Aceh Caning Picture

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A picture from late January 2006 of a man who had been caned 40 times.

Aceh Caning Picture

The explanatory note to the picture says that his body was able to withstand the punishment but he was taken to hospital for fear that he was in shock.

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  1. avatar Alif says:


    I agree with your Statement that Aceh get robbed by the the Indonesian government. Means they export nearly everything what brings money, while Aceh don’t get anything.

    It’s also good that you are proud about your Culture and traditions.

    But I’m asking myself if this is all enough for Aceh becoming an independent country.

    On 2 Occasions I was able to see and experience things, what makes me think twice, if “Merdeka” wouldn’t make Aceh suffer more.

    1. I lived several years in Aceh with my wife (Batak Madaling). We had a Business there. As the Acehnese people were to proud too work or call it also lazy, we had to employ Javanese (living in Aceh). The result was that the Acehnese didn’t like it either. Our staff got threatened, some got beaten up, some left Aceh out of fear, and 2 got killed.

    2. Now allready living for several years on Langkawi Malaysia, I went with one of the first relief organizations over to Aceh after the Tsunamie. What we found there, was that the Acehnese were too proud or maybe lazy to bury any off the body’s and that they were waiting for the Relief Organizations to do the job.

    We do not come across someone’s land and rob them. @Achehboy

    What about the Pirates from Aceh which are willing to come regular over to Malaysian Waters here in Kedah and taking whole fisher boats including fishermen.

    I’m in Langkawi in the boating & fishing Industry, and every year the Kedah Marine Police is able to catch several of this pirates. Actually it’s quite a lot, as the yearly auctions for the confiscated boats and engines here, has at least 15 boats and 60 Engines.

  2. avatar achehboy says:

    Alif, How are you doing my friend?

    Well…I would like to get to the point because I have much better things to do.
    If you are Moslem, or otherwise just ignore ’em, you must undertand the reason why Prophets were delivered to Arabs region, as if it not to Indonesian or Malaysian or any other SouthAsia countries. Some people would say our behaviour would turn to be as half of angle by now. Clearly arab is ignorant people therefore, theres is no doubt for the propets to be send to those ignorants.

    Now, lets talk about acheh. Yes you may say they are lazy. Yes… I THINK SO infact, my dad had employed over than 300 javanese to run his business through out generations. But tell me something WHY this dilemma turns to be that way to the people who had prooved as one of the most respected country in South East Asia before the new branded Indonesia name came? You got to understand that the only islamic rule will take care of it, the right one, not the one indonesia made of that occuring right now in Acheh which is absolutely unacceptable. We have done this, we know what is going on. You may find out that the Achehnese worst than being pirates if you ever been to Malaysia during I994-I998 where most bad Achehnese turned to be pimps and drug dealer.

    My friend Alif, let me make it short and clear. Our new generation was produced that way by the occupier to wipe out our generation, faith and behavious. They have brain washed by the new occupier ideology which you all call pancasila. Don’t you think thats is the most occupier will do if they cannot kill us all with the weapon? They will kill our generation in many ways.

    Like I always say to this discussion community, we have to learn why the indonesia was establish in 1948 (not 1945). It has reason. In my perfective, base on reliable history (NOT from indonesia history books that you all may have learned in school) Indonesia is the branded named funded by Western and lead by the Netherland to continue their hand in South East Asia especially the rich islands of Nusantara. Therefore, they can kill as many as they want and robe as much sources as they can, convert as much believers to their faith or ideology as many as they want to. You may wanna say ” oh no Soekarno is the one who establish the Indonesia and he is Indonesian hero”, but let me ask you, who is he? The real he? Where did he get education and what kind of ideology did he preach? In Acheh we realize this drama, especially right after jailed Daud Beureu-eh by Soekarno. I don’t want to go too far in this one, you may wanna find it out so we both can learn.
    Anyway, the Achehnese.

    Do you know my friend? I won’t be hurt eventhough I am Achehnese and get robbed by them accidently. Because I believe, they have lost by the hand of occupier , and I failed to bring them back to the right path. I failed to re-wash their brain after poisoned by the occupier ideology.

    Another thing, regarding the lazyness, you have to understand the mentality of the Achenese and jawanese ethnic as our proverbs says ” bah beuro, asai bek sihet”, go and ask the Achenese what that is suppose to mean…

    Thank you

  3. […] heres a picture from the wonderful holiday destination of Aceh Indonesia,…. only according to the blog this guy only had 40 before they were afraid he went into shock and they took him to […]

  4. avatar pulse says:

    You are all evil and sick. All fundamental religion breeds hatred, which you all, in the posts above, demonstrate clearly.

  5. avatar Raden Mas Geloro Wongarabico says:

    Acehboy- you are the puppet of the fundamentalists. Where is your solidarity for your pribumi brothers and sisters exploited, raped and beheaded when working for the Arab slave-drivers in Saudi Arabia?

    Are not all Indonesians equal under God- or are they forever Abdi to your Colonial masters the Arab?
    Acehnese may have some oil- but it remains the brilliance of the Javanese to exploit it.

    Acehnese slaves to their Wahabbi masters and their secessionist Darul Islamiyah agenda will be thoroughly wiped from Indonesia and we have 160 million+ Javanese to assure this Divine Will be accomplished.
    Indonesia is a modern, secular, inclusive and enlightened society and GAM provacators and traitors shall be treated as the parasites of humanity they are.

    Acehnese too forget they were long vassals of Majapahit, thus they shall forever remain vassal of we Javanese. We rule you because we Javanese remain the greatest civilization of Nusantara- we do not need your Arabic shrines or chicken-egg mosques to prove this- Prambanan, Trowulan, Borobudur and our pre-Islamic kejawen all prove our genius, not to mention Masjid Istiqlal.

    All non-Acehnese are well aware of the vilage proverb- “If you stumble on an Acehnese and a cobra blocking your path, kill the Acehnese first- not all cobras bite.”

    GAM and Aceh Secessionist are wong pengecut. Ganyar Melayu, pribmuisasi Nusantara!

  6. avatar billy says:

    To all of you, (especially “Acheboy”).

    How can you all be so petty? What does it matter which country makes the laws for which part of the Eastern World? You are all as bad as each other!!! Anything east of Greece and West of Japan seems solely content in basing the fundamental pricipals of state on religious fanaticism, and if its not one religion then its the next. Sure, Indonesia might control the Achehenese, but do you seriously believe that conditions would be any better if your own people took control? As far as I’m concerned, any country that uses any form of corporal punishment (including the USA in this aspect only) is barbaric, and any religion that can be a veil for torture or murder is a false one! I know Christianity promoted the crusades up until the 14th century, but that was 700 years ago!!! I’d like to think that we know a bit more in that time. And at least the most part of those wars were fought on the battle-field amongst soldiers, rather than against innocents on tube-trains, busses, and even in the work-place (yes that is a specific reference to 9/11).

    So if any country or state or culture in the east can possibly pretend to adhere to a peaceful, non-sadistic and non-corrupt, non-violent, non discriminatory religious ethos, then i will be proved undeniably wrong.

  7. avatar Rachel says:

    This is a ridiculously excessive, corporal punishment, and I am disgusted. Read the caption after the picture. “his body was able to withstand the punishment but he was taken to hospital for fear that he was in shock.” To think that someone would issue and then implement a punishment so severe that there was doubt as to whether the person would survive at all? His body might have been able to withstand it, but what if the next person isn’t. Stealing might be wrong in the majority (although, not in the most desperate) of situations, but there is no theft lesser then the taking of a life that warrants death as payment. Now, I am not and do not pretend to be well-versed in this or any other Indonesian conflict, but I can tell a human rights violation when it us hitting someone across the back forty times with a cane.

  8. avatar Purba Negoro says:

    Who cares.
    Acehnese wanted it- Acehnese have now what they so desperately yearned for- surrender of personal responsibility, mob rule and regressive Islamic idiocy.

    Bully for them. We have another 227 million more souls to take care of.

    Rachel- assuming you’re as Jewish as your name- what about Palestine?

    Why do Jews get to steal land, rename, expel the inhabitants but Kosov gets soevriegnty before the Palestinians?

    Summary- the West is full of its’ own sh!t.

  9. “withstand the punishment”? yah right, he’s in shock! i wonder what kind of punishment he withstand for..?

  10. avatar Vincent Laing says:

    I am not against Shariah law, nor am I against strict implementation of the law wherever it is just, and adhered to by members of the government, judiciary and authorities administering judicial law. However, I have traveled extensively in South East Asia and the Middle East, and of these, the Muslim nations share a common characteristic,
    CORRUPTION’. It is especially prolific in the highest level of government, the judiciary, the police, the religious leaders, and on to the lowest public service position. These are cultures in which bribery and corruption go hand in hand with the nature of the people. Those that are faithful and pure of heart are far from the majority, and their voice is not heard, or it is silenced. MONEY, is the currency of the Muslim faith, and often no different to the ‘West’, and as most westerners know, if you have enough money, you can buy your way out of almost anything.
    The fundamentalist Muslim movements against ‘liberal’ politic, are the worst. They will kill, bribe, steal, lie, abuse, and brutalise without conscience, their own people.
    Any brother who can smother his sister, or any father who can stone his daughter for following her heart and falling in love with an undesired, or, a wife, for seeking to be self determined, indicates an inherent lack of humanity, regardless of religious conviction.

    Cheers Vincent

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