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Pig and pork eating issues in the news in Sumatra.

In early June 2007 a housekeeper in Medan, called Risma, who comes from Palembang, reported her boss Andi (50) to the police for forcing her to eat some pork meat.

The case excited some passions in Medan, easily understandable for those who have noticed the visceral disgust and loathing that many Muslims have whenever pork appears in view, or when the subject of pork eating or even touching of pork comes up. Abdullah Syah of Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), for example, said anyone who forced a Muslim to eat pork was committing an insult to the whole Muslim community and he hoped that Andi would be given a suitably severe punishment. republika

Meanwhile, in early August 2007, further south in Risma’s home town of Palembang, South Sumatra province, an unrelated incident involving accusations that a producer of bakso, meatball soup, fills his meatballs with pork instead of beef, and then sells them to unsuspecting people.

A bowl of bakso
A bowl of bakso.

An unnamed man reported Saparuddin bin Ramlan (48) to the police and claimed that Saparuddin was motivated by profit:

He makes more money that way.

Saparuddin bin Ramlan, who is from Kediri, East Java, supplies bakso to five mobile sellers and admits to having used pork in his product for two years, and buys eight kilograms of pork to last for three days production. Pork costs 20,000 rupiah per kilogram, he says, while beef costs 50,000.

Police arrested Saparuddin and two of his sellers on 10th August, and confiscated four kilograms of pork, and hundreds of bakso “balls”. okezone

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  1. Md. Gias Uddin Ahmed says:

    Pork is prohibited by Allah
    and only Allah really knows
    what is good for us and what is not.

    Let us not make ourselves busy
    for reasoning influenced by others.

    Let us just follow the order of Allah

    Following Allah`s order help others to follow.
    And we have to follow Allah in all respects.

  2. anand says:

    Before the advent of Islam that is before AD 622 did the inhabitants of Arabia where Islam took birth consume pig flesh?

    Indonesians definetly ate pig flesh before the majority of the population embraced Islam.

    Pig eating humans have better achievements in Science,Engineering,Business and Sports than those who do not eat pig flesh.

    Pigs are dirty as Goats and other animals including Humans!

    Islam is a way of life and all Muslims have a right to eat what they want or do not want.they should also allow others to eat what they want as long as it is not eating other humans!

  3. Zulfeqar says:

    As humans and living being. I strongly agree that we all have emotions, cultures and beliefs. Therefore, respecting each others perspectives is important. If you have any doubts or questions, I’m sure it can be clear the matured way. Looking through all the comments showed nothing but ridicule. Indeed as Muslims, we have our way of living. A simple question will do, just ask yourself this. Be it Muslims who consumes Pork affects you? Thank you very much.

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