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Foreign efforts to eradicate female genital mutilation.

United Nations

On February 27th ten United Nations agencies pledged to engage in a renewed effort to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM), or female circumcision, within a generation.

UN Deputy Secretary General Asha-Rose Migiro said:

If we can come together for a sustained push, female genital mutilation can vanish within a generation.

In Indonesia only the populist press seemed to take an interest in the story with a Surya headline screaming "The United Nations Bans Female Circumcision": xinhuanet


Prof Dr Chuzaimah T Yanggo, the head of the Youth and Women's section of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), said of the United Nations:

What do they think they're doing, it's not their business. Religion cannot be interfered with by men.

He She said the Health Department had already agreed with the MUI that there was a right way, and several wrong ways, to carry out "khitan". The right way was to "open" the "upper part", the clitoris, a little, by making a small cut, while the wrong ways involved cutting off the whole organ or making substantial cuts, and these were forbidden.

Chuzaimah said the UN was confused about circumcision because it heard stories from Africa, where the practice was more extreme.


Meanwhile the East Java secretary of the MUI, Prof Dr Hj Istibjaroh, said female circumcision was neither required nor forbidden but:

In general it is done.

The purpose was to reduce the sex drive of women, he said, while the purpose of male circumcision was to increase sex drive.

April 2006, Bandung. nytimes

He said among the women's wing of the Nahdlatul Ulama, the Muslimat NU, female circumcision was something thought not worth debating.

Endang Sri of the Indonesian Midwives Association (Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI)) in Surabaya, East Java, said however that the practice was not allowed.

When parents requested it the IBI simply performed a washing of the area. She said requests to have girls circumcised in Surabaya were rare these days, and came mainly from the northern part of the city, presumably from ethnic Madurese people. surya

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  1. Hey Devilkitty,

    Welcome to IM.

    Wondering, as an Indonesian, what you think of Oigal’s constant criticisms. He likes complaining about how bad things are here, about pejabats, racism, what he calls injustice.

    I always tell him Indonesia does not need Bules telling us what’s wrong with our country. His comments on circumcision are coming from that perspective. Pribumi = corrupt, lazy, incapable. Bule = honest, hardworking, heroic.

    What do you think ?

  2. avatar devilkitty says:

    well i wont generalize all bule as hater that wont be fair to other bule just because of the stain caused by 1 stranger. Internet’s a theme park for racists, haters, and predators.. anyone can be bule or indonesian in internet.

  3. Devilkitty,

    I know, and don’t want to generalize about the other bule. But what do you think of a bule saying all those things and depicting themselves as someone who rights wrongs in Indonesia ?

  4. avatar Oigal says:

    anyone can be bule or indonesian in internet.

    🙂 Pegged you in one Assmad.

    Your depths of moral darkness never cease to amaze me, besides being sponsored by an avid supporter the Crocodiles. You are a supporter of FGM as well?

    You really shouldn’t presume to know from what or for what reasons I arrive at opinions.
    For someone whose opinions are totally shaped by what your sponsor tells they are it only makes regualr readers laugh.

    How’s your work on behalf on Ommi Hospital going? OH and I see your sponsor managed to turn the tables on Justice again, nice work if you can sleep.

  5. avatar Oigal says:

    I know, and don’t want to generalize about the other bule. But what do you think of a bule saying all those things and depicting themselves as someone who rights wrongs in Indonesia ?

    Laugh…Very Old (New) Order hey Assmad. Is everyone ready, don’t have an opinion unless you check it through Assmad and his sponsor first. If you can’t shut them down with facts then attempt to discredit them with lies and inane little asides.

    You must be be very proud of your crocs and their concerted effort on Sri Mulyani, classic Croc and Assmad material as the shallow and self serving rally to protect their trough of slush (Did you have a direct hand in that or only supporting services?)

  6. Oigal,

    Thanks. I’ve been busy working on songs for Prabowo’s 2014 presidential campaign, since he promised me the seat of parliamentary speaker (singer) if I compose campaign jingles for him.

    Then I’ve been helping to siphon money from Bank Century to fund the eviction of poor people, street hooker and the like by the Forum Betawi Rempug to clear land for a Bakrie-owned mall and hotel complex.

    Then, I’ll be working on an official history of Kopassus focusing on their community development work in East Timor and Aceh before tomorrow going to Jumatan with Wiranto, Zaki Makarim, Ginandjar Kartasasmita, and Taufik Kiemas.

    Finally, I’ll meet up with Tomy Winata on the weekend to plan some people smuggling and human trafficking from West Java.

    how does that sound ?

  7. avatar devilkitty says:

    i think they should introspect themselves in matter of cases in drugs/alcohol addiction especially intoxicated youths, legalized porns or female as sex objects, hate crimes, family breakdown or growth of divorce, alienation, depressions & suicidal rates, so on problems that happened in their own country as well.

  8. @ DevilKitty,

    These bules like Oigal think we need them to help solve Indonesia’s problems.

    @ Oigal – Sri Mulyani is ekonomi liberal. Some Indonesians support that. Some think that it promotes individualistic, egois thinking, and that we are more of a gotong-royong society. I’m more of an ekonomi rakyat kind of guy.

  9. avatar devilkitty says:

    Assmad ? OMNI hospital/prita case ? my life’s plain straight and simple, im not involved in activism at campus nor outside. Im just saying my honest opinion as common everyday’s life person in Indonesia, not politicians, missionaries, or social activists.

    @Achmad : our job’s to become a good citizen and a good Muslim based on Quran (im sorry. i dont really believe in hadith..), internet’s a free world for haters to judge you cant expect not to meet those kind of people browsing internet everyday can u 😀

  10. Hi Devilkitty,

    Oigal doesn’t like hearing the truth from pribumi and invents disrespectful names like ‘Assmad’. I suppose that’s what I like about living amongst my own people in Indonesia is the culture of sopan-santun and mutual respect.

    It’s true. That’s why I do the scholat, saving up for haj, and just try to make a friend and to share. I try to educate the Bule about our Indonesian ways but he doesn’t want to hear. We must in our hearts forgive the Bule for the divide et imperia (correct 🙂 ), but prevent him from trying again. Even from taking a colonial posture on the internet. But it must be done the Indonesian way, with logic, polite and keep with religion.

  11. avatar devilkitty says:

    @Achmad : if he/she is indeed a real bule (but hey, we never know) i think he should go back to reality, throw away his newspapers/tabloid and turn off his TV for a while to mingle with real Indonesian society like people in our everyday’s life Achmad. but if she/he wanna stay THAT way thats her/his business..

    humm… you’re a “real person” Achmad, but is that Sumanto in your avatar ? thats ironic. lol
    anyway, me and my mom will probably go to umrah this february, insyaallah :>

  12. @ Devilkitty,

    That is a good way. What moral guidelines would you recommend for the Bule in Indonesia ? I wonder sometimes if maybe there is a way he can be encouraged to learn about Indonesia and not just do like u said, alcohol and going to Blok M all the time. Maybe we make a bule airport tax to fund pesantren ?

  13. avatar devilkitty says:

    i think they should mingle with various Indonesian people, not just with bar girls, their pribumi maid, their drivers, their chinesse boss, or fellow expats.
    hmm.. i think foreigner airport tax/non citizen airport tax is okay but bule airport tax ? well i dont support law based on race like in our KUHPerdata.

  14. I thank you, Ibu Devilkitty Yth.,

    But I think (Seksi) Mr. Patoengs wants us to stay on the track – my bad. We can continue the bule moral behaviour code discussion another time. I’m also wondering if the law to guide such behaviour will have to be national law, a perpu, a kabupaten level bylaw, or city regulation.

  15. avatar deta says:

    Aww… finally Achmad got someone who said that he is a “real person”. The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard on this thread.

    I’ve been busy working on songs for Prabowo’s 2014 presidential campaign, since he promised me the seat of parliamentary speaker (singer) if I compose campaign jingles for him.

    Make sure not to use Indomie’s jingle this time….

  16. avatar SB says:

    I think it is better to remove the clitoris in its entirety. This prevents masturbation, lesbianism and infidelity. The clitoris is not needed for marriage or childbearing.

  17. avatar ET says:

    @ SB

    Are your initials short for ‘Son-of-a-Bitch’?

  18. avatar Lairedion says:

    No, it’s Susilo Bambang

  19. avatar ET says:

    The one who is offended by belly-buttons?

  20. avatar Lairedion says:

    That’s him and now he’s also offended by other buttons

  21. avatar diego says:

    No, Sick Bastard

  22. avatar David says:

    Based on the email address SB is a white female in the UK.

  23. avatar ET says:

    Based on the email address SB is a white female in the UK.

    Interesting. If so I wonder what the female participants in this blog have to say about this. Deta, missingchips, sobhana, Farah, dianwulan, Rima etc., c’mon gals, don’t be shy. Give it all you’ve got.

    On the other hand (s)he can also be a troll. Wasn’t Purba Negoro also supposed to be from the UK?

  24. avatar J says:

    If the clitoris is not required for childbirth or marriage, then neither is the glans of the penis. For conception the sperm are required, so you just need to take the sperm and put them into the vagina, not real need for a penis then?

    The Qu’ran does say that Allah makes perfection so cosmetic cutting like khafd, Khitan or di sunat is in fact haram. So anyone cutting childrens gentials is evil.

  25. avatar Salmin says:

    FGM…I am also muslim…..but for me it still cruel to vanish the women desires by FGM….FGM is not islamic order it only traditional order….In Islam we believed that GOD is not cruel…

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