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Tukul Arwana is spreading an immoral virus throughout the country.

Tukul Arwana, the host of Trans 7's Empat Mata (Four Eyes) talk show program, has aroused the ire of the ever-vigilant guardians of national morality, the students of Muhammadiyah 4 primary school in Pucang, Surabaya (see also Valentine's Day).

Tukul Arwana
Tukul Arwana and his dancers.

Marking the occasion of National Education Day on May 2nd hundreds of Muhammadiyah 4 students demonstrated against Tukul, and against poor quality, uneducative television programming generally such as shows about teen romance, sex, violence, and superstition, and celebrity gossip. metrotv

Of Tukul Arwana 5th grader Fahrizal had been well primed by his teachers for his speech: kompas

Kissing guests on both cheeks is not good, it's immoral, because he is not related to them.

The female guests on Empat Mata dressed too revealingly, the young lad went on, and that, coupled with the cheek kissing, amounted to a deliberately created "virus" spreading through society.

If they behave like that we'll just turn off the tv. Do you agree?

His schoolmates shouted "Agree!"

Make us moral.

Some tortuous translations of some of the banners the students carried:

  • "Kissing the Cheeks of Non Related People.... No Thanks" (Cipika-Cipiki Yang Bukan Muhrim... Nggak-lah)
  • It doesn't matter whether 4 eyes or 1000 eyes, just be moral.
    (4 Mata atau 1000 Mata Boleh Asal Jaga Akhlak)
  • Media for us [kids] needs to have educational programmes.
    (Media-ku Kami Butuh Acara Mendidik)

The school principal, M Sholihin, said "Empat Mata" was shown too early at night, from 9.30 pm, and so many schoolchildren could see it. He advised Tukul to stop kissing guests on the cheek, make his guests dress in a way that didn't reveal what was forbidden, and to improve his language, especially given the fact that Tukul was originally a village boy and he should know better.

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  1. avatar Daniel says:

    I like Tukul. I think he’s funny, though sadly in a really retarded way. And it’s too easy to just be snooty and say, what the f#@% is that? and go on preaching morality and all that crap. But, I’ll be a hypocrite if I do that.

    Look, Empat Mata is a comedy talk show. Well, yeah, it has girls on mini skirts and all the sexual slurs, but those things sells, people like them! And as far as I notice, they’re still within “acceptable” general morality standard.

    People laugh at Tukul’s joke that often on the expense of other people’s misfortunes or physical attributes (very slapstick and shallow), but so what…? The three stooges are slapsticks. Jay Leno has no limit on picking on other people’s traits, even their president is a regular sandbag on his show. We laugh at other people’s misfortune. We slow down at accidents. We seek sexual pleasure through our senses, often in secrecy. So, what? It’s all human nature.

    True though, that Indonesia needs more educational, family-friendly TV programs, like those of the National Geographic, Discovery, or PBS. Would people watch it? That’s another story. Especially when aired in the same time slot as Empat Mata? Which one would advertisers go to?

    So, in all honesty, I don’t think Tukul is to blame. His jokes are not new (do we still remember Srimulat, Bagio, Jojon, Warkop, dll? that has exactly the same ingredients as Tukul?). So, it shouldn’t be any surprise, except that nobody has ever thought of putting all the already available ingredients into a talk show format that is Empat Mata, a la Leno, which is brilliant! The public is ready for one like that, and one is available. What a great business instinct!

    As for the mob and protest, well, Indonesian… in general are hypocrite. It’s sad, but is a national epidemic. No national pride (many things to be proud of, but everyone’s too busy making money, money and money even if that means corruption, or taking advantages over other people, or harming nature… they don’t f-ing care!), no brain (nobody cares about the education, it’s downright disgusting), and no future (inapt leader that yet again failed to project a vision for Indonesia as a great nation, who work hard like hell and dedicated solely to the betterment of his/her nation, and one who set justice and law above all else! Damn! for once, I wouldn’t mind Soekarno-Hatta again!) When will Indonesian be able to feel like the French? Germans? Japanese? Chinese? of for crying out loud, Singaporean or even Malaysian? Are they flawless? Hell, no! But they’re better in so many aspects than Indoneisa. And surely Indonesian has the brain to learn, and learn quickly? Or else, we’re done.

    And, oh!… what happened to Bahasa Indonesia? Since when did the national/official language of Indonesia change to Betawi? This is STUPIFYING! Bahasa Indonesia, which is rooted in the great Malay language, is a superb language! It’s civilized, both in written and spoken, artful/beautiful, rich in nuances, flexible, and versatile, making it not only suitable, but extremely appropriate for science, trade/commerce and literary purposes. When did this Bahasa disappear? When was it replaced by the Betawi language? Why is our neighbor Malaysia (well, and Singapore) the only place where these eloquent and civilized language of ours is spoken and use on daily basis? Nothing against the Betawi language, but it is an adaptive form of Indonesian Malay language which is lack of refinement, nuances, civility, versatility and dignity in every way. What happened to Sumpah Pemuda???

    Those above ingredients, when combined, make a profoundly sad and angry nation like Indonesia today. Sad, pathetic parents who are poor and low-educated, breed families with kids that are also, well, poor and maybe even lower-educated… and together… with no national idol, or point of reference, and nothing better to do… these people grow bigger and bitter. While the rich, well… the rich continue to become the snob of the society, looking down to everyone else, unable still to speak proper Bahasa Indonesia and form a complete sentence nor for that matter speak their mind in a clear and succinct manner. And the rich will continue to corrupt their way up, left and right and send their kids abroad and drive their Ferraris. So, bingo! who cares about Indonesia???

    And, why all of a sudden Tukul is to blame?

    Puas!? Puas!?

  2. avatar Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Friend, Tukul should be stoned, or at least caned, for his insult to Islam.

  3. avatar KSJ says:

    Uh Oh… typical Indonesian moral hypocrisies. There’s nothing wrong with Tukul’s show. Oh that, morality craps. If you don’t like to watch the program, just turn the TV off and go to sleep. Don’t oblige other people to do what you want, respect please.

  4. avatar Caroline says:

    Helloooo… do you all believe in free speech?
    What would you say if they aren’t Indonesian student?
    Would you say different thing if they are, let say, American students?
    Would you still say they’re their teachers and parents muppets?

    Is there any regulation to forbid kids to express their feeling?

    Talking about violence and corruption, won’t it be harder for you to believe if the kids brought up that issues?

    Few minutes ago, out of curiosity, I just watch some of the episodes of the show. I have to say I agree with the kids. The way the host greeted and treated the women in the show is disgusting. Beside, that kind of greeting is not an Indonesia custom.

  5. avatar Daniel says:

    All I’m saying is, Tukul is just one of the symptom of the, sadly, sick Indonesia.

    I’m an Indonesian, and I am sad to see Indonesia is ill. What are the remedies? We should ask and seek the cure.

    Tukul is like the constant “headache”, while your body may have actually sustain cancer.

    I’m equally concerned about the greeting and treating of the guests on the show, especially the female ones, that it doesn’t feel “Indonesian” or for that matter “Islamic” in many ways. And I wish we could have it the other ways. But “Tukul” is an embodiment of a social idea, an idea that is of mostly the vast majority of Indonesian, the low-mid income people. Yet, and what’s clever about this is that this show attracts upper crust demography as well because of it allows this “upper crust” the window to voyeur the norms and values that they’re not suppose to attend in their current status. A guilty pleasure! And for thi matter, Tukul isn’t the one to blame. The problem is bigger than him. It’s a national problem.

    Indonesia has been screwed upside-down, left-and-right, by the Soeharto’s and cronies. We’ve lost a lot, not only financial set-back, also moral and value. This is where we are now! It’s a portrait of ourselves. We’re looking at our face in the mirror. Do we miss how we look when we were young? Like it or not, it’s an ugly picture. But I think it’s getting better. Let’s hope so.

  6. avatar arif says:

    I agree with the student. Because is not good example for kids. For example the woman wear a short pants. That is good example???

    Think one more time.


    Ass’kum Pak Tukul,

    When are you going to call Nasyid Groups of Indonesia as your guest? You should call Opic , or Debu Group or any Nasyid group.


    Mobile : 0136105077

  8. avatar Purwo Susanto says:

    Dear Tukul,

    I am Purwo Susanto, from Pekanbaru, Riau. My wife asks me if we can invite you for my oldest son wedding on June 23, 2012 in Pekanbaru Riau. Please contact me if you are available at that date on 0813 520 52566

    Thank you and looking forward from your side



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