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Muslims converting to Bahai.

Thirty-one Muslims in the Donggala area of Central Sulawesi have become apostates and converted to the Bahá'í religion, it is said, inviting the anger of their neighbours who are sticking firm to Islam, and the displeasure of the local bureaucracy.

The head of the Religious Affairs Office in Palolo sub-district said that the Bahai faith, led by one Mulahi, a former marriage counsellor, entered Banpers village in the 1990s, and Mulahi had persuaded 31 local people to convert.

But some Muslims in the village are not taking it lying down:

The homes of the Bahai followers in Banpers are often pelted with stones.

Nor is the local government, which held a meeting between concerned Muslims and the Bahaists in September, 2007, wherein the Bahai adherents were warned to have a think about which religion they wanted to belong to, either Islam, like before, or another religion which was recognised by the government, because Bahai is not. Another meeting will be held soon, to find out whether the Bahaists have had enough thinking time. antara

The Department of Religion (Depag) has also sent down an investigative team, says Muhammad Ramli in Palu, and they will have to decide whether Bahai is a sect within Islam. If so, then the converts, or their leaders, can likely be prosecuted for blasphemy. Depag also wants to find out how Bahai has been spread in the area, because if it is being preached at people who already hold a religion, then that may also constitute a crime, he said. antara

November 8th. Two out of the seven households that converted to Bahai are said to have returned to Islam, after the two heads of the households, Mulahi (70) and Muslimin (40), met with local leaders. Four others refused to change back to Islam, while the seventh did not turn up. antara

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  1. avatar Odinius says:

    So, do either of you have anything to say about Indonesia? Or the situation concerning Bahais in Indonesia?

  2. avatar Frank Johnson says:

    I have been and will reiterate once again.

    Watch the Bahais in Indonesia like a hawk and don’t let them spread their brainwashing and evil. Indonesia is a huge important target for them. Islam, one of the World’s great religions, is their enemy and the elimination of it in Indonesia is essential to their New World Order takeover.

    Why do you think Susan posts here? Think about it.

  3. avatar Susan says:

    Islam, one of the World’s great religions, is their enemy

    That certainly isn’t the attitude Baha’is have towards Islam:

    “As to Muhammad, the Apostle of God, let none among His followers who read these pages, think for a moment that either Islam, or its Prophet, or His Book, or His appointed Successors, or any of His authentic teachings, have been, or are to be in any way, or to however slight a degree, disparaged. The lineage of the Báb, the descendant of the Imam Husayn; the divers and striking evidences, in Nabil’s Narrative, of the attitude of the Herald of our Faith towards the Founder, the Imams, and the Book of Islam; the glowing tributes paid by Bahá’u’lláh in the Kitáb-i-Íqán to Muhammad and His lawful Successors, and particularly to the “peerless and incomparable” Imam Husayn; the arguments adduced, forcibly, fearlessly, and publicly by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, in churches and synagogues, to demonstrate the validity of the Message of the Arabian Prophet; and last but not least the written testimonial of  109  the Queen of Rumania, who, born in the Anglican faith and notwithstanding the close alliance of her government with the Greek Orthodox Church, the state religion of her adopted country, has, largely as a result of the perusal of these public discourses of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, been prompted to proclaim her recognition of the prophetic function of Muhammad — all proclaim, in no uncertain terms, the true attitude of the Bahá’í Faith towards its parent religion.”

    (Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 108)

    Check out my blog:

    Why do you think Susan posts here? Think about it.

    I posted here to defend the right of Indonesian villagers to decide on their own religion, whatever religion they were born into.

    The question is why are you here?

    Answer: Because of a personal obsession and a desire for revenge, that a Baha’i woman dared to cross you.

  4. avatar Frank Johnson says:

    Presumptive, exaggerating, defensive and lying. Susan certainly has all the Bahai traits she shares with Bahai Layli Miller-Muro who drafted and sneaked into law IMBRA which takes away men’s freedoms and rights (many many more similar Bahai laws to come) and receives millions of taxpayer dollars and her Father Bahai Larry Miller who, like Susan, can’t type a paragraph without several lies in it.

    Do you think if this article was talking about Muslims who converted to another phony “religion”, Scientology, she would spend 2 seconds talking about it? Of course not! She is a Bahai and her mission here is to downplay the many negative aspects of Bahaism and defend the “new” Bahais who were once part of a real religion, Islam, in the hopes of propagandizing her Bahai Cult in order to get more followers.

    They always have to get new followers since they lose converts as fast as they get new ones.

    Susan says “I posted here to defend the right of Indonesian villagers to decide on their own religion” but what she means is “I posted here to defend the right of Indonesian villagers to decide on their own religion as long as that religion is the Bahai Cult. Otherwise I could give a damn.”

    Of course you could just shorten it to “I posted here to try to brainwash you with Bahai Cult propaganda and lies so you will be more submissive during the takeover.”

    As to why I am here? Because a Bahai woman crossed me? Details please Susan.

    I am here because the more I read about the Bahai Cult, the more I realize what a fraud it is and how fascist it is, not only in the way it operates now but especially the way it plans to operate in the future. The Bahais thrive on propaganda and lies. Just look at Susan as an example. This cult has dreams of grandeur unparalleled by any bonafide religion. You don’t see Muslims or Christians pushing for a “New World Order” controlled by them. Bahais resemble Communists or Nazis more than they resemble any religion.

    What drives the Bahais are the lust for power and money. The typical Bahai peon believes if Bahais are in control, mankind will be frolicking in meadows while doves fly overhead. The Bahai elite know better. They see power and money for themselves while the Bahai peons, like Susan, do their bidding while non-Bahais serve them!

    Bahaism is a cancer and should be treated as such before it spreads. I’m here to warn people of this scourge because I saw how Bahais could easily sneak away American men’s freedoms and know that this is just the beginning of their “New World Order” with other Draconian laws and rules to come.

    There are many ex-Bahais posting the truth on the internet. Those Indonesian villagers should read what they have to say before they are brainwashed into giving up their religious beliefs in order to join a fascist cult.

  5. avatar Andri Wijaya says:

    It is really sad to hear, even i am proud to be Indonesian. But thats typical the fake democracy nowadays.

    I read all these “so-called” beautiful islamic teachings. But in fact the freedom of religion is one big problem here, and mostly it is done by these f*cking indonesian wahabbis.

    They even not just attacked the Baha’is or Christian, but also more peacefull muslims like us, very peaceful Ahmadiyya, friendly-cultured Islam Kejawen, deep-phylosophical Sufism schools(like ; Tarekat Akmaliyah that originates from very friendly Wali named Syech Siti Jenar), intelectual well educated JIL (Jaringan Islam Liberal) and much more to list here. Even in fact they are known for friendly Islams-RECOMMEND TO LEARN THE TRUTH OF ISLAM FROM ANY OF THESE PERSPECTIVES:)

    If this f*cking people think these peaceful Islam are in wrong way why it always ended with destroying the properties of the people ?.. I must say all kind of Islams that related to organisation PKS(Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/ Indonesian Justice Party), Majelis Mujahiddin Indonesia, Laskar Jihad(now it doesn’t not exist), KAMMI, and some others are untrustable kind of islam. They are identical with violence, anti-democracy, and against anything “sounds western”. All what they want to do in this land is clear ; to islamize in more “violent-bloody” arabic way. Even they start to use more arabic words like ana-anta, ikhwan, etc which is uncommon for us. Westerner should take care and avoid these muslims !!!! EVEN DONT ACCEPT THEM IN YOUR HOMELAND !!!

    But anyway we believe that our country will be still our beloved Indonesia. And no place at all for all arabic terors, violent f*cking arabic habaib like Riziq, Ba’asyir… Because the arabs who want to live in Indonesia must live according Pancasila and NOT wahabbis syari’a !

  6. avatar Abdul Fackir says:

    I find it quite a conundrum that Indonesians are the greatest defenders of the salafi form of islam yet are treated as rags when they visit mecah on Haj. Furthermore islam was only introduced by arab traders from Gujarat who were welcomed by the peaceful Hindus. Yes, Indonesia was formerly Hindu. Now, I believe, only Bali remains the only Hindu stronghold. The proselytes then forced their beliefs on the peaceful kampungs then waged war on the hindu rulers. Now saudi arabia is facing an arab spring and has decided to enter a new age of enlightenment where women are allowed to vote and seek election. Will the copycat Indonesians then call their Saudi masters orang kafirs?

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