are evil, but they’re not stupid, and they know what it takes to build Allah’s jihadist army.

    And yes, you’re right that their sucky sex lives are part of the reason for their obsession with sex, but that’s not the whole story. First, their society makes WAY too big of a deal out of it. Secondly, there’s the gender apartheid thing, plus the fact that it can only occur under marriage, which requires a huge financial investment, so it becomes like water in a desert. Thirdly, there’s the fact that, while their society makes such a huge deal out of it, it’s also considered so taboo that women are a threat to the staus quo just by their presence in society, which reinforces the water-in-a-desert effect by virtue of the desexualization of society. Fourth, it’s free, so it’s one of the few joys in life to Muslims living in poor countries (or Muslims who move to more affluent countries and fail to assimilate and just ghettoize, which is 99% of them, even the “educated” ones), and even when they have money Islam is still a very ascetic way of life, but sex is considered important in order to keep up recruitment in Allah’s jihadist army. Muslims aren’t allowed to enjoy literature, movies, music, any hobby which would detract from Islam’s propoagation, or even great conversation, but sex is okay, so it’s the one joy they’re allowed in life. But yes, sucky sex lives are endemic to the Muslim world, and even when they’re getting some they’re still sexually frustrated. And Muslim women aren’t allowed to have fun or express themselves in bed, and when they can’t do that, men don’t know how to please them, so nobody has a good time. Add the fact that most sex in the Muslim world is non-consentual by way of arranged marriages (i.e., it’s institutionalized rape), and fgm, and yes, Muslim sex SUCKS. Speaking of sucks, they’re not supposed to have oral sex either. I already talked about the limited number of positions, and many Sunni scholars say that people should only have sex with their clothes on. In any event, they’re not supposed to look at each other. Ugh!


    Oh, and I forgot to mention that you’re absolutely right about Muslim men’s insecurity. They know they suck in bed, and they can’t handle competition. The Muslim obsession with virginity has 2 bases: (1) Muslim men’s insecurity and inability to stand up to comparison, and (2) pedophilia. How do you think arranged marriages became commonplace in Islam? Islam only dictates that women have the approval of a mahram, not that marriages be arranged. Muslims, Arabs in particular, know that without that institution they will die off. We’ve all seen the Abu Ghraib pics. We know about Arab men’s extreme anatomical inadequacy. No woman would willingly marry an Arab man, not even an Arab woman. Why that belief about Asian men being poorly-endowed continues to perpetuate itself makes no sense in light of those pics, since we all know now that the East Asians are swingin’ serious pipe compared to Arabs.

    Arranged marriages also perpetuate Arab men’s anatomical inadequacy because, as we all know, Arabs DO NOT EVOLVE, so they just keep a-shrinking, while every other race get bigger and better in bed. Not only do arranged marriages absolutely preclude natural selection, but rampant inbreeding in the Muslim world actually causes evolution to work in reverse, with all the obvious consequences. Here are some articles/websites which talk about the unbelievable rates of consanguinity in the Arab world – as high as 80% in some places – and the genetic consequences (although nobody has ever done a study on inbreeding and IQ but I would be interested to read it if they did):

    http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/333/7573/831, http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/333/7573/831/FIG2, http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/333/7573/0, http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/333/7573/819, http://www.cags.org.ae/publications.html#blood, http://www.unl.edu/rhames/courses/212/arab_inbreed/arab_inbreed.htm, or http://www.ima.org.il/imaj/, http://www.isteve.com/cousin_marriage_conundrum.htm, http://www.iussp.org/Brazil2001/s60/S62_P04_Jurdi.pdf, http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/mole00/mole00524.htm, http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/picrender.fcgi?artid=1051637&blobtype=pdf

    I recommend these 2 most highly:

  15. avatar Shloka says:

    LOL! Those Turkish siblings were quite a funny sight. Its actually rather sad, they could’ve turned out healthy had their families and cultures prohibited inbreeding. 🙁
    I’ve often been told by my Muslim acquaintances that their religion is the most scientific and logical, as the Koran contains many “scientific proofs.” Funny how such a scientific faith forgot to add this simple titbit about science- that marrying first cousins increases the possibility of one’s kids turning out abnormal.

    And yes, it would be extremely interesting to read a study on the link between I.Q. and inbreeding. All this Muslim terrorism, violence, misogyny, gender apartheid et al, maybe this insanity isn’t only due to the Koran and Prophet Mohammed’s example, but due to repeated inbreeding. Just think, if inbreeding can make humans walk like apes(your National Geographic link) it can make them think and act like apes too. 🙂

    Just yesterday, a city Ahmedabad in my country had terrorist attacks by Muslims leaving 30 dead.The day before there were terrorist attacks in Bangalore, which is a major software center and often called India’s Silicon Valley. Again the perpetrators were (unsurprisingly) Muslims. But of course, I’m “part of the problem” if I complain.

    Purba Negero,

    I don’t know if you’ve visited this thread again, but for your information female circumcision is also done in a Buddhist majority nation Sri Lanka. Unfortunately for you, its done only by the Muslim minority of Sri Lanka, who constitute under 8% of Sri Lanka’s population.The Sri Lankan Buddhists, Hindus and Christians don’t do it and never have. The Sri Lankan Muslims’ also follow the Shafi school of Islam, like the Egyptian Muslims of Africa, and the East Asian Muslims of Indonesia\Malaysia, and unsurprisingly, all three countries, so geographically apart, circumcise girls, as mandated by the Shafi school. Islam also came to Sri Lanka around the same time it came to Indonesia, and brought female circumcision to the neo converts to Islam.

    I have significant knowledge about FGM and the regions where its prevalent thanks to my school project, but there are loads of people who might be unaware. Had I not clarified the issue of FGM not being a Hindu tradition, many people visiting this thread might have had a wrong impression.

    In future, please don’t slander Indonesia’s Hindu\Buddhist past with lies.

  16. avatar justinet says:

    Shloka, scientific and logical? As in the fact that the Torah says that God shall go by one name, yahewh, and then calls him that over 7000 times, and yet Muslims call their moon-God Allah? Logical, as in putting Jesus and Moses on the same continent, Testament, and millenium? As in confusing Mary with Miriam and Jesus with Esau, again confusing continents, millenia and Testaments? As in screwing every single scientific and historical reference on the record in scripture? The sad part is that Muslims actually believe that crap. Muslim-world higher education does nothing to remedy it, since they learn nothing but math, language and the Koran and are systematically denied any and all knowledge which would otherwise make them reasonable, decent, enlightened, legitimately-educated people instead of the ignorant monsters they always prove themselves to be.

    One cannot simultaneously think scientifically and believe that, for instance, human beings are made of clay, of water, and of blood clots, since, for one idea to hold true in any scientific line of thinking, then another, completely contradictory idea cannot hold true, and Islam is patently dualistic. I love how Muslims use ‘science and logic’ to justify misogyny, since any and all Koranic basis for these beliefs are rooted entirely in logical fallacies (i.e., the circular logic used to justify women‘s lack of property or legal rights with their “deficiency in religion” which is prescribed to them and not a structural quality, or that “men have a degree over women” because men are theoretically bigger, stronger, and financially supportive, as if women were unable to parasitize non-Muslims like the men in the Koran did in order to earn their money, or as if giraffes were superior to humans because of their greater size and strength). Actually, anyone with a 7th-grade knowledge of psychology understands that structurally-based hatred is a mere projection of inadequacy, and that misogyny is particularly transparent. Women can do everything men can do, most things better, plus we can bear children, have multiple orgasms, and, most importantly here, control men with our sexuality…which makes men necessarily what? Weak and stupid. And what are the two qualities that men attribute to women? Weakness and stupidity. Misogyny is proof of stupidity, weakness, and a lack of a basis middle-school education. Muslims also consider women to be dirty which is again projection of guilt from living in a shame culture where sexuality is retricted. They consider themselves dirty for having sexual feelings and they project that onto women because they’re ignorant morons.

    Here’s some more Muslim ‘science’ for you: a Muslim grad student in my department once told me that nothing in the Koran conflicts with science, which means that he necessarily believes that the Earth is flat, that the stars are arrows to be shot at Satan, that meteor showers are also arrows being shot at Satan/jinns, that the sun revolves around the Earth and sets in a muddy puddle, that the sky is solid and held in place by mountains, that menstruation is a disease (even though there’s no remedy nor has anyone ever tried to invent one but there are multple hormone-replacement therapies for overcoming menopause, so if anything menstruation would be health and menopause a disease, not that natural bodily processes are diseases anyway), that the moon is a lamp, that sperm are produced all throughout the human body (both male and female) and stored in the kidneys, that mothers’ genetic material decides the sex of a baby, that 340 + 0 = 360 (the only way they could have possibly arrived at the 360 joints in the human body figure), that 1/3 + 2/3 + 1/8 = 1 (the inheritance rights rundown), that camel urine (which is sold as medicine in Egyptian supermarkets, btw) and fly wings have lots of proven medicinal benefits, and, of course, that women are genetically inferior, mentally retarded, inherently immoral, filthy creatures, literally dirtier than dirt, who are actually cattle but who are still beneath camels on the food chain, who must not be allowed to exist except as the outright property (slave) of some man, and who are designed for nothing but sex, breeding, cooking, and being traded as sex slaves by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. Holding any of these beliefs would unequivocally preclude admission into any private kindergarten in the free world but apparently not my department which admits Egyptians solely on the basis of national origin out the typical academi-commie deathwish.

    Here’s a great run-down of Muslim ‘science:
    http://www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Science/index.htm, and
    http://bibleprobe.com/muhammad.htm (about half-way down, ‘Scientific Blunders’).

    There are exactly zero ‘scientific proofs’ in the Koran. The Koran, as I stated above, messed up every single scientific and historical reference it conatins without exception. The Koran also contains thousands of contradictions and Muhammad was a patently subhuman psychopath who produced neither prophecy nor miracle. Divine my ass. Scientific proofs my ass.

    I also found these articles on IQ (and corruption) and inbreeding, so I just proved myself wrong about the lack of studies concerning it. There were a couple more but my school’s library doesn’t subscribe to the journals they’re in so I couldn’t access more than the abstracts:

    Inbreeding and IQ:

    Inbreeding and corruption:
    http://hiberniagirl.blogspot.com/2008/02/consanguineous-marriage-and-corruption.html, http://hiberniagirl.blogspot.com/2008/02/consanguineous-marriage-and-corruption_17.html

    That’s horrible about the terrorist attacks, Shloka. I’m aware of Bangalore’s importance in terms of being a global technological hub. Of course they bombed it. Muslims HATE civilization and progress. Why do you think they blew up the World Trade Center and all the millenia-old Hindu and Zoroastrian temples? Of course, they just took over the Church of the Holy Wisdom, had some monkey jawas slap some minarets on it, called it the ‘Hagia Sofia’ and rewrote history so that it wasn’t (according to ignorant Muslims) built in the 6th century during Byzantine rule under the Emperor Justinian.

    Also, here are some more great links to articles on fgm, which demonstrate that you’re correct in ascertaining that, while it may occur in countries with non-Muslims, it’s overwhelmingly Muslims who do it, that almost all of those Christians/Hindus/Buddhists who have been mutilated are converts from Islam, and that fgm has spread to wherever Islam thrives (but let’s all blame it on the black Africans anyway!):


  17. avatar Kathy says:

    What’s the reason for clitoral mutilation anyway? When did this start?

    Im a student who’s researching on the history of genital mutilation.

    It’s cruel and it’s not fair for us women. Men have sex with any woman they want. As far as i know, women are expected to get their clitoris removed so they will only have sex with one husband, and i think that is just bull because it’s not fair at all.

    Women aren’t sex machines. If men go around having sex, it’s a ‘normal’ and ‘reasonable’ thing. But if women do that, what do people say? They say it is against the ‘religion’. So is it not against religion for men to go have sex with whoever they wish?

    Again. Women aren’t sex machines.

    I’m not attacking any religions here, but i cant help but question why it occurs mostly in the Islam religion. When I see Arab women, they are mostly covered in long black covers, which practically covers their whole bodies. You can only see their eyes.

    Not trying to be all cheesy, but i know these women don’t feel so good about being covered up. Why torture these women?

    Muslim men can have 5 wives if he wanted, but women can only have 1? And if they have another husband, they will get beaten up. This is just absolute madness. What else are you people trying to do to these women? Their lives are miserable enough already, should you really agree on clitoral mutilation?

    I know for a fact that almost all of these women has been sexually harassed at least once in their lives.

    Stop abusing women.

    These muslim men don’t have to cover up their bodies. They could show their genitals if they wanted to.

    To you men, all of you who are dads, teachers, uncles, brothers, or whatever, you treat women like slaves, and only want them for one reason. Sex.

    Well us women don’t only want that, we want a loyal husband, who doesn’t go around sniffing other women’s vaginas.

  18. avatar Shloka says:

    @ justin et

    Thanks a lot for those “scientific facts.” I was pretty sure that the Koran doesn’t contain any science anyway, but these arguments will come in handy when Muslims’ want to show me any supposed science in the Koran to justify their faith.

    And it simply makes me furious to see poor Black Africans blamed.The Kurds, the Indian Muslim Bohras, the Sri Lankans, the Indo-Malays, all these FGM performing cultures are neither Blacks nor Africans. In all probability, most Black Africans haven’t even heard of them.


    I too am a student and stumbled upon these pages while researching genital mutilation and I think justin et’s links might help you in your research.She’s posted quite a few links with some very useful information. I think that you might have already learnt through your research that its not only the clitoris thats’ removed. There are many types of FGM, the worst of which removes the entire external female genitalia, leaving two tiny slits for urination and menstruation. The area is then stitched together leaving a small scar. On the wedding night, the husband cuts open the stitch, often with a knife. Removing the clitoris is called cliterodectomy while removing the entire external genitalia is called infibulation. 90% + infibulations occur in Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and Senegal, all Muslim countries.

    Before and after each childbirth, women are sliced open and then stitched up again. Horrible, pathetic, repugnant, tragic. 🙁

    And its not only Arab women, Indian\Paki\Bangladeshi and pretty much all Muslim women are required to cover up, and they get so used to it that they begin to justify this abuse. IMO, its the man’s duty to control his overwhelming sexual desires, rather than compel women to dress like walking talking genitals.

    Women get “beaten up” for taking a second husband. Thats’ an understatement. They get killed, and their husbands’ often have the law on their sides.

    I wonder why, not only women, but men put up with this bulls*** too. I know that, were I a man, I would like my partner to enjoy sex and for us to have a wonderful experience together. I won’t enjoy an event where a woman I love is butchered as a little girl, and I cut her open with a knife before penetrating her. In the course of my research, I read a Somali Muslim man say, “I won’t marry an uncircumcised woman, any more than I would leave the door of my house open for robbers.” Sicko.

    And if I were a man, I would be offended if my religion presumed that I’m a beast unable to control my sexual impulses, and the sight of a woman’s face or bare arms would turn me into a raging bull.

  19. avatar justinet says:

    I totally agree with you, Shloka. If I were a Muslim man I would be deeply offended by the suggestion that I were just an animal unable to control myself, who must jump on any woman who flashes a bit of hairy ankle, no matter old, ugly, fat, whatever. And real men don’t consider themselves to be good lovers unless they please their women several times over. Thank God Westerm men’s sexual self-confidence is entirely based on the extent to which they please women in bed. And thank God that sex is regarded as a reciprocal act of affection, not like animals humping, at least among civilized people. There are always fratboys who are more like animals. And thank God that in the West we have sex in any position, that men regularly and happily perform oral sex upon us, and that they are regarded as gay if they don’t do us on our periods. The older I get the more grateful I am that I grew up and live when and where I do. And that my parents weren’t prudes and that we can talk about sex so I never regarded it as dirty or wrong, just as something that’s to be reserved for meaningful relationships out of respect for oneself and for the very act of sex. It demeans sex when there’s no reciprocity, no romance, no love. It really does. My mom has feral cats who pair off into couples and who treat each other as equals, like two birds nesting. It’s not just subhuman to relate to one another and to demean sex in the way that Muslims do. It’s sub-animal. It’s simply ungodly.

    It’s also sub-animal and ungodly to have so little regard for life the way Muslims do. Four huge bombings in 3 days. Cheese and rice.

  20. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    @ justinet

    You gave very interesting psychological explanations about the reasons why Muslim men treat women as inferior beings. What puzzles me however is the fact that so many Muslim women put up with it, even seem to approve it. Same with FGM. Seeing the growing number of hijab and jilbab on the streets, also in Western countries with Muslim immigrant populations, and the explicit, even provocative way it is worn, doesn’t leave the impression that these women have been put under pressure to do so. What’s more, if, like you said, women can

    control men with our sexuality…

    then why don’t Muslim women just do it? Remember what happened in the ancient Greek play ‘Lysistrata’, in which the women forced the men to make peace by withholding their sexual favors.

    Personally I believe that it’s indeed the women who could make a difference if, like you said,

    Women can do everything men can do, most things better,

    but unfortunately it doesn’t happen, and it would be interesting to know why.

  21. avatar justinet says:

    Dewa, the reason is because ISLAM IS A CULT. These women are fully-indoctrinated cult members who are raised in these ridiculous beliefs, and they obviously suffer from Stockholm SYndrome. Also, they’re simply under physical duress. Even in the free world they will be killed if they exert some degree of control over their lives, by, say, marying a non-Muslim or even declining an arranged marriage. In ALgeria there is a strong women’s movement, but it’s powerless. The women, like the women in Iran, want to ditch the Dark-Age Nazi slave rag, but their fear for their lives is greater than their will to be free. BUt most of these women are so uneducated that they believe the crap they’re taught, even when it defies all logic. They just don’t know better. Why are there so many black African Muslims, when the Arabic words for ‘slave’ and ‘black person’ are one and the same, and ‘black’ and ‘gloomy’ as well? Even though Muslim texts refer to them as ‘Allah’s dumbest creatures’ and calls them ‘raisinheads’ and compares them to feces? I can’t understand it either. That’s how cults work, and Islam is, to its credit, the most powerful, effective cult in the hstory of tme by a long shot.

    Kathy, your question isn’t cheesy. It’s naive, but it’s perfectly valid, and I think that every non-Muslim who knows anything about Islam once wondered this, and still does to some degree, since no explanation really serves to make complete sense of it. Also, you want to talk to Shloka about your project because she just completed a school project on fgm herself. Also, check out the links in my above post. They’re great resources and they link to all their sources.

    I’ll try to give you a quick rundown of misogyny in Islam. First, veiling and fgm are just the tip of the iceberg. Women are to be reduced to a subhuman level in Islam. In order to make themselves to acceptable to men they must dehumanize themselves so as to turn themselves into the dark-eyed houris (semi-animate blow-up dolls) men blow themselves up for to the extent that that is possible. Female “beauty” in Islam is measured by silence, immobility, and subservience/submission. Like I said above, in Islam, scripturally and as far as their treatment in reality, “women are genetically inferior, mentally retarded, inherently immoral, filthy creatures, literally dirtier than dirt, who are actually cattle but who are still beneath camels on the food chain, who must not be allowed to exist except as the outright property (slave) of some man, and who are designed for nothing but sex, breeding, cooking, and being traded as sex slaves by their fathers, brothers, and husbands.” That’s a good synopsis of women in Islamic scripture if I do say so myslef.

    First, Islam is based on the 7th-century Bedouin Aab way of life, and anthropologically speaking, they were some of the most backward people in the world, save for a few bloody (you can guess who killed whom) encounters with Jews and heretic Christians. They were a lazy, mentally ill bunch who survived through parasitism: they raided caravans, killed, and enslaved people – all of this entirely unprovoked, mind you – instead of working to make lives for themselves, to grow crops, to irrigate the desert, etc. This goes pretty far toward explaining the Muslim world today, since progress is nonexistent, since no Islamic society can survive without a host culture to parasitize and ultimately parasitizes with or without aid from the US and the EU, and since “Muslim work ethic” is still an oxymoron. It also explains their hatred for progress, which I discussed briefly in my above post to Shloka. Mecca was NOT the multicultural, cosmopolitan hub it is purported to be. Islamic “history” is full of ridiculous fabrications, like my Hagia Sofia example above. It was not on any trade route and was completely isolated from the rest of the world: http://islammonitor.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1122&Itemid=0 . Antiquity and civilization had completely bypassed those Bedouins. Muslims will tell you that Islam elevated the status of women, but that is also a lie. They will tell you that women were traded like cattle, which, true or not, still occurred under Islam and continues to to this day, although women, in theory but never in practice can reject an arranged marriage under Islam. In reality they get killed for doing so by their family. Muslims will also tell you that female infanticide was widely practiced before Islam, but Islam did not end female infanticide. First, they could sell a 3-year-old at the slave markets to some pedophile (pedophilia is still not only condoned but idealized all throughout the Musim world – hence the pedophilic obsession with virginity – as is slavery, albeit in a more underground way), so it was simply an economically unwise decision, plus there is zero archaeological evidence of babies buried either face-down or with their arms and legs in the air, so female infanticide just didn’t happen. Also, it’s practiced in two countries today – Pakistan and Afghanistan, so Islam did not end this phenomenon.

    Also, women had it considerably better before Islam. Muhammad’s first wife, Khadiya, owned a thriving business which she inherited outright from her father. She had hundreds of men working under her and they did not consider this degrading or unusual. She chose to marry Muhammad. None of these things could happen under Islam. Muhammad’s mother took off when he was a baby to find a husband, so that’s part of the explanation for the hatred of women. Then there’s gender segregation, which was practiced even during that time. Sexuality is considered to be evil, and that “evil” is projected onto women, who are believed to be Satan, so these men ultimately hate women, and themselves. Tellingly, the Arabic word for ‘civil unrest’ is the same as the word for ‘beautiful woman:’ ‘fitna.’ Women represent a threat to the status quo. Islam is based on duality and submission: kuffars are to be subservient to Muslims, women are to be subservient to men, children are to be subservient to women, etc. Because women are given so little love or respect that they grow up hating themselves. You would too if your family mourned at your birth, treated you horribly, and then pimped you away to a disturbingly older cousin for a pack of gum at age 11, then you spent the rest of your life in solitary confinement, reduced to a parasitic sex slave baby factory. Children grow up in the women’s quarters, the harem, and their mothers inflict all these horrors right back upon their children out a narcissistic sadism. That’s how fgm continues to perprtuate itself. Mothers often take part in the ceremony. My man Lloyd DeMause writes about the women who trick their daughters into being mutilated, hold them down themselves, and sing this sadistic song about it while some illiterate old skank with 3 teeth in her head slices out her genitals with a dull knife, no anaesthesia, and no antiseptic, and this is in “progressive, secular” modern Egypt:

    “We used to be friends, but today I am the master, for I am a man. Look-I have the knife in my hand. Your clitoris, I will cut it off and throw it away for today I am a man.” http://nospank.net/demause5.htm

    They are truly sick, indefensible, horrible monsters. That’s how this happens. And this is their own children they do this to. Love in a non-existent concept in Islam because being a Muslim requires a high degree of mental illness. In order to divide the world into Muslim/kuffar, Dar-al-Hab/Dar-al-Islam, and even male/female the way Islam does necessitates malignant narcissism, an incurable mental illness which precludes humanity. Malignant narcissists, the prototypical one being Muhammad, have no conscience, no soul, no concept of right vs. wrong, and no regard for human life. Ali Sina gives a good overview of Islamic narcissism: http://www.faithfreedom.org/challenge/narcissist.htm . That’s how hate perpetuates itself, and hate is the cornerstone of any Islamic society. Husbands regard their wives as mere sex slaves/breeder cows, mothers may love their children but rarely more than they hate them, and of course they hate us. Read Muslim scripture. The vast majority of it is devoted to hatred, most of it directed toward non-Muslims.

    Muslim women don’t even enjoy anything close to monkey status. They are tapeworms for all intents and purposes. Monkeys have an equivalent of an economy, the jungle ecosystem, in which they do their part to maintain the status quo, whereas Muslim women, having been reduced to parasitic sex slave baby factories, make nothing but a negative economic contribution and only bleed the economy, which provides part of the explanation for Islamic societies’ backasswardness. Monkeys grow up to be well-adjusted, self-sufficient adults, and they in turn raise their children to be well-adjusted, self-sufficient adults. If, when it’s all over and done with, your epitaph reads “ate, shat, screwed, bred, whored life away to some a-hole, made a ngeative economic contribution” then you’re a tapworm. Muslim women are kept in a state of perpetual dependence/childhood, and, like all housewives, are by definition maladjusted children incapable of self-sufficiency, and they raise their children to be the same way. This is essential to keeping Islam going, because Muslims’ primary obligation is that of breeding in order to keep up the numbers in Allah’s army, so they get married at an always inapproporiately young age because they’re maladjusted children incapable of self-sufficiency, so they can’t live on their own. Women aren’t allowed to, since they must always be captive to some man, and men just never do. They live with their parents until marriage. Ever met a Muslim guy who lived on his own? Me neither. When they come to study abroad they live in housing for pedophiles no matter how old they are and usually even after they’re married. It never occurs to them how creepy, inappropriate, abhorrent, or socially unacceptable it is for them to be 30 and surrounded by a bunch of children because they are children themselves. It’s just normal to them.

    But I think the Muslim marriage contract and family dynamics are the sickest part of Islamic society. Muslim marriage takes place between two men, the man who owns the woman outright, and the one who is buying her. There is no mention of “woman” in the contract. there are no “women” in Islam. there are only vaginas. In fact, those scriptural verses which refer to “guarding one’s modesty” actually say “guarding one’s vagina,” their whole body, since they are nothing but vaginas. ‘Buku nikah’ (marriage contract) literally means “permission to penetrate.” The word for ‘wife’ translates to something like ‘that which is penetrated.’ Women can’t work, travel, or do anything without the permission of the man who owns them outright, and in many Islamic societies, she can’t go anywhere without him. Women are commodities, and are hated. There is no concept of love or partnership, no reciprocity. The Sharia marriage contract also has four lines for all the wives the man is allowed to marry, and a box for the woman to check saying that she is a virgin, so that of she doesn’t check it she is returned to her family so they can kill her. Even a family’s honor revolves around a woman’s sexuality, or lack thereof. That’s the basic rundown. Here are some articles which explain different aspects of the situation pretty well:

    http://www.terrorismawareness.org/videos/108/the-violent-oppression-of-women-in-islam/ (this is a short video – start with it)
    http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=2ACCD764-5177-4D05-9186-4B9EFE442849 (this one gives a good synopsis of the CSPI’s book ‘The Submission of Women and Slaves’ – the only difference between the two being a dowry and the extent to which they are beaten)
    http://islammonitor.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1425&Itemid=1 (very good article)
    http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,105011,00.html (real stories of halal incest in Islam)
    http://www.islamreview.com/articles/nikah.shtml (how rape, sex, marriage/institutionalized prostitution/sex slavery, incest, and child molestation are all the same in Islam)

    And the be-all, end-all, tell-all, which is really a book, not an article:

    Oh, and men can’t show their genitals in Islam. They’re to be covered from waist to knee.

  22. avatar Shloka says:

    justin et,

    Muslims’ have indeed had a lovely weekend. Bombing Muslim Turkey, Muslim Iraq and Indian cities. They’ve piled up 150+ dead bodies.

    And how can you say that Islam has no gender equality? Thats’ utter crap. The worst attack during the weekend (or the best from the Muslim point of view) was when Iraqi Sunni female suicide bombers attacked Shia pilgrims. See, Islam does employ women as suicide bombers, even it doesn’t pay them 72 virgins as their reward in Paradise, so I don’t know what motivates the women. 😉

    Turkey, Iraq and other Muslim countries have Muslims’ attacking Muslims’, but much of the non Muslim world is inexplicably attacked by Muslims’ when the Muslim population grows big. I love it when Muslims’ tell me that the best solution to the Jewish problem is to settle all the world’s Jews in the American state of Nebraska or some such place, and they won’t be allowed to move out of that place. According to Muslims’, that would bring world peace. The Muslim problem in Algeria (more fundamentalist Muslims v. less fundamentalist Muslims), the Muslims’ attacking Buddhists in Thailand, to name just a few would apparently just disappear. Jews don’t need to be isolated as they bring peace and prosperity wherever they stay. Not a single Jew blew himself and German citizens up in a German town, even though German Nazis had wiped out a third of all Jews.

    Best solution to the Muslim problem would be to send them to live in some isolated continent or faraway planet, where they can stack up a big pile of dead bodies. At least, then both the perpetrators and victims would be Muslims.

    India, Russia and others bothered by Muslim terrorism are stuck with their Muslim population for centuries, but I don’t know why the west has grown so weak and politically correct. France and many other Western nations which had in the past been the only ones to successfully resist Muslims’ now let Muslims’ enter in droves. Result: Riots in France once a year is almost de riguer and cars burnt amount to millions of dollars. Europe’s jails are filled and the welfare system is collapsing from the weight of Muslims. You’re perfectly right that 7th century Saudi was one of the world’s most backward places. Then 7th century Saudi Muslims’ wrecked the Iranian Zoroastrian Empire which was then a superpower, and inflicted considerable damage to India. We were unfortunately powerless to resist, but why have the Europeans who bravely resisted the Muslim Seiges of Malta and Vienna become so chicken hearted?

    As I write this, Muslim terrorists have planted bombs all over a few Indian cities, and our cops are busy diffusing them. So far thankfully there isn’t another successful bombing, but I’m scared to move out of my house. After 10 such bombings and thousands of lives lost, a riot breaks out, just like after repeated nuisance by Algerians and Morrocans in France, the French retaliate and a race riot occurs. The politically correct label us “part of the problem” or the non Muslim equivalent of Osama then.


    FGM and hijab\jilbab aren’t exactly the same as hijab is worn by grown women, while FGM is performed on newborn babies to girls who’ve just reached puberty. FGM, especially its most extreme forms is far worse than any hijab, as the victim suffers lifelong pain. While I was looking through the links provided by justin et, what struck me was- how can mothers who’ve been put through this brutality take their little girls to be so butchered? Where’s their maternal instinct to protect their baby?

    As for hijab and jilbab, its quite a case of Stockholm Syndrome, as justin et rightly said. In the West, its a case of, “To hell with Western “loose morals” we’re good, moral Muslimahs.” Recently, there was a BBC Poll where more than one in three British Muslim University students supported the introduction of Shariah. I wonder why they go to live in Britain and the United States then, instead of Iran and Saudi Arabia?

    Inspite of plays like Lysistrata, the Greek society was overwhelmingly patriarchal, and women generally got a raw deal. I think in the Ancient world, the Estruscans, the Egyptians and the Celts were comparatively egalitarian.In prehistory, women might’ve contributed less as the burden of childbearing and rearing always fell on them. It was man who could hunt, man who could explore distant lands and so man who eventually made religious beliefs and societies which undermined women.

    As justin et said, women can do all men can plus bear children and so could’ve controlled men. As it hapened, men managed to usurp those rights by making virginity before marriage and chastity after it the most important virtues for women. There’s a double standard to female promiscuity vis a vis male promiscuity.

    Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” For a very long time, as well as at present, women, inspite of being just as capable, seem to give consent to their maltreatment.

    The good news is that, except Saudi Arabia and similar theocracies, women are legally equal in every society and women’s movements have been successful in forwarding women’s rights. Again except most Muslim theocracies, women’s movements and the law hasn’t hesitated to overrule long held religious beliefs (and punish men who act on those beliefs) when it oppresses women. 🙂

  23. avatar justinet says:

    Shloka, it would take me all day to give my opinion on European spinelessness wrt to the Islam problem, but given Europe’s welfare state plus the Muslim “work ethic” it will be their undoing. Read ‘America Alone’ by Mark Steyn. It will scare the piss out of you. It made me appreciate our MExican population in America that much more, America itself, and made me glad that it’s the Red-staters who are having all the babies.

    And the fact that women have been so oppressed in Muslim society explains a lot in that without women, there would be anarchy. It is women’s job to socialize men so that they don’t all kill each other. Without women we would be a tribal world. Islamic societies are what happens when women are powerless. Progress is arrested, and add arranged marriage and inbreeding to the mix so that evolution worls in reverse, and sociey not only stagnates, but regresses.

    Shloka, (answering your comments in reverse), I can totally see why Muslim women would blow themselves up, despite the raw deal they get in the afterlife. They get to torture infidels all day, so there’s that. But a lot of them are widows, and I’m sure you’re familiar with the sad history of Indian women throwing themselves on funeral pyres so as to not become sex slaves to Muslim men. Muslims women have it only slightly better as widows than infidel women in Muslim societies. Muslim women are more likely to kill themselves (without taking a bunch of civilians with them) than anyone else, and the more “Islamic” the society, the more likely women are to kill themselves, the highest female suicide rate being in Afghanistan. They’re no longer virgins, so their marriage prospects are poor, and they don’t have much hope for the future unless some dude is willing to take them on as a 3rd or 4th wife, 15 kids and all. That’s how the Chechen Widows came to be. It’s not a coincidence that they’re widows. I’ve read about how, in rural Turkey, divorced women and widows are murdered in honor killings by their families because it is considered shameful to be divorced or a widow. Losers at the coffee shop tell rumors about how widows and divorcees sleep with teenage boys, and their families can’t handle it, so they kill them. Muslims always blame the victim, even when there’s no crime, only rumors of a slight transgression with no factual basis. Then there are the Palestinian little girls who are raised/brainwashed to be jihadis, and the others who are told that when they push the button that flowers will pop out.

    Also, I would say that India has done a remarkable job of fending off the Muslims for over a millenium, considering their determination to overthrow every ruler and to eradicate India’s pluralistic society. I’m sure you’re familiar with the history of it all, at least moreso than I, but Andrew Bostom makes a good case in favor my point: http://www.andrewbostom.org/blog/2008/07/10/end-the-moral-idiocy-on-kashmir/ . It has a 15% Muslim population (according to Anthony Bourdain, who is not an expert on this, but I heard it watching a show about food in India), which is about the breaking point at which most societies begin to cave to the Islamist threat. Of course, this is already happening, as efforts to secure Kashmir are halted by the Indian government caving to terrorism, which is just really sad.

    Wrt Europe, they’re doomed. The natives just aren’t having enough kids. Even without their ridiculous welfare state supporting all the Muslims who don’t work and just sit back and collect their jizya, and the others who have 15 kids they can’t support and never intend to try to, they would still be doomed. Without a young, vital work force to pay for all those aging baby boomers, the welfare state will cave. Shoot, even in America our Social Security system is doomed to collapse as we have to take care of all the aging baby boomers once they go geriatric, and we have a 100% native replacement rate (thanks to the Mexicans, God love them), not that those Social Security checks amount to much, let alone anything close to what we put into them over the course of our careers. I’m 29 and I’ve already put more into Social Security than I will ever receive and I know it. It makes me sick to think what my parents put into it and how little they’ll get back. BUt even black and white women are having babies at replacement rate, so we would be ok without the Mexicans, who outbreed the Muslims. We don’t have a welfare system which supports people who don’t work. If you don’t get a job and work 40 hours a week you can’t stay on welfare for long, and it’s hard for 2-parent households to get welfare at all, although they can easily qualify for food stamps and cheap healthcare. That’s not the case in Europe, and they’re supporting polygamists more and more, and they’re doing it while recognizing polygamous marriages, not because they recognize the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wives as single mothers. So it’s not just that their socialist-appeaser system combined with the fact that they allow in endless numbers immigrants who only come to destroy the very society they parasitize (again with the basic deathwish!), but it’s the fact that Europeans just aren’t having babies. ANd why aren’t they having babies? Because they can’t afford to because their welfare state supports too many Muslims, and soon too many old people. They’re simply too overtaxed. Canada’s not doing much better. Their welfare state isn’t quite as ridiculous, but it’s on its way there, and they already have a Sharia civil court, so they obviously have no regard for their own laws or the sanctity of their own Constitution. Their plan for survival is to rob the 3rd world of all its doctors and engineers, which they somehow consider to be humanitarian.

    It’s pretty ironic, huh? I mean, that European women’s ardent concern with their right to choose will ultimately cost them all their rights. The Russian situation is the saddest. They’ve just lost all hope. It’s no wonder Putin always caves to the Chechen “rebels” and does business with Iran. The average life expectancy of Russian men is either 58.9 or 59.8 (I forget, and btw this is all according to Mark Steyn) because of AIDS, drug-resistant strains of TB, heart disease, alchoholism, drug use, and depression. 70% of all Russian pregnancies are aborted. 70%. Under Communism the average Russian woman had 10 abortions in her lifetime, and these days I have to wonder whether they’re still using abortion as birth control. In any event, they don’t seem too hopeful, and they shouldn’t. In 50 years Russia will have a lower population than tiny Yemen. Meanwhile, the Albanians, Bosnians, and Kosovans are breeding like rats. It really will be “America Alone at the End of the World.” I just hope that India makes it too. You guys amaze me with your work ethic and your will to survive and better yourselves. Japan has a similar work ethic, but they’re not having babies. I read that the last obstetrician left Oki Island. That’s why they make toys for old people. Toy makers have no more kids to make toys for.

  24. avatar Mullah Omar says:

    Mashaallah…..Justinet, you are one hell of a kaffir, you know islam better than most muslims do! Have you ever thought of becoming a mullah or an imam? You will make a good one! Allahuakbar…!!!!

  25. avatar Shloka says:

    @ justin et,

    I’m very pessimistic about the prospects of both India and Europe, actually. But Europe’s troubles have a lot more to do with a basic death wish as with lack of babies. Since you mentioned Japanese, they’re having fewer babies than most of Europe. They would’ve been flooded by Muslims by now, had they left the gates open. Inspite of its brutal history, Japan is a remarkably peaceful, technologically advanced nation today, just the kind that Muslims would love to enter and ruin. But Japan is having none of that.
    God bless the Americans for having babies and not allowing (too many) Muslims in. Actually, Muslims like living like parasites, so they pick the most left leaning European state rather than United States to migrate to and eventually spoil.

    Actually the feminists in Europe are going to be the biggest victims of the Muslim takeover. Lets’ see how much freedom these feminists and leftists, often the biggest champions of multicultaralism are allowed once an Islamic Caliphate is established 🙂

    Even though I’m not European, I can see European nations and Canada at the top of the Democracy index and Peace index, which will of course change once Muslims become the majority. My older brother is currently in France, and he says he sees at least 4 burkha clad women every day. Luckily for him, the beaches are still what they were 🙂 but I wonder for how long?

    In India, terrorism has become a reality of life. I was really impressed when after 9\11, the American nation as a whole mourned. In India even ignoring minor terrorist attacks in troubled zones like Kashmir which are more a rule than an exception, major terrorist attacks once or twice a year in all sorts of unpredictable cities have become the norm, thanks to Muslims. Complaining about these or blaming Muslims is of course considered politically incorrect. Earlier, it were the Muslim Emperors who carried this stuff out, today its the Muslim terrorists who claim their act is, “In the name of Allah” and their aim, “To wipe out the faith of the infidels.”

    Of course, India too has its Shariah courts. Polygamy is legal for Muslims and a Muslim woman raped by her father in law was given talaq by her husband and asked to marry her father in law by the imam. Reminded me of Mohammed and his daughter in law 😉
    To learn Canada has a Shariah Civil Court is really sad. 🙁

    Islam won’t have a very easy path though. Look at all they’re up against- Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, humanists, Zoroastrians, nudists, feminists. If it weren’t for all those Communist\Leftist types suffering from the “all Muslims are pitiful syndrome” who’re now unfortunately spread all over the world, the menace would’ve long been overcome.

  26. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Muslim women are more likely to kill themselves (without taking a bunch of civilians with them) than anyone else, and the more “Islamic” the society, the more likely women are to kill themselves, the highest female suicide rate being in Afghanistan.

    Data in nation master speak itself to counter your words
    Suicide rate > Females (most recent) by country

    Showing latest available data. Rank Countries Amount (top to bottom)
    #1 Sri Lanka: 18.9 per 100,000 people
    #2 Hungary: 16.8 per 100,000 people
    #3 Estonia: 14.2 per 100,000 people
    #4 Latvia: 14.1 per 100,000 people
    #5 Lithuania: 13.4 per 100,000 people
    #6 Russia: 13.3 per 100,000 people
    #7 Slovenia: 12.6 per 100,000 people
    #8 Japan: 12 per 100,000 people
    #9 Belgium: 11.9 per 100,000 people
    #10 Finland: 11.8 per 100,000 people
    #11 Croatia: 11.7 per 100,000 people
    #12 Hong Kong: 11.3 per 100,000 people
    #13 Denmark: 11.3 per 100,000 people
    #14 Switzerland: 11.1 per 100

    The hard fact is the Muslim women are the happiest creature on earth, they keen to make more baby than any other women while their abortion and suicide rate is very low especially compare to the non-Muslim woman because the Muslim women do not need to worry on anything because they have the best man who can protect them and make them always happy like me. If you do not believe just give me chance to prove it either to yourself or your mom …just one night babe …I will send you to destination beyond your dream

    At the moment Muslim world have been enjoying what so called passive growth, even we do nothing just f*cking our growth will be un-stoppable and therefore Requonquista cannot be repeated unless the civilized world ready to make a big hole to burry billion muslim.

  27. avatar justinet says:

    Mullah Omar, that’s because I READ more than most Muslims. Did you read that each year more books are translated into Spanish than have been translated into Arabic in the last 1000 years? Another scary stat from Mark Steyn. Also, I would never be an imam because this is all my advice for leading a good life: work hard, laugh hard, play hard, abide by the Golden Rule, eat well, talk trash, be careful whch representatives you vote for, and take in any cat who adopts you becuase they were meant to be yours.

    And Shloka, we’re not “letting in” the majority of the Muslims we have. They’re coming in through our porous borders. That will come to an end if we elect McCain. We leave all the asylum-seekers with Europe and Australia. We take on Muslims on student visas, and we don’t keep most of them after those visas run out. Our welfare system only provides food stamps and cheap healthcare to illegals, fortunately, but we don’t write them checks.

    It’s not just that Muslims like living as parasites, which they certainly do, since that really is their idea of a work ethic, but they think that by collection social services from Europe they’re getting their jizya. They believe that decent, hardworking (sort of – this is Europe we’re talking about, mind you) people owe it to them.

    And isn’t it interesting how most feminists are suicidal multiculturalists? And yet they turn a blind eye to the horrors that take place in their own towns, let alone the Muslim world, under the yoke of Islam. I’m more an intolerant, old-school femininst. I believe in a woman’s right to choose in theory, but I would have no problem outlawing it except in cases of rape since I don’t believe that it’s possible to get accidentally pregnant from consentual sex. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you take the pill, you take it as directed, or you don’t have sex. And the wrong people are having abortions, if you ask me. I also don;t believe that women who don’t work should get to vote since America was founded on the principle of no taxation without representation, which should be a two-way street.

    And the democracy and peace index is bunk. It measures education and healthcare, but it also measures the extent to which a society is more communist than China, the USSR, and Cuba ever were. It measures how much free healthcare nations give away, as if people were entitled to it (if you work 40 hours a week in the US you get paid health insurance through your employer anyway), whether or not there’s government-financed childcare, whether or not women get paid maternity leave, and all other kinds of suicidal socialist constructs. I think it even measures whether or not people get paid vacations.

    And you’re sadly right about “all Muslims are pitiful syndrome.” The American Left has forgotten about 9/11. I thank my lucky stars every day that George Bush is my president and that we decimated Al Qaeda in Iraq. It was the right thing to do, I sleep better because of it, and it was worth every penny, if only to humiliate the UN. Right after 9/11 students were protesting a war that hadn’t even been conceived yet except in that we had been attacked and it was the “war on terror.” But even if Obama wins in November, it’s still the Red-staters who are having all the babies, so the Left’s power will wean eventually. Europe is different because the demographics will only change in favor of the Muslim hordes so the politician pander to retirees, near-retirees, and Muslims.

    ALso, don’t forget, since you mentioned Zainab, that not only did he marry his daughter-in-law, but he married his niece. And sexually assaulted her when she was 6. And I don’t think it’s religion that will be ISlam’s undoing. The West is a post-CHristian society, which is why we’re not having enough babies, because they do wherever Catholicism thrives (Latin America). It’s Islam that will be Islam’s undoing. People will learn about the evils of Islam and when they do, they won’t tolerate it. I think that a lot of Muslims even are like Ali SIna, who wimply didn’t realize how evil Islam was until he read the Koran in college. If everyone wore my “Everyone whose prophet had sex with a 9-year-old raise your Koran” shirt, it would make a huge difference. Education doesn’t work with Muslims, and neither do any attempts to impose any sort of morality upon them, but humiliation is pretty effective, since it’s a shame culture. They don’t understand right vs. wrong, but they understand shame.

    I would be interested to know where you got those stats, Cuk, because it evidently wasn;t UNESCO or Anmesty International. They do support my point about hopeless Russians, though, if you count the ex-Russians as Russians. And being a sex slave does not make a woman happy. Equality and dignity make women happy. There may be a certain degree of gratefulness at not having been murdered, but being a parasitic sex slave baby factory does not a happy woman make. Actually, couples with children, according to a recent study on the Today show, are less happy than people without children, but when the kids move out their happiness level normalizes. And the Muslim birthrates, surprisingly, have actually declined and will continue to. Muslims are having babies at less than replacement rate: 1.85 per couple, whereas replacement rate is 2.1, and you’re not coming close to the Latin AMericans, dear. But that’s still higher than Canadians and Europeans, who are having babies at about 1.3-4 per couple. There will actually be fewer Muslims in 50 years than there are now, and birthrates decline as societies progress, so those Muslims in Europe will be the first to fall back. Plus, they will ultimately be confined to their own cannibalizing countries once Europe shuts the gates, which may not happen for another 5 years, but it will happen. France, Denmark, and Sweden already have their hands on the knob, and not only that, but they’re explicitly using Islam, or “a lack of willingness to assimilate” as a valid reason for denying citizenship. And like I said, that welfare state will cave as soon as those baby boomers retire, which be all of them will in the next 10 years, son.

  28. avatar dewaratugedeanom says:

    @ Shloka & justinet

    Isn’t it amazing that it’s particularly the women in this forum who have the guts to speak freely and stand their ground? While men have become wussies it seems the Amazons still haven’t died out. So everything is not lost. Alhamdullillah 🙂

    That’s why I guess you also don’t need any help in dealing with the little wanker above.

    Thanks for the many links. Reading all of them will keep me busy for a while.

  29. avatar Lairedion says:

    justin et said:

    And the fact that women have been so oppressed in Muslim society explains a lot in that without women, there would be anarchy. It is women’s job to socialize men so that they don’t all kill each other. Without women we would be a tribal world. Islamic societies are what happens when women are powerless. Progress is arrested, and add arranged marriage and inbreeding to the mix so that evolution worls in reverse, and sociey not only stagnates, but regresses.

    Some true words! Kudos for you, justin et.

  30. avatar justinet says:

    I really believe that you can judge a society’s progress by the way that, not just their women, but also their children and animals are treated. But women are crucial to civilization. Camille Paglia, who’s an old-school intolerant feminist like me (not really a post-feminist as she is frequently mislabeled – those are the women who consider housewivery to be a career) has written loads on the very subject of the necessity of empowering women in order for a society to not only progress, but even to be somewhat stable, let alone peaceful.

    “To me it seems certain that the fatalistic teachings of Muhammad and the utter degradation of women is the outstanding cause for the arrested development of the Arab. He is exactly as he was around the year 700, while we have kept on developing”

    -General George S. Patton: The War as I Knew it, 1974, p.49

    Dewa, it’s because you can’t argue with the simple truth. Cuk never could. He could only talk trash about the incredibly articulate Ali Sina, who is now a bestselling author, btw, and who rarely writes anything without citations unless he’s editorializing or talking about his own life. He’s also a very kind person who always takes the time to return my emails, despite receiving hundreds a day, most of of them from people with the most horrible stories to tell about how they left Islam only after it horribly victimized them. And his Italian is excellent. I try to cite sources whenever I say anything that isn’t common knowledge, and it’s necessary to do so with Islam because most of it is just so unbelievable to non-Muslims who are only just learning about it. It’s people like us who HAVE to speak out, so that the ignorant can educate themselves. People are scared to talk about Islam or to offend Muslims, when that’s exactly what needs to happen. It shouldn’t be a taboo. You can get an NEA grant to put a Jesus doll in a jar of piss and you can spit on the Pope and be openly anti-Semitic, but somehow we’re not supposed to talk about the 270,000,000 people who have been killed in the name of Islam, about the terrorist attacks that occur every day, about the horrors of what’s happening every day in Sudan, about the fact that Islam is outright sex slavery and that it condones and encourages pedophilia, fgm, honor killing, child rape in madrassas, mosques, and schools, and even polygamy is somehow off the table. Muslims can have multiple wives, but we can’t address the fact that they do. That is crap. I have no intention of shutting up, especially on Islam in Europe, where they need to hear it the most. The truth will set you free. It’s rarely pretty and it can be hard to stomach, but ultimately Eve did the right thing when she ate that apple. We’re supposed to seek the truth and to spread it. Like Ali Sina says, “save lives, not lies.”

    Oh, and about Muslims’ suggestion about moving the Israelis to Nebraska, I actually kind of agree. Yes, Israel is the ancient land of the Jews and the modern ISraelis have done so much to modernize it, but I’m all for an exchange program whereby we ship all the Mormons to Israel and ship all the Israeli Jews to Utah and then give Utah sovereignty, kind of like the Vatican is its own little country within Rome, except that it’s a whole state. That way the Israeli Jews are safe, and since Utah is landlocked, nobody can “push them into the ocean.” And we get rid of all the Mormons. They would probably either get along with the Muslims or convert, because they are also inbred, separatist, pedophilic, polygamist cult members. And even if they all got killed off, who cares? Mormonism is kind of like Islam but with less misogyny and a strong work ethic, but like Islam, all that hard work is ONLY to benefit Mormonism, not the world as a whole or individuals themselves. And if anyone can make that Utah desert bloom, it’s the Israelis. We should be so lucky to get the Israeli Jews. They’ve done so much to benefit the world in the last 60 years. We would easily double our number of Nobel Prize winners. They deserve peace, and nobody wants to mess with Utah. It’s like trading a pawn for a queen, and the MOrmons would probably go for it so they could have their own country … for 10 minutes.

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