Prostitution Emergency

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A State of Emergency needs to be declared in Bandung, because of prostitution.

The Bandung Sin Watch (Bandung Maksiat Watch (BMW)) association, which is an umbrella organisation for a number of Islamic groups including Majelis Mujahidin, Pemuda Muhammadiyah, and Tim Pengacara Muslim, and is led by Asep Syarifudin of the Front Pembela Islam (see Headscarf Ban), has called on the Bandung city government in West Java to declare a Prostitution Emergency over the rampant practice of prostitution there.

Recently the city authorities closed down the old red light district of Saritem however the BMW people are not yet satisfied that prostitution has been properly dealt with:

Saritem isn't the only problem area for prostitution in Bandung, there are still a lot of other places, bigger than Saritem.

Said Dede Sudrajat of the Laskar Ababil, a member of BMW.

Even though the Bandung city council has named 2008 as the year that the city will become "Bandung Agamis", Religious Bandung, they are still not trying hard enough to eradicate prostitution, say the Sin Watch people, and have even let Saritem resume operation again.

Dede went on to say that the BMW had conducted thorough research and found that there were nine centres of sex for sale in the town.

Just imagine, if one red light district is made up of 40 houses/brothels, then how much prostitution is going on throughout Bandung!

He was reluctant to name all of the districts but confided that Saritem was only the third biggest, with an unnamed place that he called "Komunitas Cina", i.e., Chinatown, being the largest. This area was much, much bigger than Saritem, he said, and most of the prostitutes, as the name suggests, were ethnic Chinese women, whether Indonesian or from overseas. okezone

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  1. avatar Janma says:

    All intelligent humans, honest to themselves, have doubts about if there even is a god, nobody knows for sure, and we won’t until after we die.

    I think it’s funny that people think that after they die suddenly they will have all the answers. Why would we necessarily meet God after death? Death might be just as confusing and uninformative as life is. I see no reason to suppose otherwise.

  2. avatar iamisaid says:

    While we sit and cast our aspersions on this matter (including myself), can we hold back for just a moment and think whether a girl or woman enjoys being a prone encylopaedia of men, to be humped by hundreds even thousands of them, to be irretrievably enslaved by a social system that offers them no other solution towards living a productive and fulfilling life?

    This witch hunt posse (BMW) like so many others of their kind are treating the symptom and not the cause.

  3. avatar Country man says:

    I do not think the comments provided by our Bro AAB is representing a goodfaith Muslim. He is trying to defend to defend the holly Islam teaching with stupidity..I am sorry…

  4. avatar Bright One says:

    you are all on the wrong track

    1. Keep prostitution
    2.Ban Religion it is nothing but bloody trouble

  5. avatar Normal person says:

    Asalaamu alaikum,
    ” We are closer to the Arabs – God chosen people. Chinese think it is sinful to wed daughter-in-law and have sex with underage children. Chinese think it is embarrassing to lose one’s own identity, and unpatriotic to bow toward our Arab lordship.”
    Wow….you are truly an instigator and trying to purposely give Islam a bad name or you are one of the dumbest people in the world……
    “When Islam reign supreme, slavery will be back. Anyone who still refuses to accept the truth will be annihilated and their women and children taken as slaves. See what our creator has said,
    “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:85]

    Slavery is good for mankind and no one will be able to take away this God approved practices from us. Allah knows best.”

    Yeh, truly you don’t understand very much……….
    Don’t let this guy be a reprentation of Islam. I don’t know where this confused brother get’s his information.

  6. avatar Eric says:

    If you think Islam is violent, I’ll kill you!

    No wonder people hate the dogmatic extremist Arabs like you, get an education asshole, think outside the box for once, what makes your religion the correct one, other than it says so in the Koran, a book written by Muslims hundreds of years ago, like slightly prejudice don’t you think, have you ever read anything else?

    A religion that encourages rape of women and children, slavery, hate, aggression, screwing your daughter-in-law, stoning people to death, circumscision of women, what are you, nuts?

    Have you ever been able to keep your dick hard without premature ejaculation long enough for the woman to have an orgasm, you selfish bastard. That is real pleasure, not forcing yourself on a woman, or child or camel like a snake.

    If there is a God, he won’t be a God of hate and self-fulfillment and abuse of weaker women, children and animals, you are the one that is going to be the loser.

  7. avatar violet says:

    wow…to see a bunch of supposedly educated men posting comments on this particular matter….how racist and sexist! I registered to this website because i thought this is about Indonesia, and how people can perhaps trigger each other’s senses and amazing minds to be proud of our country, and when problems arise, to speak out their concerns, and hopefully may trigger us as humans to do something about it.

    Instead, these comments I just read (can’t even finish it all! it’s too disturbing!)…how ignorant! the topic was about prostitution, whether you like it or not, it’s spreading like a virus, here in our country, some of them are FORCED prostitution, CHILD prostitution, and we are also faced with human trafficking for sexual purposes! But instead of feeling enraged and disgusted, you made this seem like a joke.

    Women and children in this country are not treated half as well as they should. Lack of education not just on the children themselves, but the parents of the chidren, make these kids, especially women, so much more vulnerable. According to the one survey by AHRC (Asian Human Rights Commission), children in the country enter the commercial sex market at between 15 and 17 years of age, sometimes with the support of parents and other relatives. Although the survey does not contain figures, an ILO report released last month reportedly indicated that more than 10,000 children under 18 years of age are prostitutes in five major cities in Indonesia.

    On top of that, there are also cases of prostitutions across our nation that are done ever so willingly in order to get the LUXURY of life, instead of the primary needs of survival. I’m not here to argue the right or wrong of these prostitutes, it is unfortunately one of the oldest jobs in the world. But to stay quiet means to promote it! We would not want our children, mothers, sisters, friends, to be caught in this circle of barbarism. So why should we think it is okay for other people to do the jobs of such? If only they were born into a family where family values, morals, and education is a priority, would they ever be dragged into such mess in the first place?

    However, the matter AGAIN shifted to become racial slurs you pointed towards the chinese and/or the non-muslims. It’s igorance at its peak. When we are supposed to be at the age where knowledge and informations are passed on everyday from all around the globe: minds should be more open, morals are taught at the very early age, attitudes change, differences are accepted. but here you are, proud to be muslims and yet insulting other human beings based on their race and religions; and taking pride in it. Have you no shame?

    Other nations are trying to stop violence against women and children, and you are blaming the Chinese??? for not allowing the act of having intercourse with the underage, and also to marry one’s daughter-in-law???? Please point out to me other nations who think it’s actually okay or even encouraged, to do the above mentioned?

    This issue was brought forward to everyone’s attentions in 2007, I can only hope that in the two years that have passed, you have also learnt something, and especially during this month of Ramadhan, may Allah forgive you.

  8. avatar camion says:

    The Bigots & hypocrites of unfounded religious fundamentalism will always be at the forefront of dictating what is right from wrong in their ignorant minds on how you & I should think & live according to the theology of their particular brand of “beliefs” of which there are tens of thousands on offer for any dill to “believe”.Most of these religious fruitcakes have no life experience & subsist in a blinkered & boring environment that commiting suicide would be preferable to following their absurd dictates. To prohibit the necessity of prostitution in any society is insane when all it is,is skin touching skin for momentary pleasuable sensations that most normal people cant live without,combined with affections of varying degrees.Put your heads in a bucket of mud you tired old unbalanced fruitcakes.Keep your neanderthal beliefs to yourself & let the rest of the world enjoy their brief life on this planet for the better.Legal Age legitimate prostitution hurts no one …Enjoy !!!! whatever side of the spectrum you are on.

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