Bandung Protests: Ariel & Cloud 9

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The Mass Movement to Hang Adulterers and the People's Alliance against Pornographic Devils not put off by driving rain in Bandung; Cloud 9 bar targeted.


Two groups, spontaneously brought into life over the Ariel Peterporn case, the "Massa Gerakan Rakyat Gantung Penzinah" (Gergaji) and "Aliansi Masyarakat Penolak Iblis Pornografi" (Ampibi), demonstrated outside the state court of Bandung on 13th January while inside the trial of Nazriel Irham alias Ariel Peterpan dragged on for its nth week.

Despite driving rain in the city the protesters strutted about, even jumped up and down, sang nationalist songs like "Halo-Halo Bandung", and gave speeches demanding the presiding judge give amateur porn star Ariel the severest penalty, preferably hanging. The rain wasn't enough to dampen their desire to see justice served, said a spokesman:

Maybe there are some who'd say that this rain would make us stop. They'd be wrong, we are going on with this protest anyway.

The trial is ongoing, with the defence beginning to plead its case on the 13th. antara

Cloud 9

Meanwhile in other Bandung news the popular cafe and restaurant Cloud 9, owned by a British businessman, was shut down on 30th December after protests by - depending on which report is to be trusted - local residents of Bunisari kampung, or outside militant groups.

The reports go on to say protesters were unhappy that the bar served alcohol at all hours of the day and night, and was located too close to a mosque. inilah

However our man in Bandung, Madrotter, says it is likely a local business rival hired thugs to force the closure of Cloud 9, and that some of the protesters and even the police were apologetic towards the owner of the bar over the action.

Andi, the British owner, is now said to be attempting to satisfy the local government on some permit issues. Cloud 9's 72 staff remain idle in the meantime.

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