2007 Investment

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A big increase in foreign direct investment in 2007, with Singapore leading the way.

Foreign Investment

According to the National Investment Coordinating Board, (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal, BKPM) realised foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia rose by 72% on 2006, reaching $10.34 billion.

The countries investing the most in Indonesia:

  • Singapore - $3.75 billion spread over 124 projects
  • the United Kingdom - $1.69 billion
  • South Korea - $627.7 million
  • Japan - $618.2 million
  • Taiwan - $469.7 million

Approved, but not realised, FDI was $40.14 billion in 2007, up 156% on 2006.

Domestic Investment

Meanwhile realised domestic investment rose by 57.8% to 34.87 trillion rupiah, while approved investment was at 188 trillion rupiah, up 16%. antara

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  1. avatar Dragonwall says:

    one end to the other twenty years ago.

    Yeah right but what happened? Corruption big time right! Sunat here and there, funds intended for A project being siphoned for another project because there is an urgency, so they say.

    As to flooding, the government should look more into the outlying regencies neighboring Jakarta that is pouring water into one direction, and whereas Jakarta itself is already in trouble, so flood is expected obviously.

    Those f**k**g regents should know how to make drainage instead of having the dam crack and over flow. Save moeny, corrupt money, then blame everyone.

    If those regents are doing their job, it will make Jakarta’s load lighter. Get PU to concentrte on the drainage into the sea. manufacturing companies clogging the rivers with waste must be heavily fined or have their factory close like what the american EPA is doing. But then it is useless because when someone stuff the inspector with plenty of hepeng then it is one eye open one eye shut.

    Oh yeah my friend already left tht out, WTF wants to have anything to do with that kind of stuffs.

  2. avatar Dragonwall says:

    Questions must be asked why is it that migrants from india and middle east, the first chinese settlers and even the europeans, found it easy to intermingle with the malays which the later chinese migration found it so difficult. Even the babas and nonyas abandon their culture and embrace nationalistic chinese culture.

    Sorry I missed out this part.

    Are you sure the Chinese had difficulties in mingling with malays or is that the other way round?

    And I don’t think you know anything about nyonyas and babas. It is also the other way round on what you said. They are actually born and bred Chinese but because of their every day mingling that they had sort of abandoned their own culture and speak more malays.

    Are these not mingling enough? Have they any difficulties in mingling with Malays? Judge it yourself.

    You have to be in their shoes before you say something you didn’t know or any experience in it and whereas we grew up in such a society who were our neighbors or family friends were born and bred Chinese and later being called babas.

    Like I said before, immigrants have been landing on indonesian shores for milleniums. Trouble is, nowadays, it is difficult for would be immigrant to be a Pr or citizen due to present govenrment policy

    Are you sure? I tend to find that you have the tendency of writing something which is the other way round.

    Not that it is difficult for would be immigrant to become PRs in Indonesia but it is that no one is any longer interested to become one. Give me a good reason to become one!
    You can’t, not with your natural resources, not with your business opportunities, not because Indonesia has plenty of young girls, and you cann go on with my list yourself that ends up with a NO.

    I will tell you this, people are thinking of security and personal safety when they migrate to another country. Seeking greener pasture is something secondary. Can Indonesian Government or the system provide all these. In time of riot, civil commotion how are they going to leave? Like the last time when the toll road well blocked and those rushing to the airport were robbed clean and being let off empty handed with no money to leave!

    I will also tell you this. Another of this kind of riot will see a different facet, not because there is many pris surrounding the Chinese and I will bet you that.

    Amien Rais may instigate the long march. Yusril may instigate that Indonesia become an Islamic state. Hababi and Jusuf Kalah may tell the Chinese that if they don’t like it they could somewhere else to stay. Wiranto may instigate another uprising. You knew well the outcome.

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