Muslim Barbie Doll

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Salma, Islamic barbie dolls for Indonesian girls.

In Depok, West Java, Sukmawati Suryaman designs "Salma" (from the Arabic "salamah") dolls, a Muslim variant of the traditional, western, Barbie doll.

The actual dolls are imported from China, while Sukmawati makes the outfits, and by dressing the Salma dolls in Muslim dress, like in jilbab/headscarf and flowing Arab Muslim barbie
style robes, Sukmawati hopes that young girls will not only have fun but also learn important moral lessons. l6

As this video report explains Sukmawati got the idea for the Muslim barbie dolls after noticing her niece playing with western dolls in revealing, tight clothing, and she worried about the effects of this on the girl's outlook and behaviour, and wondered why Indonesian girls couldn't have dolls that better reflected their culture.

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  1. avatar Debbie Al-Harbi says:

    I am interested in your dolls and was wondering if you could send pictures and prices and the minumum I can buy and the next level up of the cut off price if I buy more than the minimum. Please also send me shipping options and weight of doll and does she have black or brown hair? Thank you kindly, Debbie Al-Harbi and God Bless.

  2. avatar Debbie Al-Harbi says:

    I sell the Muslim dolls all brands and custom made hijab and abaya,prayer dress with prayer beads,and modest clothing for any Muslim or Barbi doll. my website is and will be up and running on April 7th. I have items for one to fourteen year olds. my site is a refreshing change of manners,peace,kindness,Jannah,prayer thru play and fun the Muslim child internalizes what it means to be a Muslim on all fronts. it is a bright,cheerful,warm site and all prices are discounted because profit is secondary.I want to reach as many Muslim children as I can and i ship priority mail insured,with delivery confirmation. it arrives in two to three days.Please,minfadlek,kindly take a look,and inshaaalah you will be pleased.and if you are looking for a product and cannot find it please let me know and i will do my best to get it.thank you,shookrun,Sister Debbie Al-Harbi

  3. avatar Stinger says:

    @ debbie al-harbi
    I thought this was a discussion forum, not an arena for promoting your website and flogging your junk on-line.

  4. avatar David says:

    Good point Stinger 😉 , will delete….

  5. avatar ET says:

    @ Debbie Al-Harbi

    my site is a refreshing change of manners,peace,kindness,Jannah,prayer thru play and fun the Muslim child internalizes what it means to be a Muslim on all fronts

    I sell custom made mini bomb belts for Barbie Dolls so the Muslim children can internalize what it means to be a Muslim on all fronts.
    Are you interested?

  6. avatar Lee says:

    I have three genuine (Mattel) Indonesian Barbies, two from the Songket series and one Minang Barbie from the Dolls of Indonesia Special Series. I bought these in Bali and in Miri, Malaysia. These Barbies are wearing traditional, local, Indonesian costumes and there’s not a jilbab amongst the lot of them. It’s a bit bizarre with all the talk of ‘Westernization’ that (American) Mattel seems more able to get the ‘traditional’ clothing right than a local Indonesian woman! Does this say something about the lack of knowledge Indonesians have of their own culture? Or is it about Indonesia’s fear of not being truly Islamic unless it turns its back on its own diverse cultures and embraces Arabization?

  7. avatar thenaturist says:

    I think i can make good money selling nudist barbie dolls… and ken too…

  8. avatar Shane says:

    Do they come in a Christian or Jewish model to…

  9. avatar Inarah says:

    The BARBIE MUSLIMS, is my favourite. I ‘ve the barbie muslim and barbie not muslims and ken dool to. Barbie muslim start on ARAB.

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