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Indonesian students in Australia often have a bad time.


A study by Monash and Melbourne Universities claims that Asian students studying abroad at Australian universities suffer very high levels of isolation and loneliness.

200 students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and India were surveyed with 67% of female and 62% of male respondents saying they often felt totally lost in Australia and found it difficult to make friends with local, Australian students.

The Singaporeans were the most lonely, with 100% saying they felt "in a very strange place" and "lost in a jungle", or similar sentiments, followed by Malaysians, Indonesians and Chinese. australian

Cash Cows

The same study also seemed to dispel the myth of Asian students all driving around in expensive cars and living the high life, claiming that:

...many overseas students cannot afford to eat, 60% are paid less than the legal minimum wage, and they are among those most vulnerable to exploitation......because of their lack of English skills and ignorance of workplace rights.

The authors of the study slammed universities for treating foreign students like "cash cows". culturematters

About a third of foreign students were said to have less than half the money they needed to cover basic living costs. abc

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  2. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    The great Dame Edna Everidge said “possum,” possum.

  3. avatar Janma says:

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  4. avatar Oigal says:

    Janma, see my blog and perhaps you understand why some people may question such accounts.

  5. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    From what I know, it is POME (Prisoner of Mother England). White trash in those days were affectionately called ‘Pomme’. Hope it solved your query.

  6. avatar Oigal says:

    From what I know, AAB please pay attention to your english, the previous statement, in your case is what is called “a contradiction of terms”

  7. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Don’t see the problem: “from what I know”…

  8. avatar Janma says:

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  9. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

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  10. avatar Janma says:

    What was that possum?
    Was that supposed to be pontificating? in a dsylexic daze I read that as a possible posse of fornicating posers posteriors.

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  12. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    P.S. Janma, are you really a granma ?

  13. avatar Janma says:

    Yep….. two grandaughters. You can see their photo’s on my facebook…. they are so cute!

  14. avatar Janma says:

    Why is my name coming up as a link on the recent comments list????

  15. avatar Oigal says:

    Ah don’t go attributing things to me I didn’t say.

    Poms can be part of possies but previously more probably known as pushes as possies was a word pushed onto the public by the prevailing films of the period such as Bonaza which as we know was located at the ponderosa..Sorry to tell possie was just not in vogue at those times..anyway time to rejoin my push

  16. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Everyone wants to see your granddaughters.


  17. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Tomorrow there’ll be tons of comments on your Facebook.

  18. avatar Pakmantri says:

    Good recovery there mas Achmad …………………. 😀 (although, you used the same trick last time.)

    I believe this is your second time slip off, better watch out. Ha ha ….


  19. avatar Oigal says:


  20. avatar Janma says:

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  21. avatar Oigal says:

    oh of that I have no doubt…

  22. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Are you saying I have a vagina, Oigal ? ; p

  23. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    If not posse or pomme, it could be pussie. Just swap the ‘A’ for ‘P’.

  24. avatar TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    What about a possible posse of ponitificating poseurs’ posteriors ?

    Nattering nabobs of negativism?

  25. avatar Alex says:

    Why do Indonesia people eat with there right hand??

  26. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Left hand is for robbing bule

    This is not true really- what if a man has lost his right hand due to accident?
    Then must he eat with face in a trough like a Chinaman?

    Please be sensible. SOME Muslim people eat with Right Hand because left hand is “unclean” as it is used for “cebok”= ass washing.

    Maybe that will also explain why in Indonesian student house- whether Chinese or pribumi- there are always many bottles of bottled water around the loo. It is for “cebok”= washing asshole.

    Unfortunately cebok bottle does not work on Aussie lecturer looking for new student mistress.

    Asian student= money.
    This study is a total lie- it is ridiculous. I show my son this via email- he thiunk hilarious

    you must prove to government you have at east (at time of my son eductaion) 14,500 AUD per year for tuition, at least 12,000 AUD for living expense- otherwise you do not get VISA.

    Then- you must provide proof of residency along with 12 month minimum lease.
    Student ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK MORE THAN 20 HOURS PER WEEK- visa condition.

    IF Asian student so poor- why do they have so much money to spend on making hot hatchback silly racing car?
    Stupid people from University obviously blind to Asian student carpark?
    Why is best customer demographic to Porsche, Maserati, Lotus, Mercedes Benz- Asian student? They pay in full up front!

    Why is South Yarra and Toorak- 2 fanciest suburb in Melbourne full of Asian student?

    Why are so many Asian student member of Mahogany Club for High Rollers at Crown Casino? I once go with son gambling to meet his friends- Chinese, Indian, Indonesian- all kinds- they spend me under the table- I cannot keep up!

    This “study” is stupid- merely an attempt to deflect justifiable criticism at excluding domestic deferred fee paying Australian student for more lucrative Asian student, hding sex-for-degree scams and degree-for-fee bribery.

    Salt nightclub- in Pahran (also fancy suburb) owned by former Indonesian Chinese student. Was former “Warehouse”- famous for Asian students party.

    I know one friend, whose son purchased a degree from Queensland University after wasting 10 years in Melbroune having fun.
    He give lecturer AUD $30,000 for guaranteed Credit level passes and degree- he never turn up once to class- too busy having fun partying.

    When my son go for study in Melbourne- two of his Asian friend drive Ferraris, everyone esle- brand new Toyota or hot-hatch.
    First girlfriend he have there was Chinese girl from Shanghai- she was 19- and she drive Maserati- live in Albert Park (fancy suburb)- own three houses on beach.
    Even dorky Indian friends who live in Catholic housing (Mannix- maybe) – every night go out partying.

    I have never seen so many drunk young Asians in my life as when I visit my son in Melbourne.

    My son and girlfriend encourage me and wife to go to Asian student Ball- it was held in largest room of Melbourne Casino.

    The jewellery of these stunning young Asian womens- Chinese, Indonesia, Brunei, Mynamar, Indian, everything spectacular- maybe Sultan Brunei jealous!

    I talk to one lovely Indian girl- she is a royal! Her sari- finest silk, she is covered head to toe- literally- with Indian gold jewelery and rubies- head has crown, ears gold, nostrils gold rings, every toe has a big gold ring.

    Australians very jealous of Asian student- they have tons of money and not enslaved to mortgage.
    If you find a starving Asian student- it is because he used either lost his money gambling on his drag racing hobby or used all his money for hot-hatch and now eats tinned meals every day so parents not find out

    You will never see so much cash outside a gambling den or casino- as in the hands of Asian student- money to burn- literally. Fast and Furious movie= Asian student lifestyle.

  27. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Of course they feel lost- in Yobbo Land= no maids? No Chauffeur? No bodyguard?

    No daddy to bail them out when break law?
    Aussies will fight you if pissed off- regardless of wealth or position?

    I was formerly strudent at one time in UK- so I am well aware of different cultures. In the 1960s-1970s world was very different place.

    Personally I do not think Australian are very racist- maybe a little- but that is normal for everyone.

    The Pauline Hanson thing- I never understand the big deal. Only cheating immigrant should be afraid- persons obeying law and regulations have nothing to fear.

    I warn my son- do not be too flashy- you are a guest and people get very upset NOT because they are racist- BUT economic jealousy.
    I tell him to have excellent manners and always ask for thing nicely- not like typical Indonesian “I want that…”
    Must always say thank-you and excuse me/sorry even if not wrong.
    Must not provoke fights- Aussies will fight well and not afraid of your rank or father.

    Imagine being spoilt asian student- never had to make their own bed- now has to cook, clean, wash.

    And for the women- worst of all is no tri-weekly no mani-pedi or visit to salon. They must slum it and go only once per week.
    The horror.

  28. avatar Andy says:

    Any country for the first time is difficult to adjust, it is a fact of life you must adjust and learn about the culture of the new country. In saying that Australia is a particularly generous country towards foreigners as long as they make an effort themselves. An example of this generosity is in Northern Melbourne where I saw a few mosques, many ladies in jilbabs and praying rooms in government buildings. I live near La Trobe uni in Melbourne and many times want to talk to asian students on the tram or at the shops but find most are not that interested in talking to me. It is sad really as I lived in Asia for a number of years and really appreciate the culture.
    To some degree I can understand people having more in common and feeling more comfortable language wise etc with their own people hey I used to drink in Jalan Jaksa when in Jakarta but there comes a time when you need to make an effort. Go to the footy (AFL not soccer), visit a pub or even host a bbq for a few aussies. It surely can’t hurt.

  29. avatar Rose Junaid says:

    Well, I was a bit surprise when reading the article (antara) informing about foreign stduents (to include Indonesian students) in Australia have a bad time. I myself who experienced academic culture and social life when I studied at CUT (W.A) in 2004-2006, then at Griffith (BNE) in 2008-2009 found Australia to be a great place to study.

    I think as a foreign student, someone has to posses cultural sensitivity in order to maintain a certain amount of social harmony in the host country, in this case, Australia. Appropriate academic and social behaviour prototypes need to be built on the norms which are regared as polite behavior in the society. Cross cultural understanding is important and a willingness to integrate to a certain degree is needed.

    Anyway, of course, personality plays a part in someone’s ability to integrate with others; understanding and enjoying cultural differences as well as counting every blessings we have could be a way of reducing stress when living in another country.

    What the research revealed to me was most likely students’ experiences on their first arrival in oz…(?)

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